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When the bride finds happiness elsewhere

The sun was just breaking across the horizon, and Stacey was rushing around her 1 bedroom apartment looking for her car keys. Silently cussing to herself of how it is possible she loses them almost every other day, and today of all days! "Why did I not leave them by the front door?" she thought to herself frantically. Stacey is the sous-chef for Enchanted Bells catering company. She had been with this company since she was 18 and of the eight years spent with Enchanted Bells she hadn't had a day more important than today.

Craig Cheston is a 32 year old from London, and a family of old money. He was only 25 when he purchased The Point airline company. Growing up his father had always taught him to make his money work for him, and never to work for his money. Although this worked and brought happiness to Craig, he hadn't noticed the lack of character such a way of life can create. Basically, he is an arrogant prick.

Today was the day Craig would marry his girlfriend of 10 years, Ally. Craig and Ally met as children at the country club Ally's parents owned, and Craig's family had attended for generations. When Craig's mind had grown to revolve around his money and how to gain more, he noticed Ally. The only daughter to Mr and Mrs Wilkin. Not only would he inherit the country club and begin earning money from the other high society of London, but she had a stunning body. Ally was 20 when they began dating, and thanks to thousands of hours of tennis she had a body that every gentleman desired.

At first, Ally wasn't interested in Craig, as she learned in earlier years of his lack of character, but her father insisted he was the man for her. Craig's family was the most envied of the high society, and he couldn't see his daughter marrying into any other family. After all, he had to know his daughter would be looked after, and his country club would look after his grandchildren to come.

Today, Ally sat in front of a mirror, surrounded by her mother, soon to be mother in law, a clutch of bridesmaids clucking around like chickens and a growing number of servants. Her reflection showed her long, silky, chocolate hair pinned up allowing only a few curls to frame her gorgeous face. Diamanté pins holding her bun and curls into place sparkled under the lights, and produced a magic into the air. A final touch to Ally's hair, sat a tiara filled with purple African Sapphire gemstones and diamonds.

Standing up from the mirror Ally smiled at how gorgeous and sexy she felt in her white wedding dress that trailed a row of faint purple flowers from her right boob to her left waist side. The gown then opened out and flowed to the floor, hiding her heels. Within an hour she would be married. The smile faded from her face. As much as she loved feeling sexy and gorgeous in this moment, she wasn't happy with the thought of marrying Craig.


Craig's preparation room was just as noisy, but with only a fraction of the people. He watched in the mirror as he stood at the end of the bed and grinned as he slid his hard cock deep into his favorite personal assistant, Miranda. He looked down at the tanned woman and placed his hand on her hip, looking at the sexy tribal tattoo on the small of her back. A muffled moan came from the sexy assistant who was on all fours on the king size bed, as Craig's best man was knelt down in front of her. His member being near swallowed by a gorgeous face, with black hair and a small beauty mark above her lip.

"Oh, you like that, huh, Miranda baby?" Craig grunted from behind her as her walls massaged his pulsating dick. He begins slamming into her harder as he grabs both sides of her hips and fills her hole deep.

"Oh, man, I can't believe you're finally getting married," Adam said, half grunting, "You gonna miss all this sweet ass?"

"Never," Craig huffed, "I wouldn't give up this ass for anyone, Ally included."

Adam felt his balls begin to spasm and pulled out his cock from the sexy woman's mouth. He began to groan loudly as white strings painted the assistant's face. Craig felt his balls begin to churn from this and held his cock deep inside Miranda as he felt her walls milking him until his dick was satisfied and his balls gave their load.

Within 5 minutes Craig was standing in front of the mirror, ready to make Ally his bride.


In the kitchen, Stacey bustled around screaming orders at dessert line to help main course prepare. The wedding had already begun at Mayfair gardens and the wedding reception was due to begin in half an hour. Stacey was behind schedule and the head chef had let her know it on more than one occasion. With bad judgment, a young main course liner had decided to begin the beef wellington to ensure enough time for appetizers. With Stacey being lectured on every minuscule detail, she hadn't noticed the main course liner begin this mistake. They now had to prepare another 50 beef wellington and hope the best man would extend his speech between appetizers and main course.

