Humiliated - Part 1

By Vita

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A woman's dunken confession leads to humiliating public lesbian sex.
Author's note: This story is based on a chat-based roleplay between v-card and myself. The basic outline of the scenario was mine, but the actions and words of “Nikki” are by v-card and are used by permission. I have tried, as much as possible to present a consistent story without deviation from the actions presented in the chat. In some cases, however, I have elaborated on the chat to provide a richer narrative without (I hope) sacrificing the intent of both players.

As the waiter walks away, Nikki turns to face me. “So what is it that you where about to say, Vita?”

I giggle again, already too tipsy by half. Nikki and I have been coworkers for several years and I have come to think of her as a friend, even though we rarely see each other outside of work. Tonight is an exception. I don’t remember now whose idea it had been to go out drinking. I’m guessing it was Nikki’s, since I know that I don’t hold my liquor very well. I try to remember if I’d ever told that to Nikki, but my head felt a bit like it had been packed in cotton balls. Cotton balls that had been soaked in passion fruit margaritas.

Just before the waiter arrived, I had been about to make an intimate confession to Nikki. Coming up from behind me, the waiter had startled me into a previous fit of embarrassed giggles which had only just settled down when Nikki asked her question. “Well, you see… when Brian makes love to me, he likes me to fantasize. Sometimes he makes me pretend that someone I know, like my mother or my boss, is watching us have sex. I get so embarrassed that I turn beet red, but at the same time it turns me on so much, I come over and over again.”

Nikki’s face breaks into a mischievous little grin and even before she speaks I realize that I may have made a mistake in telling her. “So if I made you a bit… embarrassed right now, would your face turn red? Would your pussy get wet? Around all these people?” There is a glint in Nikki’s eyes that more than just playful teasing. She’s obviously excited and deadly serious.

My eyes go wide. “Oh God! You wouldn’t, would you?” Already my face is heating, and so is my cunt. “Please don’t!” I whisper urgently. “Not here, not with so many people around!” I hate the idea, hate that Nikki would take advantage of me like this, but deep down part of me wants it, yearns for it. “Oh God, please no…” Even as I plead, my will is draining away. Somehow it’s always been like this, ever since my mom walked in on me masturbating when I was still in high school. I had been so embarrassed that I wanted to die, but like lightning with a straight line bolt from my brain to my pussy, I’d come right there in front of her, so hard that for the first time in my life my juices had squirted out of my pussy.

My mother had stared at me in shock, but then she had backed out of the room and never spoken about it to me. Ever since then, I’ve tried, in numerous ways and with varying success, to experience the same explosiveness as I had that first time. I had realized, right from the beginning, that it was not any bizarre attraction to my mother that had caused it, but rather the embarrassment. Why it turns me on I have no idea, just that it does.

Suddenly I realize that Nikki is speaking again. “Shhhh V,” she says with a finger to her lips, “why would I ever do something so mean?” The supposed comfort of her words is marred by the almost evil smirk she gives me as she leans toward me and I feel her fingers begin rubbing my pussy under my skirt. “Now tell me what you want or I will make you cum in front of the whole restaurant.” I can’t even begin to think what to say as her fingers rub briskly back and forth over my clit and my quickly dampening panties.

“I’m waiting V…”

“Oh God…” I sigh. I can barely breathe let alone articulate what I want. Hell, I’m not even sure what that is. I want her to make me come and yet I don’t, I think I will die of embarrassment if she does. “Please…” comes out in a breathy whisper, but whether I mean for her to stop or go on, I don’t know. Nikki’s fingers press harder against my soaked panties, deeper into my slippery cunt. I’ve never been touched the way Nikki is touching me, she’s obviously an expert. My body is responding to her in ways that seem almost unbelievable. Between her touch and my embarrassment fueled lust, I am just moments from coming.

“I can see you are about to cum, so either you kiss me while you do it or the whole restaurant hears your moans and squeals as you orgasm on my fingers. It’s your choice.”

Hardly a choice, I think. I’ve never been attracted to other women, but if I don’t do as she asks, everyone in the whole restaurant will know that I’m coming. I lean in and put my lips against hers. Her lips are so invitingly soft and sensuously warm that I can scarcely believe it. What starts out as a chaste kiss rapidly becomes something much more, with my tongue in her mouth as I start to moan.

Nikki softly sucks on my tongue as my whole body begins to tremble with the opening stages of my orgasm. Her fingers are inside my panties now, rubbing fast as my pussy gets wetter and wetter. I’m moaning into her mouth, which stifles them somewhat, but not completely. I’m not sure if it is my sounds of pleasure or just the sight of two women kissing passionately in public, but we are starting to draw a bit of attention from the tables nearest us and my face reddens even more. Suddenly, I can’t contain myself and I come, shuddering and bucking against Nikki’s fingers.

