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How'd that happen 11

further adventure of a traveler
When I left Sara's place it was still fairly early morning and as I walked down the street I received a few small smile, and nods, but none of the wary looks I had received yesterday. Seems that word had gotten around that I wasn't the enemy, even though I couldn't figure out how it had spread so fast. Smoke signals, maybe? I guess it's just that no matter how fierce a people can be in war, they're just people, nevertheless. Not that these people didn't have a reason to be distrustful of the white man.

I went over to Jack's house again, and yes, I did wake him by cocking my pistol in his ear again.

He erupted. “Son of a bitch, that's not so fucking funny anymore. How in hell do you get in here, anyway. I try to keep this place locked like a bank vault,” he complained.

I told him, “One of those nights I had to carry your sorry, drunken ass home, and you couldn't find your keys, so you told me where your spare key was, so I had a half dozen duplicates made and handed them out around town, that's how.”

What! You dirty bastard, are you trying to get me killed? There are people would pay good money for one of them. Who'd you give them to?”

I relented, “Oh, quiet down. I'm just ribbing you to make sure you're awake. I've got the only key in case you're shot up and no one can get in to make sure you're buried proper.”

Jack sarcastically replied, “Well, thats very endearing of you to care for the corpse of your old, and probably only, friend. How come you never showed such intimate emotions when I was still alive, but go around cocking a gun in my ear every morning?

“Now, don't exaggerate, it's not every morning, only when I find you sleeping like a corpse, then I have to check to see if I should call an embalmer. But that's not what I stopped by for. Have you any more news?”

He sulked, but said, “Yeah, there's more. I think we should go over to Sadie's so everyone can be filled in, and I'll tell you there.”

On the way over to Sadie's I filled Jack in on Sara AKA Buster, except for the after hour shenanigans, and what I'd found out.

When we reached Sadie's we found her with Sandra and Jasmine in the glass room that was, I guess, set aside for mornings. We settled in and I went over my problem with my house and how I'd settled it, and also some about Sara, only I used the name Buster.

Then Sadie surprised me with, “Oh, you mean Sarafina, don't you? I know she goes by Buster sometimes, how is she?

I asked, “ Do you know everybody in town, Sadie? How do you know about her? When last I left her she seemed very happy.”

“She's not the bad woman you may think, Sam. She does a lot for the people around her. She even has her men guard my people when I send them into the bad parts of town. I have a feeling of affection for her”

“I can tell you that it's reciprocated, she thinks very highly of you, too. I think we should call her into our field of cohorts as she can provide the men we may need when things get dicey, which I'm sure they will. Jack, why don't you tell us what you know?”

Jack stood and paced as he related, “It's an even larger bunch in this than we had any idea. Here's a list of the one's I know for sure are in and I'm sure there's more. Almost none of them could you call “good people”, they're a bunch of highbinders. I know, for sure, that they're planning something for the party, but I don't know what, at least not yet. Do you know any more Sadie?”

Sadie reported, “ I can confirm the ones on your list and a few more, and you're right, it hinges somehow on the party, but I don't know now, but expect to any day. You'll notice that a lot of them are the mine owner's suppliers so that has to be somehow tied into your dealings, Sam.”

I thought a minute and said, “Yeah, it sure does, I wonder how close to town Tom is with his wagon train? I better start some security there. Can someone send a message for me, Sadie?”

Sadie called Frederick to get someone while I wrote out a message, and when the errand boy arrived, gave it and directions to him and sent him off.

I asked, “Sandy, how did things go for you, are things set up?”

She answered with, “ I, at least, can give some good news, a couple of the bankers are extending me some sizable loans until my supposed money arrives, I think I had them pretty well charmed.”

Jasmine broke into chortles and giggles, but managed to get out, “Charmed? Hell, seduced is a better word for it. With her low cut bodice and her leaning over to get her wine glass off the table every five seconds, she had them drooling so bad the maids had to mop the floor after every one of them.”

