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Hot Summer Night

Party at a friends where the hostess showed us a great time!

Saturday night was fun.  Mike and I went to a party at another couple's home.  The weather was a hot and muggy and storms threatened.  There were lots of people that we know as well as lots of new faces, including Dominique; a 22 yr old college student who had been our host Teri's intern for the past few months.  Mike and I have both been lusting after Teri for a few years, Teri is 45, tall, reddish-blonde, thin and very sexy...  A mother of 2 teenagers with southern belle mannerisms, but she dresses to show off her great body: lots of low cut tops and tight pants...  Simply Gorgeous (not that I've stared at her for hours on end or anything - not me!  LOL)

Teri's hubby is cute too, 47, 6'1" and in great shape - he and Mike went to school together and drove hotrods back in their teen years. Our kids are close in ages so we spent a fair amount of time going to school events, ball games etc... Teri & David are the picture perfect couple and fun to be around. Now Teri introduces us to this smoking hot young woman who spent most of her time attached to Teri at the hip!  More than one person commented on how close they seem to be... my bisexual heart was racing at the prospect that these two might be intimate as well.  Dominique is 5' 5", dark hair and dark complexion with a toned and trim body.  

Teri, Dominique and I as well as Mike and a few other people ended up standing out on the deck of this lovely country home watching the lightning in the distance while we visited and drank.  David was being a good host and kept us topped off with cold beer - a lot of beer!  I had at least 6 and Mike was a couple ahead of me so we were getting a decent buzz on.  Dominique was attempting to keep up with us in typical college student mind set; Free Beer?  Bring it on!.  By midnight, she was pretty well plastered. 
The dirty old men in the group, my husband included, were all spending a fair amount of time chatting with Dominique and trying not to get caught staring at her perfect tits. I poked Mike in the ribs once and asked him (quietly) "Do you think she minds you boys talking to into her chest?"  He grinned and said, " I couldn't help noticing that you were staring at them too!" I gave him a wink and a pat on the ass and told him to go back to talking to the perky titties.  He leaned down and kissed both of my boobs where they were spilling out of my top. 
Teri had been watching us and I realized that she was staring at my boobs as well... I made eye contact with her and she blushed a bit, "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare." She said, "But those are amazing to look at."  I grinned and pulled my top and bra down just enough to let her have a better view  - she smiled and said that she was a jealous of the size and did I think that she needed a boob job?  Then she pulled her top down part way and showed me her smaller but still very firm, very tanned breasts.  I too a long look and said, that they looked very sexy just the way they were.  She blushed a bit and told me that David had commented once that he thought I had great breasts and he would love if Teri had bigger boobs too, then she said that she always wanted a pair like mine. So, without hesitating, I said, "You're welcome to these anytime you want 'em."  She stared at me with a puzzled look on her face and I knew that the comment didn't sink in at first but then I could see her eyes get bigger and she looked into my eyes more intently and whispered, "Oh,  I see.. I think?"  She put her breasts away at this point and picked up her beer for a big gulp.  I was afraid that I had scared her off but she touched my arm and said she needed to tell me something, "Later."  I told her anytime and we went back to the rest of the party. 
Mike and the other boys had been swarming around Dominique like bees after a flower and she looked a little relieved to see Teri and me come over.  She put an arm around Teri's waist and asked, "What have you girls been talking about?" To which I replied, "Tits."  Teri's eyes bugged out again while some of the men hooted and made the typical "boys will be boys" remarks.  Dominique giggled and I saw Mike give me that, "What are you up to, now?" Look.  I then said, "after tits we talked about tampons and periods and other fun girlie stuff." and the boys made the typical "gross" remarks and wandered off - I whispered to Mike that I would tell him more after awhile. 
I turned back to Teri and Dominique and said we should take our drinks and find a quieter place to talk.  Teri's deck opens out onto their acreage and about 100 feet from the house is a small stand of trees with a table and chairs... the three of us sat down away from the party.  It was still pretty warm but a breeze had come up and there were the occasional raindrops from the passing storm.  After we oohed and aahed at the lightning again, I looked at Dominique and asked, "Tell me about yourself, hun, got a boyfriend?" She said, "Nobody serious." And then I asked, "OK, how about a girlfriend?" Teri made a small noise that alerted me that I had caught her off guard with my question, but it was Dominique's answer that we both reacted to. "Oooh, actually, I prefer women to men.  A hard on is a fun thing to play with but I 'd rather eat pussy... how about you?" 
I could barely see either Teri or Dominique in the darkness of this rural setting but I could tell that Teri had leaned forward across the table to try to better make out our faces and to wait for my answer.  "I love eating pussy, now.  But, I didn't make love to my first woman until I was 38.  How old were you?" Dominique leaned in as well and volunteered that she had starting having sex with girls when she was 16 and didn't actually have sex with a boy until just a year ago. I told her that I had lost my virginity at 17 to a man nearly twice my age and she gave me an, "Eeeeewww." as a response.  Teri was really leaning in to the conversation now and asked me, :"Who was your first?  At 38, I mean.  Do I know her? I had no idea.  Is she from around here?" She was practically laying across the table trying to get in closer to me. I stated that, "It's Suzy from my old office." All she could say was, "Get out of town!  Suzy? You're kidding me... I guessed that she might be lez but you and her? No joke?  Oh My God!  When? Uh , how long? uh, are you still seeing each other?" I told her the short version of my history with Suzy and how she had opened up so many new possibilities for me.
