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Holiday Weekend Pt. 1

Online lovers coming together in the flesh for the first time... and the second, and third and...
Sometimes while looking for inspiration in my real life, people from my online life make a huge impact, without even knowing it.
Whitney is an email buddy and IM lover that I recently began a relationship with.  Having chatted extensively, her words were becoming a clear voice in my daily thoughts.  Compliments on my words and the pictures we've exchanged served to pump up my ego.  Whitney tells me that I'm exciting and bold and so much more.  I see her as being where I was just a few years ago.  Sexually active and powerful as we mature but beginning to acknowledge the growing desire for something more than the traditional sexual role of girlfriend/wife and a lover of men. 
Don't get me wrong, a hard man is good to find as the saying goes, but after my plunge into the world of same sex lovers, my life has changed dramatically.  My husband has been a supporter of my adventures and has encouraged me to find happiness even when it involves straying from our marriage.  Granted, he gets to live out male fantasy #1 with the FMF threesomes we've had with various women, so he's definitely not complaining, but he is equally supportive when I want my "Lesbian Dates" without him.
Another dear friend and now long-time cyber lover is Elizabeth.  What can I say about this incredible woman?  We met online a couple of years ago and in that time we've shared more genuine passion than most couples share in 5 lifetimes together.  Tender love and pure sexual energy that can only be described as mind alteringly powerful.  Elizabeth is an amazing lover and generous, I doubt I've had more orgasms with any lover other than my Mikey.
Elizabeth's self assuredness and my openly wanton nature make for a force to be reconned with. 
This extended weekend promised me some alone time as my guys were off doing father & son/camping/fishing/ scratching/belching manly stuff in the woods for three days. 
I came across an email from Whitney that sparked a growing fire in my core... she was anxious to explore the feelings that were consuming her thoughts, hungry for "forbidden fruit" and wanting to satisfy her own curiosity.  I also saw where my sweet Elizabeth was going to be traveling through the same area that Whitney lived and I had a brainstorm!  I decided to try to make a dream come true for me as well as open a door for Whitney into this wonderful lifestyle. 
I sent an instant message to Elizabeth about my plans for a rendezvous that would allow us to get together in the flesh as well as help another kindred spirit find new paths to travel.  Her business on this trip would only take up a few hours of her actual weekend and she was, sadly, planning on filling the in between time with nothing much to do but order room service and maybe do some shopping.  I arranged a flight so I could be in town by Saturday afternoon and asked Elizabeth if she minded sharing a room... and a bed.  No problems there.
Next was to get Whitney on board.  I told her that I was meeting a friend near where she lived and wondered if she wanted to meet for dinner and drinks.  I didn't have to ask twice.  Dinner was set for Saturday night.
I packed light, a change of clothes, and the bare essentials. 
When I arrived, I got a taxi and told the driver to take me to a little lingerie and sex toy shop I had found online that was between the airport and Elizabeth's hotel.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  I found a vibrating dildo that I knew would tickle my fancy and some massage gels that might spice up the festivities a bit.  I also found an incredible satin bustier that would show off my boobs like nothing else I owned.  I also stopped at a store for a couple of bottles of wine. 
Armed with my new toys, wardrobe and wine, I headed for the hotel. 
I got to the room before Elizabeth had gotten back from her meeting.  I unpacked my clothes and the new toys, put the wine on ice to chill and decided to freshen up from the trip.  I stripped and got into the shower.  The pulsating hot water began to loosen any tension in my shoulders and back and I took my time under the stream.  I heard the door and then the voice of Elizabeth behind me asking if there was any hot water left... I turned to face my long-distance lover for the first time in the flesh, just as she kicked her slacks and panties off and pulled her top off over her head.
I was breathless with anticipation and held out my hand to a petite goddess.  Elizabeth has the body of a dancer, tight and toned... small perky breasts, a flat belly and a perfect ass... her skin was tanned with the cutest freckles and she had a head full of long strawberry blond hair.  My eyes locked onto hers and I stammered on a bit about the water, that it was nice to finally meet her and a few other words that were very nearly complete sentences.