Nikki doesn’t even seem to care about all the people staring at us. Her eyes are riveted on mine as she watches me come. Juices flood from my pussy, soaking my underwear and my skirt as well as Nikki’s hand. I’m lost in a moment of pleasure more intense than anything I’ve ever felt before. It seems to go on and on and once it is finally over I have no idea how long it’s been or how noisy I was. As I slowly regain my senses, I realize that it must have been quite a show, based on how quiet the restaurant has become. I shudder again, but this time with pure embarrassment.

Nikki smiles at me. “I loved watching you shudder like a girl having her first orgasm. So embarrassed and yet so, so cute.” I can see from the look in her eyes that she is not done with me yet, and I’m not sure I want her to be. She pulls a fifty dollar bill from her purse and slaps it on the table. Then she pulls me up and leads me towards the exit, our food lying untouched on the table behind us. As Nikki leads me out of the restaurant, there are smiles, winks and a smattering of applause here and there, just making things worse.

The outside air is cool against my burning face and the breeze chills my cum drenched inner thighs. Still in a margarita fueled, post-orgasmic daze, I am oblivious to where Nikki is leading me until she stops in a small empty bus shelter. She stops to consult the schedule and then she prompts me to sit down. I have no idea what else Nikki has in mind, but I know I will do it. I would do anything to feel that way again.

“What… what are you going to do?” I manage to stammer out.

“You will see…” She replies mysteriously as a bus pulls up to the shelter. She takes my hand and leads me up the steps, then all the way to the very back. It’s late and the bus is empty save for a few tired-looking people. She sits me down right in the middle of the back row, and then sits next to me.

“Now, I have a feeling that you’ll do almost anything I want by now, you are such a needy girl.” I wonder if she knows how truly accurate her words are. I try to tell myself that there are limits to what I will do but even I know it is a lie.

“I want you to spread your legs and take off your panties now.” I must have gone wide-eyed again because she quickly smiles and adds. “Don’t worry, everyone else is looking forward.” A quick glance reveals that she is right, but I doubt it will stay that way for long once the show starts.

“Oh God…” is all I can say, but I do as she asks, I part my legs, scooting my butt up to pull my panties down over my ass, then down my legs to the ankles, and finally over my high-heeled shoes. As I hold them out, the pink, silky fabric has become see-through with my juices. I look at Nikki, wonder what is going to be next, my cheeks bright red and my pussy throbbing.

“Mmmm, you are so very cute when you’re so embarrassed. You know what would be even cuter? You, licking my pussy right now. I think this crowd would love a show. Don’t you?”

“Oh, please no!” I beg. “I’m not a… I’ve never… done anything like that!” Still, I know I am going to do what she wants anyway, I can’t help myself…

“Shhhh,” Nikki puts a finger to my lips as she urges me down to my knees. “I know you want it, now get started or I think I’ll tell your little boyfriend all about what happened tonight.”

“You wouldn’t!” I exclaim in panic. “Brian would never understand! He still thinks… I’m a good girl.” I end in an urgent whisper. I realize, even as I let Nikki lower me to me knees, that I am not a good girl. I’m a dirty, filthy whore that will do whatever she asks me. Kneeling on the floor of the bus, my short skirt rides up my ass giving anyone looking a perfect view of my dripping wet pussy, framed by my big, round ass.

“Oh, I wouldn’t now?” Nikki smirks as she holds out her phone to show me an email all written and ready to send. It describes how much of a slut I am and includes a picture of Nikki and I kissing. The expression on my face makes it obvious that I was coming at the time, and the restaurant can be clearly seen behind us. “Still think I won’t? I press send and I’m sure he will believe me.”

Trembling with both fear and excitement, I reach out to part Nikki’s legs. As I do, Nikki lets out a soft gasp and a shiver of pleasure runs through her. Her legs are so soft and smooth and warm under my hands that I can’t help running my hands along them. Nikki’s panties are nearly dripping and I catch the smell of her sex. The scent is strong and musky and I find it intoxicating in a way I didn’t expect. Even though the haze of lust in my brain, I realize that it is not because I’m attracted to Nikki that I feel this way. I’m just so much of a slut that I want to be used for her pleasure, for anyone’s or even everyone’s pleasure, for that matter. I moan as my own desire increases at the thought and my pussy contracts, sending copious amounts of liquid running down my legs.

“Lift your ass up higher and then get to work on my pussy.” Nikki commands me. I lift my ass up high as I can, knowing that it is on display. I want to curl up into a ball and die of shame, but the juices pouring down my legs and puddling on the floor of the bus are testament to how horny it makes me nonetheless. Nikki’s position makes removing her panties impossible, so I just pull the thong aside and bury my face between her thighs. Tentatively, I start to lick her pussy.

