I want you for Christmas

By Amber_Sweetheart

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Chapter 1

It was so fucking stupid. That’s all Kelly could think about as she trudged through the knee deep snow on her way home from another pointless job interview. She hated being cold, and hated snow even more. She figured that’s why her mom and dad decided to move from California up to Washington. She figured they wanted her to move out on her own but would not kick her out.

“So they are going to freeze me out?” She thought out loud.

She had been doing her best since day one to get a job so she could move back to California where she has what resembled a life. But just like in California the economy sucked so bad she could not even get a job flipping burgers at a fast food joint. As she marched through the snow she did her best to ignore all the people around that were laughing and having a good time. An occasional snow ball would fly past her making her flinch expecting to become the victim of a snowball to the face.

She picked up a little speed when her mom and dads house came into view and never saw the movement in the trees on the right side of the path she was walking on. All of a sudden a rather large and tightly packed snowball smashed right into her face sending her backwards into the snow. She heard footsteps coming towards her and a woman laughing and got to her feet ready to kill the snowball sniper.

“Oh that was a great shot I caught you so off guard….Oh.” The woman said stopping several feet away from Kelly. “Oh my god I am so sorry I thought you were one of my friends.”

“What in the hell is wrong with you?” Kelly yelled stepping towards the bewildered woman.

“I’m sorry, it was a mistake honest. It was just snow, no harm done right?”

“No harm done? I am fucking covered in snow and have it down my jacket!”

Before the woman could say another word Kelly reared back and slapped her across the face with as much force as she could muster sending the woman to the ground with a small trickle of blood flowing from her nose. All the people that were within earshot of what had happened turned to watch as Kelly stomped away leaving the woman sobbing in the snow with a white glove pressed against her bleeding nose.

She was still fuming with rage when she got home and shook what was left of the snow out of her jacket before quickly heading down the hallway to take a warm bath. She could not understand why the girl would mistake her for one of her friends seeing as Kelly had no friends in this shitty little state and truth be told she did not want any. Having friends only means that you will lose them one day. She had gone through that when she had left California and was not about to go through it again. Especially because she was not planning on staying in Washington for much longer. She needed to get a job to save the money to get back home to the sun and sand of the beaches.

As the bath tub filled with almost scalding hot water Kelly stripped off her clothes and tossed them into the corner of the bathroom where they made a splattering sound on the floor from the amount of snow that had melted in them. Parts of her body were starting to regain feeling from being so cold making them tingle and sting only adding to her anger about the snowball incident.

“Little bitch.” She muttered as she stepped into the hot water.

She laid back in the tub letting the hat water envelop her body and sighed with relief. Covering her face with a washcloth she closed her eyes and simply tried to relax. For several minutes her mind was blank causing her to almost fall asleep when she felt fingers running up and down her side right up to her breasts. Quickly sitting up and sloshing water out of the tub and onto the floor she took the washcloth off her face and looked to see who was touching her only to see that she was still alone in the bathroom. It was only then that she realized that the fingers belonged to her.

She thought back trying to remember the last time she had gotten off, either by herself or from having sex. She was almost amused to think that the last orgasm she had was back in California in her car as her best friend finger fucked her as they watched the sun go down into the sea. That was over 2 months ago.

“Wow I cant believe its been that long.” She thought getting out of the tub.

She quickly dried herself off before walking out of the bathroom completely nude and heading for her bedroom. She flopped down on her bed and began running her fingers over her nipples smiling when they stiffened. Rolling her nipples between her fingers Kelly’s breath became harder and faster and her arousal grew to heights she could not remember ever getting to before. She closed her eyes and dropped a hand down to her pussy slipping a finger right into her sopping wet hole taking her by surprise.

A low moan escaped her lips as she started moving her finger in and out of her pussy as she alternated which nipple she was pinching and pulling with her other hand. Her moans picked up in frequency and volume as her finger in her pussy was joined by a second finger and she began to really go to town on herself. Curving her fingers in her pussy Kelly began rubbing her G-Spot quickly raising her pleasure as she pinched her right nipple much harder than she meant to.