She took my head in her hands, pulled my face down to meet hers and kissed me full on the lips.
The electricity in her kiss was like a lightning bolt through me.
I pulled her body to mine and we spent quite a while just holding each other and kissing softly.  Elizabeth pushed me back a bit and cupped by breasts in her hands.  "I've been wanting to play with these babies forever!"  With that she started kneading and caressing my heavy boobs.  I reached out and began to explore her body, running my hands over her silky skin from the curve of her hips up to her erect nipples. 
I heard a small moan escape her lips as I pinched one nipple and then the other.  When she returned the favor to me I whispered, "Finger my pussy before I have to do it myself."
Elizabeth's slim fingers were almost instantly parting my pussy lips, the gush of my juices making her probing easier and she began to dip into my sopping wet pussy.  One finger became two and then three fingers as I growled that I wanted her to finger fuck me harder.   I was plastered against the back wall of the shower, one foot up on the edge of the tub to give Elizabeth better access for her finger fucking.  I felt my first orgasm building and cried out for her to fuck me, "Faster - harder - deeper!"  While the fingers of her right hand worked like crazy in my pussy, she had clamped her lips on my right nipple and sucked and nibbled, then moved to the left nipple and so on... I was going to come and she could feel my body begin to quiver and shake under her touch. 
I exploded.  My knees barely held me and I held on to her shoulder to keep myself from falling.  All the while, Elizabeth continued to kiss and caress me from one erogenous spot to another.  As soon as I was able to gain control of my senses, I said possibly the dumbest thing I could have, "Oh... Thank you." Then in an attempt to cover my brilliant remarks, "Let me show you how thankful I am." and I positioned her against the wall that had held me up for the last couple of minutes and began to kiss and lick her body all over.  I started at her neck and kissed and nibbled my way down to her nipples, then to her taut belly and finally I knelt between her legs and buried my face in between her thighs. 
Elizabeth was dripping wet and not just from the shower!   My tongue lapped at her pussy lips as I massaged her firm ass cheeks.  Holding my head in her hands, she threw one leg over my shoulder and pulled my mouth up against her parted pussy lips.  I devoured her as she ran her fingers through my hair.
"Oh, Kat!  Suck my clit!  Oh, fuck yes, that's it!"
I sucked her hard little clit and then slipped a finger into her pussy as I continued to circle the hooded nub with my tongue.  I lost track of time passing, and my entire universe became her clit and pussy and my lips and tongue.  I got into a rhythm that had me sucking her clit while finger fucking her pussy faster and faster until it was a frenzy of tongue and fingers and lips.
After several minutes I heard her gasp and felt her body stiffen as her orgasms shot through her.  My mouth gulped her gushing juices as her orgasms continued... I have no idea how many times she came but it made me feel like a champion.  I was Queen of the clit lickers!
I worked my way back up to my feet and reached for towels.  Elizabeth and I managed to get dry. We went into the sitting area of the suite.  I poured the wine and we held hands and talked, getting caught up on news from home, about our families, etc.. and then we discussed our plans for the evening and our meeting with Whitney.
We dressed each other in between kisses and caresses and sips of wine.  I squeezed into my best jeans and, with a little help, managed to pack my boobs into the new satin bustier.  My nipples were barely covered and the 'girls' were definitely pushed up and out for all to see.  I am not a small woman at 5'11" and in heels I stand over 6 feet... My dark red hair was a sharp contrast to the deep blue of the bustier and my milky skin tone.
I helped Elizabeth with her wardrobe for the adventure ahead.  She had a spaghetti strap top of delicate silk and lace that clung to her permanently perky breasts and erect nipples. She wore skin tight jeans that hugged her exquisite ass and stiletto heels as well.  We were ready for the night ahead.
