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I didn't know she was watching

It was the usual Saturday afternoon, sat round my best friend Mel's house, catching up on the weeks events, having a giggle, watching TV. Her boyfriend was out, so it was just the two of us chatting away.

We'd been best friends for years, since school, we could talk about anything. I'd even once told Mel I'd had a sexual dream about her, God I woke up so wet that morning & dieing to rub my clit, but of course I didn't tell her that bit! I am straight, though I get off watching lesbian porn & then of course there was the dream. I've always wanted to experiment with another woman, though it would have to be someone close to me, a close friend, someone I felt comfortable with. One day my hope was fulfilled.

As I say, we had quite an open friendship, talked about sex & stuff quite openly. In the past, her & her boyfriend had lent me pornos, I hadn't borrowed any for some time. I asked Mel if they had any DVD's I could borrow. "Yeah" she said, "don't know if you'll like it though, I'll pop it on, just have a quick look, let me know what you think & if you want to borrow it". She put the DVD on & then left the room. I sat watching the DVD for a few mins, it was good, I was enjoying it, a little too much, it was starting to turn me on. After about 10 mins I wondered where Mel had got to, I knew she was probably pottering about in the kitchen or something. My panties were starting to get damp. Just watching this porno with her in the next room kinda turned me on. I reached down & touched my pussy through my jeans. It felt good to touch it. I started to rub it. Oh no, my jeans were getting damp. I had to stop. All of a sudden on the DVD was a lesbian scene, they were licking each other out & moaning so hard, their pussies all wet, just like mine. Just one little flick of my clit I thought, if I just slide my hand into my jeans into my panties. So I did. It felt so good & my pussy was so wet, & my clit so hard. Just knowing that Mel was possibly in the next room whilst I was doing this made me feel so naughty & even wetter. I couldn't stop, all of a sudden I was pulling the buttons on my jeans fly undone & my hand delved into my panties, I had to rub my clit, I had to, I was so turned on, I was really enjoying this porno & really enjoying the thrill of being so close to Mel & the possibility of getting caught. For a second I pictured her watching me. That would be amazing.

I was so close to coming, my clit was getting harder & I was breathing real deep, I knew I was going to come at any second. I didn't know if Mel was going to come back into the room at any second. All I could see was the lesbians on the TV sucking each others clits & hear them moaning & coming, I wanted to come so bad. All of a sudden I heard Mel. "What are you doing?" I stopped, horrified. I turned to see her stood in the doorway. I froze, I couldn't work out if she was angry, was she angry?? I managed to stammer, "Mel, Mel I'm so sorry, I was just so turned on, this DVD is so good, I'm sorry." She just continued to stand there. I was curious to know how long she'd been stood there. "How long have you??.." I asked. "Been watching?" She replied. "Long enough." I was still frozen, I thought it best to leave, I went to get up. "Where are you going?" Mel asked me. "I think it best if I go" I replied. What she said next had me completely taken aback. "Stay. I want to watch you come. Make yourself come for me. I enjoyed watching, I'd been watching you for a couple of minutes. Perhaps I should be the one apologising". I couldn't believe it!! My best friend, my sexy best friend had stood in the doorway & watched me rub my clit to near orgasm & she had enjoyed it. "Okay" I whispered. I sat back down again on the sofa, she sat on the other sofa. In the background the lesbians on the DVD were still at it, screaming & moaning with pleasure. "Take your jeans & panties off, I want to get a real good look" Mel instructed. I was happy to oblige, so I did. They came off. "Your pussy looks real wet & juicy" she said. "Oh Mel it is, I have to come, my pussy is aching to come". With that I started to rub my clit again, at first I closed my eyes, listening to the porno in the background. Then I opened them & looked at Mel. She had this naughty glint in her eye & she was fascinated with my hand working away at my clit. She couldn't stop staring. I was getting closer & closer. I kept my eyes fixed on her, totally getting off on her watching me. "Are you close?" she asked me. "Yeah Mel I'm so close. I am loving you watching me, this is the biggest turn on, ohhhh, ohhh fuck I'm coming" & with that my pussy spasmed into orgasm & my clit went so hard under my touch, the orgasm was so strong & kept coming in waves, I remember shouting out in esctasy & closing my eyes. I was dripping at this point, my pussy was the wettest it had ever been. I just wanted Mel to come & lick it, though I daren't ask. "Was that good?" she asked. "That was amazing, I was horny enough as it was, without you watching me. Are you turned on?" I asked her. "No" she said. I couldn't believe she wasn't turned on. I saw that naughty glint in her eye, she was transfixed with watching my fingers playing with my clit. "I'd best get dressed then" I said, quite embarressed now. I quickly put on my clothes. She stood up & went to reach over the back of the sofa for something. She was wearing light colour combat trousers & you could not mistake the wet patch in her crotch as she bent over the sofa. I don't know what came over me, but I walked up behind her & pushed my finger from behind into her crotch. She gasped. "Don't you tell me you're not turned on, you're just as sopping wet as me." I could smell her cum from this close, I knew she was aching for it, just like I had been earlier. I wanted to lick her out. This was it, my chance. My best friend had caught me masturbating, she'd asked me to carry on & now here she was all wet & juicy for an orgasm herself. I was more than happy to oblige. I just wanted to taste her pussy so much. Fuck I was so horny, even though I'd come, I just wanted to make her come. "Mel, I want to make you come". She turned & looked at me. "It's your turn to watch now. Stay here, come upstairs in 2 minutes. Come & catch me. You'll see how much of a turn on it is."

She walked upstairs. I wanted to follow, I wanted to push her onto the stairs & rip those combats off & bury my face in her pussy. It had smelt so sweet. She must have been gushing like me, those combats were so wet. All of a sudden I could hear moans coming from upstairs, Mel was moaning so loud. I ran up the stairs & stood outside her bedroom door. Just hearing her moan was turning me on again. I had to peek. She wanted me to catch her. I quietly pushed the door open just a crack. Mel was lay naked on her bed with a vibrator up her pussy & she was loving it. Loving every minute of it. I stood & watched her, I could tell she was real close. She started writhing around, & then she was moaning my name, "Terri, ohhhh, Terri". Oh my God, she was moaning my name. She had a vibrator up her pussy & she was moaning my name. I walked into the room. She saw me. "Naughty Mel, letting me catch you fucking yourself with your vibrator". I took my jeans & panties off again & sat down on the chair in the room close to the bed. I watched my best friend fuck herself with her vibrator & heard her moan my name & I rubbed my clit again, the whole time our eyes were on each other. I watched her, & she watched me & fucking hell it was horny. I have never come so hard in all my life.

This was my wet dream about my best friend Mel. My God I wish it would happen for real some day.
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