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Hosting My First Formal Dinner

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Lillian, Catherine and I enjoy a lovely night together.
Now I was looking forward to the Saturday evening dinner, Lillian had accepted my invitation sounding very pleased, she asked if there was anything she could bring. "No" I said, "Just bring yourself we have more than anything we might need, we're looking forward to seeing you again."

Catherine was just as excited as I was to be having a guest in for a formal dinner, so I told her to make a list of what she might need for the dinner. This way we could go over it a few times to make sure nothing was forgotten, but to leave the wine to me. I would bring some from work, and also stopped and picked up a bottle of Drambuie liquor for an after dinner drink. As we were to make it a more formal affair, I instructed her to make an appointment with our hairdresser to get her hair done and for me too around my lunchtime.

As luck would have it that Saturday seemed to be busier than normal, but still I managed to sneak away at lunch time to get my hair done too. Still I had a very busy day and just after 5 o'clock finally slipped away to get home in time to prepare.

Catherine had done a splendid job getting ready for the evening, not only the cooking part but preparing the table and setting out candles. Not forgetting a nice bouquet of flowers as a center piece. Once I arrived home she ran the bath so we could take a quick bath before getting dressed, being very careful not to get our hair wet.

We both dressed in our new matching ensembles, and then put on our best dresses for the evening, finishing up with our make-up and jewellery. We slipped into our high heels, and I tied a bib apron over Catherine’s dress and she left to go see to dinner. It was about a quarter to seven and I was as nervous as a kitten, checking myself in a mirror about a dozen times to make sure I was ready to receive our guest.

Lillian arrived right on time, and on hearing the doorbell I hurried to answer it and invite her in. She was carrying a bouquet of flowers. Before I could say anything she said, "These are for Catherine."

I smiled at the recollection of our previous conversation and said, "You give then to her" and on that note called Catherine from the kitchen.

She came hurrying and seeing our guest smiled and curtsied and Lillian held the flowers our saying, "For you."

Catherine seemed stunned for a moment before smiling and thanked her, standing there as if she was tongue tied.

"Well go put them in some water I said to breach the awkwardness of the moment, and she hurried away to do just that while I helped Lillian out of her coat and hung it up.

We settled in the living room and I offered our guest a drink, and poured us both a glass of sherry. Catherine had a lovely fire burning in the grate and the room was lit up with candles giving a very cost atmosphere. After about 45 minutes and another glass of sherry, Catherine called us to the dining room table to begin serving us our meal. I sat at the head of the table and our guest at the other end and Catherine had made a place for herself in between. Of course she would be up and down serving the meal.

We spent a leisurely hour and a half dining starting with a nice broth, followed by roast duck and finishing with a delicious trifle. The meal was washed down with generous amounts of a light rose wine. We wrapped our meal up with a nice glass of Drambuie liqueur, a Scottish favorite then retired to the sofa in front of the fireplace.

Catherine went to clear away the dishes, but I told her not to bother that we could clean up in the morning, and to come join us with our drinks. She had also made a pot of coffee that she served, and as Lillian didn't smoke we refrained from smoking out of consideration for our guest.

We chatted about a number of things, and Lillian told us some more about her early encounters with her friends from years ago. It was quite hilarious the way she retold the tales about how they fooled their husbands, as well as how their spouses thought they were pulling the wool over their eyes.

Catherine put some more fuel on the fire although it was quite warm, but the fire gave a cheerful atmosphere to the room. After getting more sherry and topping up our glasses, Catherine sat back down between us again. We were sitting very close to one another, and I leaned over and placed a hand on Lillian’s knee.

"You will stay the night won't you" I said.

She looked me right in the eye then at Catherine as she replied, "I'd love to, as long as I'm not displacing anyone?"

"No not at all, we have a nice large bed with lots of room for the three of us."

Lilly leaned over so her face was inches from mine, I gave her a kiss on her lips then Catherine and Lilly followed my example. Next we gave each other a three way kiss on the lips, and our tongues probed one another. We spent quite a few minutes kissing and caressing one another, we all enjoyed it as our kisses and touching got more ardent the Lillian broke it off saying.

"Whew it's getting warm in here; let’s take our dresses off so we don't spoil them."