We agreed to meet Whitney in an out-of-the-way restaurant that she had suggested.  Elizabeth and I waited in the bar and I had already switched to my "letting my hair down" drink of choice, Vodka Martinis with extra olives... a girl needs a snack to keep up her strength, after all.  Elizabeth, a self-professed lightweight drinker stuck to wine while I poured Grey Goose down my throat.  I was beginning to feel a little buzz and was even hornier than before when E nudged my elbow, "Is that her?" she whispered, nodding towards the door. 
I turned to look across the room and was struck by the sight of a honest-to-God beauty queen!  It was Whitney alright, a true beauty in every way, from the perfect hairdo to the tailored clothing and drop-dead-gorgeous body.  She was in her early 40's but looked 10 years younger.  Alabaster smooth skin and beautiful breasts that stood up firm and high under her blouse, a trim waist and hips that curved into her long legs. 
I must have had been staring with my mouth wide open because E put a finger under my chin and gently pushed upwards.  She was giggling as she said, "You're drooling, Sweetheart."  I blushed a bit and waved to Whitney to join us.  She made eye contact with me and her face lit up like the sun as she made her way to our table.  We made our introductions and exchanged kisses on the cheeks as any proper gathering of ladies might in a public restaurant.  Once seated we ordered more drinks and began to talk as if we were three life-long friends getting caught up on the latest gossip.
Whitney sat across from Elizabeth and me during dinner.  As we ate, drank and chatted, I noticed her eyes kept wandering from E's obviously erect nipples to my extremely obvious boob spillover.  Each time she gazed a little longer I noticed her breathing was getting a bit faster and her face was getting a bit more flushed with excitement. 
Our waiter was also getting an eyeful... each time he came to our table, he was openly staring down my cleavage.  One time all three of us caught him looking as he pursed her lips and made a little kissing sound that I doubt we were supposed to hear. 
Elizabeth grabbed him by the wrist and said, "Aren't those just the most luscious tits you've ever seen?"  The poor boy turned beet red and started to apologize when Elizabeth told him, "It's OK, she likes to show off when cuties are around... we were just waiting to see if those puppies were gonna pop out on their own or if we have to give her a hand." 
The waiter leaned down and said that he'd, "....give a night's worth of tips to be there for that show."  So I said, "Save your money, this show is on me!" and I pulled the top edge of the bustier down just enough to let my hard nipples burst free of the satin.  His eyes were like saucers as he openly stared and then he lowered his hands to his crotch to cover his growing hard on.  "Damn, Lady. Those are hot!  I'd really give anything to touch 'elm" 
I looked at this kid, no older than my oldest son and knew he'd be telling his buddies about the horny old broad who flashed him at table 6... I said, "Thanks hun, but tonight these babies are reserved for 'Ladies Only'.  Maybe another night?"  His eyes got even wider as he looked around the table at E and Whitney and put the scene together in his mind.  "Totally fucking hot!" is all he said as he rushed back to the kitchen.
Whitney leaned in and said that maybe we should move this gathering to a new locale before every waiter and busboy in the place came by our table for a peek at the crazy lesbians. We threw more than enough cash on the table for the drinks and meal plus one hell of a tip.  I was giggling like a school girl as I adjusted my top to recover my boobs and the three of us went out into the warm night air.
Whitney's car was close and she drove us back to the hotel where we all went up to the room for her coming out party.  Once inside, she stood quietly as E and I were still in silly giggly mode, tickling and jostling each other like kids.  Whitney looked into our eyes and said, "I want you two to know that I've been dreaming of this moment forever. But I have absolutely no idea what to do next."  I stopped in mid tickle and said, "Oh baby, don't worry about that at all.  We are here to guide you.  Just relax and enjoy yourself." 