With all available hands catching up on main course prep, Stacey regained some hope and marched out the back of the reception hall into the alley. She knew smoking wasn't going to solve anything in the kitchen, but the dose of nicotine would spare her pulling out her gorgeous blond hair. Not that she had much. She kept her hair stylish but short, which suited her career. It also suited a lot of girls at the Cat Box, a lesbian night club she had spent the end of many stressful nights to unwind.

As she thought of the night to come and salivating over the thought of a few rum and cokes, Stacey looked through a small gate at the side of the alley at two white limousines pulling up in front of the hall. The limousines had been dressed front and rear with white ribbons and dark and light purple roses. Out of the first limousine stepped the groom who even she admitted was extremely sexy. She knows a good looking man when she sees one, they just never wet the kitty. The groom was followed into reception by a few other gentlemen, she presumed his father and best man.

When the bride's limousine took the place of the groom's, the very first thing she noticed when a foot stepped out were a pair of sexy purple heels, studded with diamantés. Stacey noticed the theme of purple, from the reception room table centre pieces to the limousines it wasn't hard to see Ally's favorite color.

Stacey was excited to finally see the famous Ally in her wedding dress. When Ally stood from the limousine and begin walking to the reception hall, Stacey watched in awe. She was more gorgeous than any photo she had ever seen in a magazine of the woman. She noticed Ally was taller than she had once guessed. Ally with heels stood near 5'9". Stacey smiled to herself at a woman who neared her own height of 5'8'. "She must be about 5'7" bare foot," Stacey thought to herself.

As Stacey's eyes gazed up and down the woman, she stopped at Ally's breast and bit her lip at the thoughts racing through her mind and the tingle growing between her legs. She thought of how lucky Craig would be that evening to be holding Ally's long silky legs over his shoulders, her purple heels dancing in the air as he pounded his cock deep into..

 "STACEY! For fuck sake, are you listening??" The head chef stood by the back door to the reception hall, holding it open with a look of disgust on his face. "The Cheston's are here, come, NOW!"

Stacey was close to telling the head chef to sod off, feeling so rudely interrupted, but understood the hierarchy of the chef world, and responded all she could, "Yes, Chef."


Sitting next to her new husband, Ally felt numb. She was surprised she got through the wedding with a few smiles and was able to enjoy the moment. She looked around the room full of people she didn't recognize apart from a few friends and family. Everyone was laughing and talking amongst their tables, some people were still dancing after the bride and groom's first dance. Closing her eyes for a moment she tried to give herself a pep talk. "I could be happy. In a few years from now my life could be filled with the smiles of my own children. I would be able to teach them love and compassion. I could continue my charity work as the wife of one of London's most successful men. Besides, I still have the honeymoon!"

With remembering the honeymoon, which was meant to be a surprise by family traditions, Ally turned to Craig and gently touched his arm. "Well, darling, where are we going for the honeymoon?"

Craig looked at Ally with a blank stare for a moment, before replying, "Oh, did Miranda not tell you? I asked Miranda to tell you this morning the honeymoon will have to be another time, sweetie."

"What? Why!?" Ally asked, a little annoyed.

"Ally, I'm sorry, but the airline is looking at expanding by buying The Mid airlines. Rumors were only let out two days ago that they were selling and confirmed last night. I asked Miranda to let you know this morning." He said, and although he apologized, Ally didn't feel any emotion from her new husband.

Ally shot a horrible look toward Miranda, who was listening and watching out of the corner of her eye. Miranda smiled to another assistant and acted nonchalant about the pair of eyes burning into her.

"Oh, Ally, don't be like that. Miranda probably didn't want to upset you on your day!" Craig defended Miranda, this time Ally felt some sort of an emotion from him, but she didn't know what it was.

"Well, when do you leave?" Ally asked coldly.

After finishing his glass of wine in one gulp, Craig replied, "Uhh, well in about an hour. Miranda, Adam and I will leave to the airport and will spend about a week in Sweden, and then another week in Norway before returning."

"Oh.." Ally said sadly, and looked again at Miranda. Miranda smiled knowingly at Ally before jumping up and pulling Adam with her to dance. Ally stood up and stormed toward the bathroom hoping to hold in the tears before anyone noticed.

