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If He Only Knew

Two old friends discover lesbian lust at a Halloween party

We arrived at the Halloween party late. Richard had sworn he knew the way, but of course we'd ended up getting lost. I was dressed as a sexy nurse and Richard was Captain Jack Sparrow. We'd have both looked ridiculous asking for directions, so we decided to take it out on each other, arguing and bickering every inch of the way. It took us an hour and a half of driving around to finally find where we were meant to be. We could hear music from inside the building and as we made our way inside, the excitement of the evening ahead took hold and our bad attitudes began to disappear. Richard made a lame joke about me forgetting the map. I rolled my eyes and made my way quickly towards the bar. I needed a drink badly.

Standing at the bar, I ordered my drink and waited while the hunky bartender in a Chippendale’s outfit poured it out for me. God, I needed sex so badly. If Richard was still the man I met, or if he wasn't here at all, the idea of me being taken roughly from behind by Mister Chippendale was squashed as soon as it had sprung. A hand touched my shoulder, jarring me from my thoughts

"You still a Vodka Martini girl Jenni?"

I turned to the voice behind me.

"Katherine," I said happily, greeting my friend with a hug. It had been almost five years since I’d last seen her, and she was still as beautiful as ever. Her long black hair cascaded down her back and over her pale shoulders. Her emerald green eyes sparkled in the semi darkness. She was dressed as Elvira, and honestly; I'd never seen anyone pull it off as well as she did.

"Yes," I said, smiling, "Are you still a Tequila girl?"

"One and the same," she giggled and it felt like we'd never been apart

"So, how's married life with Richard?" she asked.

I sighed, "Well, you know Richard"

"Oh," she said in mock horror, "That bad huh?"

We both laughed again. As the Chippendale style bartender gave me my drink, Katherine said, "Why don't we go over there away from the music?" pointing to a small secluded sofa away from the majority of partygoers. I smiled and nodded, letting her lead the way. Katherine walked over and sat down, I followed and sat down next to her. The party was still in full swing, but at least we could hear ourselves speak over the music.

"So, how have you been?" I asked, getting the conversation going.

"Oh, good and bad. I tried settling down, but it wasn't for me"

"You broke up with George?" I asked.

"Yeah, he was just too dull," she said, sipping her drink, "but then I did meet someone who really opened my eyes to what I’d been missing." I smiled, sensing she'd found her Mr. Right after all.

"Oooh, Who is he? Is he rich? Is he handsome? "

"He's not a he," she grinned.

"You mean... another woman?" She nodded, taking another sip of her drink. "Wow!" I sat there open mouthed, "I never thought you of all people would go in that direction."

"I didn't expect it either," she explained, "But from the first time we made love I knew I could never be with a man again." Katherine put her hand on mine. "But there has always been that curiosity there Jenni," she said as she ran her fingers lightly over mine. "Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like with a woman?" she asked, her eyes never leaving mine.

"I suppose, when I was in college, but everyone does that"

She moved closer, her lips inches from mine. "It's so much more sensual than being with a man, Jenni." Her lips brushed mine, I felt her soft wet warm tongue, and I opened my mouth, letting her tongue stroke mine.

In moments her fingers slid up my thigh, under my costume, as we continued to kiss passionately until I pulled away slightly and asked, "Kath, what if Richard finds us?"

"You really want to be thinking about Richard right now?" She purred, gently slipping two fingers between my pussy lips as if to accentuate her question.

A small gasp escaped my lips as her mouth found mine again and I had to stop myself from grinding into her hand and surrendering completely. The kiss was soft, but forceful, and I found myself getting more and more turned on. Eventually, she pulled away, and looked deep into my eyes, her hand still teasing my moist pussy.

Katherine smiled seductively "I know you want me Jenni, why don't you just admit it?"

And I did want her; I wanted her so badly. I'd never had lesbian desires before, but here was this incredible woman offering herself to me, and it was better than anything I'd ever had with my husband.

"I want you," I breathed

She ran her fingernail up my slit and looked deep into my eyes while her voice almost demanded, "Tell me how badly you want me."

"I want you so badly," I moaned

"Badly enough to let me finger fuck you where your husband might find us?" Her fingers caressed my clit and I almost climaxed there and then.

"Yes," I said, my breathing becoming deeper.

Katherine smiled, "Good girl."

Her fingers pushed even deeper inside me and I gasped. I closed my eyes, feeling dirtier than I had in years. Katherine sat so close to me, she brushed the hair from my eyes and kissed my neck as she whispered "Mmmm… do you like that Jenni?"

I could only nod as my muscles contracted around her fingers, the heat of orgasm burning through me as I struggled to stop myself screaming her name. I was amazed that no one else at the party had noticed us in the corner, but they all continued with their dancing and drinking.

Katherine was kissing my neck as her fingers worked furiously between my legs. My hips thrust forward as I came. The wetness was dripping from my pussy and running down her wrist.

"Oh my God," I breathed as the last of the tremors subsided, my body trembled and she held me close. "Oh Katherine, I never knew anything could feel so good!"

She smiled. "I've been wanting to touch you like that for so long," she confessed shyly.

I smiled, looked up into her eyes and said, "Maybe it's time I touched you too."

Her eyebrow rose slightly. "What do you have in mind?" she asked wistfully.

I didn't say any more. I didn't have to. Without a word I knelt down in front of her, lifting up her Elvira gothic dress, revealing her black silky panties underneath. I gently pushed her legs further apart so I could slip her underwear off easily. They slipped down her perfect legs and I savored every sexy moment.

"Jenni, you don't have to if you..." Katherine broke off mid sentence as I leant forward and kissed her inner thigh. Then let my tongue glide over her soft skin. She was already so wet, and I could taste her sweet juices already.

My tongue moved delicately to her slit. I ran my tongue along it and heard her moan softly. For some reason that turned me on more than anything and I set about seeing how much more I could make her moan. I dipped my tongue inside her, finding her clit and flicking it ever so softly.

"Oh God, Jenni, yes," I heard her whisper as I felt her pushing herself forward, wanting me to press deeper. I did as she desired, and entered her, feeling more experienced by the second, I sucked her clit between my lips and made a soft circular motion with my head, which drove her wild.

Her legs wrapped around me and I felt her drop down in her seat, allowing me even more room to pleasure her. Her moans had become short gasps now, and I knew I was really getting to her.

"Mmmm fuck, yeah, lick my pussy Jenni, lick it good!" she murmured

My tongue probed deeper, penetrating her over and over again as a man would do with his cock. I felt in total control when her orgasm came and I held onto her legs as her wetness gushed into my face and hair.

When I came up, I could see Katherine looking surprised, I turned my head and was shocked to see Richard standing there. I was certain he was going to walk out. "This is it." I thought, "This is the end of my marriage."

Instead, he just smiled and said, "I'm glad you're having fun darling, don't let me stop you. I'll just watch."

I turned back to Katherine and we both grinned. It was the start of an amazing night...but that's another story.

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