Elizabeth and I held hands and walked over to Whitney.  We put our free hands on her hips and pulled her into our little circle. I told her, "Just go with your feelings." Elizabeth chimed in with, "There's no hurry and also no limits." I added, "It's OK to trust us. We are here to make this your night" 
I kissed Whitney, ever so softly.  Just a gentle pressing of our lips.  Then I turned and kissed Elizabeth in the same way.  Tenderly on the lips at first and then little kisses on her neck and shoulders. I turned back to Whitney and kissed her mouth a little firmer this time, lingering.  Then I felt her tongue as she opened her mouth to explore mine.  Our tongues were teasing and tasting each other.  I pulled Whitney's body closer as our kiss continued,  I let go of Elizabeth's hand and put it on her waist to pull her in tighter as well. 
The three of us were now exchanging kisses and our hands were starting to roam from person to person, exploring, kneading and caressing each other.  We were all still fully dressed and hadn't moved from that spot for a long time when I said, "If I don't get you two in bed soon, I'm gonna die!" 
The three of us kicked off our shoes and started unzipping and unbuttoning our clothes as fast as we could.  E and I had fewer clothes to remove... no bras and no panties either...  once we were completely naked we turned to help Whitney finish stripping.  Her blouse was tossed across the back of a chair as was her skirt, then E and I both stopped her and said,"We'll take it from here."
I pulled Whitney to me and rubbed her hard nipples through the sheer fabric of her bra.  Elizabeth stepped in behind Whitney and kissed the back of her neck and shoulders while her hands joined mine in massaging Whitney's full breasts.  Eyes closed, Whitney threw her head back and gave herself fully to her new lovers.
E and I traded places while kissing every inch of Whitney's face, neck and upper body.  Whitney's hands reached her own breasts and pulled her bra down to expose her nipples for E to kiss and suckle. I stood behind her while Elizabeth tongued her upturned nipples. I unhooked Whitney's bra and continued my exploration of the beauty queen's body. 
Pressing my boobs into her back, my fingers began to feel their way down her belly to the top of her panties as I nibbled on her neck and ears and whispered sweet obscenities.
"Suck Whitney's nipples, Elizabeth. She really seems to enjoy your mouth on her sweet tits."  
I had my hand inside Whitney's lacy underwear and ran my fingertips through the downy strip of pubic hair to the pouting lips of her very wet pussy.  I felt her body stiffen as I pushed my middle finger between her labia and slipped it inside her.  I whispered, "Do you want Elizabeth to kiss your pussy, now?"  Whitney's voice was trembling and breathy as she begged, "Yes, please!  Elizabeth, please go down on me... I want your tongue in me!" 
We steered Whitney to the bed, we laid her back and I pulled her panties off as Elizabeth knelt between her thighs and began licking her pussy.  Whitney managed a guttural growl that I felt vibrate through my body and settle in my clit! 
I positioned myself above Whitney, leaned over and let my boobs dangle in her face as I played with her nipples.  Then, Whitney took my breasts in her hands and began to pinch and lick my nipples as well.  This nearly made me come, but I needed my pussy in play too, so I reached for the new vibrating dildo I had bought earlier and rubbed it's thick shaft and head against my dripping pussy.  Once lubed up, I pushed it slowly inside me and turned the control from gentle hum to buzz saw! 
I came in an instant.  No secret moves needed, I am an easy orgasm!  While leaning over Whitney... my boobs in her hands and mouth I hear her cry, "I'm coming!  Oh God, I'm coming!"  and she buried her face in my cleavage as her body began to spasm, again and again. I looked up to see Elizabeth's head clamped between Whitney's thighs, her tongue licking Whitney's clit as the orgasms continued to wrack her body.
Elizabeth came up and looked into my eyes.  Whitney was still recovering from her orgasm and muttered, "give me a second to catch my breath, girls." She may have needed to come back to earth but I wanted to taste Elizabeth's sweet pussy again.  And I wanted to come a lot more before this night ended.