As the reception party begin to die down, Stacey sat on the back steps in the alley smoking another cigarette. She had saved her ass in the kitchen, but the head chef hadn't any words of encouragement. Sometimes she hated this company.

Suddenly the back door flew open and loudly hit the brick wall. Stacey jumped and looked behind her, and as she did her heart began to race more than it was from being startled. Ally paced the porch for a moment and then noticed Stacey.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Embarrassed finding someone outside, she turned to go back inside, but the woman sitting on the steps spoke.

"Oh, no, it's OK. I didn't mean to be in your way Miss Wilkin.. - Oh, I'm sorry, Mrs Cheston now, right?" The woman looked up smiling.

Something softened Ally inside hearing this woman's voice. She turned back to the woman and said "Ally would be preferred right now, thank you."

"Oh, right, Ally. Was there something wrong with the reception? Were you not pleased? I'm the sous chef and I can assure you the head chef will be grilling my ass in about 2 minutes if the wedding couple was not satisfied." Stacey groaned and looked down to her boots.

Ally watched the pain in the woman sitting on the steps and sat down next to her without any worry about getting her dress dirty, "No, of course not. The reception was beautiful." She gently touched Stacey's arm, and smiled at her as Stacey looked up at her.

"What's wrong, Ally?" Stacey asked, with strong sincerity. It was something so foreign to Ally she almost didn't recognize it.

"I didn't catch your name?" Ally asked, avoiding the truth.

"Stacey," she replied, and paused waiting for Ally to answer her question. She paused longer until she realized Ally wasn't going to answer her.

A moment later Stacey heard the head chef holler at her through the door with anger in his voice. Stacey felt her cheeks flush a bit as she was embarrassed. She felt like a child again, being told off by her parents in front of a friend.

"Excuse me, Ally," She said as she jumped up and walked inside. Ally remained outside and noticed Stacey had left her cigarette packet and lighter on the steps. She hadn't smoked for many years, but felt compelled to have one. As she exhaled she suddenly heard the head chef yelling at Stacey through the door.

"The groom reported the wellington was dry, the WELLINGTON Stacey. How many times did we need to fuck up on simple wellington, Stacey?! The most important day we have in this company and we fuck up on wellington. This is bullshit!"

The head chef continued to cuss as Ally felt her face flush with embarrassment. Her husband all of 2 hours had already embarrassed her. Why did he always have to find a problem in everything people below him served him?

Suddenly it became silent inside and then the back door opened. Ally suddenly embarrassed for just helping herself to Stacey's cigarettes tried to hide the fact, but stuttered an apology.

"Oh, no, don't be sorry. I know the feeling of needing one more than anyone right now." Stacey replied, wiping away a tear and lit another smoke.

Ally didn't reply again, but just smiled and gently touched Stacey's arm again, this time rubbing it gently.


One week later, Stacey found herself driving down a long driveway to gorgeous country club. Ally had invited her to meet her with the idea of a new dining room and kitchen for the country club. Stacey couldn't believe her luck yet, and walked into the main foyer in a daze.

"Stacey!" Ally shouted, and bounced over happily to Stacey.

Stacey's eyes couldn't help but feast over Ally's body, sporting a tight purple ADIDAS tank top, pressing together her cleavage that seemed to shimmer, and a white tennis skirt. Ally's legs looked of silk and were tanned caramel. Standing next to her Stacey realized she was right when she guessed Ally's height. She stood just an inch shorter than Stacey.

"How was the drive? Not too long I hope?" Ally asked as Stacey snapped back into reality.

"Oh, no, it was great actually. It's very peaceful out here!"

Ally and Stacey discussed the new dining room and after Stacey had seen the kitchen to the other dining room she was jumping at the idea of being head chef for the country club. Ally then surprised Stacey and asked her to play some tennis.

"Oh, I honestly am not very good with tennis. Well, any sport to be honest. I'm a bit clumsy on my feet." Stacey replied.

"Well, it is a bit hot outside anyway," Ally replied with disappointment, "Oh, how about a swim!?"

Stacey sensed Ally seemed lonely and didn't want her to leave.. and personally, the thought of seeing Ally in a swimming suit was too good to pass up.

