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Hot Lust on the Landing!

Two lady lovers can't wait and don't make it to the bedroom.
Vix stood about halfway down the stairs gently called
"Trish, you sexy thing, what do you think of these?"

Trish came and stood at the bottom of the stairs to be greeted by Vix, with her short dark hair just brushing the top of her shoulders wearing a shiny necklace and a pair of blue jeans. Her large, tanned boobs looked delicious as she modeled her new purchase.

"You look amazing," said Trish "Now turn around."

Vix, doing what she was told, slowly turned around and wiggled her bum a little, which was filling her new jeans perfectly.

"Shit, your ass is amazing," Trish commented.

"Thanks baby" Vix cooed, enjoying the attention and starting undoing the button fly. When she had undone the buttons, she started to lower the jeans, revealing more smooth, tanned flesh and showing Trish that she was going commando. Getting the jeans just over her bum, she turned to face Trish, dropped them to her knees, and then resting her hands on her thighs, using her arms to push her breasts together she gave Trish one of those "come fuck me now" looks.

Trish had already been getting excited watching the show, her hands moving all over her own body.
"Don't you tease me like that," she half threatened to Vix, who by now had taken off her jeans and was stood completely naked on the stairs. Vix was using the jeans as a shield, pretending to hide her modesty, even cheekily biting the jeans, teasing Trish.

"Your gonna get it now," said Trish, pulling the summer dress she was wearing over her head, revealing her own smooth, tanned, naked body and started climbing the stairs to Vix. Vix reached the top of the stairs as Trish caught her, and started to kiss her ankles, moving slowly up her legs. Enjoying the tender kisses, Vix dropped onto her knees, glad of the thick rug that covered the carpet on the landing, and started to crawl towards the bedroom. Trish kept on, kissing higher and higher, over her ass cheeks. Vix let out a moan of pleasure,
"Keep kissing all the way up my spine please," she begged. Trish was more than happy to please, kissing all the way to the back of her neck and then softly just behind each ear.

Vix moaned again "Mmm, you're getting me wet," which led Trish to continue, putting some warm, lingering kisses on her neck and ears with soft nibbles to her earlobes. Vix starts running her hands up her lovers legs, following her curves and enjoying the smooth soft skin. Trish responds with her fingers tracing Vix curves, her breasts pressed into her back pushing the two of them down into the thick rug, pressing Vix down.

Trish uses her fingers to caress along Vix sides, over her breasts then down her arms, lacing their fingers together. Trish's nipples poking into Vix back and her Mons pressed to her scrumptious behind. Vix can feel her lovers breath on her neck, so warm and sweet as Trish gives her soft kisses on the edge of her ear, under her ear, along the back of her neck. This makes Vix moan aloud again.

"I need to spread my legs," she says,
"Mmm..why?" Asks Trish
"I need to feel you pushing against my pussy, to feel your skin against my soft thighs," Vix replies softly as she lies, pinned in pleasure.

Trish slips her thigh between Vix legs and feels the warmth of her pussy on her skin. Trish presses her pussy to the back of Vix thigh, just where it becomes an ass cheek. Vix moans again as she can feel Trish, so soft, so warm, so wet.

The two lovers lie, one on top of the other, fingers laced together, as Trish keeps kissing and nuzzling her neck and ear softly.
"Yes!" Vix moans again, as Trish presses into her, rubbing herself on her thigh, so Vix can feel how soft and warm and damp she is.
"Taste me," Vix moans.
Trish doesn't stop kissing her neck and ears or pressing her pussy softly into the back of Vix thigh.
"Stop teasing me," Vix begs, and Trish starts slowly kissing down her spine, over her gorgeous ass, lifting her hips a little. Vix moans again as the sensations move over her body, the mix of tongue, lips and the softness of Trish's hair on her skin adding to her pleasure. Trish moves lower, the tip of her tongue caressing Vix labia, causing her to moan again as the tip of her tongue parts Vix lips as Trish begins tasting her sweet wetness. Trish continues at the same speed as before, licking slowly and sensually.

