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If She Only Knew

If She Only Knew

They loved each other. They were about to learn how much.
Bailey had to stop herself from staring again. She found she was doing that more and more lately and she didn't want to admit to herself the reason why. In her defense, Cassie was beautiful and had an amazing body. She was of average height, just hovering around 5'7", trim build but voluptuous. Hell, she was downright top heavy and her tight little bum was snuggled perfectly in the skinny jeans she was wearing.

She wore her warm honey hair in a cute flipped up little bob that suited her round face and even rounder cheekbones. Her mouth was a graceful arc with a delicate bow in the upper lip, and her eyes sparked a cool humor in their grey depths. She had a devil may care kind of style that came from being a popular eighteen year old wild-child. The filmy top she wore was just this side of bohemian and was saved from cliché by the edgy heels and gold jewelry she accessorized with. And the skin tight camisole under it did less to cover her natural endowments than it did to accentuate them.

Bailey's style, on the other hand, tended more toward the trendy brainiac. Beige denim in a tailored fit, but with embellished rear pockets, leopard print ballet flats with black rhinestone detailing on the toe, and a dark pink 3/4 sleeve fitted button down. Her sable hair was pulled away from her face by a blinged out head band and fell to just below the tops of her shoulders. She had a long oval face with sharply defined cheekbones, a full pouty mouth and violet eyes. And she stood just a little taller than Cassie's shoulder at 5'1.

She'd always wished she could fill out a top the way Cassie did, but alas she was doomed to chair the itty bitty titty committee. At least she had a cute ass and shapely legs which she'd maintained through swim team and bicycling, her two athletic passions.

"Hellooooo. Earth to Bailey." Cassie stood facing Bailey with one shapely brow cocked in expectation.

Shaking herself out of her internal musings, Bailey cleared her throat and crooked her mouth in a sheepish, lop sided grin.

"Sorry Cass," she shifted to face her, "what were you saying?"

"I asked if you were going to crash at my place for the weekend? My parents are headed to the lake for their annual, we'll pretend we still like each other anniversary charade. The atmosphere has been entirely too tense around our house so a little besties fete is just what I need to get the funk out of the air."

Together they walked out of the department store and into the main part of the mall on the first floor.

"Yeah, that's fine. I was starting to feel a bit suffocated at my house anyway. My parents just won't leave me alone about which university I am going to choose. I keep telling them that I haven't gotten all my answer letters yet and that I'm not going to make a decision until all of them are in. But they want me to start ranking them in order of preference. Problem is, I just don't know."

They stopped in the food court, snagged a couple of cookies and drinks from the GAC Co, and headed toward the parking lot, snacks in hand.

"God, tell me about it. I thought my mom was going to have an aneurysm because I waited until the last minute to get my applications sent out. I mean, I'm not even sure I WANT to go to college my first year out of school. I want to experience life! I want to see the world, and maybe see if I can get a modeling contract. I really loved doing that catalog shoot last summer."

"I remember. You looked fabulous sweetie! I think you should go for it. It's your life after all. College can wait." 

Midway down the isle where Bailey's car was parked, Cassie stopped and spun to face her, excitement lighting her face.

"I've got a great idea. Let's do our own little photo shoot! Bring your 3 best outfits, one formal, one casual and one sexy, and grab your best bikini and bra and panties. And don't forget your makeup and heels."

Bailey hesitated. "Oh, I don't know Cass, I'm not good in front of a camera."

"Like hell you aren't," Cassie scolded. "Don't argue with me just do it. We're going to have a great time and I'll prove to you just how good you can be in front of the camera!"

Sighing, Bailey nodded. She could never say no to Cassie. "Alright, I'll do it. And when they turn out hideous, can I say I told you so?"

They started walking again and Cassie said, "I'll be the one saying I told you so."

"If you say so." Bailey dropped Cassie at home before running back to her house to tell her parents where she'd be and pack what she needed. It took her no time to put everything together and quickly head back to Cassie's house.