"Well, I would love to, but I don't have anything appropriate to swim in." Stacey had spent the morning deciding on whether to dress casual or smart, and decided it was best to stay professional with an opportunity like this. She wore a baby blue blouse with black dress pants that hugged her ass tightly, along with black dress heels.

"Oh, no worries, I have something you could wear!" Ally replied, "I have a bedroom here."

"Well, of course you do." Stacey thought quietly, in awe at the world of the high society she was visiting. Her apartment was tiny, with ONE bedroom, which struggled to hold all her clothing. Her living room shared a wall for the kitchen, and her bathroom should honestly be called a shower and toilet room, because there wasn't any space for a bath.

Stacey stepped into Ally's bedroom at the country club, and her eyes widened. The bedroom was larger than her entire apartment. Stacey also noticed a familiar theme of white and purple, and this seemed to comfort her. Ally had already started pulling out dozens of bikinis and told Stacey to choose something.

"Are you sure?" Stacey asked, then felt a bit silly after receiving the "Are you stupid, have you seen how many bikinis I've just thrown on the bed, I won't miss it," look from Ally.

Before Stacey could say anything else Ally stripped off her tank top and tennis skirt, leaving Stacey flushed in the face and feeling awkward, but she didn't want to ruin her chances of seeing the second layer being removed.

Stacey nonchalantly started to pick through bikinis to find anything she hoped would do her body justice. She started to feel a bit self-conscious the longer she watched Ally's body. Ally pulled off her sports bra, and her large round tits sat perfectly on her chest.

Ally noticed Stacey's face had reddened, and worried she had been too relaxed around Stacey, "Oh, I'm sorry.. Did you want me to dress in the bathroom?"

"No!.." Stacey answered too quickly and tried to recover, "No.. It's cool. They're just.. staring at me" She mumbled the last bit.

Ally didn't respond but bit her lip and smiled, and carried on dressing into a lavender purple bikini with white banding and ties. Stacey was still having trouble finding anything she felt confident in.

"Well, come on then, what are you waiting for?" Ally teased.

"Well, I just don't know what to wear, they're all a little.. revealing.. to what I'm used to. Got any one pieces?" Stacey asked, only half joking.

"Are you afraid of what I will think?" Ally asked, concerned about Stacey's feelings, "Or what others at the club might say?"

Stacey decided to protect her feelings toward Ally and answered, "Well, the others at the club, I'm already feeling a bit out of place."

"Never mind then, follow me."

Stacey followed Ally into the bathroom, which had a large jacuzzi tub already filled. "Perhaps you'll feel more comfortable in here?" Ally said, moving closer to Stacey, gently taking her hand. Ally pulled Stacey toward her and started to fiddle with one of Stacey's blouse buttons.

Stacey swallowed nervously, until Ally sexily bit her lip smiling. That was all Stacey needed to see, and she leaned into Ally, brushing her lips against the gorgeous new bride. Ally responded with a small kiss, and then kissed Stacey deeply. She had undone the bottom two buttons of Stacey's blouse, and ran her hands inside. Stacey felt a jolt of excitement run through her body as Ally's hands rubbed her lower back and waist.

Stacey grew with confidence and began kissing Ally with tongue. With each movement of Stacey's tongue in her mouth, Ally felt her clit respond. Pulling at the rest of the buttons, Ally pulled Stacey's blouse off to reveal a white and pink lacey bra. Excitement grew inside Ally as she noticed a more feminine side to Stacey she hadn't seen before. Now with full confidence, Stacey unbuttoned her own pants and pulled them down, kicking them across the bathroom.

It thrilled Ally more to see matching white and pink lacey panties with bows at each hip. Running her hands down Stacey's body, she hooked her thumbs into Stacey's panties and fiddled with these tiny bows for a moment before pulling the panties over her small ass. Dropping them to the floor she pulled Stacey with her and sat against the jacuzzi tub. With Stacey leaning up against her body between her legs Ally ran her hands back up Stacey's body and cupped Stacey's full tits through her bra. The texture of the lace under her hands sent a pleasure through her body.

Stacey's hands ran up Ally's back and as she kissed her neck softly she pulled the tie to Ally's bikini top off. As the bikini top fell to the floor Stacey's hands snaked to Ally's chest and she cupped her breasts in her hands. Ally moaned under the touch of her new lovers soft hands. Untying her own bikini bottoms and kicking them to the floor, she unclasped Stacey's bra clips and guided her into the jacuzzi with her.

