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I couldn't wait any longer, I was going to have her whether she liked it or not.

It was a hot summer night and Becca couldn't sleep. The moonlight poured through the window, landing on her sleeping best friend, Chrissie, beside her. It was making her tanned skin glow and a thin sheen of sweat was causing her white tank top to stick to her. It had ridden up, showing her tight stomach and belly button ring. She had kicked off all the blankets, revealing her toned tanned legs that lead up to her perfect ass, which was covered in a pair of pink short shorts. Her long black hair and long thick eyelashes made her look almost exotic as she slept peacefully. Becca wanted to reach over and touch her, to be able to run her hands gently all over her perfect body she had seen so many times. Her mind flashed to the shower they had taken together earlier that night. They had known eachother since childhood, so to them it was perfectly normal and was something Becca never wanted to give up. The sight of water running all down her body and perky C breasts while she leaned back into the water, washing her hair, had made Becca nearly pass out. She had had to hold back the urge to touch her so much that she had gotten out of the shower earlier then usual to go into her bedroom and quickly rub one out. She could feel herself getting wet as she thought about this, and silently slid her hand into her own shorts. Her pussy was already slick with wetness and she began to rub her clit, gently in circles, as she imagined fucking Chrissie and her perfect body. Just as she was getting into it Chrissie rolled over, snuggling her head into Becca's neck and draping her arm across her stomach, cuddling her. Becca lay still, not wanting to wake her and be caught. She could feel her clit throbbing between her legs, screaming for her to touch it once again.

"God it was hot last night," said Chrissie the next morning as they sat at a table on the deck, eating Fruit Loops." "Oh my god I know, I was melting!" replied Becca. "I had a dream about Mark," said Chrissie, smirking. "Oh, and what exactly was it about..?" asked Becca teasingly. "Him fucking the shit out of me if you must know," replied Chrissie. "You slut, having sex dreams while sleeping next to your best friend!" said Becca. "Shut up, you know you love it." Indeed she did. Chrissie pulled another chair towards her, folding one leg underneath her and resting the other one on the chair. Becca looked down and almost gasped. She could see Chrissie's perfect smooth pussy, the super short shorts had ridden up and pulled to one side. "It was so hot, hopefully one day it'll really happen," Chrissie added. She leaned back and closed her eyes. Becca, not being able to help it, stared at her pussy. That little whore! she thought, as she could clearly see that she was wet. Either she had played with herself when she woke up or was fantasizing about Mark right now. Becca felt her own pussy once again getting wet. She wanted to lean forward and lick it, tasting her sweet juices. She could imagine Chrissie moaning, staring down at her with her gorgeous blue eyes, legs spread apart and over Becca's shoulders. She wanted to make her come so bad! Why couldn't Chrissie feel the same!

The following week at school Becca could barely focus. All she could think about was seeing her best friends nice, wet, smooth pussy. God she was so fucking hot! All her mini skirts and tight shirts and short shorts were driving her mad. She knew she wasn't the only one, as boys were constantly commenting on her looks. Becca herself was quite gorgeous: short, she liked wearing cute little heels all the time, long blonde hair, brown puppydog eyes, and perky B cups. She found herself cumming to the thought of her friend more and more. Finally, the perfect oportunity came up. Her parents told her on Wednesday that they were going away for the weekend, and that she would be left home alone. She asked Chrissie if she would spend it with her. "Oh my god, girl's night! Or we should have a party!" said Chrissie. "I dunno, I don't want anything to happen to the house, my parents would kill me," said Becca. "I was thinking you and me could just hang out, have some wine, watch our old favorite movies, bake cookies. Stuff we used to do in elemetary school." "Aww I miss those days."said Chrissie. "I'm looking forward to this!" "Me to!," said Becca. Oh how she was...