"God I'm dripping," Vix says, gently.
"Yes you are," Trish replies, licking a drop from her clit.
"That feels lush," Vix moans as Trish continues washing her tongue along the swollen ridge of Vix clit, licking her lips softly, then between them.
"Mmm I want your tongue deep in me," Vix gasps. Trish rolls her gently onto her back, opening her legs and licking as deeply in her as she can.
"Yes!" Vix cries as she reaches down, pushing Trish into her further. Trish responds with her tongue slipping it back and forth as her fingers hold Vix lips open so she can lick deeply.
"I'm close," Vix says as she grabs a breath.
Trish begins slipping her wet pinky against Vix little tight puckered butt as she licks her dripping pussy deeply and sucks the hard nub of her clit. Her pinky putting more pressure against Vix butt.

"That feels so good....I'm so close," Vix groans,as she starts to tremble
"What will send you over?" asks Trish, knowing exactly what will but wanting to tease her lover even more.
"Just slide your fingers inside me as you lick my clit," Vix manages to groan. Trish begins gently letting her pinky slip into Vix butt as two fingers start slipping into her soaked pussy and curling up behind Vix clit as Trish licks and suckles her clit.

"Wow! Ooo thats gonna do it," Vix moans again as she starts squeezing her nipples, her toes are curled so hard as she arches her back to press into Trish's tongue.
" taste so fucking good," Trish murmurs encouragingly as she licks Vix clit and lovingly finger fucks her ass and pussy.
"Oooooo Wow!" Vix scream as she starts cumming, her pussy twitching so hard on Trish's fingers as it explodes from inside her. Trish keeps her fingers curled, pressing up behind Vix clit as her tongue presses down on it, her pinky wiggling like crazy in Vix butt.

Vix start shaking all over again now, as she cums again,squealing aloud, in between gasping for air as Trish keeps her fingers barely moving up behind her clit, her lips glued to it.
"Ooh, that's nice," Vix moans as Trish sends gentle waves through her body.
Trish slips her pinky out and slides her forefinger in Vix tight pucker as her tongue washes and flicks up and down along Vix throbbing clit.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," Vix lets out a satisfied moan, "I feel all flushed"
"Good," Says Trish, smiling.
Vix looks up, lying in a pool of her own juice, breathing hard, and smiles back at Trish.
Trish starts softly kissing her lips and labia as she glides her fingers out and licks them clean.
"Can I lick them too?" asks Vix.
"Of course," Trish says softly as she offers Vix her wet fingers and keeps kissing her pussy and clit and thighs.
"Mmm, they taste good, I want to kiss you properly now," Vix asks softly.
Trish crawls up over her..kissing up Vix tummy and over her breasts as Vix runs her hands down Trish's sides, squeezing her breasts and then stroking her waist. Trish begins smiling at Vix,
"Hi," Vix says, in that lovestruck way that people do after exceptionally powerful orgasms.
Trish starts kissing her softly, brushing her lips against Vix.
"I can taste myself on you, that is so hot," Vix whispers,
"And you taste so good," Trish whispers in reply
"I want to explore your mouth with my tongue, gently probing around, getting entwined with your tongue," Vix whispers.
"Mmm," Trish moans and starts kissing Vix deeply and sensually exploring her mouth and softly sucking on her tongue.

Their tongues dancing and swirling lovingly back and forth in their mouths, as Vix slides her hands down Trish's back as they kiss, squeezing her delicious round ass, before reaching a little lower to the tops of her thighs. Vix then slowly, but firmly spreads Trish's legs with her hands, their tongues still gliding against each other.Vix moves her hands back on her ass now, and slowly slides one finger down between Trish's cheeks, gliding over her ass, and reaching down to feel her swollen wet lips.
"Mmm," it was Trish's turn to moan a bit as they kiss, feeling the wetness all over her own inner thighs, softly purring as Vix fingers explore her. Vix runs her fingers round Trish's labia, not quite able to reach her clit, Vix slips a finger into Trish's smooth wet pussy while reaching out to find her jeans with the other hand.

