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I Love My Bestie Part One

I remeber my best friend from long ago. . . And pleasuring the one I have now!
"Good morning beautiful," Alan said while he caressed Sonia, softly kissing her as he outlined her curves through her bathrobe.

"Good morning baby," she replied with a bright smile while cooking eggs.
"Imagine it, in two days we'll have this big old house to ourselves."

"Mmm you got that right, two days. Which means you can tell Mr.Happy down there to cool himself while I cook breakfast," Sonia replied with a chuckle

Alan laughed his deep throaty laugh as he turned Sonia towards him and kissed her fully on the lips. Sonia simply melted into his huge frame and let him advance without restraint. He worked his way under her silk bathrobe to her naked body underneath and gently pinched her pert nipples. Sonia moaned and dropped to her knees and went down with his boxers. She instantly went to work on him, moaning for effect.

"Well Mom I thought I smelled eggs and bacon for breakfast, not sausage." I cocked my head to the side and smiled at the both of them.

"Ok wise ass, breakfast will be done in a few minutes." My mother said with a smile, standing up and getting back to breakfast.

My BEAR of father jumped over to me, picked me up and flung me into the air several times while I screamed in ecstasy.

"How's my College cock-blocking little girl doing this morning?" He said wrapping me into a bear hug.

"Well speaking of cockblocking, put that thing away Daddy before you put a hole through my stomach!"

"Good morning everybody." My older brother Josh greeted us as he sat at the table.

"Unnghh" I greeted the animal as my father set me down and pulled on his boxers.

"Allyyyssonnn." My mother said with that mom tone in her voice "Good morning Josh sweetie. Ally, where are those pajamas I bought for you on Thursday? What did I tell you about parading around the house in your underwear?"

She handed me the spatual and I finished the eggs as she sat down.

"Its how sluts dress these days." Chirped my little sister Tessa while she stretched the waistband, letting it POP back to my waist and taking her place at the table. I yelped.

"Believe it or not these are the most clothes any boy at school has seen on her." Josh triumphantly announced while Tessa snickered.

Conked him clean across the head with the spatula.

"Ouch. . ."

"Mom we're in Australia in the middle of summer for crying out loud, it's to hot to be wearing cotton pajama's."

"Then honey wear the silk ones I bought you on Tuesday."

"The feel of silk on my skin makes me drop-dead horny." I said matter-of-factly while pushing a loose strand out of my face and back behind my ear.

"Surprise, surprise." Josh just HAD to reply.


"Ouch. . ."

I set the table up and served everyone. I grabbed my own plate and sat up on top of the counter stuffing myself silly with eggs and bacon.

"Allyson, you need to clean out your room today, you're leaving in two days." My mother said, pointing her fork at me. "I want everything that's not going with you into the attic."

I looked up at her with a piece of bacon hanging out my mouth. I must of been pretty funny looking because even Dad stop eating to laugh. Tessa started choking.

"Karma's a bitch." I said when the chunk of egg came flying out her mouth.

I hopped off the counter and put my arm the men's shoulders.

"Awww Mommy, I was wondering if my big, strong Daddy and my brother could do it?"

"I don't care who does it Ally, I just want that room clean." She told me.

"What do you say guys?" I smiled real wide at the both of them.


"Sorry baby," He said while getting up. "Your mother and I have some unfinished business to attend to." He winked at me.

My mother laughed and they both set their plates in the sink and went upstairs to their room. I sat in Daddy's chair and clung on to Josh's arm.

"Mmm Joshy you've been working out!"

"Nopeeee." He felt proud of his answer

"Pretty please Joshy?" I gave him my most pleading look.


"How about I bake your favorite brownies today?"

"Unh unh."

"Sirloin for supper?"


I crossed my arms in mock frustration.

"Ok asshole I see what you want. I'll give you $50."

"You'll have to work harder than that sister."


"No deal."



"Alright $300!" You can see how clearly I DON'T wanna do this.