The combination of the pain and pleasure was just what it took to push her over the edge. As her orgasm washed over her she was shocked to find that she was gushing cum from her pussy. She had never done that before but she could not think about it for long as a primeval groan erupted from her throat and she flexed her back as the most intense orgasm of her life continued to wash over her. By the time it had subsided Kelly was completely exhausted and a large puddle was on the side of her bed.

“Holy shit,” She panted “That was fucking great.”

She laid on her bed and ran her fingers over her body feeling tingles everywhere she touched. Several times she dipped her fingers into her pussy and licked her juices off of them as she came down from her sexual euphoria. Feeling how tired she was Kelly slid to the side of her bed that was not wet and covered herself in her sheets and drifted off to sleep.

Lilly sat on the snow covered ground bleeding all over her brand new mittens for several minutes before she was helped to her feet by some of the people who saw what happened. She had tears frozen to her face that she could not clear away. Her trademark smile had been wiped off her face and replaced by a frown that caused her physical pain seeing as she never frowned. She looked down at her ruined mitten and felt a new wave of tears coming on. It had been a gift from her grand mother just that morning as an early Christmas gift.

She simply nodded her head when she was asked if she was ok before turning and heading down the path trying her best to hide her face from everyone she passed.

“Why did she have to hit me?” She thought, “It was just a snowball.”

She shuffled her way through the snow but this time she did not kick it all around playfully like all the times before. She simply walked. Her nose had stopped bleeding by the time she walked through the door of her small one bedroom apartment. The smell of sugar cookies washed over her as she took off her jacket. All year long just the smell of sugar cookies is enough to bring a smile to her face. This time was not no different as a small smile crept to her lips.

“Well its about time you came home.” Her mom said stepping out of the kitchen with a try of cookies in her hands. “I know how much you love decorating… what the hell happened to your face?”

“Nothing mama,” Lilly said turning her head. “I caught a snowball in the nose that’s all.”

“Lilly it looks like someone hit you.”

“With a snowball mama honest.”

Her mom looked at her with knowing eyes before setting the plate of cookies down on the table and pulled a chair out for Lilly to sit in and start decorating. Lilly went into the bathroom and dabbed a warm wash cloth under her nose to clear away the dried blood and tears that had frozen to her face.

“I can’t believe I just lied to my mom.” She thought before walking back out to the table and started to decorate the cookies and her mom talked about what Christmas gifts she was going get for Lilly’s dad and sister.

Lilly basically just nodded her head whenever her mom asked a question but her mind was on Kelly. She could not understand no matter how hard she tried why Kelly had gotten so upset from getting hit with a snowball. She could not get Kelly’s face out of her mind and even though she was angry she could see that Kelly was a very beautiful woman.

She had always had a thing for dark haired girls. Even though all she saw of Kelly’s hair was a few stray strands that were dangling out from beneath her winter cap. Given the time between throwing the snowball and getting knocked back from the slap Lilly had only a few seconds to look Kelly over. Aside from the dark hair Lilly noticed a young and beautiful face with nice green eyes. The kind of eyes that she could get lost in. As for Kelly’s body it was too covered up with clothing to get a good idea what she looked like but Lilly was sure she was beautiful.

“I think that cookie has enough icing honey.” Her mom said.

Lilly blinked her mind clear and looked down at the cookie in her hand that was dripping the icing that she was still spreading on with the spoon. She mumbled under her breath before scraping the icing back into the bowl and taking a big bite out of the cookie. She smiled as she tasted the warm cookie with what was left of the frosting. This was one of her favorite parts of the holidays even though she knew she would have to work like crazy in the gym to work off the extra pounds she was going to put on. Not to mention the lecture she was going to get from her dentist about the sweets.

