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I want you for Christmas CH3

The weekend came and went without the girls running into each other but Lilly knew when Kelly would be working and was standing next to the exit of the mall at the end of her shift. She saw Kelly hesitate for just a second before smiling and walking towards her. Lilly bounced up to Kelly and gave her a tight hug before stepping back before her lips got any ideas.

“So how was your first day of work?” She asked handing Kelly her jacket.

“Much more crazy than I thought. I think a million people wanted coco.”

Lilly laughed as they walked out of the Mall where the snow was falling much harder than Kelly had seen it so far. They were able to see just a few feet ahead so Lilly took Kelly’s hand in hers as they walked. Neither of them talked as they walked trying to stay as warm as they could in the storm. After a rather grueling walk they arrived at Lilly’s Apartment complex.

“Come inside till the storm lets up.” Lilly said pulling her to the door.

Kelly did not even try and argue and followed her. She remembered Lilly’s door being the fourth door on the right but when they walked right past that one she figured she was wrong. Lilly led her down the hall to the stairs where she turned around with a mischievous smile.

“I have a surprise for you.” She said pulling a scarf out of her purse.

“I don’t like surprises Lilly.”

Lilly ignored her and wrapped the scarf around Kelly’s eyes and threatened to tie her hands behind her back if she resisted. Kelly sighed as she was led up several flights of stairs then brought to a stop. She was told to keep her eyes closed as the blindfold was removed and a door opened assaulting them both with cold and snow.

“What the fuck are you doing Lilly?” Kelly asked a little worried she was about to be pushed off the roof for slapping her.

“Trust me.” Lilly whispered in her ear before kissing her on the neck.

Kelly started fumbling with her foot ahead of each step before she reached what felt like the edge of the building. Before Lilly told her to do so she opened her eyes expecting to be on the edge of the building. But to her dismay she was in the middle of the roof standing next to a large hot tub that was completely enclosed on all sides except for a small open space that served as a door. The whole inside of it was decked out with Christmas lights and even had a small fake tree in a corner.

“What’s going on?”

“Well I know how you like a hot bath to thaw out from the snow so I thought after work you might enjoy a dip in the hot tub.” Lilly said leading her up the steps.

“I don’t know about this Lilly.”

“Humor me Kelly I was freezing my bum off for 3 hours decorating this place for you.


There was a three foot deck around the whole tub that looked like it was polished redwood. Kelly turned around and watched as Lilly lowered a tacked up blanket to block any snow that could have made it into the tub and turned towards Kelly and started taking her jacket off.

“I don’t have a swimsuit Lilly.”

Lilly just smiled and turned a little red as she removed her jacket and sweater. Kelly felt herself go weak in the knees when she saw that under Lilly’s sweater she did not have on anything else. She had seen a lot of nude girls on movies and a few real girls in her past but none of them had breasts like Lilly did, that she was sure of. She knew her face must have turned several shades of read as she watched Lilly strip out of all of her clothes and stood fully nude in front of her.

“Well am I a ten or what?” Lilly asked holding her arms out.

Kelly was speechless, all she could do was nod her head and smile. She watched as the nude goddess stepped into the tub and sat down covering her whole body. When Lilly asked her if she was going to be bathing alone Kelly could not strip off her clothes fast enough. She watched as Lilly bit her bottom lip as she looked her up and down before sliding over on the bench for Kelly to step into the tub and sit down. As soon as Kelly sat down in the hot water she started to feel really good. Not even in her bath tub did she feel this warm.

“God you are a beautiful woman.” Lilly said scooting closer to Kelly and putting a hand on her thigh.

“So are you.” Kelly said blushing.

Slowly Lilly started to run her fingers up and down Kelly’s leg watching her closely for any signs that it was unwelcome. After several minutes without seeing any bad looks from Kelly she figured that she did not mind her touches. Lilly could feel herself getting rather aroused from just touching Kelly but she was not trying to seduce her. Well not just yet anyway. All she wanted to do was help Kelly relax a little after work.

After another minute of rubbing her thigh Lilly moved her hand up Kelly’s body to her shoulders and gently started to rub her left shoulder. Kelly leaned her head forward allowing Lilly to rub her shoulders unobstructed.

“Turn your back to me.” Lilly said sounding almost seductive. “That way I can rub both your shoulders.

Kelly did not say a word. She just turned so Lilly could do as she wanted. Kelly felt Lilly shift behind her then one of her legs slipped past her left hip then another leg went past her right. Lilly crossed her legs around Kelly’s lap and began working her fingers into the flesh of her shoulders making sure to apply just enough pressure as to not cause pain.

“God Lilly that feels so good.” Kelly moaned leaning her head back so that it was resting in Lilly’s shoulder.

Lilly was beyond getting control over her self and as soon as Kelly’s head was on her shoulder Lilly slid her hands down her chest and cupped each of her breasts in her hands. Kelly took a sharp breath and let it our from quivering lips. It had been too long since she had felt another’s hands on her, and she liked it. Once again emboldened by not sensing any reluctance from Kelly, Lilly started kissing her neck softly. Working her way from just below her right ear all the way down to her shoulder Lilly did not leave an inch of flesh un-kissed.