Friday night came around and Becca could barely wait. She was going to fuck her friend tonight, she couldn't wait any longer. She put on a tight pair of short daisy dukes that barely covered her ass and a casual yet hot tight white tank top. Beneath it she wore black lace booty shorts and a matching black lace bra. Chrissie drove over at seven, and was wearing a loose white tank top dress. It ended a few inches below her ass and seemed to flow over her body. Becca wanted her right on the spot. "My parent's left me some money. Wanna order some food?" asked Becca. "Sure, let's go with the basic Friday food:pizza.' "Haha okay." The put in an order. "Wine?" asked Becca. "Yes thank you dahling," said Chrissie jokingly. They opened a bottle and sat drinking and laughing about boys at school while they waited for the pizza. It had been extremly hot that day and the house was still pretty warm. Once the pizza arrived, they went out onto the deck. "So Ben asked me out today," Becca told Chrissie. "Really, and what did you say?" "I said maybe," said Becca laughing. "What?! Excuse me but he's gorgeous!" said Chrissie. "Yeah but I'm just not interested." "Well who are you interested in then? I know there's someone, your head's been in the clouds all week." It's you! Becca wanted to say. Instead she replied, "Maybe after a few more drinks..." "Oooo I'm excited," said Chrissie winking. They went inside and opened up another bottle. "I'm drunk, let's dance!" said Chrissie."Oh my god, I Know! Wait here." Becca watched her run upstaires, her ass poking out of her dress as it flowed behind her. "Remeber this?" she yelled as she cranked up the volume on the speakers in her room so that it could be heard everywhere. Then she slid out of the room to the top of the stairs, wearing a cowboy had while the song You Can Leave Your Hat on played. Then she began a slow, sexy, walk down the staires. Sliding her body along the banister at times. Becca could feel herself getting horny as Chrissie slowly slinked down the staires. As she hit the last few staires she slid her dress off,revealing pink booty shorts and a matching pink bra. When the song finally ended she threw e hat over the stairs and hugged Becca. "God, I'm drunk!" she said. "Me too," said Becca. And with that, the power went out. "Oh shit," said Becca as they were plunged into darkness. "Let's go to your room and light some candles. It looks creepy everywhere else" said Chrissie. Becca jumped at the idea. Her heart began racing as they made way to her bedroom and she lit some candles, abthing the room a soft, sexy, glow. Chrissie lay sexily on her bed, still in her underwear. "God these candles are making this place even hotter, "said Becca, taking of her shorts and tank top. "Pretty hot undwear you have one, what's the occasion?" asked Chrissie jokingly. Becca lay next to her on the bed. "So, who's this person you've been day dreaming about?" Chrissie asked. Becca's heart started pounding even faster. She knew what she had to do. Thank god I'm drunk, she thought, and with that she took a deep breath and leaned in and kissed her. Her lips felt so soft and juicy and there tongues moved perfectly together as they kissed. "God, you're so fucking hot Chrissie," Becca whispered. "I'm the person you've been day dreaming about?" said Chrissie. "Yes, you're my best friend, and I love you," said Becca."I've wanted you for so long." "I...I love you too," said Chrissie, sounding slightly confused. She sat up, looking at Becca. Oh no!thought Becca, I fucked up! I should never have done this!"I...I'm sorry," stammered Becca. Chrissie still started at her. Then a wicked smile spread across her face. She climbed ontop of Becca, straddling her so that the only thing seperating their pussy's was their underwear. Then she took off her bra. "I want to fuck you," she said before kissing Becca. Becca moaned, her fantasy was finally coming true. Chrissie leaned back and Becca began to suck on her perfect, puffy, quarter sized nipples. "Mmmm fuck Beck," Chrissie moaned. She took off Becca's bra. Becca lay her down and continued to suck on her nipples, wanting to tease her first. Then she began slowly kissing down her body, stopping just above her pussy. She could smell her sex and see her wetness through her panties. "Nice and wet you little slut," said Becca slapping her pussy. This caused Chrissie to moan. "Oh you like that?" she said, slapping it again. "Uuunnhhh" moaned Chrissie. "Mmm eat my fucking pussy Becks," moaned Chrissie. "How bad do you want it whore?" said Becca rubbing her clit through the wet spot on her panties. "Mmmm fuck so bad baby, please," she begged pressing her pussy into Becca's hand. "Promise you'll be my slut," said Becca, still rubbing her pussy. "Yes!" said Chrissie. "Promise?!" yelled Becca, slapped her pussy once again. "Fuck! Mmm babe I promise, I'm your slut!" Becca moved down between Chrissie legs and slid of her soaked panties. "Put these in your mouth!" she said laying the soaked crotch across her tongue and making her bite down. It was now her moment. She spread apart Chrissie's egs, looking at her glistening, smooth pussy. She was so wet it had ran down her ass as well. "Mmm what a nice lil' cunt you have," she said licking slowly up and down the edges. Chrissie began to quiver. "Mmmmm," she moaned as Becca licked around her clit before sucking it in her mouth, flicking it fast with her tongue. "Oh fuck Becks," she moaned through her panties." Fuck!Yes!Eat my fucking pussy!" Becca began licking deep up and down her slit. She loved the sweet taste of her cunt. She could eat it for hours. And now she would now that Chrissie was hers. She began rubbing her clit with her thumb while she slid her tongue in and out of her hole. Chrissie was moaning wildly and thrusting her hips against her face. Then Chrissie began sucking her clit once more while sliding two fingers inside her. "Fuck baby yes! Fuck me nice and hard!" screamed Chrissie. Becca added a third finger and sat up and pulled the panties out of her mouth. She kept fucking her, making sure to also rub her clit with her palm. Then she took out her fingers. "Clean them off slut!" she said, rubbing them across her face. Chrissie obliged and began greedily sucking her fingers. Becca then moved Chrissie forward and sat behind her so that Chrissie's head was leaning back into her shoulder and her tits were against her back. Then she began pinching her left nipples while sliding for fingers in her hole. "Oh fuck! Oh god! Fuck baby yes, fuck me!" screamed Chrissie. Becca began fucking her hard and deep with her four fingers. "Your a little slut aren't you?" "Yee-aaa-uunnn-aaaa" moaned Chrissie, her breathing fast. "Your my slut aren't you?" "Mmm-mmm-mm-hmmm" she moaned, barely getting it out. Becca could feel Chrissie pussy muscles begin to tighten as she writhed around in her lap. "I-I-I-I-I-I-I!I-I'm.I'm gonna!Im gonna!" "You gonna cum slut?" said Becca, fucking her as hard and fast as she could while Chrissie thrust her cunt against her fingers. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Chrissie as she came harder then she ever had in her little seventeen year old life. She shuddered as wave after wave of her orgasm washed through her. Becca was still gently massaging her now sensative pussy. Chrissie leaned back and kissed her. "I love you." "I love you." "Next time I'm using my dildo on you," sighed Chrissie smiling. "What dildo..?"

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