"Mmm," Trish moans again softly as they kiss. Keeping on kissing, Vix finger delves into her lovers wetness as she finds her jeans, and finds what she is looking for in the pocket. Trish presses her hips down against Vix, their breasts mashed together. Kissing deeply and hungrily, tongues exploring mouths more and more.

Vix then surprises Trish, who had no clue that Vix had gotten anything in her jeans pocket, let alone that she got something out of them. Without Trish having a clue Vix has anything in her hand, she takes her finger out of Trish's pussy and replaces it with the small pocket rocket vibe from her jeans, flicking it on just as it is fully inside.

"Ohh fuckkkk!" Trish gasps and shivers as she feels it enter her and then turn on inside her.
Vix moves it in and out a few times, then whips it out and rub it around Trish's clit, which she has not been able to reach until now. Still letting their tongues dance together, but faster and more urgent now as they press even harder into each other. Trish parts her lip as she tries to breathe. "Oh god dammm Vix," she moans, squirming a bit against Vix, who puts her finger back inside as the vibe keeps working on Trish's clit. Vix starts pumping them both together in a fast rythmn, then slides a second finger in her pussy. Trish keeps her ass lifting and falling in rhythm with Vix fingers, fucking her fingers and the vibe together.

They keep on kissing hard, as Vix works her hand and moves her hips in time with Trish. As she does, Vix discovers that the vibe can catch her clit too as they grind together.
"Oh fuck Vix," Trish moans, shivering and shaking in pleasure. Vix keeps on rubbing with the vibe, and she is starting to shake too. Then the vibe slips out her hand, but they are grinding so hard now, they are pressed so close together, it stays in between them, pressed to both their clits.

Trish shoves her hands under Vix ass and hold their hips tight together as it buzzes between the two engorged clits, her fingers clenched on Vix ass cheeks. Vix responds and her free hand moves to Trish's ass, where her wet fingers start to circle and delve inside the tight hole. Trish returns the pleasure and her fingertips rub and tease your tight ass as the two lovers press together. Vix slides a finger in to the second knuckle, and can feel the fingers of her other hand still rubbing inside Trish's pussy. Vix move her hands together pumping so hard, as they grind into each other, Vix feels it building fast inside.

Trish shifts her hand a little and slips her middle two fingers all the way into Vix tight ass.
"Oh shit that does it Trish! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Vix screams, as her next powerful orgasms takes over her body.
"Mmmm," Trish moans, "fuck yes cum baby!" still fingering Vix ass deeply as they squirm together.

Vix feels her whole body shaking again, as she concentrates on Trish, pumping her hands, working her tongue, yet trembling and shaking, juice dripping out her pussy like a torrent, she breaks off the kiss.
 "Cum Trish!" she shouts, "Cum now, you sexy little minx!"
"Ohh fuckkk! Take me to bed and fuck me Vix," Trish screams,
"Cum for me baby" Vix moans again,
"Ohh fuckkk! I'm so close," Trish yelps, shaking..shivering..panting and moaning.

Vix tongue darts back into Trish's mouth, her fingers go deeper than before into Trish as she bends her knees and pushes upwards with her hips, pressing the vibe so hard into their clits. Trish keeps grinding up and down on Vix fingers and the vibe.
"Ohh fuckk...fuck meeee!" Trish screams, as Vix keeps on grinding, harder then softer, then harder again. Trish's ass keeps clenching and relaxing on Vix fingers as she grinds up and down with Vix and the vibe. Vix moves her knees even higher, spreading Trish's legs as wide as they can go, making her pussy and ass tighten onto Vix fingers, pressing the vibe right onto their clits.

 "Ohh fuckkkkk" Trish screams arching her back "I'm cumming!"
"Cum Baby, cum" Vix moans into her ear.
"Cumming" Trish moans again, unable to say anything else.

