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I love her caresses on my cheek. Kira's slender fingers trailing over my face and mouth, down along the soft sensitive skin of my neck. Then to my breasts, gently massaging and teasing at the same time, each stroke designed to please me.

I push Kira down on the bed. She looks so cute and edible in her tank top and red tartan mini skirt. I kiss her tenderly, sliding my tongue into her mouth and kissing her deeply. Hungrily we explore each others mouths with our tongues. It feels so good.

I caress her body with my hands. I run my hands up her sides until my hands are on her breasts. She feels so nice. Her breasts are bigger than mine.

I stop and look at her, she is beautiful. Why didn't we ever get together like this before? It feels so right, so sexy. Our embrace sends tingles all over my body. I kiss her again, deeper and more passionate this time. Our hips push into each other, grinding back and forth. Our breathing gets heavier and faster.

I pull her tank top off over her head. She isn't wearing a bra. Her breasts are beautiful, her nipples are so hard. I roll one between my fingers, gently pulling it. She moans in pleasure. I take both nipples in my hands and gently tease her. She moans louder. She looks so divine laying there on my bed half naked. Her breasts heave with every breath she takes.

I kiss her again. I can't get enough of her tongue in my mouth, as we kiss tenderly and longingly. I break our kiss and lower my head to her nipples and start sucking on them. First the left one, then the right one. I suck a nipple and savor its feel on my tongue. Oh, I think I'm in heaven.

Her skin is so soft and warm. I run my tongue down her breast and into her armpit, I give it a little lick and she giggles, saying that it tickles. I work my way back up to her nipples, and suck on them harder and harder. I can smell that we are both aroused. Oh, it is wonderful. This is where I want to be.

Kira pushes my head down her body. I know what she wants, she wants me to lick and suck her; to devour her sweet pussy. She wants me to make her cum like she never has before, and I want to also. I slide down her body and take her little mini off her. Then I remove her satin undies; they are wet. I smell them, mmmm they smell so yummy. I can't wait to taste her. I get on my knees and lower my head between her beautiful thighs. I breathe in her scent, it makes me dizzy with excitement.

My mouth touches Kira's already moist pussy and instantly her sweet pussy nectar is dribbling down her pussy lips to meet my waiting tongue. I slip my tongue along her pussy lips and drink her in. I start to suck on her hard clit . My tongue lapping up every magical drop that Kira has to offer. I slide my tongue deep into her heavenly pussy. Her hips are rocking and she is riding my face. I tongue fuck her as deep as I can. She tastes so wonderful, that I can't get enough. I want to eat her forever, to make her cum and cum over and over.

Kira's body starts to shake as she starts to cum. I lick and suck her pussy until she is dry. Then I look up at her and she says, "It's your turn."

This is the beginning of my new adventure with my housemate.

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