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Her First Time

He made her first time with another women more than she ever dreamed it could be.
We decided it would be best to meet in a hotel so that everyone would feel most comfortable, but I think I was the only one nervous. As we waited for her to arrive, I changed out of my clothes and into the short low cut white silk slip negligee. I loved the way I felt in the negligee; it clung perfectly to my full large breasts and swept low enough, just below my round soft butt. I fixed my long blond hair in the mirror, pulling the sides up to expose more of my neck, I surveyed myself and I instantly felt sexier. I was caught in my own thoughts wondering how the evening would go when I heard the knock on the door that caused my stomach to leap to my throat. I stood there listening to their mumbled low voices as they greeted each other waiting until he called me to them.

As I walked into the room, laying eyes on her for the very first time, she momentarily took my breath away. I remember thinking she is everything that I am not, a complete yin and yang. Her lean toned body was like that of a woman that did yoga, versus my curvy soft body that is good to snuggle. She stood there smiling at me with her breasts, small, perky, almost playfully pressing against the fabric of her thin dress with short straight brunette pixie like hair tasseled on top of her head.

Not a word has been exchanged between us as I stood frozen for what seemed to be hours, wondering what would happen next. As if she knew what I was thinking, she sat down straddling the ottoman, patting the spot in front of her and looking up at me. I hesitantly walked over, sitting to straddle the other side of the ottoman facing her with my knees brushing hers. My negligee hiked up along my thighs, leaving me feeling that my waxed pussy was open and so exposed to her along with my desires.

She reached up cupping my cheeks in her hands while looking deep into my eye, softly she placed her lips to mine pressing against me. Closing my eyes, her lips so soft, so inviting, I feel her snake her tongue out running along my pouty lips enticing them to open. Releasing the lowest moan I part my lips as her tongue hungrily darts into my mouth probing, seeking to explore every inch. My tongue starts to dance with her tongue, plunging into her mouth to explore the cherry tasting new paradise I have found. 

My head is swirling as I lose track of myself in her kiss, like with no one before. I do not notice her sliding my negligee up until she breaks the kiss to remove it over my head. As I toss my hair free of the negligee the cold air of the air conditioner sends a shiver down my spine and through my body, making my nipples hard. I glance over to where he is sitting on the couch watching us like in the front row of his own private show with his drink in one hand and cock in the other. I smile sweetly to him as if saying thank you but thinking I cannot believe I forgot he was even in the room. He raises his glass nodding in our direction with a coy smile as in telling me to return my attention to her.

Turning my attention back to her, she had removed her dress and is waiting patiently for me. She moves closer to me to return to kissing me, tossing her legs over mine pinning me to the ottoman. There is more passion, desire, intensity in her kiss this time then before as she moans into my mouth. Her warm hands slide up along my side until she finds the soft sides of my breast beckoning her to move inward across my chest. As she squeezes my breasts while lifting them up gently her lips move from mine to my neck trailing kisses up towards my ear.

As she finds my ear and starts sucking on my lobe she gently whispers instructions to me, “Follow my lead sweet girl.”

In a trance I do as I’m told, moving my hands to her perky breast feeling how light they seem opposed to my heaving breasts. I toss my head back, moaning as she goes back to sucking on my neck, tugging on my nipples, pulling them from my body as I duplicate every movement on her hot body. I feel my pussy so wet between my legs, throbbing to be touched, without thinking I buck my hips towards her wondering if she is feeling the same as I am.

He lets out a low chuckle stating, “I think she is ready.”

With that she moves her mouth to my nipples sucking them into her mouth, her tongue trace circles around my hard nipples. She presses my breast tight together squeezing as she sucks, continuing to suck one nipple then turning to suck on the other. My fingers grab at her hair, pulling her hand down into me as I whimper from the feeling of pleasure and pain shooting from my nipples though out my body. Suddenly, her hands move down to grab my ass, hard, grasping my cheeks in her slender fingers with the nails digging into my skin. She is pulling me forward as she lowers her head down across my stomach towards my soaking pussy. 

I feel one of her fingers sliding along my pussy teasing my pussy lips as she parts them in preparation. Her nail rakes against my over sensitive clit sending a bolt of pain that quickly turns into pure pleasure. That is when I feel her, her hot breath on my inner lips, right before her tongue reaches out to lick and lap at me. I move my hips up to meet her mouth, wanting to feel her deeper as she is teasing me by withholding what I really need. I hear her let out a low moan that vibrates through my pussy just encouraging my excitement more. Her mouth moving feverishly now as her tongue darts in and out of my soaking hole pressing and plunging deeper each time.

My juices covering her tongue, lips, face, as I imagine kissing her again to taste my juices from her sweet mouth. Her fingers slide easily into me allowing my tight walls to accept them actually pulling them into me. She turns the attention of her mouth to suck, nibble, and tease my sensitive clit again, this time in perfect rhythm to her fingers pounding in and out. The desire, the waves of pleasure, the need for release building to a quick boil through my whole body. Hearing the slapping of her fingers, I spread my legs wider still at the same time as I grind her sweet mouth. I grab the back of her head pulling her to me in which she reacts by adding a third finger into my pussy. My loud moans, whimpers and curses fill the room hanging the air as the waves a pleasure cause my body to make spastic movements on the ottoman. I clamp my legs against her until I feel every last bit of pleasure release from somewhere deep in me. Screams of ultimate pleasure escape me.

My mind is hazy and spinning as I try to catch my breath, still with her wrapped between my legs. I am not sure how much time passes until she slithers back up my body to do just want I imagined earlier. She slowly and tenderly parts my mouth to give me a long kisses sharing the taste of my sweet juices with me. Breaking through the moment from off to the side I hear his voice, “My sweet girl, you are not done yet.”

To be continued 

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