 Vix can feel her lovers body shaking all over as she lies on top of her, moaning and panting as Vix keeps working her hands, keeps grinding her hips, keeping Trish cumming and cumming. Vix kisses her neck as Trish gasps for breath.
"Mmm, so intense," Trish moans, as Vix gently rolls her over onto her back, still kissing her neck.
Trish keeps moaning as she starts hugging Vix tightly.
Vix then slowly starts working her way down, pushing Trish's arms up above her head as she strokes, tease and kisses each breast, gently sucking the nipples into her mouth and swirling her tongue around them. She keeps kissing down Trish's stomach, licking her belly button, before delving down between Trish's warm thighs and tasting her soft, soaking pussy.

Moaning deeply Trish's back arching, pressing her pussy into Vix mouth.
"Oh shi!t" She moans running her fingers in Vix hair as she quivers and shakes.
Vix is now slowly licking the inside of Trish's thighs, her labia, letting her lips rub onto Trish's clit, before letting her tongue slide inside Trish's hot pussy.

"Mmm...Fuckkk Vix!" Trish screamed, as Vix keeps licking and kissing her, sucking and blowing on her pussy. Trish starts squealing softly, squirming around, her legs pulled back and her fingers in Vix hair. Vix then slides the middle finger of her right hand inside Trish's pussy and keeps flicking her tongue on Trish's clit. Vix finger starts to press on the front wall of Trish's pussy, slowly rubbing up and down until she finds that magic button.

"Oh fuck! Turn around, let me taste you again," Trish moans.
"Not yet, I need to keep you going," Vix replies, slowly fingering Trish's hot wet pussy.
"Ohh god!" Trish screams again, her heart beating so fast and hard, barely able to breathe.

Vix fingers start to rub inside Trish, making her G spot start to swell, her tongue keeps dancing with Trish's clit as she slides the middle finger of her left hand into Trish's ass, making her squeal in delight. Vix keeps licking and rubbing and pumping as Trish lies there, unable to move, gasping hard as it starts to build inside, even deeper than the first time, and harder too, starting from her pussy it works out, up Trish's body, her nipples, rock hard, start tingling, like they have little fireworks going off on them.
 "Yesssssssssss!" Trish screams as it hits her so hard in huge waves of pleasure, going down her legs, making them shake uncontrollably, making Trish really start to squeal now.

 Trish's whole body is convulsing, shaking, spasming, then her pussy lets go, pushing a mass of her love juice into Vix face and mouth. Trish's incoherent squeals and moans and groans continue as Vix stops moving her fingers now, but leaves them inside, loving the feeling of Trish's muscles clamping down on them in irregular little spasms. Vix licks all around Trish's pussy, tasting her cum as Trish tries to catch her breath, shaking each time Vix tongue touches her. Vix gives the finger inside Trish's pussy a little wiggle and Trish jerks and jumps as another little wave of pleasure rolls through her body.

Vix then moves slowly back up Trish's body, stopping off at all the good places on the way. Trish moves her arms and legs, wrapping around Vix body, kissing her lips hard and deeply, the beginning of a long, long kiss as they entwine together, sharing that feeling when you don't know where one person starts and the other begins, neither of them caring right now.
"Mmm," they moan as one, without breaking their kiss, Trish's fingers in Vix hair they cling to each other.

A small tear rolls down Vix cheek, overcome with the moment they have just shared, she cries in pleasure, another necessary release, because you know, sometimes after, you just need a little cry, it was that intense.

This story was based on a chat I had with TrishL31. It was inspired by the picture posted in my profile of the hot brunette on the stairs and we kind of took it from there. I have tried to keep as much of the original chat as possible, changing only what was need to make the story readable to others. This is why there are a few extra letters on some of the words, I tried to keep the feel of the expression in the chat. I did have to make a few spelling corrections, as we didn't really concentrate on that whilst typing with one hand. We both had a great time writing it, and hope you have as much reading it.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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