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If love is war, then what is lust?

Girlfriend surprised me after work with a few of her friends.
It was a beautiful day out. I had just gotten off work and I was headed to my girlfriends house to spend a little time with her. I hadn't seen her in a few days because of our stupid work schedules so I was definitely looking forward to a little alone time with her. I called her on my way over and she said she was excited to see me but I could hear people talking in the background. I asked her about it and she said she had friends over. I said okay and hung up but I was pissed off. She invited people over without asking me and she knew that I always craved a little intimacy after not seeing her for a few days. I was going to have to punish her. I pull into the drive just as my girlfriend, Nicole, is walking out to get the mail. I watched her walk to the mailbox, thinking to myself, she looked cute today. Bare feet, long tanned legs and a firm, round ass barely covered by little denim shorts. Her flat stomach was peeking out from the bottom of her white t-shirt, pulled tight by her large breasts. I jumped out of the car and she ran to me and hopped into my arms. I gave her a kiss, happy to see her, but I got serious quick, telling her she was in trouble. She frowned but took my hand while we walked inside.

I step inside the house and see two girls sitting on the couch. One blonde, one brunette. The brunette was very pretty. Soft features, big blue eyes with full lashes. She was a tiny little girl. They both were little but this girl, who's name I learned was Sarah was probably only 4'9" and I'd be amazed if she broke 100 pounds. The blonde, Amber, was also pretty but I could tell from looking at her she was a slut. Tight, low cut shirt, skin tight, ripped up jeans. She was just begging to get fucked. Little did I know, that was the entire plan. I pulled Nicole into the bedroom, demanded an explanation. She started to tear up because she knew I was angry. She knelt on the ground like we had established she do when explaining things and asking for forgiveness.
She explained to me she brought the girls over as presents for me. We had brought other women into the bedroom before but she usually asked me in advance. I was still a little pissed because this wasn't how I wanted to spend the day with her but I was looking forward to having my way with that little blonde whore, Amber. I told Nicole to remove her clothes and I bound her arms behind her back and restrained her legs wide open on the bed. I walked out of the bedroom and invited Amber and Sarah in.

I shut the door behind me and asked Sarah to take her clothes off for me. Slowly, so I could enjoy it. Nicole must have told her in advance that I expected obedience because she started removing her clothes immediately. Once she was naked, I pulled her towards me and kissed her neck whispering to her asking her if she wanted to please her mistress. She sighed a little yes and then I ordered her to get Nicole excited. I told her to kiss and touch her but to stay above the waist simply teasing her. I watched for a minute as Sarah started touching Nicole, relishing in my control. I turned to Amber enjoying the look on her face. She wanted fucked and I was going to be the one to give it to her.

I pulled her into me by her neck and kissed her, watching Nicole's reaction to it. Despite how much she liked having other people involved, I could always see the fire in her eyes when she would see me with another woman. As I was kissing Amber, I started taking her shirt off of her and undoing her jeans. I pulled away to let her take her jeans off and kissed along Nicole's stomach down to her clit. I breathed on it a little bit and gave it one little lick before I sat back and grabbed Amber again. She had taken off all of her clothes at this point so I reached between her legs and felt through her lips to find she was soaking wet. I told Sarah to climb on top of Nicole's face and I told Nicole she had to eat her out. She wouldn't at first so I grabbed her nipples and squeezed. She cried out a little and then obeyed.

I asked Amber to sit on the edge of the bed and wait for me to touch her. She wasn't allowed to touch herself or anyone else unless I told her to. I then knelt between Nicole's legs and started kissing up her left leg from her ankle to her thigh. I bit her a few times on her thigh and finally got to her sweet little pussy. I licked at her clit a little and then slid two of my fingers up and down her folds before shoving them inside her. I sucked and licked at her clit while I wiggled my fingers faster and faster inside her. I could hear her breathing faster and she started to buck her hips and fight the restraints on her legs. As soon as I felt her muscles start to tighten around my fingers, I pulled away, scolding her for getting close to cumming without asking my permission.