"Good idea" I replied, and as if she was reading my mind, we both stood up pulled Catherine with us and unzipped her dress and removed it. I took it into the bedroom and hung it up in the closet, and by the time I returned Lillian had removed hers and I again hung it up. Now I took my own dress off and returned to join them.

By now of course after that delicious meal and the drinks, coupled with the warmth and cosy atmosphere of the room we were all partially aroused. The flickering light of the candles and fireplace, made the silk of our underwear shine in a most intimate way. We settled back on the sofa again with Catherine in the middle, and we picked up from where we left of kissing one another. It was very erotic as our hands slipped softly over the sensual material covering our bums, and dipping into the valley between our cheeks.

Catherine caught in the middle between Lillian and I was getting the most attention, she struggled and cried from the pleasure mounting inside her body from the induced pleasure. Occasionally Lillian and I would give her a break for a few moments, and took time to kiss and fondle each other. Returning our attention to Catherine we undid her Basque and took it off her, now her ripe gorgeous tits were exposed for our pleasure as well.

She pretended to fight and struggle against our administrations, laughing and smiling along with squeals of delight as she did so. Finally a little breathless, Lilly and I stopped for a moment to catch our breath, and she smiled as I suggested, "Bedtime?"

Between us we both picked Catherine up, and carried her into the bedroom and placed her in the middle of the bed. We took a moment to remove her shoes then our own tops, and then I took the time to light some candles that had already been brought.

Catherine had had to foresight to light the gas fire earlier in the evening so the room was nice and warm. Now Lillian and I clad in just our silk bloomers and stockings, climbed back onto the bed. Catherine raised her arms to welcome us, as we were on either side of her; we pushed her arms aside and lay down beside her. Our heads were touching as we started again with the three way kisses.

It was beautiful as Lillian had one side of her and me the other; we kissed and teased her with our mouths and tongues. Our hands travelled the length of her body, down to her knees then slowly back up to her tits. We circled them and kissed and sucked her nipples, Lilly on one and me on the other. Lillian and I kept an eye on one another, so what we did to her we did in concert. You would have thought we had rehearsed our routine.

Catherine's moans and struggles increased as her arousal got stronger; we clamped a leg each between ours to try to hold them still. We moved aside taking her legs with us, so her groin was there for us to fondle. We ran our fingers over her tummy and down her thighs; her crotch was damp and getting wetter. We felt her convulse to cries of pleasure, Lillian and I also aroused soon turned our attention to each other, kissing and caressing each other over Catherine's body.

We returned out attention to our partner, I started kissing my way down to her tummy. I pulled her bloomers down to lick and tongue her belly, stopping for a few minutes at her belly button. Lillian had moved over her top to continue kissing her mouth and exciting her tits, so she was firmly pinned down by the two of us.

I pulled her bloomers off her altogether, now she had her legs free for a minute. Before she could kick or move, I dove back between her legs to pin them with my elbows. Now we had her trapped again listening to her squeals of pleasure, the adrenaline pumping through her. Her pussy was open like a flower and wet, wetter than I'd ever known it. I reached as far into her with my tongue as I could, I was so aroused by now nothing could stop me tasting her juices. I sucked and slobbered over her labia's and clit; the clit was like a mini penis out from its hood.

Lillian often pressed her mouth over hers to stifle her cries, which were now more like screams of joy. After a big convulsion Catherine's body movements started to die down, then Lillian was moving over her and on to me. Now she was like a wild thing, she helped pull me back up the bed and turned me over. Now diving over me and pushing my bloomers down, her face found my pussy as she brought hers close to my face.

Eagerly I clutched her arse pulling it to me, pulling her bloomers down so my tongue could reach her. She was almost dripping from excitement, we rolled onto our sides in that wonderful 69 position. With our heads between each other’s thighs we licked and sucked each other’s cunts, it didn't take long before we both exploded in magnificent orgasms.

Sweating and gasping for breath we both lay on our backs fully sated. My eyes were closed and I felt a face against mine, I opened my eyes to see it was Catherine smiling at me then giving me a big kiss, then moved down to do the same to Lillian muttering, "thank you, Thank you that was so beautiful."

