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Hot New Teacher

She was tall, lean, tanned and blonde - every inch of my dream woman! Except she was my new teacher
I had been at Greenichville High School for the last year and nothing exciting ever happened. All the teachers wore boring clothes - grey button-up shirts and ties, long, frumpy sweaters and skirts. The school uniform was a black blazer, grey skirt, white shirt, long white socks, and black heels. So cool - I think not.

Today, was like any other day, except there was torrential rain outside. The rain pounded on the windows like drums.

I sat slouched at my desk looking down at it, but glanced up when the classroom door opened and a drop dead gorgeous woman stepped in. I sat up straight and stared stupidly at her.

The tall woman was young, in her late twenties. She was wearing a black pencil length skirt, four inch black heels, white blouse tucked into the skirt which was low cut, and her blonde hair was up in a twist.

She put her black bag down on the desk and turned to us - the students. She smiled.

"Hello, I'm your new English teacher, Miss Pearce," she said, with a smile. She leaned against the desk and folded her arms under her breasts pushing them up.

I couldn't help staring. I felt a familiar ache in my groin as my pussy throbbed. I had to hold back from drooling.

"Now could anyone tell me if any of you have read Romeo and Juliet and what's it about?" Miss Pearce asked the class.

No one said anything so I raised my hand up.

"Yes," she said, acknowledging me.

"Romeo and Juliet is about two crossed star lovers whose families were lethal enemies with each other," I said.

She smiled at me and nodded. I smiled back.

"And you are?" she asked.

"Katherine Wilson, Miss," I replied.

"Well done, Miss Wilson."

"Thank you." I smiled.

Miss Pearce smiled back and turned to the white board.

"Thank you, Miss Pearce," mocked Tiffany Hayes, at me. She was a plump girl with a mean streak.

"Shut up," I snapped back, louder than I had wanted. Which grabbed the teacher's attention.

"Who said that?" Miss Pearce demanded, her hands on her hips.

"Katherine," Tiffany told her.

Her green eyes were angry. "Miss Wilson, you stay here after school for detention," she said and turned back to the board.

I groaned and then smiled as I thought, won't be so bad, the gorgeous Miss Pearce will be there.

At 4:00 p.m., after school, I sat at my desk and Miss Pearce sat at her desk reading a book leaning forward making the tops of her breasts on show.

I felt the oh-so-familiar arousal in my pussy and felt my panties beginning to get wet.

Miss Pearce would now and again look up from her book and see me staring at her and I would turn my head away. She put her book down and then stood up and walked to the door and locked it. She sat on her desk and crossed over her right leg pulling her skirt up.

My pussy was getting wetter and wetter by this time and even more so when she began to unbutton her white blouse.

"Miss Wilson, could you come here," she ordered.

I stood up and walked to her. Our faces inches apart. She kissed me making me more wet. I kissed her back and I gasped when I felt her hand went up my short skirt and began fondling my drenched pussy.

"Now, now, these simply must come off," Miss Pearce said. She pulled my panties down with both hands and I stepped out of them. "Lay back on the desk," when I began to say something she got angry which turned me on more. "Do it!"

I got on the desk and laid down. I watched as she towered over me taking off her blouse and bra. I so wanted to reach out and hold those big, soft pillows but she told me not to move. I held still, but watched as she spread my legs apart and then lowered her head down and began licking and sucking at my clitoris driving me insane with her tongue. I soon came.

Miss Pearce straightened up and took out her clasp and long tresses of blonde hair fell down over her shoulders. She moved over me and pressed her pussy against mine after taking her skirt and panties off. She slowly began to move her pelvic muscles up and down so our clitorises were clashing making us both moan out loud in pleasure.

As our lovemaking grew faster, the desk moved and thudded loudly against the floor like an earthquake was erupting. Both Miss Pearce and I orgasmed at the same time - our cries of delight could be heard for miles around.

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