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Hotel California

Nikki gets an invitation from a stranger on the train.
This is my first story. Please enjoy!
(All places and people in this story are fictional.)

Nikki Redson grew up in Oatville, Nevada, near the California border. She's 19, 5'2, has 36D breasts, and long black hair. To her family, she was a good girl. Good grades, good at sports, and still a virgin. Her family was wrong.

When Nikki was 16, she got sick of saving her cherry for whoever she was gonna marry. So when her parents were at dinner, she got a turkey baster from the kitchen and locked herself in the bathroom.She stripped her clothes off and stood in front of the mirror on the bathroom wall. She watched as she put the baster to her pink slit, and pushed it in.
She gasped. She had fingered herself before, but this was way better. She kept pushing until she reached her hymen, and pushed right through it. She cried out in pain and fell to the floor. When she regained her senses, she grabbed the baster and rammed it in and out of her pussy, until she had her first orgasm.

She began having sex with any willing male she could find over the next two years, and even a few females.
When she turned 18, she packed her bags and got on the first train to California. She found an apartment in Big Ridge, near the coast. It was a fairly big city, and she had no trouble getting a job.

One day, a couple months after her 19th birthday, she was riding the subway back to her apartment. The train was crowded from rush hour, so she was pushed against the window. She looked at the city as they went, when someone pressed up against her from behind.

She tried to ignore, but the person reached around her and began fondling her right tit. She froze, and wondered what the hell they were thinking. She knew she should have cried out, but she didn't. She liked it. She pushed back against the person and felt the familiar push of breasts against her back. So it was a woman.

She let the woman fondle her tit for a few more minutes. When they reached Nikki's stop, she felt the woman's other hand reach toward her crotch. She felt her slip something into the front of her jeans and pushed it down until it was no longer visible. The hands retracted, and the doors opened.

Nikki stepped out onto the platform and looked around, but she couldn't tell who the woman had been. She went into the nearby public restroom and stepped into a stall. She pulled out what the woman had given her, and saw it was an envelope. She opened it and pulled out a small business card that read,"You are invited to a private party at the Nickelson Hotel, on Riverson Drive, on November 13th at 7 pm in Room 332. I hope you will attend. Your's truly, the Mistress."

Nikki reread the card and put it into her pocket. The 13th was tomorrow. She had work off, so she mused about going to the party during her walk home. When she layed down in her bed with her favourite dildo, she decided she would go to the party.

When she woke up the next day, she looked at her clock. It was 2pm in the afternoon. She had five hours until she had to get to the party. She spent her time looking up the hotel on google, and picking out her clothes. She printed out the map and put it in her purse. She had decided to wear a short dress that showed her cleavage. She had a lacy black thong on and a matching bra that barely held her big tits.

She rode the subway to the closest stop and walked to the hotel. She walked into the lobby and asked the receptionist where room 332 was. She told her it was on the third floor on the south side.
Nikki took the stairs and stopped in front of the door. She grabbed the knob and pushed the door open, walking into the hotel room. She let the door swing shut and the lock clicked, but she didn't hear it. She was too surprised by the sight in front of her.

The room had a king sized bed, and a bathroom visible through a door on the far wall. Standing in front of her was a woman in her mid-30's, with short red hair and a mask on that covered her eyes and rested on her nose. She wore a black dominatrix suit, with long black gloves that went to her elbows. Her corsette had holes in it that showed her 36DD tits and her rock hard nipples. Her black boots went up to her knees, and she had on a strapon with the biggest dick she had ever seen on it.

Nikki's biggest dildo was 7 inches, but this was at least 10. The woman smiled at Nikki's shocked face and spoke.

"Hello. I'm the Mistress," she said with a tone that made Nikki want to please her. "Take your clothes off and put them in their," she said, motioning to a hamper by the bathroom door.

Nikki slipped out of her boots and took her dress and underwear off, throwing them in the hamper. She turned to the Mistress, already grasping her role here as a servant.

"Now get on the bed," the Mistress ordered her. Nikki climbed onto the bed and closed her eyes, waiting for the Mistress to enter her with the strapon. Instead, she felt her arm being pulled up to the headboard. She opened her eyes and saw the Mistress had handcuffed her arms to the headboard. She pulled, trying to get free, and the Mistress laughed.

"You think I was just gonna jump straight to it? No, we're gonna have some fun first."

The Mistress walked over to the duffel bag sitting by the end of the bed. She pulled out a camcorder and set it on a chair pushed against the wall. She turned it on and positioned it so was pointed at the bed.She pulled something else out of the bag. Nikki saw it was two large dildos. The Mistress turned to Nikki and smiled.

She got right at the end of the bed, where Nikki's pussy was exposed. Nikki was excited, waiting for her to do something. The mistress put one dildo against her asshole, and pushed it as far as she could. Nikki cried out, and the Mistress shoved the other one into her pussy, flicking switches on each one, making them vibrate.

Nikki came right there, all over the Mistress's hands. She pulled something else out of the bag, ignoring the cum on her hands, and crawled up onto the bed, getting on top of Nikki. She revealed two clips in her hand and grabbed Nikkis tit. She pinched the nipple, and knelt down to lick it and took it her mouth. Nikki moaned, and the Mistress released her tit and snapped the clips on her nipples, making Nikki scream and cum again.

She moved so her tits were over Nikki's face and Nikki attacked her tits, biting down on her nipple like an animal. This went on for a few more minutes, until the Mistress forced Nikki's mouth off her nipple and climbed off the bed. Nikki felt her pull the dildo out of her pussy. Nikki realised what was about to happen and screamed, "YES! YES PLEASE FUCK ME!"

The Mistress pulled out Nikki's panties and shoved them into Nikkie's mouth using them as a gag.

The Mistress pulled the back of the strapon aside and shoved the dildo into her ass. She moaned, and then climbed onto the bed, putting the strapon between Nikki's legs. Nikki screamed as the Mistress rammed it into her pussy. She fucked Nikki mercilessly, making her cum again and again. She even came a couple times herself. The two women fucked late into the night untill they both passed out from exhaustion.

When Nikki woke up, she was alone. the Mistress was gone, and so was her bag. The dildo part of the strapon she had used was removed from the rest of it and was still in her pussy, a gift from the Mistress. Nikki got up and took a quick shower, using the huge dildo to fuck herself. Her pussy was raw from all the fucking, but she enjoyed it anyway. She got dressed and walked to the door when she saw another envelope taped to the back of the door. She opened it and saw it was another invitation to a party a few weeks from then. She smiled.

Nikki was glad she had moved to Big Ridge.

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