"I got paid yesterday." He told me with a smug grin.

I threw my hands up in the air and then got out the chair. I came up behind him and ran my fingers down his bare chest. I stooped down close and licked the outside of his ear carefully. I powered on the most sensuous, sultry voice I could muster.

"Please Joshua. . ." I continued rubbing his chest, going lower and lower. I continued licking and nibbling on his ear.

He moaned, closing his eyes and hung his head back. I had him.

"Nahh!" His eyes suddenly popping open, laughing.


I continued the act, this time moaning rabidly into his ear, pressing my breasts into his head, and sending my hands under the waistband of his boxers.

"How about a full-body massage?"

He shook his head.

"A shower?"

Once again. denied.

I played my last card.

I closed my eyes and moaned hard into his ear. He remained completely flaccid.

"How about a nice blowjob big brother?"

"I'M EATING!" Tessa exclaimed, her mouth full of eggs.

Josh seemed to be contemplating my last offer.


"Ughh,, asshole!"

Joshua laughed and set his plate in the sink and went off to his room.

I sat exasperated and looked down at my vibrant pink nails sitting in my lap. Tessa got up to put her plate in the sink and walked out the kitchen.


"NO ALLY." She said over her back.

I grabbed my plate from the counter and continued eating.

"KEEP IT DOWN UP THERE!!!" I screamed up towards my parents incessant thrashing.

I am surrounded by assholes. (-.-)


I almost had a heart attack when my friend Sarah appeared next to me.

"Oh my God Sarah! What the hell!" I said clutching my chest. She started laughing and I loved how her thick red curls bounced when she did. She plopped herself down in my lap and began eating.

"Damn girl, all that ahh!" I said

"You guys left the door unlocked. Ally, guess what! We got invited to QUT's Senior masquerade party!"

"Oh my GOD! SHUT UP!" I squealed in delight.

"My cousin heard we were coming to QUT and he got us some invitations! And we're only Freshmen!" She told me between forkfuls.

"Oh my God I love you soooo much for this Sara!"

She pushed the empty plate away and turned around in my lap to face me. Her hand came up to caress my face and she outlined my jaw with her index finger.

"Now how much exactly is that?" She inquired with a seductive smile as I lost myself in her touches.

Sarah began to massage my naked thigh while with her other hand she outlined my collarbone. She pressed into me, my firm nipples in turn pressing into her chest through the think fabric of my t shirt. Her hands dropped to my stomach and outlined my curves as she began to lick and suck my sensitive neck. I moaned and hung my head back to give her more access,, more room to please me. Her hands slipped under my shirt and slowly massaged my stomach, before sliding to my back. I was in flames as Sarah hit more and more of my erogenous zones. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy on my bare thigh, and I could soon feel her own juices mixing with mine.

"Ahhh. . ." Came the slight release from deep within me. Sarah's hands drifted down towards the waistband of my panties and came around to under my stomach. She ran her fingers through the trimmed, golden curls of my now wet pubic mound. I was wet like mad. Her finger found my hood and began to rub it furiously on top of my now very engorged clit. I yelped in pleasure and squirmed under her kisses which were now getting closer and closer to my lips.

"Sarahh. . . I love it when you do this. . ."

"I know you do. . ."

She found my lips and electricity shocked through my entire body as she subtly slid her tongue into my mouth. I couldn't get enough of her full, soft lips as she continued to rub me faster, and faster. She slipped a finger into my wet slit and I almost fainted from the pleasure. She brought the finger out of my panties and I could see my juices glistening in the morning sun as she slipped it in between our lips.

"Mmmm. . ." We both moaned in unison as we tasted the sweetness of our mixed nectar. She smiled at me and went back to rubbing my clit while her other hand fell onto my attention-craving nipple.

"Ohhhh fuck yes Sarah. . . you are making me soo hot right now. . ."

She picked up speed in both processes, and I could feel myself going over the edge. She knew it too, we did this too often for us not to know.

