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How Whores Repay Favours

When I helped out a local bordello, I earned the whores' gratitude along with a double penetration.

In my current job, I spend a lot of time visiting the social fringes and taking care of other people's problems, making sure that by and large, things are going well in society.


It's not the most fascinating job in the world, but at least it lets me be my own boss. I get to go out and meet actual people that way and I feel that I'm actually doing something good, however small that might be at times. Plus, it sometimes has very... tangible benefits.


The area I'm assigned to is mostly rural, with a few small towns, but like all places has its seedier streets and a dirty underbelly. Among those is a bordello, which had run into a few problems that were just mounting up.


Unlike most other establishments of this sort, it was actually not owned by a group of pimps who were pushing "their girls" to work for them, but were just renting out rooms and access to its facilities to about twenty to twenty-five girls who all were pretty much independent and "self-employed" as far as I could see.


This meant the girls were all working on their own accord and actually enjoyed their work and got to keep most of their profits for themselves, which led to a very relaxed atmosphere. The downside of this was that each of them had to take care of their own obligations themselves - medical checkups, papers, taxes, bureaucracy - and some were just more... sloppy, than others.


The place was disliked by certain local politicians who wanted to score votes by showing a strong arm against "immoral elements in our midst", and when rumours about some large-scale orgies surfaced that was just the thing they needed to shut it down.


So given that I'm one of the few women on the team and out of those was probably the only one that had no problems dealing with sex workers, I agreed to take on that case. In my file, it said that an "anonymous caller" had informed police that "sex orgies" were taking place there on certain nights, where a "large crowd of nasty men" were all taking turns on one woman.


Since this was not illegal in and of itself, but might violate some sanitary or medical regulations, police had handed the case over to us. And so I drove out there one night, during which these activities were supposed to take place.


The bordello itself was a little outside of inhabited areas, located in an old farm building that was nicely redone into a club-like hall with some small rooms attached to it, all of which seemed occupied. The neon lights called it "Club Jenna", and judging from the cars on the parking lot, it was well visited, but not packed. I parked and breathed deeply for a moment. I had dressed nicely, though a little slutty, as I didn't want to stand out too much right away.


I wore some tall brown leather boots with a cool red pattern on them that I just loved, and low-rise washed out jeans that were a little too tight for me. A little corset-like undergarment gave me a sweet shape and pushed my tits up nicely, while I wore a loose white blouse above it that covered it almost completely, leaving just enough to the imagination.


My hair was pulled up in a sloppy updo that left curly strands hanging down the sides of my face, and I made an exception and put on an excessive amount of make-up, going a little nuts with it as I didn't use it often. That led to my eyes having dark black eyeliner all around and nice emerald-coloured eyeshadow, a little purple smudge in the corners with yellowish highlights around my eyebrows and some dark red lipstick.


I looked in the mirror and was pleased. I would've fucked myself, which is as it should be according to one of my life mottoes. I grabbed my handbag and got out, walking up to the entrance. The girl greeting me was smiling sweetly. She seemed very young, and not a prostitute herself, just greeting guests as they arrived.


"Hello," she said. "Welcome to Club Jenna. The bar is right this way," she pointed, "or if you already know who you'd like to meet, you can step over here to our parlour."


She pointed to a staircase on her other side.


I nodded. "I'll just have a drink first, thank you," I said, stepping through dark wooden double doors into the bar area.


There weren't many men in the bar, just a lot of the girls sitting idly on chairs and stools, sipping drinks and smoking. I smiled as they each looked at me interestedly, and walked up to the circular bar in the center of the room. I squeezed onto a bar stool and nodded to the bartender.


"What can I get you?" she asked.


She was the only one in the room besides me, that was halfway clothed, the rest of the girls wore lingerie, bikinis or just went topless.


"Coke," I said. She got me a glass with a few ice cubes in it and poured the drink. I sipped, then began to look around the room.


The walls and ceiling were inlaid with wooden panels and draped with red sheets that matched the red leather upholstery of most of the furniture. It was divided into booths that lined the walls, all with comfortable looking leather benches and tables.


