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heat in the hotel room

masturbating in my hotel room an unexpected interuption turns out to be orgasmic
It was 2 o clock in the afternoon and the sun was becoming unbearably hot. I was on a girly holiday with my best mate, Sally. We were both going through rough patches with our fellas and decided a week in the sun would be just the tonic.

Sally was at the pool bar chatting to some hot looking barman. I just needed to cool down so I decided to head back to our room to the gorgeous air conditioning. I hurridly opened the door and the cold hit me instantly, making my nipples grow hard under my bikini top. I noticed the beds hadn't been made, probably because we hadn't removed the do not disturb sign from our door. We had had a heavy night in the clubs and decided to lie in this morning. While I remembered I reached round the door and removed th sign.

The cool air felt amazing on my sticky skin. I peeled my bikini off and lay on the bed naked tingling with the change of temperature on my skin. I stroked my erect nipples and immediately felt a pulse betwwen my legs; god I was feeling so horny. I don't know why but he sunshine always does that to me, maybe it's the heat or the lack of clothes, or just being so relaxed, but I had already masturbated 3 times this holiday!

I played with my nipples and stroked the inside of my thigh, teasing myself I could feel I was already wet. I closed my eyes and slid my finger over my clit; it felt so good. I imagined Gavin going down on me, for all his faults this was his true skill, he knew just how much to tease me and exactly how much pressure and speed to apply.

My fingers worked faster, faster, circling my clit. I bit my lip, the tension building I put a finger inside me. It felt amazing, I pushed it deeper I was wet through, just as I moved my attention back to my clit the door opened.

I jumped out of my skin and tried to cover my modesty with my hand but any moron would have known what I was up to. There in the doorway was the maid sheets in hand ready to change our bed.

"Ever heard of knocking?" I snapped trying to cover my embarrassment.

She stood silently staring at my bronzed toned body. I could see her looking at my breasts then to my surprise she stepped further in to the room and closed the door behind her. I lay there in a state of shock trying to compose myself. She was stunningly beautiful, long dark hair tied back in a loose pony tail , tanned skin, big dark eyes with long lashes and a perfect mouth. Her white uniform was actually quite flattering tight across her ample breasts and showing her long shapely legs.

Christ, I thought to myself, I have just been caught masturbating and now I'm checking out the maid. I must be extra horny. I have always appreciated a good looking woman but now I actually felt slightly turned on by her beauty, this was a first for me.

She looked my body up and down and said, "Please, don't stop on my account, it's nothing I haven't seen before. I'll start by changing the towels in the bathroom and when I come back out I expect you to be as you were before I came in."

She went into the bathroom and I lay on the bed, my mind racing. What the hell was going on? Where was this going? She might report me for indecent exposure! Rationally I knew she meant what she said she wanted to see me masturbating. Could I do that in front of another woman?
I moved my hand between my legs, I was dripping and my clit was still swollen. I needed to cum so bad.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on how my hand felt between my legs. I rubbed quicker and quicker, my breasts heaving with my deep breathing. I opened my eyes and there she was at the end of my bed.

"Carry on," she whispered.

I couldn't stop if I wanted to. She turned her back to me and faced the mirror she was pretending to clean the mirror but I could see her watching me in it.

She leaned over the stool in front of the mirror and stretched to reach the top of the mirror hitching her skirt up as she did so. She had no underwear on and her perfect bum was exposed to me. I gasped out loud and she smiled. She turned round to face me, sat herself on the desk in front of the mirror and put her feet on the stool.

She slid her hand up her leg from her ankle, pulled her dress up and spread her legs. Her pussy looked almost pretty, I'd never seen a pussy like that in flesh only ones on porn films me and Gavin watched.

She was wet; it was running out of her lips. She parted her lips and put two fingers inside herself, lifting her bum a little off the desk to get them in as deep as possible. She moaned and rocked forward and backward, thrusting on to her fingers. This was really turning me on. She never broke my gaze the whole time. She slid her fingers out and licked them clean and moved to the end of the bed. She put her hand over mine tracing the circles I was drawing aroung my clit.

When she found my rythym she nudged my hand out of the way and took over. It felt incredible, I pushed myself up so I could see her better. She was concentrating on my swollen clit. I reached to the top of her dress and in one rough tug undid the poppers on it, her breasts exposed to me.

I felt them, so soft and firm. I traced my finger over her nipples and she gasped. She pushed me back flat on the bed and suddenly her fingers were replaced with her warm mouth. It was incredible, she flicked her tongue around my clit, nibbling and sucking me, occasionally pushing her tongue inside me. She was sending me over the edge I was groaning louder and louder pushing her face into me.

"I'm going to cum!" I screamed.

I pulled her head roughly from between my legs. I wanted to cum so much but I also wanted to make this last and enjoy every minute of her. I kissed her hard, our tongues finding each others. I could taste myself on her and wanted to taste her.

I took her dress off so she was completely naked, her body was gorgeous. I sucked her nipples, flicking my tongue piercing around them. She arched her back and I kissed down her flat stomach, stopping at the top of her pussy.

"Don't stop," she cried.

I lay back and pulled her on top of me, feeling her breasts against mine and kissed her again, roughly grabbing her bum and pushing her pussy against mine. We rubbed against each other getting more worked up. I pulled her away from me and moved her round to the 69 position.

She straddled my face and I could see her perfect pussy close up. I began licking and kissing it as she did mine. We got faster and rougher, I slid a finger into her pussy and she moaned loudly. I pumped it inside her hard and fast, her juices running down my fingers. I began really eating her pussy, licking, kissing, biting gently and flicking my tongue stud as fast as possible over her clit.

We were both nearing orgasm writhing together. We went even faster and harder feeling our bodies tensing up against each other. I could feel my orgasm building and building and just as she tipped me over the edge I felt her shudder and her pussy tighten around my finger. Her clit was throbbing and so was mine.

I had never experienced such an intense orgasm . She rolled over and lay next me smiling. "That was amazing," she said.

"Really?" I questioned. I wasn't sure what to do so I had just done what I knew I liked. I had never been with a woman before it was incredible.

"Really," she replied. "Now I must get back to my rounds before someone notices I'm not there." She got dressed straightening her hair in the mirror and doing her dress up over those fantastic breasts. She washed her face in the bathrrom and bent over the bed and kissed me tenderly.

"Goodbye," she whispered and with that she turned and left.

I lay on the bed still tingling from my orgasm trying to take in exactly what had happened when the door burst open for the second time. I didn't jump this time though, nothing could stress me at this moment in time.

It was Sally. "Get some bloody clothes on you exhabitioist." She giggled at me as she ran into the toilet. "I've come back to get the lilo," she shouted from the toilet, "And I was busting for a wee."

When she came back out I had pulled on a t shirt. "Get your bikini on and lets get back in that pool," Sally ordered me.

"Give me five," I said. I went into the bathroom to have a wash while Sally was sat on the bed waiting for me. I was convinced the room would smell of sweaty sex. I needed to clean myself up quick. I dried myself off on the towel and noticed a pair of black lacey pants on the towel rail, they weren't mine and they weren't Sally's. They must have been the maid's.

I smiled as I touched them. I screwed them into a ball in my hand and walked back into the bedroom dropping them into my empty case when Sally wasn't looking.

We grabbed the lilo and headed out of the room. "Can we stop at reception?" Sally asked. "I want to tell them we still haven't had our towels changed and room tidied."

"Yeah course," I smiled to myself, "maybe the cleaning staff have better things to do." I giggled.

Sally shot me a strange look then just shook her head and headed towards reception.

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