After a few moments I realized that Teri and I had been so wrapped up in my little "coming out party" that we had been ignoring Dominique.  I looked at her and said, "Because of my job and the kids in school and the town, we don't tell other people, OK?"  Dominique looked at me and said, "Its cool." I haven't told my folks either. so, I understand.   What else do you do without telling people?" Without thinking I blurted out, "Hitting on hot college girls."  All she said was, "You think I'm hot?" I  said, "Oh God yes, don't you agree Teri?" and turned to our hostess who was open mouthed and staring at me like she didn't know what to do next.  She said nothing and then Dominique looked at her and said, "I think Teri is hot. She's cute and sexy at the same time. Don't you think so?" I said, "Hell yes... I've lusted after Teri forever." Teri was still speechless and although I couldn't see her face clearly, I bet that she was blushing bright red at this point..  Finally she managed to stammer out, "Ya'll are not serious are you?  You think of me that way?" 
Dominique scooted her chair closer to Teri's and put her hands on Teri's hands and said, "I've wanted to kiss you since that first day I walked into your office." and then she pulled Teri around to face her and kissed her, ever so gently on the lips.  Teri gasped and said, "I didn't want to admit how I felt because you are so young.. but you remind me of a girl I went to college with... we were lovers over 20 years ago.  I wasn't sure if I was just imagining your interest in me and I was afraid to say or do anything about it!" 
Now it was my turn to be wide-eyed and open mouthed.  "Am I the last women around here to sleep with another woman?" I asked. "You mean that you've been bisexual all these years and I never knew... I wonder who else is bi in this crowd? Geeze, this is freakin' hysterical."  Teri looked at me and said, "If I had known before now, we could have had more fun when we went to the lake last summer, remember?" Of course I did, our families and a few other couples and families had spent a week at a state park in the same cluster of cabins - and we had actually been alone on a couple of occasions - another missed opportunity from my past, dammit!  Dominique said, "Don't forget about me when you guys start making plans." and she lay her head on Teri's shoulder. 
In the darkness I could hear some shuffling and rustling of clothes from these two sexy women and then I knew that Dominique was fondling Teri's breasts under her top.  I heard Teri let out a soft moan and knew she was turned on.  Dominique looked at me and said, "Don't you think Teri is beautiful?" I whispered that she was very beautiful and Dominique said, "Teri, can I kiss your nipples?" Teri, whimpered a "yes" and Dominique slipped from her chair to her knees in front of Teri, and with both hands, pushed Teri's top and bra up over her breasts and began kissing and suckling at her nipples."  I watched Teri surrender herself to this amazing young woman's hands and mouth and found myself so turned on that I began rubbing my nipples though the thin material of my top.  I watched as Teri and Dominique continued and I could tell that Teri was getting her pussy and clit rubbed through her shorts as well now.  Teri's moans and whimpers were getting more intense and I knew that she was on the verge of an orgasm.  After just a couple of minutes she stiffened in the chair and wrapped her legs around Dominique's waist  - pulling her tight against Teri's cotton clad pussy - Dominique stayed there kissing and whispering sweet things to Teri as the waves of her orgasm passed over and faded away.
Teri finally looked up and remembered that I had been sitting there the whole time, watching the two of them make love - then she stammered out something like an apology to me for forgetting herself and it was the alcohol and so on... Dominique pretended to pout and said, "Was it just the alcohol?  I thought you might have actually liked me making you come!" and she swatted Teri on the leg and stood up.  "Fuck it, I'll just go home with Kathryn."  and she giggled... Teri was apologizing again to Dominique and then to me and so on... Dominique let her off the hook at this point and told her she was only kidding and gave her a deep kiss that had me holding my breath.  Wow, this kid was amazing.
At this moment, I came to the realization that I was wet and not just between my thighs, but head to toe - we all came to our senses and noticed that it was raining pretty hard and we were soaked to the skin.  From the house we heard David and other voices calling to us to get in out of the storm - Teri pulled her top back down over her boobs and we all ran to the house - giggling and squealing like kids.  Once inside we heard a couple of remarks about us not having enough sense to come in out of the rain.
We made our way to the linen closet to dry off... Teri was passing out towels to all the guests who were soaked from the downpour and that's when the party began to break up.  Most of the guests made a mad dash for their cars and drove off in the rain.. aside from everyone else, Teri asked Dominique and me to not say anything to David as he was not comfortable about Teri's past love life... "He wouldn't understand." and we all hugged.  The rain had cooled our passion for the moment but I made them promise to let me pick up where they had left off earlier.  I gave Teri a big hug and whispered, "I can't wait to continue this." She squeezed me tightly and said, "We will, I promise." Dominique said that she was looking forward to our next get together and to getting to know me better.  I gave her a kiss and a squeeze of her tight young ass as the rest of us headed for our cars and home. 
I got in the car with Mike and pulled my wet top off, wrapping the towel that Teri had loaned me around my shoulders.  He asked how my night went and I began to tell him about what I had been up to and what I had missed out on and how he had better take me straight home and make it up to me.  I rubbed his hard cock through his wet shorts and played with my stiff nipples until we got home and to our bed for some great sex. 
That night, I dreamed of Teri and Dominique and I hope that dream comes true soon.

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