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How I Met Melissa

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I love you

I could feel myself glowing as we walked hand in hand into the dining room for breakfast and wondered if people knew I'd spent most of the night making love with the beautiful, and very self assured young woman on my arm.

I'd woken at first light to find her propped up on one elbow looking at me and smiling.

"Hi," I said softly and touched a hand gently to her cheek, "You're looking at me?"

An obvious statement, but she understood and kissed my hand.

"You're worth looking at, I've been like this for an hour."

"You're making me feel guilty," I whispered, "You should have woken me."

She shook her head,

"No, I just wanted to look at you and watch you breathing, you're beautiful."

I reached for her and we kissed tenderly, she tasted of me as I must have tasted of her.

"Am I allowed to say that I love you?"

"Yes," she came into my arms, "Oh yes, yes please!"

"I love you."

I ran both my hands down over her back onto the curves of her bottom, her cheeks were soft and pliant, her tongue a live thing in my mouth.

"Say it again." she breathed.

"I love you."

Her eyes looked into mine, she believed me, she knew I'd said what I felt.

"I love you, Jackie."

A hand crept slowly down over my stomach and onto my mound, I parted my legs and she felt the moisture between them.

"You're wet."

"I've been wet ever since you walked into my room last night."

Gently I pulled her buttocks apart and teased her tiny puckered hole, she moaned into my mouth and eased a finger into me as we began to move rhythmically in time to each other's probing.

"Leave your finger there." she hissed and pulled away from me.

We both giggled as she rotated herself on my finger, but the giggling gave way to sighs of pleasure when our mouths found each other's wetness.

Even after our excesses of the previous night, she tasted as fresh as she had after stepping out of our bath, her creamy fluids literally dripped into my mouth as I devoured her.

Her own lips were French kissing my cunt lips, her tongue lapping cat like at my juices while I purred with sheer pleasure, licking around the inner walls of her cunt and impaling her further onto my finger.

Using both her hands, she pulled my cheeks apart and wiped her tongue from my clitoris to my anus and back again, my legs began to tremble of their own accord when she took my clitoral nub between her lips and sucked hard.

I arched my back up to her mouth and succumbed to her ministrations as her legs gripped my head, trapping me, grinding herself into orgasm on my eager, receptive mouth.

At a table intended to seat four people, we took up barely two places as we ate the warm croissants and chatted idly about ourselves. At one point she reached across me for the coffee pot and I once again felt the gentle pressure of a breast as it brushed against my arm.

I stiffened and she looked at me worriedly,

"What is it Jackie, what's wrong?"

"For God's sake." I whispered as I sat back in my seat and caught my breath.

"What?" she was alarmed until I giggled and felt the redness of embarrassment spreading over my face.

"I've just orgasmed!"

"Oh my God, what on earth happened, what were you thinking about?"

"Nothing" I laughed, "Well nothing sexy anyway, I was actually thinking whether I should bother with the exhibition today and then your boob touched my arm!"

"And that's what did it?" she was incredulous.

"Yes, that's all it took, I came."

It was her turn to blush then,

"I've never had that effect on anyone before." she said quietly and laid a hand on my thigh.

"I'm sorry, I've embarrassed you."

"No," she said and looked down at the table, "No it's not that at all."

"What then, tell me?"

"I'm scared to say it."

"Don't be scared, be honest, tell me please darling."

She still wouldn't look at me.

"It's what you said last night about opening another branch here and me managing it for you."

"Go on." I squeezed her hand encouragingly.

"Well it's not the money or anything like that, but...,"

"Come on beautiful," I whispered, "Out with it."

"I don't want to lose you."

"I might open a branch here" I said, "But if you were to manage it, how would we see each other?"

"Oh!" she shifted uncomfortably.

"But I was going to advertise for a personal assistant in the trade papers when I got back, it would be a live in position of course."

She looked at me and smiled as I continued,

"Do you happen to know anyone who might be interested in the position?

"I might." her smile got wider, "How personal would this assistant have to be?"

"Oh very personal." I said and kissed her on the lips.


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