For over an hour she sat there decorating cookies and eating a number of them as her mom baked and chatted about that coming holiday. By the time they were all done the unpleasant run in with Kelly was far from Lilly’s thoughts but not her face, she could still see Kelly’s face every time she blinked. She was beginning to think that she was actually angry about being slapped but she did not feel angry. Once all the cookies were decorated Lilly and her mom sat down at the table with the traditional hot coco and shopping catalogs and started making lists of what they would like for Christmas.

Once her mom had left, Lilly mixed some chocolate liquor into her coco and went to take a nice long bubble bath and unwind from the day. Stripping off her clothes she looked at her body in the mirror and smiled knowing that before the holidays were over she would be a little roly-poly. Her body was shaped like most girls could only dream of. Long slender legs that were well toned from running in the gym all the time. Her pussy was shaven clean because in her experiences a hairy pussy was a turn off and she wanted her pussy to drive women crazy. She did not have a full six pack of abs but what she had helped her to look as sexy as any super model she had ever seen.

Her breasts were her favorite part of her body. They were just above palm size with dark areolas and almost always erect nipples. Breasts were her biggest turn on in the world. If a girl would let her she would simply play with her lovers tits all day and night. But none of her past lovers would let her play with them for long before wanting her to move on. She playfully gave both her nipples a soft pinch and tug feeling a tingle in her pussy before she stepped into the bathtub that was quickly filling with bubbles.

She giggled when she sat down too fast and sent some of the bubbles floating into the air where she quickly jabbed at them with a finger trying to pop them all before they landed back in the tub.

Once they were all popped or had landed back in the tub she scooped up a hand full of bubbles and blew hard on them sending them in every direction. A small cluster of them landed on her nose making her go cross eyed to look at them. She started twitching her nose to knock them free but they were persistent bubbles and stayed right where they were.

“Oh you are going to get it.” She giggled.

She pushed aside all the bubbles in the tub till she could see the water then scooped up some water in both hands and threw it in her face. When she opened her eyes she looked at her nose to see if any renegade bubbles were left and pumped her fist in triumph when she saw that they were all gone.

“I warned you.” She giggled again before laying back in the tub sending more bubbles flying into the air.

She reached for her mug of special coco and took a large sip. She sighed when she felt herself warm up from the mixture of alcohol and coco. Setting her mug back down she lifted one of her legs out of the bubble bath and wiggled her toes before slamming it back Into the water once again sending bubbles flying into the air. She erupted in laughter when she saw several clusters of bubbles stick to the ceiling of the bathroom. Once she had effective eradicated all the bubbles in the tub she finally grabbed a wash cloth and scrubbed herself clean before draining the tub and turning on the shower to rinse away the left over soap.

As soon as she shut off the shower she threw open the shower doors and jumped out of the tub just about slipping on the tiled floor making her laugh even more. She drained her mug and skipped into the kitchen still nude and dripping wet to fill her mug with more of her special coco. She sipped at her drink that she made even stronger than the one before as she walked back into the bathroom and dried herself off.

She was beginning to feel a little tipsy by that point and walked into the living room again and laid down nude on her couch and started flipping through the TV channels. It did not take her long to locate a movie to watch. It was a Charlie Brown Christmas. She did not feel right about watching such a movie nude so she trotted into her room and threw on her red pajamas that had Christmas trees and presents all over it then trotted back into the living room and flopped down on the couch.

By the time the movie was over the alcohol was really affecting her so she shut off the TV and walked into her room stripping off her pajamas as she went. She tossed back the covers and slid in gasping as the cold material passed over her skin. Pulling the covers up to her neck and shutting off the light she yawned and thought about her options. She could not decide if she should masturbate or go to sleep. She always did enjoy a good drunken masturbation session but she was also exhausted from her day. She was still in the middle of deciding when her body decided for her and she slipped off into a deep sleep with the dreams of snowball fights and carols.