"Mmm Ally are you enjoying this as much as I am?" She purred.

My shallow breathing was getting even faster, and I answered her while I was teetering over the edge into the ocean of my orgasm.

"SARAH!!!!!" I tried to contain the orgasm that was wracking through me, and then I succumbed to its power and let its waves wash over me.

"Oooh Allyson that seemed intense." Joshua told me.

He stood behind us masturbating with a huge grin on his face.

"You fucking creep how long have you been there!" I screamed.

" 'Oh Sarah, I love it when you do this!' " He mocked.

Sarah burst into laughter with Joshua and was already planning to kill him.

"Wow little sister, you seemed to let Sarah have all the fun, I didn't see you do ANYTHING."

For once, this idiot was right. I shifted Sarah off of me and grabbed her hand, heading towards my room.

"Awww why did you guys stop?" Joshua said still stroking that monster he had.

"Fuck you Josh." I said while leading Sarah to my room.

"Awww Ally, look at the poor baby!" Sarah cooed.

She pulled her hand away from me and dropped down to Josh's stiff rod with a smile. I tapped my foot impatiently as I watched Josh take it all in and wink at me. Sarah was really working him and he was loving every single minute of it.

"C'mon sis, two are always better than one!" He chimed.

I flipped him the bird, two to be exact and he laughed it off as he shot his load into Sarah's mouth.

"Mmmm.. ." He grunted as he milked every single last drop onto her tongue.

"Yummy!" Sarah exclaimed

"Ew!" was the word I was saying.

Joshua laughed and I grabbed Sarah off her knees and led her up to my room. I don't know why but seeing Sarah suck off my brother had me horny as hell. I pushed her onto my bed and pulled the tank over my head to free my breasts. The sight of Sarah with her red hair fanned out and her ready for me made me shudder with pleasure. I disappeared under her skirt, pleased to find out she wasn't wearing any underwear. I lovingly licked at the inside of her thighs,making her shake with anticipation. I licked the soft red hair that was growing on her mound.

"Allllllyyyyyyyy, stop teasing me! You know *moan
how much I moan hate thaattt. . ."

I continued to lick up and around her sex, lapping up all the stray the juice before descending onto her clit.

"Mmm. . ."

I circled around her clit with my tongue, sucking and oh so gently nibbling her plump little button.

"Ohh fuck yes Ally. . . That feels so fucking good. . ."

My own pussy was dripping and making a puddle on the floor. I pushed two fingers into and began moaning myself.

I outlined her labia with my other hand and she began squirming under my touch like I was before, under hers. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and began rubbing the wall in deliberate, systematic circles. Sarah was breathing fast and I kept working.

"Ooooohh Alllyy!" She said.

She pushed me into her pussy and I ate hungrily, sucking and licking everything I could down there. I pulled out my fingers from myself and slowly turned and got on top of her, positioning my pussy over her mouth. My eyes closed and I shivered in pleasure as I felt her tongue slip inside me. Her hands were pushing my ass down into her face, hungry for more of me. I jumped back down in between her legs and the moaning from both of us added a beautiful vibrator into the mix.

"Ohhh fuck yes Sarah! Eat my pussy out! Fuck yes!!" I said before getting back to hers. I could feel her body tighten as she bucked and shook under my lithe frame from what seemed to be a mind-blowing orgasm. I happily lapped up the increase of juices from her orgasm and soon I could feel the familiar urge building in my pelvis.

"Oh my God Sarah I'm going to fucking cum!"

Sarah pushed her head deeper between me and continued her non stop rhythm. The urge was getting stronger and I was getting hotter and hotter. Once again I was going over the edge

"Mmmmm YES!" I screamed in pleasure.

I jerked and shook for ten seconds until I felt the cum shooting out of me. I fell limp as Sarah slurped and sucked at my cum.

"Holy fuck Sarah that was intense!" I said smiling.

