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I Wanted Her So Bad ...

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The truth is, I had always wanted her.
'Beep Beep'.... A text message. Who could that be at 3am?

'Not long till I'm home baby. I cannot wait to be inside you xxx'

It was my boyfriend. He had only been gone 3 days but it felt like a life time without any cock. I read the text message again. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet.

Knock knock on my bedroom door. It must be Rachel. She was staying with me for the weekend. She had been my best friend for years.

“Come in” I shouted. She popped her head round the door. “Sorry, I can’t sleep. I heard your phone so I thought you’d be awake” she said.

I told her to come in and regretted it instantly. I turned on the light as she walked towards my bed; she was wearing nothing but see-through pyjamas. I couldn’t help but stare.

See, the truth is, I had always wanted her. No other women, just Rachel. It had all started in High School when we had played ‘Truth or Dare’ and we had been dared to kiss each other. After that, we got close to something happening a few times at various parties, but we both tried to ignore it.

She sat at the bottom of my bed and crossed her legs, I could see her pussy. I was trying so hard not to look, but I think she knew. Why was she wearing those damn pyjamas? I knew her, and I knew she’d never wear anything to wear like that to bed, unless she was getting laid.

“So how come you’re still awake?” she asked.

“Ian’s just text me and woke me up. How come you’re awake?” I said.

“I’m too horny to sleep. I haven’t been laid in ages. Sex is all I can think about” she said.

My mouth dropped open. Rachel was never very open about sex. I’d ever heard her say she was horny before. I didn’t mind though, I kind of liked it.

“Oh” I said, “guess that’s what happens when there are no men around. But what can you do??”

 She got up of the bed and walked towards the door, just before leaving she turned around, winked at me and said “I’m sure I’ll think of something”.

I felt my pussy twitching as she closed my bedroom door.

‘Beep beep’… Another text message.

“Are you still up baby?? I want to see your cunt. Send me a picture please xxx”

As I read the message, I reached for my pussy. My knickers were soaking wet. There was only one thing to do! I got up and went to my wardrobe to find my vibrator. The best £30 I ever spent. Walking back to my bed, I took of my panties and night dress, turned off the light and laid down. I was so turned on.

I turned on my vibrator hoping Rachel couldn’t hear it in the next room. I slowly rubbed my clit whilst inserting the vibrating cock into my dripping wet pussy. It took everything I had in me to stop myself cumming right then. I heard footsteps outside my bedroom door. I wondered what she was doing. Her footsteps disappeared back into the spare room. I carried on playing with my clit whilst working the vibrator in and out of my cunt. It felt so good but I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came.

Seconds away from cumming, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I turned off the vibrator and stuffed it under my pillow, trying to look as normal as possible.

“Come in” I shouted.

She did. She came and sat at the side of me. I turned on the light. I looked at her and asked her what was wrong.

She replied “these walls are pretty thin huh?”

I could feel myself starting to blush as she put her hand on mine,

“It’s ok” she said, “tell me to stop and I will”.

 She moved closer to me, she smelt amazing. She kissed me gently, but long and deep. I could feel my pussy starting to ache, I wanted her so bad. She raised her hand from mine and ran it from my neck to my breast, cupping and squeezing it gently. She pushed me back onto the bed, moving her mouth from mine to my neck. This was my weak stop, how could I ever say no now? She moved her hot, wet lips from my neck to my nipples. Taking it in turns to suck and nibble each one. I ran my fingers over her beasts. They were soft but firm.

She straddled me, asking “are you sure this is what you want?”

Without hesitation, I replied, “yes, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this”.

She grinned and said “not as long as me”.

She slowly took of her see-through top, exposing her perfect, tattooed stomach and breasts. I sat up and took one into my mouth. Her nipple became erect in my mouth. I could hear her moaning, so it took that as a sign I was doing something right. Moments later, I rolled her onto the bed. I pulled of her panties and I could instantly smell how wet she was. I wanted to taste her. I parted her legs slowly. I kissed her harder this time, moving slowing from her mouth to her breasts, then from her breasts to her stomach. Then I moved my tongue to her clean shaven pussy. The first lick was from her opening to her clit. I had never tasted anything like it. I slowly ran my tongue around her clit, her moans were growing louder. I pushed a finger into her tight wet cunt. With my other hand I played with her breasts. She started to grind her hips into my face; I knew she wanted to cum.

“Faster, faster, please baby, do it faster” she moaned.

Her wish was my command. I ran my tongue harder over her clit, up and down, up and down. Her hips moved faster, her breathing got louder and heavier.

“Oh fuck baby, yeah, I’m going to cum, oh oh, ffffuuuuccccckkkkkk”…. She came so hard.

When it was over, I laid beside her. She kissed me and smiled. I wondered if she liked the taste of herself as much as I like the taste of her.

“Your turn baby” she smiled.

She ran her hand over my dripping wet, aching cunt, slowly sliding two fingers inside me. Moving from beside me to the end of the bed, she said “I want to watch this”.

She moved her fingers in and out of me whilst kissing and licking my inner thighs. Within seconds I started to cum. When my pussy had stopped pulsing, she withdrew her fingers and put them into her mouth so she could taste me. Then she ran her tongue along my pussy lips, “spread your pussy for me baby” she said. I did as I was told.

She ran her tongue from my just fingered hole to my swollen clit; she sucked it into her mouth and started to nibble. “Ahhhhhh” was all I could say. She reached up and put the two fingers she had fucked me with, into my mouth. I sucked myself of them. With the same two fingers, she started fucking herself. Slowly as first, but harder, the closer she came to climax. She pressed her tongue harder over my clit, then faster and faster. Soon I was cumming again, then so did she. She fell onto the bed beside me.

“That was amazing” she said.

I couldn’t have agreed more.

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