Gently kneading Kelly’s breasts with her hands Lilly felt herself getting more and more turned on. Finally it was time to up the stakes and Lilly slipped out from behind Kelly and almost roughly pushed her up against the back of the hot tub. Before Kelly could say anything Lilly was pressing her lips to hers and straddling her hips. With their breasts mashed together and their lips locked the only thing they could do with their hands was run them through each others hair.

Kelly allowed herself to be swept away by the flood of senses and emotions cascading through her body. She felt Lilly’s tongue pressing against her lips wanting entrance into her mouth. She was more than happy to grant her access and parted her lips just enough. Lilly’s tongue darted into her mouth and began probing all around. Their tongues began a wrestling match in Kelly’s mouth. A match Kelly was more than willing to lose.

After only a minute of this Lilly wanted more and started to slid her hands down Kelly’s body heading right for her pussy. Just as Lilly’s hand came into contact with her pussy Kelly came to her senses. She realized that she hardly even knew this woman who was now trying to finger fuck her. She liked Lilly, that was a given but she still did not want anything to happen in this state, she was not staying.

“Wait, wait, wait Lilly.” Kelly said pulling her head back and grabbing Lilly’s hands and taking them away from her pussy just before Lilly slid her fingers in.

“What? What is it?” Lilly asked breathlessly.

“I cant do this.”

“Why not?”


“That’s not a good answer.”

Before Kelly could say anything else Lilly got off of her and sat on the other side of the tub looking at one of the walls. She had her legs pulled up to her chest and her arms were wrapped around them. Kelly could still see her breathing hard and knew that even though she looked upset she was still turned on. She did feel bad about stopping her but she knew it would be wrong to let her think they could be together. She knew that is exactly how Lilly would feel. She was not the kind of girl who would have a one night stand.

Kelly slid over to where Lilly was sitting and placed a hand on her shoulder only to have Lilly pull away. She sighed and leaned against the edge of the tub.

“Lilly listen.”

“If you don’t like me then why did you kiss me the other day?” Lilly asked interrupting her.

Kelly could hear the sadness in her voice and knew she was on the verge of crying. She did not know what to say. She just looked at the back of Lilly’s head until Lilly started to tremble slightly. Now Kelly really felt bad. She had made Lilly cry once again. But this time she was not walking away and was going to do what she could to see her smile again.

She stood up and stepped around Lilly and sat back down almost in her lap. Lilly had her head down and Kelly could see the tears dripping into the tub. She placed her hand under Lilly’s chin and lifted her head and made her look her in the eyes. Kelly wanted to say something to make her stop crying but she just could not think of anything that would work so she simply leaned in and kissed her softly. It was not at hot and heavy as the kiss a minute ago but there was just as much passion and feeling if not more. The kiss did not last very long and when Kelly pulled back she looked right into Lilly’s eyes. They were still misty but she was not longer crying.

“Stop playing with my head.” Lilly said. “Do you want to be with me or not?”

“Its complicated.”


“Lets not talk about it here. Lets go to your apartment.”

Lilly nodded and stood up and started grabbing her clothes sniffling a few times as she did so. Kelly stood up and started looking for a towel to dry off but not seeing one she asked Lilly. Lilly giggled and told her that she did not bring any towels up.

“So how the hell are we gonna get back inside? I don’t want to get my clothes wet.”

“Have you ever ran through an apartment complex nude before?” Lilly asked giggling.

“Ummm no.”

Lilly took Kelly by the hand and they both ran across the rooftop to the door that led to the stairs. Lilly was giggling as they walked down the stairs to the first floor. She opened the door and stuck her head out and looked both ways before telling Kelly that they were clear. She flung the door open the both girls ran out into the hall and passed other apartment doors right up to Lilly’s.

“Oh no!” Lilly said when she turned the door knob but nothing happened. “Its locked.”


Lilly was laughing as she dropped her clothes and started rummaging through her pants like a mad woman.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God where is the key!” She laughed.

Kelly was looking down the hall in both directions praying nobody would come into the hall and catch them both butt ass necked in the hall. Luck was not on her side. A door right next to Lilly’s opened just as Lilly found her key. She started working on getting the key into the lock with Kelly right behind her pressing against her as if she was trying to push her though the door.

Kelly watched as an older woman walked out of the apartment door and turned and looked right at them with a shocked look.

“Girls!” She said and her mouth dropped open.

“Hello Mrs. Brown.” Lilly said before her door opened and both girls fell inside.

Kelly landed right on top of Lilly with her clothes between them and kicked the door closed leaving Lilly’s clothes in the hall. She laid her head down on top of Lilly’s shoulder and started to laugh slightly.

“Oh my god that was so embarrassing.” She said before rolling off of Lilly.