The lights were dimmed, without being too dark and the whole place had a nice, friendly atmosphere. However, there was no sight of any orgies taking place, so if something seedy was going on, it wasn't here.


One of the hookers finally walked up and sat down next to me.


"Hey sweetie," she said. "What can I do for you?"


I looked at her. She had black hair and dark tanned skin, a sweet athletic body that looked like she worked out a lot and a cute little face to go with it. She was smaller and much thinner than me and her head looked a little too small for her body, which gave her a childlike appearance, even though she was clearly older than I was.


Despite that, her breasts were nice and round and full and pushed up nicely in a striped black-and-white bra. She wore matching panties that stretched nicely across her likewise round and tight butt. All in all, I estimated her to be about forty years old.


I smiled back at her. "I heard some kind of party is going on today," I said, not even lying. "And, well, I was kinda curious and wanted to see if I could, well, maybe be part of it."


She looked sideways at the other girls, then smiled and shrugged. "Oh well," she said. "You're a little late for that, they finished about twenty minutes ago. Charlotte's off for the rest of the evening."


I nodded. "Hm," I said. "is it possible to talk to her anyway? Just so I can maybe be there next time?" I smiled my sweetest, most innocent smile and even managed to look a little dumb, like someone who has no clue about these things.


She looked at me for a moment, then said: "Ah, okay, why not. You know her room?"


I shook my head. "Well, it's upstairs from the entrance, fourth on the right, number 27."


I thanked her and took another sip from my glass, then grabbed my things and walked out.


I went upstairs and knocked on the door she described.


"Yeah?" I heard someone say.


"I'm sorry," I said, stammering a little. "I... ah... I must've missed the... I heard about the party today and... someone said it's over, so... I was just curious and..."


I don't think I made much sense, but she just seemed to be relieved that I wasn't a guy and so she opened the door. Charlotte was a pretty young thing. She was slender but had a broad frame, so she would never be thin, no matter how hard she tried.


She was in her early twenties and had long black hair that currently hung in messy streaks, light eyes that looked grey in the pale light and wore some dark make-up and fake lashes, all of which was messy and running down her face from the largest amount of cum I had ever seen on a woman.


Her left eye was closed and gooey with sperm, which was all over her cheeks and the sides of her mouth, stringing in her hair and running down her throat. She wore a tight black swimsuit which was equally messy and ripped around her tits and crotch, both of which were equally sticky and splashed. She grinned as I stared at her.


"Hey," she said. "Come on in."


I stepped past her into a small, but nicely decorated room with a large bed against one wall and a few leather chairs on another with a large flat-screen tv between them. She put a hand on her hip.


"You don't look like you're a sister," she said, sizing me up. I smiled.


"Well," I said. "I'm not. I'm from Social Services, and we were concerned about you."


She folded her arms in front of her chest, taken aback.


"Why?" she said, slightly upset. "Just cause I'm a whore? Just cause I fuck for a living?"


I sighed. "Look, we know what all of you do here, and we don't really care. But there are certain things we need to check to make sure that all the girls working here are healthy and safe." I smiled.


"I ain't doing anything wrong!" she said, almost shouting. "I like what I do and I make good money at it!"


I motioned her to calm down. "Okay, okay," I said. "Then why don't we go over everything one by one and make sure that I can report that to the city and close the file?"


She twirled around and stomped towards a window. "I'm not doing nothing," she said, just as loudly.


Just as I opened my mouth to ask her again, the door swung open, and the same woman that had greeted me in the bar came in.


"What's going on, girls?" she asked, looking at me suspiciously.


"She's the police," the girl said, pointing at me. "She wants to kick me out!"


I sighed. "I'm not doing any such thing," I said, calmly. "I'm from Social Services, and we need to investigate accusations of Health and Safety irregularities."


The woman stared back at me and said coldly: "Well, I'm Jenna and this is my place, and you can just get your fat ass out of here and do your investigating elsewhere because there's nothing wrong here."