Cassie had known damned well where Bailey's mind had gone, and she was thrilled. It'd been an excruciating secret to hang onto these last couple of years that Cassie was completely attracted to her best friend. She liked boys too, to be sure, but there was just something so erotic about being with another girl that she couldn't shake. And if she had her way tonight - and she usually had her way - she was going to get Bailey to finally see for herself what they actually could have together. If she could admit her feelings to herself, let alone Cassie that was.

She had her bedroom all set up. White sheets were draped over the posts of her canopy-less four poster bed. She'd rearranged some lamps and adjusted the shades to maximize the lighting. The camera was only going to be a small part of tonight's activities. Tonight, they both were going to lose their virginity to each other. And how awesome was that going to be?

Bailey got to Cassie's and simply walked in the front door. They'd pretty much grown up together so they knew that when they were expecting each other, not to bother knocking. She'd seen that Cassie's parents had already left, and that was good. She wasn't sure she could deal with their tension tonight. Besides, she had enough of her own tension to deal with.

She'd been thinking long and hard since she dropped Cassie off earlier about how she felt, and she'd finally had to admit to herself that she was seriously attracted too, and probably in love with, her best friend. She'd had her share of boyfriends, and God knew so had Cassie. But it didn't matter. As much as she enjoyed boys, she wanted her best friend more.

She schlepped her belongings up the stairs to Cassie's room. There she found her getting the rest of her room set up for this photo shoot. It appeared that the bed was going to be a focal point for tonight. Suddenly Bailey was very nervous and she felt a stone drop in the pit of her stomach. She swallowed hard before setting her stuff aside.

"Hey," Bailey said in greeting.

Cassie turned to look over her shoulder at Bailey, "Hurry and go change, start with your formal. We'll steadily work our way through to the lingerie."

The girls got primped and prepped and held their photo shoot. There was a lot of laughter and banter, giggles and blushes. When they got to the bra and panties pictures things got more subdued. Each was holding onto their secret desires. But when they put the camera down and sat together on the bed, Cassie took Bailey's hand.

"Bailey, sweetie, do you realize just how beautiful you are?"

"I'll never be as beautiful as you are Cass," Bailey blushed, her gaze never leaving her lap.

"What do I have to do to prove to you how desirable you are?" Cassie asked, exasperated.

Cassie, ever the bold one, gently took Bailey by the chin and turned it until they were face to face. Bailey's breath caught in her throat. Was this really about to happen? Cassie leaned in and brushed her lips against Bailey's, barely making contact. Bailey felt her heart hammering against her rib cage, and her hands began to tremble. But she parted her lips and delicately began to expand the kiss.

Cassie was elated. She was kissing her best friend. Finally, she thought in triumph. She started to explore Bailey's delectable mouth with her tongue and Bailey responded in kind. They shifted their bodies so that they were now kneeling in front of one another. Arms embracing, they began to make out in earnest.

God this felt so good, so right, Bailey thought wildly. She'd never felt so much chemistry kissing a boy. She loved how Cassie's mouth felt, how it tasted. She loved her scent. It was wild and exotic, and so fitting to everything that Cassie was. While they were still kissing, she felt Cassie's hand start to slide up her side to come around and lightly cup Bailey's tiny breast.

The butterflies she had in her stomach went from flutters to full on acrobatics, and heat pooled in her damp center. She moaned softly in her throat and deepened the kiss, her passion amplified to fever pitch. She felt her panties getting soaked by her arousal and her inhibitions were evaporating.

Cassie rapidly found herself going from aggressor to submissive as whatever animal that had been slumbering deep within Bailey awakened and took control. She reveled in being devoured and prepared herself to strap in for a wild ride. Bailey's delicate breast was small, but sweet and highly responsive. She mewled and hummed in appreciation as Cassie teasingly pinched and rolled the firm little nipple.

Cassie started to kiss and lick her way down Bailey's delicate neck. She slid the strap on Bailey's demure pink bra off her shoulder before snaking her fingers around behind her to unhook the clasp. She backed up enough to slide the garment off before reaching behind herself to undo her own black lace bra. Bailey seized the opportunity to explore Cassie's impressive chest.