I pulled Elizabeth up next to Whitney and laid her back while continuing to caress Whitney's still trembling flesh.  I laid myself on top of E and kissed her mouth, still slick with Whitney's pussy juices.  We kissed like horny teenagers... tongues snaking in each other's mouths.  After a few minutes, I slid down her body and payed attention to her breasts and took turns sucking and nibbling one nipple and then the other.  
As I lay on top of E, I could feel the heat from her pussy against my upper belly.  She, grabbed my hair and said, "Kat, you need to tongue fuck me quick!  I'm falling behind in the orgasm count here!"
I moved further down and put Elizabeth's legs over my shoulders so I could raise her ass higher for deeper tonguing of her hot pussy.  My face pressed hard against her wetness, the tip of my nose parted her pussy lips at first then I plunged my long tongue inside her.  Elizabeth squirmed under me as I moved my tongue in and out of her. 
As I concentrated on giving Elizabeth an orgasm, I became aware that Whitney, who was now well rested, was kissing E and playing with her nipples above me. As I tongue fucked Elizabeth, I managed to find Whitney's tender pussy with my free hand and stroked her and fingered her until she was grinding against my hand and getting closer to another orgasm.  Somewhere in all this grinding and licking, both Elizabeth and Whitney came for me... I lapped up the gush of nectar from Elizabeth's pussy as I held my fingers deep inside Whitney.
Elizabeth pulled me up to her and we kissed again.  Then she flipped me over onto my back and told Whitney to sit on my tongue.  Whitney turned and straddled my face.  I reached up with both hands on her hips and pulled her down hard onto my mouth.  I wrapped my lips around her clit and began making tiny circles with my tongue.  I felt Whitney's hands on my breasts and then I felt the vibrator against my clit as Elizabeth sat astride my left leg, grinding her wet pussy against my thigh.
I sucked and licked Whitney's clit while Elizabeth alternated rubbing the vibrating dildo against my clit and then plunging its thick shaft deep inside my pussy.  I was in heaven.  Two gorgeous women fucking me from top to bottom, while I sucked and tongued a pussy that was virginal to a woman's touch.  Somewhere between trying to coordinate my carnal juggling act and let myself go in the moment I had the realization that I was acting out one of my last fantasies... an all girl threesome!  And then my next stream of orgasms hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was seeing explosions of light and feeling electric shocks course through my body over and over. 
I was also aware that Whitney was cumming again on my tongue. And then she laid forward in the classic 69 position and took her first taste of my pussy.  I could hear Elizabeth coaching her and complimenting her on licking my clit and tonguing my gushing pussy.  Whitney's tentative licks and kisses gave way to her going down on me like she had been doing it all her life.  I kept coming and coming, she and Elizabeth coordinated the act of plunging the vibrating dildo in and out of my pussy along with clit sucking and fingering.  I basically blacked out of consciousness and was left with only the sensations of orgasm on top of orgasm.
Whitney rolled off of me as I lay quivering and she and Elizabeth were back at it again. Dildo, fingers, lips and tongues all working to make each other come for the zillionth time.  I reached out and touched whoever I could and added to the sensory overload we three had entered into.  Nipples, mouths, pussies all were touched and kissed and rubbed and explored for what seemed to be an eternity.  After I had come, yet again, it was my turn to call for a break... I managed to say, "Time out!! I have to pee!"
The three of us took a little time out to refresh ourselves and then we poured some more wine and climbed back in bed.
The rest of the night was like a dream come true, the three of us engaged in one pleasurable act after another; from sweet and tender to wild and wicked.  I lost track of the number of times I came and felt the others come.
Over the next few hours, I found myself drifting in and out of this dreamlike state, as the three of us lay in each other's arms.  Occasionally brought to clarity by a kiss or a touch. We were all sore from grinding against each other as well as the dildo, finger and tongue fucking but still caught up in the heat and passion of the night. Never wanting it to end, we ended up falling asleep in each other arms, still covered in our own sweet juices.
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