I disregarded the comment about my ass and said: "Look, Jenna, I'm sorry, I don't like prying into things either, and all these years we've pretty much left you alone and let you do your stuff. But there are people in high places that would like to shut you down, and if you don't cooperate, you're giving them a reason to do so."


She paused and thought for a moment. "Nobody's going to shut me down," she said stubbornly.


"Yes, they are," I replied. "If you and all of the girls here can't provide proof of medical examinations and safety at their workplace, then you can be shut down tomorrow. Now, I'm here to make sure you have those papers, because believe it or not, I actually don't want you to close."


She looked at the girl by the window, then back at me.


"Okay, so what do you want?" she said.


"Well, the papers of most of the girls are in our files and the ones that are not can still be obtained in the next week or so. It's mainly about that special 'party' that went down today."


She shrugged. "What about it?" she asked.


"Well," I said. "First off, I need to know what it was about."


Jenna turned to the girl and said: "Well, go ahead and tell her. It's your idea anyway," then sat down in one of the leather chairs, watching us expectantly.


The girl turned around. "What? I'm just doing a gangbang, that's all," she said defensively.


"Okay," I said. "So how does that go down?"


She looked at me like I was stupid.


"There's a bunch of guys who all take turns fucking me," she said.


I nodded. "And where does this happen?" She gestured towards the door.


"Usually in the pool area," she said.


"I see," I replied, taking notes. "So is there just... vaginal intercourse?" I asked.


"What do you think?" she answered.


I shrugged.


"They come in all of my holes, of course," she explained. "I usually have two or three cocks inside me at all times and when someone shoots their load, they just pull out and let someone else have a go."


I nodded. "So are you ever getting... hurt, during those events?" I tried not to stare too obviously at her face, the picture of her getting soaked in cum starting to form in my mind.


She looked deep into my eyes. "I like getting hurt," she said, seductively. "I want them to. I'm a whore, I'm here to be fucked and used, and they pay me good for it."


I gulped, knowing that wouldn't go over well in my report.


"So, is there somebody present that looks over the whole thing and makes sure nothing serious will happen?" I asked.


"Well, there are spectators," Jenna interrupted. "The guys who just want to watch and jerk off. And usually, a few of the girls are always there, because some of the guys want to fuck regularly afterwards as well."


I nodded again. "So how many... men... are participating in this?" I asked.


Jenna smiled. "Today there were about fifty," she said. "Really good crowd and weren't too cheap either."


I sighed, looking at them concerned.


"I'll be honest with you," I said. "Unprotected sex with a crowd of men that might hurt you won't fly." I paused. "There's no way this can go on as it is."


The women looked at each other.


"Look," Jenna said finally, walking up to me. "If you could just... we'll make sure that all the guys have themselves tested before they come next time, and I'll have all the girls there watching and making sure nothing bad will happen. And I'll bring the rest of the medical papers next week, I swear."


She looked panicked, suddenly realizing what was at stake. "I'm just trying to give these girls a place to live, and work," she said, almost pleading. "And they're all good girls, I have a doctor checking them every week, they just don't take care of their papers, so I'll do that for them now." I nodded. "So if you could, just this time, just once, forget about this and write down that we already did that, I'd be very, very grateful. I'll... we'll do anything for you, anything."


She looked at me.


"What do you mean, anything?" I asked.


"Anything you like, sweetie," she said. "You just come by here, and we'll be of service."


I looked her deep in the eyes. "Why do you even think I'm into girls?" I asked.


She smiled. "By the way you're looking at them it was pretty obvious," she said. "We've got an eye for these things."


I nodded, feeling found out. "And then how do you know I wouldn't abuse that gratitude of yours?" I asked.


She smiled again. "You can't. Most of us are as depraved and perverted as they come, so whatever you're into, I can find a girl to provide it."


I considered the offer for a moment. I didn't like the mayor very much, and I thought the girls were providing a good service to the area, making sure a lot of people lead happier lives and better marriages. On top of that, these girls were mostly from poor countries, only trying to make a living for themselves and even in a job they like.