After a sly smirk at Jasmine, Sandra continued, “More good news, I pinned down some of the options we discussed, and it didn't take near as much cash as we thought it would, so moneywise, we're okay for now. I may have had to “charm” a few of them, too.”She capped that statement with a haughty look at Jasmine which sent her into another round of giggles. Soon, they both were laughing boisterously.

I, of course, did not laugh uproariously, because as the sober, industrious gentleman amongst these plebeian members of our group I could not lower my image. However, I do believe I sustained a hernia to keep from rolling on the floor. I may even have smiled a touch. Or two. Maybe a chuckle. Even Sadie had joined the chorus of merriment.

After Sadie had regained her breath from the laughing jag she said, “We have to set the date for the party and send the invitations. They know I'm planning one and that all of you will be there, but if we postpone it they'll start to suspect we know something. I'm going to invite everyone on the list and some more I suspect, plus the ones I would normally invite. It's going to be a very big party, but when is it going to be?”

“How late can you postpone it and still not look suspicious?” I asked.

She replied, “We can't do both, we should schedule now.”

“Alright, if we schedule for next Saturday, will that give enough time for the invitations to go out?”

Sadie thought a minute and replied, “I already have invitations printed, they just have to be filled by someone with very fine handwriting, Saturday next would work. I have a couple maids who usually do it for me but it would be too much for just the two, we'll have to find two more.”

Both Sandra and Jasmine started talking but Jasmine prevailed, “Sandra and I both had calligraphy lessons when young and we used to do it for the theaters when needed, so that item can be crossed off.” We discussed some more details for quite a while.

 Then I stood and said, “It sounds like we're off to the races, folks, let's hope we win them. Now, if you'll excuse me, I want to check and see if I have a reply yet.”

I went to find Frederick and one of the maids told me he was going to the front entrance where there was some sort of disturbance. I hurried there to see if Frederick needed any help and saw him in a discussion with a very tall lady. I couldn't make out her face because her long, shining, billowing black hair covered her profile. She was dressed beautifully in a very fashionable ensemble, even to a tiny, feathered hat upon the very top of her head, which only accentuated her height. Her hair nudged an impression that I had seen it before when she faced me when she heard me approach.

I cried, “Sara, is everything alright? I was just coming to see you. Why did you come?”

“Your note said there may be trouble. I sent a crew of my best men where you said, but I was worried if you were in trouble, too. You said you were going to the Marquessa's house, so here I am.”

“Oh, honey, you didn't have to, but I'm very glad you did. Thank you Frederick, I know the Marquessa would like to see this lady, so I'll show her there.”

Frederick nodded and left, and I took Sara's arm and took her to the glass room. Where I gawked and stared the first time I saw a room like this, Sara took it in stride like she had another just like it in her house. I took her over to where Sadie was seated and said, “Marquessa Montemayor, I would like to present Sarafina, uh, Sarafina,” and whispered to Sara, “What's your last name?”

Then Sadie spoke, “ Never mind, Sam, I know who she is. Welcome to my home Sarafina, or should I call you Sara, as Sam does?”

“Sara would be just fine Ma'am, I'm getting very used to it.”

There will be no more ma'am, Sara, you shall call me Sadie like the rest of this disreputable bunch. Would you like a drink of something?” and then, before anyone could say anything, “Frederick, where's the whiskey?” as Frederick, knowing what to expect, entered with a tray of various spirits.

I then turned to the girls, “Jasmine, Sandra, I would like to introduce Sara, who is one of our

co-conspirators. Honey, these ladies are very good friends of mine, Sandra and Jasmine.” When they heard me call Sara honey they both looked at me, then each other, and then Sara with very tight smiles and perfunctory “Nice to meet you” words that didn't mean a damn thing except maybe Sam's in trouble as the sweat started rolling down my back.

Sadie called Sara to sit next to her and they started chatting and laughing like old friends almost immediately when they found that they had mutual friends. After a while I heard Sadie filling Sara in about our whole situation. I already had known Sara was in the plot but it was reassuring to hear Sadie confirm it. The other two ladies just sat there staring at nothing or giving me those tight smiles like they were sucking on lemons. That left me standing there like a coat rack, not knowing where to turn.