“It embarrassed you?” Lilly asked sitting up and throwing her leg over Kelly’s so that she was straddling her. “That woman used to baby sit me when I was little.”

Kelly put her arms behind her head as if she was relaxing. Lilly had her hands resting on Kelly’s stomach but seeing the look on Kelly’s face she sat back and giggled.

“See something you like?” She asked.

“As a point of fact I do.”

“Want to do something about it?”

“I cant.”

“Because. Right?”

Lilly folded her arms over her chest and got off of Kelly’s hips shacking her head. She opened the door and simply reached out and grabbed her clothes that were left in the hall and started walking down the hall. Kelly sighed and got off the floor and followed her down the hall dragging her clothes with her. She found Lilly sitting on her bed with her back facing the door.

“Can I explain?” Kelly asked.

“Nothing to explain, I’m just not pretty enough for you.” Lilly said keeping her back to the door.

“Oh don’t even start with that.”

Kelly walked over to the bed and sat down next to Lilly shivering a little. The apartment was warm enough but she was still cold from their mad dash across the roof. She reached back and pulled the large blanket off of the bed and wrapped it around Lilly and herself. She put her arm around Lilly’s waist and pulled her against her before trying to think of what to say.

“Lilly, you are an extremely sexy girl and I would be a fool or straight if I did not want to be with you. The reason I cant sleep with you is because I am not going to stay in Washington longer than I need to get back to California.”

“What do you mean?” Lilly asked.

“I did not come here by choice. My parents made me come because I could not afford a place of my own.”

“So what, your afraid to get close to someone because you are gonna leave some day?”


“That is the silliest thing I have ever heard.” Lilly laughed.

Kelly did not try and argue with that one. She knew it was stupid. All she did was slide off the bed and started to get dressed. Lilly was off the bed before Kelly could even get her panties on and stood in front of her.

“Please don’t go.” She said.

“I cant sleep with you Lilly.” Kelly told her as she fastened her bra.

“Then don’t. But you can at least stay for dinner or something.”

Kelly flopped down on the bed and sighed. She did want to stay with Lilly but her inner pessimist kept telling her she would only end up getting hurt or hurting Lilly and she did not want that. Lilly knew Kelly was battling with herself and decided to help her make up her mind. She straddled Kelly’s hips. Before Kelly could say anything she leaned down and pressed her lips to Kelly’s.

“Please stay.” She whispered once their lips separated.

Kelly was trying her best to think of what to do but having Lilly this close to her and most of all after the kiss her mind was not working like it should have been. Her heart was about to hammer out of her chest and she could feel her panties getting wet. She would be lying to herself if she told herself that she did not want Lilly.

Whale Kelly was still arguing with herself Lilly decided to once again take matters into her own hands to try and convince her to stay. She leaned down again and kissed Kelly and began running a hand up Kelly’s body over her bra covered breasts and slowly up her arm. As she got more into the kiss Lilly slid her tongue into Kelly’s mouth and grabbed Kelly’s wrist and started sliding it down until it was level with her pussy.

Kelly’s hand took on a life of its own and began rubbing Lilly’s pussy quickly becoming wet. Lilly moaned into her mouth when Kelly inserted two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. Lilly started gyrating her hips and pulled away from the kiss and rolled her head back as a guttural moan erupted from her throat.

Kelly’s mind was in a haze during the kiss and as she was fingering Lilly but that one moan snapped her back to reality and what she was doing. All at once Kelly rolled Lilly onto her back and jumped off the bed and backed into the wall.

“Wait why did you stop?” Lilly asked sounding out of breath like she had just run a mile.

Kelly just stared wide eyed at Lilly who was on her back with her legs spread wide. Kelly could see moisture dripping down Lilly’s pussy and had an almost overwhelming urge to dive face first into her and eat her alive. Lilly could see where Kelly was looking and smiled as she reached down with her right hand and spread her lips as wide as she could.

Kelly took a step forward then quickly back against the wall. Lilly smiled again as she slipped one of her fingers on her left hand all the way into her pussy then back out. Her finger was covered in her wetness and she brought it up to her lips and sucked her finger clean as she was looking Kelly in her eyes.

“I promise you I’m sweet.” She moaned slipping her finger back into her pussy and holding it up for Kelly. “Want to taste? Or would you rather get it right from the source?”

Kelly knew her defenses were crumbling and did the only thing she could do. She scooped up her clothes and ran for the door. Lilly just laid on the bed with her legs still open looking down the hallway till she heard her door open and slam shut. Then she just rolled her head back and laughed about the situation she found herself in. Once again she was falling for a woman who was only going to end up hurting her. She stood up and walked to her window and opened the curtains just enough to look out and now be seen by anyone walking around.

She watched as Kelly came running out of the apartment complex still struggling with getting her jacket on and running down the street hell bent for home. Lilly continued to watch until Kelly was out of sight before reaching into her bottom drawer and snatching her little bag of toys and dirty movies and flopping back on her bed. She was way beyond horny by then and if she did not get release she was going to explode.

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