I put my file into my handbag and smiled. "Alright then," I said. "I'll make sure everything will be alright, but you'll have to keep your things in order from now on."


She smiled and waved to Charlotte, who was still standing by the window. "Come here girl," she said. "Help me show our new sister how grateful we are."


Charlotte walked up to me, her cum covered face shining in the light as she opened my blouse, caressing my breasts with her gentle fingers. She knew exactly what to do and where to push, and I hardly even noticed Jenna taking my pants off. Then the two women knelt down before me.


"Mmmh, you're a big hairy girl," Jenna said as she ran her fingers through my pubic hair, licking lightly across my clit. "It's been a while since that was in style, but I remember the good ol' days," she laughed, then unreservedly licked long and hard across my labia, my clit, and my pubes.


She closed her lips around it, sucking her mouth full of pussy meat and hair and pulling at it tightly. I moaned, feeling myself get instantly horny and wet from her assault.


Charlotte crawled around me and I felt her hands on my butt, parting it as her slippery face rubbed against my butt cheeks as she tried to push her tongue into my anus. She, too, did not hesitate but gave everything to please me, regardless of where and how. The thought that she was just lubricating my ass with strange men's cum residue was turning me on more than I wanted to admit.


"Mmmmh," she moaned, pausing for a moment while Jenna was still sucking and licking me out unflinching. "So are you a giver, or a receiver?"


I thought for a bit what would turn me on more when Jenna interrupted and said: "Just go ahead and fuck her. She needs it bad." She looked up at me grinning. "Don't you?"


I nodded. She knew me better than I did myself.


Charlotte got up and went to a drawer, just to come back with a nice long strap-on dildo around her waist. The dildo itself looked pink and natural, like a real penis, complete with a thick nice head and a pee hole. I bent forward expectantly, while Jenna crawled underneath me, still caressing my clit.


Charlotte didn't hesitate and thrust the dildo into my salivated and cum-smeared ass, grabbing my hips as she fucked me instantly. I felt the dildo thrust into my intestine, making me feel incredibly good. In the meantime, Jenna worked her fingers up my twat, stretching it and filling it one by one.


"Mmmh, you're a big girl alright," she said from below me.


Her hand slid inside me while Charlotte fucked my asshole mercilessly, inspired by all the men that just took her she wanted to give me a taste of how hard she got fucked. And Jenna dug and burrowed deep inside my sopping cunt, remembering the days when she ate hairy muff and had only her hand to fuck it.


I came fast, screaming and yelling, but none of the girls was letting on. They continued to fuck me until I came two times, three times, sank to my knees and turned into a shaking, sweating, trembling, sore piece of fat lesbian dyke meat. Then, Jenna jerked her hand hard out of me while I felt something wet and warm squirt out of Charlotte's dildo, filling my ass up to the brim and seeping out at the sides. I came again, harder than before.


They caressed me and calmed me, each licking the hole they had fucked, making sure they cleaned me well, then wandered all over my body with their tongues, licking the sweat off my skin.


When Jenna saw my underarms, she clicked her tongue. "Mmmh, hairy armpits, huh? You're a real old-fashioned dyke." I never knew if she liked that or joked about it, but she made sure to lick my armpits as well, leaving no inch of my body uncared for.


When they were finished, they held me between them. "Remember, we'll do anything for you," Jenna said. "Just ask for it,"


Charlotte giggled affirmatively.


"Well," I said. "Now that you mention it, what was that stuff coming out of the dildo?" Charlotte laughed. "Mmh, you liked that, huh?" she said. "It's a speciality. The strapon can pump any liquid from its tip at any time, you just need to press a pump on your side. I like to fill it with warm jello, it's sticky, it feels good, and it tastes nice when you lick it out again. But you can use whatever you want."


I felt myself getting wet again just thinking about it. "Can I have it?" I asked.


"Sure," she shrugged. "I've got several, and the club gets lots of toys for free." I smiled. "Very good," I said. "Then do me another favour, and collect some of the cum next week for me. I might need it for that strap-on."

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