We all rested for about ten fifteen minutes to catch our breath again, then I signalled to Catherine to get us a drink. She disappeared then a few minutes later returned with two glasses of sherry, one for me and Lillian as she obviously declined to pour herself one. We all sat up to enjoy our refreshment, it was still early not even midnight. Lillian sat with her knees up to her chest and her ankles crossed, so she could rest her arms on her knees as she sipped. With no hair round her pussy she looked so lovely and wet; it was truly a beautiful sight.

We all knew without saying we were going to continue to enjoy each other, and I wondered how we should begin. Almost as if reading my mind Lillian said, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course what is it," I asked?

"Do you have any implements" she went on.

Puzzled for a moment I repeated the word, "Implements?"

"Yes of course we do" I said looking at Catherine wondering where she was going with this.

"Do you have strap-on's," she came right out and asked.

At this Catherine went to a drawer and took out hers and mine, "You meant like this" she said.

"Exactly" said Lillian, "I have a favor to ask but I will understand if you don't want to participate in what I would like. It's been over 20 years since I've enjoyed a DP" she went on.

"A DP" I said puzzled.

"Yes you know penetration" she continued.

Finally the light went on in my head as I realized what she was saying, "You liked that?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she replied with a smile, but it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity, as I said, at least 20 years."

I looked at Catherine, she was smiling and I knew she wouldn't refuse a guest so it was up to me. "Why not" I said, "Always willing to try something new."

Lillian went on to tell us about some of her early days of marriage, particularly after she found out about her husbands extramarital affairs. As they were considered to be upper class, discretion was an absolute must and as a result indiscretions were conveniently overlooked by their spouses as well.

One thing led to another, and soon she and other ladies were enjoying their most private affairs. Soon this opened up to include the boyfriends some ladies had, and because of their social status it wasn't hard to attractive young men. Eventually it evolved into same room sex, then some partner swapping and into the variety of threesomes.

She found she liked the threesomes very much, because often her first partner would cum before she was ready herself. The as she said in her own words, "The other man would climb on and finish the job so I could enjoy a wonderful orgasm." Soon she tried a little bum play after watching her friend enjoy it, it wasn't that pleasurable at first but said she got used to it and found it to be, and “Quite acceptable" as she always felt "Variety is the essence of pleaure."

Well as in other things one thing led to another and one night, when one of her male partners suggested it she tried 'Double Penetration.' By that she explained it meant one in her bum and the other in her vagina, and found the experience to be very fulfilling.

Lillian also went on to describe the different varieties she enjoyed with her friends, and what surprised me in a way was how matter of fact she was describing her experiences. Here was a lady, and I felt very much a lady, slim, attractive and much admired by her many friends. She was talking as if what she did was nothing out of the ordinary, that she thought everyone should enjoy it.

Of course the talking about it had renewed some warm fussy feelings, and Catherine and I got up and strapped on our attachments. Now we climbed back onto the bed and we began to kiss and caress Lillian, in order to get her juices flowing for the upcoming experience. By now thanks to my experiences using my dildo on Catherine, I felt quite confident in my ability to use one and hence give pleasure to me partner.

Once I felt ready I got Catherine to lie on her left side behind Lilly, and I took the tube of lubricant we had for such activities, an applied some to her 'cock'. Now Lillian who was also on her left side raised her leg, and I placed the tip of the cock to her rectum, and she slid it in gentle for about 2 inches. As I was doing this I maintained eye contact with Lilly, until she gave me a nod to indicate it was comfortable. Now I rubbed some lube over my own 'cock,' then laid down facing her and brought it to her vagina.

She placed the head inside the entrance, and when she smiled I reached over her to include Catherine in my hug and kissed her fiercely on her mouth. Slowly Catherine and I inched our dildos in and out of her, Lillian’s body movements matched ours as we increased the pace to start giving her a good fucking. I kept eye contact with Catherine, so we could match our strokes to add to our guest’s pleasure.

Lillian clutched me digging her nails into my back, her cries of pleasure intensifying with our thrusts. It was awesome, I pushed my leg between hers and Catherine’s, and Catherine did the same so we locked out ankles behind each other. It was like Catherine ad I was holding each other tight, with Lillian between us as if she might try to get away. We were rockin, the bed was rocking Lillian had her eyes closed, she called, "Go go give it to me good fuck fuck fuck," her nails digging into my shoulders as she squealed with pleasure.