Then Jasmine said in a very formal voice, “Sam, why don't you tell us where and how you met Miss, uh, what did you say her name was?”

So that's how they were going to play it. It got me irritated and I hissed, “Don't you two start with your high and mighty act with me. You can play the society ladies if you want but don't forget I know who you are, and you're no better than Sara, who happens to be a damn fine girl. Yeah, I slept with her, so what. She needed someone to teach her about it 'cause she didn't know beans after the rotten bastards that had been taking advantage of her.” I all of a sudden realized I had shot my mouth off telling them things about Sara that I shouldn't have and clamped my jaw shut.

But maybe I had done through stupidity and a big mouth exactly the right thing as they looked at one another and then leaned forward and, without the attitude, Sandra said, “What do you mean, Sam, about being taken advantage of?”

I figured I'd already spilled the milk, I might as well tell them the cream, and proceeded to do so. As I talked they listened ,even more intently, until when I finished they both had angry expressions and Jasmine said, “Those dirty bastards,” and Sandra almost sobbed, “That poor girl, you did exactly the right thing, Sam,” and they both had very shining eyes. How in hell had I pulled that out of the fire, just pure stupid dumb luck on my part.

They both rose and went over to Sadie's and Sara's conversation and joined in, being very friendly. I didn't know where Jack had gone and went to look for him. Frederick told me he was checking the guards so I went out to find him. I found him chewing a new ass on one of them he'd found napping.

We fired him and found one of the guards who had just come from home and stationed him. When we went back in Frederick said dinner was almost ready so we joined the ladies and escorted them to the dining room.

Maybe Sara wasn't impressed with the glass room but she sure was with the table layout. She gaped at all the china dishes, the solid silver dinnerware, and the gold candle sticks. Jack seated Sadie, I seated Sara, and then we seated Jasmine and Sandra. If Sara was awed by the table, when the food started arriving she really got saucer sized eyes. I leaned over to her and whispered, “Don't worry, we don't have to eat all of it.” Sadie must have heard me 'cause she gave me a big smile.

After dinner we sat around the table, just chatting about nothing in particular, having some very nice brandy and Sadie with her little glass of whiskey that was filled and refilled like clockwork. I don't know how she did it, I never saw her lose her balance or slur a single word but I was getting woozy just watching her sip. The three girls were doing okay too, in the booze department. They were getting along like three kittens with a ball of yarn and lapping up the sauce real quick-like.

We never even left the table before the yawns started. Then Jack said he had to catch a game and left. Sara said, “ Oh my word, I didn't realize it was so late, I've been having so much fun, but I have to catch a carriage somewhere and get home.”

Sadie declared, “Nonsense, you'll stay the night, there's no reason for you to leave and you wouldn't find a ride anyway, there's more than enough room.” and that was settled. We got up, or rather, most of us rose, but Sara was having a little trouble getting her legs under her. I helped her to her feet but her legs still didn't want to cooperate. She was talking just fine and didn't act any drunker than the the rest of us three, but her legs were soused.

The other girls tried to help her but Sara was one big lady so I had her lean most of her weight on me and we went down the hall that way. I asked Jasmine which was her room but both of them insisted she sleep in their room, just in case, as there were two big beds and Sandra and Jasmine were used to sleeping together. That brought some interesting pictures in my mind but I didn't comment.

When we entered the room I tried to lay Sara on the bed but she wouldn't let go of me and said, “No Sam, don't leave me, stay with me, please stay with me.” She kept repeating it and finally Jasmine said, “Oh, for gosh sake, stay here with her, Sam, she's not used to strange places, you're not going to do anything that'll shock us.”

I told Sara, “Alright, I'll stay with you.” and she let go and started to undress, lying there. I tried to help but the other girls pushed me aside and had her naked quickly and under the covers. I took advantage of being unoccupied to strip down myself and slid into the bed and into Sara's arms. We didn't do anything but exchange a few kisses while Sandra and Jasmine stripped and got into their bed. Someone had blown out all the lamps but a small one with a big reservoir for a night light so it was fairly dark.