She brushed her fingertips against Cassie's nipples and watched in fascination when her large areolae puckered as the nipples hardened. She felt the saliva pool in her mouth and gave in to temptation when she leaned down and with great delicacy wrapped her lips around it. Cassie threaded her fingers through Bailey's hair and held her against her breast. Electricity shot through Cassie straight to her aching mound and she groaned.

Bailey was feverish. She didn't even recognize herself. She'd never been so bold, so aggressive. But she was drunk on the power of it, and of Cassie's exquisite flavor. She loved the feel of soft flesh against her tongue and she greedily nuzzled Cassie's generous orbs. She was dripping with arousal and her young sex twitched with need and anticipation.

Cassie nudged Bailey back and they stretched out together on the bed, side by side exploring each other. Hands roamed, lips sought, tongues traveled. Cassie took her turn suckling at Bailey's breasts. She slowly circled her tongue around the petite nipples before sucking one, then the other between lips and teeth. She carefully grazed the edges of her teeth against sensitive peaks, drawing out the exquisite torture.

Bailey was certain she would climax from nipple play alone, so acute was her arousal. She began to squirm, rubbing her thighs together in an attempt to create the necessary friction. Taking her cue from that, Cassie started to kiss her way down Bailey's flat tummy, stopping just at the edge of her matching pink satin panties. Their simplicity was all the more alluring given how wonton she was proving to be.

With great deliberation, Cassie walked her fingertips beneath the elastic of Bailey's panties and slowly inched them down her well toned legs. Exposed, Bailey surfaced briefly from her erotic stupor to be self conscious once again.

"Wait!" she cried out in distress. "I don't think I'm ready for this." Her face was flushed, her hair mussed and her breathing erratic. But Cassie was not about to let her back down now.

"Yes you are," she countered. "We both are. In fact, this is long over due."

Cassie then settled herself between Bailey's legs. With the utmost care, she spread apart the soft petals of Bailey's sex with her saliva whetted fingertips and began to massage her clit in a slow and circular motion. Bailey's head fell back onto the mattress and she moaned from new sensations. She'd never really had much interest in masturbation so this was foreign to her. But she couldn't deny her elation.

Cassie could almost see Bailey's sex swell with arousal as she ministered to her. Her hole glistened with new wetness and Cassie used it to continue to pleasure her. When Bailey began to pant, Cassie finally relented with fingers and allowed herself the privilege of tasting her best friend's most intimate place. With parted lips, she laved every last fold and crevice, the soft, dark curls tickling her nose and cheeks. She left no part of Bailey's sweet spot untouched.

Bailey was certain she'd died and been resurrected. Never had she felt more alive, more intense than she did at this moment. Her best friend, her sister in every way but blood, was right now using her mouth in the most wicked ways to bring her to the edge of sanity with pleasure. And she couldn't get enough of it. She felt the tension in her building, higher and higher, until she thought she might lose consciousness. And just when she was certain she couldn't stand one more moment of this blessed torture, she exploded into her very first orgasm.

"Oh my God. Oh my God! Oh My God!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! Oh Fuck!!" Bailey cried over and over.

Her back arched off the bed, her toes curled, her hands fisted in Cassie's hair and her cries echoed the rhythm of her throbbing of her sex. When finally, the last spasm wracked her body and she returned to earth, she lay there panting. Sweat pooled between her breasts and glistened along the rest of her body. Once she had her breath back, she was desperate to know Cassie's taste.

"It's my turn now. I need to know how you taste!" Bailey demanded.

She sat up and pulled Cassie to her, kissing her hungrily. It was so hot to taste herself on her friend's lips and tongue. Pulling them to their knees, Bailey gripped Cassie's ass and pressed her still tender mound against Cassie's. Their breasts compressed together, the sensitive nipples colliding building yet more aroused tension. She rubbed her whole body against Cassie. She was a wild animal in heat and the more contact, the better.