Nikki grasps the back of my head and pulls me in towards her, burying my tongue deep in her pussy and pressing my nose hard against the soft hair of her mons. “The driver is watching you, my little slut.” I hear her say in a smug voice, knowing that she is embarrassing me. I feel like a whore, my face burning hot as she uses me solely for her satisfaction. She grinds me against herself, treating me like a sex toy, making up for my inexperience by shifting my whole head to lick where she wants. I hear her moan as she forces my tongue over her clit. Her thighs are cool against my reddened cheeks and I know she can sense how humiliated I am. Her moans get louder and I can sense, even if I cannot see, the eyes turning towards us.

“Stand up V.” I obey her command with an alacrity that I didn’t know I was still capable of at this point. Then she whispers in my ear “Now tell the whole bus how much of a slut you are. After that, continue licking my pussy.”

My face burning, I turn to face the rest of the bus. The bus is fuller than when we got on and by now they are all looking at us, some with desire, others with disgust. I open my mouth, nearly having to force out the words. “I’m a slut.”

Once I made that initial declaration, however, I find it much easier to continue as a veritable torrent of words cascades from me. “I’m a dirty little cunt licker that will do anything my Mistress tells me to do, no matter how nasty it is. The nastier the things she makes me do, the hornier and sluttier I get.”

“Good girl,” I hear quietly from behind me, “now get down here.”

Somehow her praise warms me in a way I would never have expected. Despite all the nasty things I’ve already done and the many more I doubtless will, I want to please Nikki, have her be proud of her dirty, nasty, cunt eating whore. As I turn around, I see that Nikki is down on all fours on the floor, her ass in the air facing me. Without having to be told, I lay down on my back, my head between Nikki’s thighs and my shoulders by her knees.

“You are a very good girl. You had better make me cum soon, or else I will make your ass as red as your face.”

Spurred on by Nikki’s threats, my tongue goes urgently to work on her cunt, plunging into her and licking her clit. My own legs are spread wide, my shoes flat on the floor of the bus only inches from my ass, completely exposing me. Even those on the bus that disapprove aren’t able to look away from us as I struggle to make Nikki come.

Nikki starts grinding her pussy against my face, nearly suffocating me as her pussy seals around my nose and mouth. She seems as desperate to come as I am to please her. She keeps whispering “good girl” as I force my tongue farther and farther inside her, licking voraciously.

“If you can make me squirt slut, then I will let you come when I am done.”

Nikki seems to know exactly what to say to encourage me even more. I need to come myself so badly that now I am frantic to make Nikki orgasm. I lick her clit hard and fast and slide a finger inside her to probe her g-spot, hoping that she will cover me in her juices when she comes. As I feel her starting to get close, I double my efforts. My world narrows to nothing but her pussy and my tongue and fingers.

Nikki begins to shake and shudder hard. Juices gush from her slit onto my face. I hear her moan out “Drink it all up slut!” through her massive orgasm. I gulp at the juices that pour from her pussy. I can’t seem to get enough of it but even so it pours down my face, soaking my hair as well as my blouse and my bra, both of which become transparent showing off my hard pink nipples to everyone watching.

Finally Nikki comes down from her orgasm and releases my head from between her thighs. I take in several deep breaths as she stands, towering above me. She looks down at me, as if appraising the site of me on display in front of the whole bus. The expressions on the faces of some of the other passengers suggest to me that Nikki may not have been the only one to have come during our show.

“Do you want to cum now, whore?” Nikki says in a sarcastic tone.

“Yes! Please make me come, Mistress! Your dirty cunt needs to come so badly! Make me come while everyone watches me! Oh please… I’m your nasty girl-cum-drinking whore!”

“First though…didn’t I tell you to drink all my juices?”

“Yes Mistress!” I wail, “I’m sorry Mistress, there was so much, I tried my best!” I am aching with need, desperate to come and yet I am sure now that Nikki is going to punish me instead. “Please… you promised to let me come!”

“I didn’t say when, slut!” She says fiercely as she sits back on the seat. “However, since you did make me feel so nice, I will let you finger yourself as I punish you. Now bend over my knees.”

I get up, my knees trembling from a mixture of fear and desire. “Please Mistress…” I plead pitifully, even as I bend over her knees. Nikki grabs my hands and I cry out in shock and pleasure as she forces one finger from each hand into my pussy. The position is extremely awkward and my body is suspended across her lap, pulling the skin of my ass taut.

“Now, you may cum only when I am done. Do you understand, slut?” Nikki says as she rubs her hand softly over my ass, massaging it a little.

“Yes Mistress.” I say, meekly waiting for her to begin. I don’t have to wait long until she raises her hand and then brings it down with a resounding smack.

“Oww!” I exclaim in pain, tears welling up in my eyes. Even so, the pain is rapidly transformed into pleasure and I struggle to keep myself from coming as she relentlessly smacks my ass again and again. Each time the pain seems more intense until tears are streaming down my face, but that doesn’t stop my frantic fingers from thrusting into my wet cunt with each blow. Before long I’m trembling with pent up desire and praying that she will let me come soon.

“You may cum now, cunt.” Nikki says with one final stinging blow to my ass. “But don’t you dare stain my skirt!”

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