"Who said we were done? It's my turn to be on top bitch!" She giggled as she said it

Sarah pushed me over onto my back and spread my legs as knelt in between them, and started to vigorously rub her clit against mine. We both screamed out in pleasure as we began to grind harder and harder onto each other's sex. The sight of her little patch of red above her pussy and her breasts bouncing up and down made me bump even harder. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed, then began rolling her nipples began my fingers.

"Oh fuck Ally, Ive never felt this way before!!"

I moaned in response and soon Sarah was bucking on top of me.

"OhmyGod ohmyGod OhmyGod Ally!!! It's happening!! I'm cummmiinnnngggg!!!" She screamed

For the first time Sarah shot a squirt of cum onto my hot, wet pussy. She wearily collapsed on top of me, both of us panting heavily. I turned her over and fell onto her pussy, eager to taste her first cum.

"Yummy!" I exclaimed

She laughed and I moved up to share her cum with her. I lovingly caressed her face as we kissed and swapped the taste of each other.

"Allyson. that was fucking amazing!!!!!!" She squealed in pure delight.

"Oh my God I know right!!" I told her.

"We HAVE to do that again! I'll stay the whole day if I have to."

"Great! We'll do it in Tessa's room when we're done cleaning mine out." I said quickly


"C'mon lover girl we have to clean all of this out and into the attic before we both head out to QUT." I told her.

"Ughhhhhhhh." She groaned.

We both put on some clothes and pulling down posters, medals, trophies, and all other kinds of things into boxes for the attic.

"Hey Ally what's this?" She was holding a tiny box full of drawings and other things.

"Oh my God!" I said.

I rushed over to her and flipped through the box.

"These are things from my best guy friend in the whole world when we were little! We grew up together since we were babies. We used to everything together, even shower! His name was Corey. I wonder what happened to him? He used to live next door to me."

"That is so cute and so sad at the same time!!" Sarah told me. "I always wanted a guy Bestie!"

"I'm gonna go ask my mom what happened to him. She used to be really tight with his mother."

I walked down the hall and up the stairs to my parents room.

"Ma!!!!" I shouted into the hallway before I got to their room.

"In a minute dear!! Ooooh yes Alan!" She replied

"Ughh. They're like rabbits, always at it."

I stood out the door for a few minutes until I heard both of them scream, and walked in 45 seconds later. They were panting and drenched in sweat, still naked.

"Mom, what happened to Corey?"

I crossed over to the bed and sat next to her. They turned to the spooning position and Mom thought for a moment.

"You know, the boy next door that used to my best friend? Look at these." I said.

Dad played with her nipples as she examined the paraphernalia in the box.

"Ohhhh! Corey! Oh yes I remember him and his mother Louise!"

"And his Dad Joseph." My father contributed as he lift my mothers leg into the air.

"They live in Brisbane now baby." She told me

Dad starting grinding into Mom and she moaned.

"DAD!" I screamed.

"You are such a cockblocker!" He teased.

I snorted.

"How come I never hear from them Ma?" I asked her.

"Why, I talk to Louise almost everyday honey! As a matter-of-fact, I heard Corey was accepted into QUT also. Wouldn't it be so nice if you guys met up again?"

I thought for a moment as I looked at the drawings of us holding hands.

"Yea, that would be nice. . ."

I must've sat there too long because soon Dad was picking me up and putting me out the room.


He set me outside with a laugh, and I could hear him run and jump onto the bed

Fucking rabbits.

I went back over to my room to see Sarah had done nothing since I left.

"So did you found out what happened to him?" She inquired.

"Yea I did, they live in Brisbane and he's actually going to QUT."

"Allyson!!! Oh my God! EEEEEEHHH!!!"

"WHAT??!?!" I jumped ready to run out the room.

"This is sooooooo cute! Ok, you guys are best friends since birth, only to be ripped apart, and then fate forces you two to meet years later!!! What a love story!!"

First, I slapped her upside the head for making me scared like that.

"You're right. That is weird." I said as I held one drawing of us getting married in the sunset. . .

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