Cassie was dizzy with sensation. She never expected the creature she'd unleash in Bailey if she ever managed to get her to admit her feelings. But now that she had, there was no returning this lightening to the bottle. And she had no desire to do so. This was only the beginning. What they'd discovered in each other was unparalleled and she was going to relish every second of it.

She kissed Bailey back with equal enthusiasm, tongues seeking, teeth bumping, breath mingling. She held her to her tightly, not wanting to let go. But Bailey pushed her back this time and she surrendered eagerly. And Bailey held nothing back in her explorations. She devoured every inch of Cassie's seductive body with abandon. Cassie could do nothing but let her.

"Bailey. Yes. Please!"

Bailey was intoxicated. Addicted. And she was never going to be satisfied with anyone or anything else ever again. Not after tonight. She'd found perfection in her best friend's body. And she hadn't even gotten to the best part yet. But she was making her way steadily to it. She was drawing it out on purpose. Building that suspense to critical mass. She slid the black lace thong over hips, down thighs and further until she had them off and tossed aside. Cassie's skin was on fire, the heat from it literally radiating off of her. And Bailey was basking in it as she slid her palms over the length of her.

She was intrigued over how soft and supple Cassie's skin was. The familiar yet unfamiliar feel of her. She knew her best friend well, but not like this. She knew female form, but no one's outside her own with such intimacy. It was new, but not, known but unexplored. And she was pleased to take her time.

When at last she did delve into Cassie's womanhood, it was with wonder and a feverish need that remained as yet undefined. Bailey breathed her in, her musky nectar. She played with her sex, fingers excavating new territory. And when she sipped her first taste, she was lost. There was no liquor more potent, no drug so satisfying, no food as nourishing as Cassie's hot sex.

Bailey buried herself in it then. She licked and sucked, laved and lavished. Cassie shifted and moaned beneath her. Bailey slid one, then two fingers inside and began learning the contours of Cassie's inner walls while her tongue slid up and down and around against clit and labia. Cassie's shaved pussy was a delicacy and Bailey was a connoisseur.

"God, Cassie, you taste so good!"

Her fingers found Cassie's G-Spot. And that was a revelation. She vigorously massaged the firm little marble of tissue while her tongue indulged in the outer geography of Cassie's pussy. Bailey felt every part of Cassie's sex begin to tighten as her climax mounted. She doubled her efforts then. She wanted to taste her release.

Cassie fisted her hands in the sheets as her pleasure built upon itself. She was no stranger to solo play, but nothing in her imagination could have prepared her for the onslaught of extreme sensation she was helpless against at this moment. Bailey was a master conductor and Cassie was a symphony. The way Bailey was working her with fingers and tongue was nothing short of heaven.

"Oh, God, Bailey! Please! More. Yes!!!"

Cassie screamed her release as wave after wave of intense pleasure so fierce it was one shaky step away from pain washed over her. Her pussy gripped Bailey's fingers like a vice, and she gushed her juices in her mouth. Bailey lapped up Cassie's juices like a parched survivor in a barren desert. God, she tasted so good! She was forced to stop when, overwhelmed, Cassie gently but firmly pushed her away.

She slid up to lie next to her then while Cassie panted in exhausted satiation. When she had her breath back, Cassie turned her head to face Bailey.

"Oh my God! I had no idea you had that in you." Cassie breathed in stunned surprise.

Bailey shook her head, bemused. "Neither did I. But I'm so glad we found it!"

Cassie laughed, "You've got that right!" She rolled to face Bailey completely then. "So now do you believe me? You're amazing, and the most beautiful girl I've ever known."

"I kind of have to now don't I?" Bailey responded.

"You know I love you, don't you?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, I do." Bailey nodded. "I think I've known for a while. And I love you too. I was scared for so long to let myself feel it. But I do."

The girls held each other then. Kissing, caressing, taking turns loving each other. It was a whole new beginning for them, and they couldn't wait to see where it took them.

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