I got up and told Amber to stand in front of me. I spread her legs and reached between them shoving two of my fingers inside her feeling her warmth. I played with her for a few minutes listen to Sarah moaning on top of Nicole's face. I stepped away and went to get our toy box out of the closet. I had quite the interest in Amber so she was who I wanted to fuck first. I walked back into the room got out my harness and told her to pick a dildo. She chose one that was rather large so I grabbed lube along with it. I slid into the harness and told Amber to bend over the bed and pleasure Nicole with her tongue. She looked at the strap on and looked at Nicole and I could see hesitation in her eyes so I made her kneel in front of me and I slapped her hard in the face with the dildo she picked out. She winced and then got up and did what I asked.

I lubed up and rubbed up and down her slit teasing her before I jerked my hips shoving the whole thing deep inside her. She gave a throaty moan and pushed up against me to feel the whole length. I started slow, teasing her, pulling almost all the way out before I would slide back into her. She started panting and had stopped taking care of Nicole so I smacked her hard on the ass and ordered her to continue. I started fucking her hard and fast wanting to make her scream and moan while she ate my girlfriends pussy. I wanted to make Nicole pissed off as she listened to me fuck her friend and not even touch her while I did it. She was so much more fun to fuck when she was angry.

Amber was getting close so I reached around her and started rubbing her clit to get her to cum faster. Unlucky for me, this is when I found out she was a squirter. Shortly after I started rubbing and pulling on her clit, she yelled out, her body jerked and I felt her gush all over my hand and thighs. I hate girls who squirt so I immediately pulled out of her and pushed her away. She disgusted me and I told her that. I decided then that I would restrain her also and make her watch while I fucked her girlfriend too. I reach back into the box of toys and got out the silk ropes I usually used to tie up Nicole. I ordered Amber to her knees bound her arms behind her and then her wrists to her ankles so she could not move. I could see fear in her eyes so I assured her I wasn't going to hurt her. I was simply punishing her for what she did.

I told Sarah to get up off of Nicole and after she did, I undid the restraints on Nicole's legs. She sat up, still bound at the wrists, and stared at me. She was pissed but she wanted me. Bad. Too bad for her, she was going to have to wait. I told her to get on the floor next to Amber. She knelt down next to her and I said they could kiss if they could manage it but I wasn't going to allow them out of their bonds. Sarah was still standing when I looked over at her. She was beautiful. Pretty face. Wide set hips. Full breasts but she still had cute little nipples. She was shy though which is why I didn't have as much interest in a girl like her as I normally would. I walked over to her and ran my hands over her hips pulling her closer to me. I took one hand and brushed her hair off her neck, tilting her head as I did it. I leaned in and pressed my lips against her neck, right under her chin. I kissed and nibbled along her neck for a few minutes.

Apparently it was a weakness of hers because I could feel her melting into me the longer I did it. Finally I grabbed her chin and pressed my lips to hers. I parted her lips with my tongue and twisted my tongue up with hers. As I kissed her I reached up and started massaging her breasts, gently at first steadily getting rougher. I broke the kiss and put my mouth to her nipple, sucking it into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. She gasped and I bit down a little testing how sensitive she was. Her legs started to give way and she moaned so I stopped and swept her up onto the bed. Using my knee to part her legs, I put my lips to her breasts again. Kissing and nibbling on them, I reached between her legs and felt her heat and dampness. I eased a finger into her swirling around using my thumb to rub her clit. I could feel her tightening around my finger so I kissed down her stomach to her little rosebud clit.

When my lips met it, she growled and pushed her hips up, pushing towards my mouth. I bit down to control her excitement and she yelped and her eyes shot open looking at me. I told her she had to control herself and only cum when I allowed it. Obedience was key if she wanted an orgasm with me. I lowered my head back down and started slowly licking her clit, inserting another finger inside her while I did it. I sped up my fingers and I could feel her tightening, I bit down again on her clit and I felt her muscles relax a little. I pulled my fingers out and pushed her thighs the rest of the way apart so I could get between them easier. I looked over at Amber and Nicole, who was suckling Amber's nipple, and told them to watch as I fucked Sarah. Sarah moaned as I rubbed the tip of the dildo against her little slit, getting it wet with her juices.