Stacey sat on one of the seats and pulled Ally into her lap and the lovers shared another moment kissing each other with passion. Suddenly Ally felt Stacey's fingers rubbing her clit up and down and she gasped into Stacey's neck, before gently biting her soft skin. Soon, Stacey's fingers started getting lower and lower, until buried in Ally's pussy. Stacey's fingers massaged her deep and Ally slid her own fingers to her clit and rubbed herself gently, trying to savor this moment of bliss.

Each time Ally came close to orgasm she eased the pressure against her pulsating clit. She never wanted this to end, but the moment Stacey took Ally's nipple into her mouth and began to suckle, the waves began to hit her. As Stacey slammed her pussy hard and suckled on her nipple, Ally applied pressure to her clit and exploded with pleasure. Stacey felt Ally's orgasm hit hard and buried her fingers deep inside her lover's pussy and held them against her G spot. Leaving her nipple, Stacey began kissing Ally hard on the mouth. As Ally's contracting pussy began to slow down Stacey pulled her fingers out and ran both her hands up and down her lover's thighs and they kissed lovingly.

Climbing out of the jacuzzi quickly, Ally guided Stacey back to the bedroom. With surprising force she pushed her onto the bed and climb on top of her, reuniting their lips once again. Stacey felt Ally's clit push up against hers and spread her legs a little more, trying to feel this woman as closely as she could. Ally grinded into the clit under hers until she worried Stacey was coming too close to orgasm. Climbing onto all fours, Ally leaned in and began kissing each of Stacey's nipples. Stacey groaned with some pleasure and some disappointment as her clit was desperate for touch. Sliding her own hand down to her clit, she began rubbing herself hard.

Ally felt the motion below her and snatched Stacey's hand away from pleasuring herself, holding them above her lovers head. "Oh, no, you're not getting away that easily" She said, with the sexiest smile Stacey had ever seen.

Ally trailed back down, first kissing below Stacey's ear and whispering, "I'm gonna tease you like crazy first." Ally's tongue licked along Stacey's shoulders, making her shudder, and she returned to kissing Stacey's nipple. With her hand, Ally fingered Stacey's nipple, as she flicked and savored the other. Stacey arched her back, craving her lover to touch her everywhere and anywhere, craving her lover to fuck her. As Ally switched to kiss the other nipple, she took it in her mouth and her hand ran down Stacey's flat belly. Her hand cupped Stacey's mound and Ally began to massage her.

Following her hand she kissed down Stacey's tummy and then settled between her legs. As Ally's fingers rubbed Stacey's clit, she kissed her inner thigh. Finally, Stacey threw her head back as she felt her lover slam her fingers inside her and start french kissing her clit. Stacey couldn't believe the speed of Ally's arm pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy, and thanked those years of tennis. As Ally finger fucked Stacey, she felt her lover's walls begin to tighten around her fingers, about to climax. This was her sign to turn up the pressure with her tongue and leave her fingers buried deep inside her lover. As her tongue flicked over and over as hard as she could, Stacey screamed in ecstasy, and her pussy clamped tightly onto Ally's fingers.

Ally kept her fingers buried deep inside her lover as she felt the contractions. She kissed her way back up to Stacey's face and kissed her heavily. When Stacey stopped contracting Ally lay next to Stacey and wrapped her arm and one leg over her. The two fell asleep together, the first time either had been happy in years.


Two days later, Ally walked into the foyer and asked if there were any messages. As she read through her usual messages, Mrs Wilkin walked past and said, "Oh, and I think Craig sent you some flowers, dear, I put them in your room."

"Thanks, Mom," Ally replied, without excitement. Craig always had flowers sent for her. She walked up to her room to change for a game of tennis, when she stopped in her tracks at the flowers on the bed.

"Purple roses? Craig always hated my purple roses," she thought to herself as she reached and picked up the envelope. A familiar tiny pink bow had been glued to the front.

The card inside read; Whenever you get tired of being Mrs Cheston, you'll be all mine. Until then, I'm all yours, sweetstuff.

The End

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