After a while we had worked our way up to a very satisfying coupling, trying to stay somewhat quiet when Sara whispered, “What are they doing, Sam, that sounds sort of strange.”

I didn't know what to tell her, and to be honest, didn't feel like I wanted to do it right then anyway as I was enjoying myself greatly so I sorta snapped back, “Why don't you ask them.” and damned if she didn't.

“Jasmine, Sandra, what are you doing?”

Jasmine panted a little and replied, “The same thing you're doing.”

That brought on a little yelp of surprise and, “But we're fucking.”

And that brought back, “Yes, and so are we.”

I had to put a stop to this and said, “Girls, when you get a chance, will you tell or show Sara what you're doing, but take your time 'cause I'm a little busy right now, too.”

I got a short, “Okay.”

Fortunately, that little interlude didn't kill the atmosphere and after a while Sara and I were quietly lying there, waiting, when Sandy asked, “Sara, are you ready to learn now?”

“Yes, I've been lying here thinking but I don't understand.”

Sandy said, “Have Sam light a couple lamps and you come over here.”

I grudgingly rose, lighted the lamps and sat on my bed. Sara rose, went over to their bed and stood next to it, and viewed the girls lying their in a tight clinch.

Jasmine asked, “Didn't you know that women could have sex together, Sara?”

“No, I've never heard about it, it can't be commonly done, is it?”

Then Sandy spoke, “You poor dear, you've certainly played with yourself at times. Well, it's like that, only with a partner, and you can do things with another girl that you can't do by yourself. There's not always a man around when you need them, or they crap out on you before you're done.” The last statement was accompanied with a dirty look at me, as if I had any choice in the matter.

Jasmine instructed, “Now watch this.” as she slid to the end of the bed, turned around 'til they were end to end, and scissored their legs together and started to grind their pussies together. Jasmine continued, “ This is like playing with yourself, only better, because you're pleasuring someone else as well as yourself.”I got up and approached their bed too, only in the pursuit of furthering my knowledge of women, of course. I did notice that both of the girls nipples were extending a little more and both their faces were getting a flush, and I detected a bit of panting.

Sara excitedly exclaimed, “That looks like fun, is it?” After a sort of disinterested nod of confirmation from them she continued, “I'd like to try that sometime, is there anything else you can do?”

They reluctantly broke their contact, and Sandy wheezed out, “Oh yes, there's this.” as she spun around and climbed on top of Jas and gave her a very passionate kiss. Then she slid down a little and caressed and sucked on Jas's tits for a while and then slid down more and proceeded to eat her out very enthusiastically.

Sara again interjected, “Wow, I want to do that, too. But you could do that to each other at the same time, couldn't you?” No sooner said than done, as Sandy did another spin and they both started licking and munching the other's pussy. Then a hand snuck out from the feminine pile of pulchritude and started rubbing Sara's mound, which elicited a deep groan from Sara as she bent over and started kissing Sandy's back and kneading any breast she could find and humping against the anonymous hand.

Bent over like that exposed Sara's beautiful pussy which I took advantage of by sliding by dick up and down her slit, spreading her juices, and then sliding in, feeling the warmth surrounding my member, but only took a few strokes when both the girls reached out and pulled Sara onto the bed with them.

Jas immediately started sucking my cum from Sara while Sandy, straddling Sara's face, presented her pussy which Sara bending her neck up, ardently attacked. I was feeling quite sorry for myself, standing there with a very stiff dick, and neglected, when one of those sneaky hands appeared and started doing masterful activities to it.

It wasn't long before Sandy came to another screaming climax and leaving Sara, pulled me closer and enveloped my dick with her mouth. I was already steamed up to the point I thought my ears were going to release some pressure by exploding from my head when I released a huge flood of cum into Sandy's eager mouth. She then turned, and kissing Sara deeply, shared it in a tongue wrestling marathon that continued for some time. I didn't see the end of it, as my legs were weak and trembling, and I staggered back to the other bed, fell full length on it, and yes, I confess, crapped out like a light.

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