I pumped my hips just once, forcing the whole thing inside her and pulled out. Teasing her again with the tip, I then pushed into her again and she cried out. I told her if she was going to cum, she had to scream out my name and tell her girlfriend I was a better lover. I looked over at Amber and she looked angry but she deserved to be punished so this is what she got. It didn't take long. I was thrusting into her fast and hard. I had ahold of her tits and was using them to pull myself into her. I took one hand away and pressed my thumb on her clit, rubbing it roughly, and then she came. Calling out my name at first, she put her head up and looked Amber straight in the eye telling her I was a better lover. When she finished convulsing, I leaned down and kissed her and told her to move to the side of the bed and relax.

I got up, untied Amber and told her to lay with Sarah but not to touch her as I had obviously just worn her out. I reached between her legs quickly before she laid down and felt that she was still excited. I then untied Nicole and she got up. I told her that I was too tired to fuck her, that she would have to do things herself. Fire lit up her eyes and she reached back to slap me. I caught her hand and forced her to the ground. I told her if she was going to be such a little bitch that she wasn't going to even be allowed to fuck herself, let alone get fucked by me.

I pulled her up by her hair and pushed her onto the bed. I grabbed both of her nipples and twisted at the same time. She cried out and I told her she had better shut her mouth. I didn't want to hear a fucking sound from her. If she did, I would punish her severely. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. I went and got a little vibrator out of our box and when I came back I shoved it inside her and turned it on its highest setting. I watched as her eyes rolled back into her head and she took a deep breath but she didn't make a sound. She knew what would happen when I got angry.

I put my lips to her neck kissing her gently, then biting her hard. I kissed and bit down to her chest where I paid special attention to what I knew would be sore nipples. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and licked a circle around it, soothing it before I bit down and pulled on it. She gasped so I pulled away and slapped her. I brought my mouth back down to her other nipple this time, reaching down to start thrusting the vibrator in and out of her, I wanted to see how well she would behave. I kissed down her stomach, biting at each of her hips. I slid my tongue down onto her clit which was just begging to be sucked on. I circled my tongue around it a few times and then started sucking on it still forcing the vibrator into her as deep as I could.

After a few minutes, she cried out, I stopped immediately pulling out the vibrator and raising my head. I grabbed ahold of her clit and pinched as hard as I could. I could see tears well up in her eyes but she knew the rules and she had disobeyed. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down, telling her to flip over onto her knees. When she got into position, I used a little lube on the dildo to make sure I didn't hurt her, sneaking a little onto my fingers. I had a surprise for her. I slid into her tight little pussy quickly. I started fucking her hard watching her big tits shake while I pounded inside of her. I then circled two of my fingers around her asshole spreading the lube, she looked back at me with a smile on her face so I shoved my fingers inside her ass hard, spreading them to loosen her up.

I used my free hand to grab her by the hair and pull her head towards me so I could kiss her. I stuck my tongue in her mouth, all the while fucking her pussy and fingering her asshole. I let go of her hair and she fell forward onto her elbows. That was when I pulled out of her pussy and forced myself into her ass. I got all the way in and let her adjust before I started fucking her. I grabbed the vibrator from before, turning it on high, I rubbed it against her clit before I shoved it into her pussy, holding it there with my fingers. She was starting to go limp against me so I could tell she was getting close to coming so I started fucking her harder and talking to her. I asked her if she thought she deserved my forgiveness. She didn't answer right away so I smacked her ass hard. She piped up with a yes and I asked her if she was my dirty little girl and if she liked the way I fucked her. She moaned out a yes and then I told her she was allowed to cum.

I had barely finished my sentence before I felt her body start shaking and she called out my name. I pulled out of her and removed the vibrator and stood up watching her body crumple to the floor. I put the toys away and took off the strap on and crawled into bed. Once I got comfortable I told her to come up on the bed with me. She laid down with her head on my chest and fell asleep almost instantly, worn out from all the fucking. Sarah rolled over and put her head on my stomach and Amber crawled down between my legs, curling up with her head on my thigh. All in all, it was an excellent day.
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