Suddenly with a loud cry she stopped moving and like collapsed, we likewise stopped thrusting and gave her a minute to recover. She didn't respond and I pulled out of her pussy and Catherine did the same. We waited; I was worried and saw her tits move, so I knew he was breathing. Finally her eyes opened and she looked at me smiling, in relief I looked over at Catherine to indicate all seemed well.

We helped her sit up and waited till she said something like, "Wow that was an experience and a half." I picked up my drink and gave her a sip to help freshen her, and then she leaned over and gave me a kiss on my tit as if to say, "Thanks."

She described the experience to us, first she said once she had her first orgasm, the others just kept coming and coming, they felt so powerful she just couldn't stop till she finally collapsed. "Much better than with men" she went on, "Men would have ejaculated probably before I had my first orgasm and we'd have to stop, but you just kept on pounding and pounding giving me more and more."

In the morning we woke up early, Catherine made us some tea then went and filled the bathtub with piping hot water then adding some bath salts to give off a nice fragrance. As our guest Lillian was offered the first dip, and she relaxed in the water while Catherine bathed her. After she got out and Catherine dried her off, then led her back to the bed and gave her a nice warm oil massage. After my bath I dried myself off while Catherine had hers, and Lillian and I proceeded to get dressed.

I asked her what she would like for breakfast, but Lillian insisted that she take us all out for brunch. We all went in her Jaguar and after a leisurely lunch, she dropped Catherine and I back off at home. Lillian had to go home to take over from the nurse; she hired to look after her husband when she's to be gone all night. That was the first of many memorable times we were to have together, as well as with others.

Shortly after that came some not so good news, Marlene and Ruth broke up and Ruth moved out.

Christ would be coming up in a couple of months, and we discussed plans for the holiday. I would be going home for three days and had to return because of the restaurant. Catherine would be with her family in Edinburgh for Christmas, then again for New Years. At this point I had not decided what I was going to do for my New Years.

After a few weeks I got a call from Marlene, asking me to go to the club one night as there was someone who wanted to meet me. Of course I never went anywhere without my Catherine, so she came with me. It was to meet a woman named Thelma who had provided the pictures to Marlene of Ms. Sharp when they were in University together. No she had some more for me but wanted to meet me first for some reason.

After we met and chatted over a drink, she produced the photographs in an envelope. These pictures were much more erotic, bordering on BDSM activities. Margaret was clearly the Mistress dressed in a bizarre corset, fishnet stockings and high heels. Thelma, and in some pictures another woman were her victims. There were quite a few shots of the victims being bound, whipped and made to perform oral sex on Margaret.

I loved them, with this ammunition I visualised myself having total control over the bitch. One thing disturbed me, why would this Thelma want to give these pictures to me, what was in it for her money?

Thelma explained that when they were in university, she 'belonged' to Margaret. They were regular lovers and Margaret got her to participate in their sex games together, then later involving other women. Thelma admitted she enjoyed being her sex toy, learning to accept any punishment Margaret decided to inflict on her. Thelma also loaned her a considerable sum of money over the two years they were together. However just before they graduated, Margaret dumped her for another woman.

Of course Thelma was broken hearted over the breakup, and to make matters worse she never saw a penny of the money she'd loaned her.

Now the photos were spread out on the table for us to see, some very explicit and not all of Thelma. Apparently another woman named Rita, who was also a friend of Margaret's owned the camera and took the pictures.

"How did you get your hands on the pictures?" I asked.

"A few years ago I met up with Rita again" she went on, "And she had kept up her BDSM activities and was presently without a partner." "I was lonely and she invited me to an activity and we've been together ever since." "Anyway to answer your question, Rita has these photo albums of her past activities."

"Does she know about this?" I asked.

"Oh yes" she went on, "She has no love for Margaret either for some reason."

Marlene and I selected some pictures that did not show Thelma's face clearly, but were clearly sex scenes. My favorite was some of Margaret sitting with a big smile on her face, her hands outstretched and holding a riding crop. Her legs were wide open and Thelma was on her hands and knees, with her head in her crotch giving her oral. There were definite marks from the crop across her buttocks.

This was powerful stuff, now I could hardly wait to go home for Christmas, so I could have the pleasure of seeing my old school teacher again

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