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I`m Going To Make You Feel Amazing

this story will really make your day it is all about two women having rough sex in a bathroom.
I'm going to make you feel amazing by


I've kept off masturbating for the past week, so the next time I get horny, when I masturbate, I can have a big orgasm. I was thinking about this, and starting too get wet when a girl around my age, maybe 19, (i'm 18) walked up too me. Her breasts looked around a C or B cup, and were perfectly rounded. They flopped around freely as she has no bra on. Her nipples were obviously hard. She had a short little skirt on she wore a pair of sexy black high heels with a pair of keys short socks, also a white almost see through shirt. Her blonde hair in loose curls, and her bangs pinned back. I could of swore I saw her in my dream before. Before I could move, she already noticed my hand gently stroking my clit. She smiled, and licked her lips. She grabbed my hand and quickly lead me too the small single bathroom, and locked the door. Her smooth voice escaped her lips.

"Oh my God, you're definitely a wet one, aren't you?" She said with a hint of tease in her voice.

I stammered, "I-I...uhm..." I've never been aroused by somebody so intensely, and quickly. She ran her hand up my thigh, and over my pulsating, wet (almost dripping) pussy. She shoved me against the tile wall and unbuttoned my shirt.
"Don't you worry," She said. "I'm gonna make you feel amazing." She said, with a hint of evilness in her eyes. She ripped my shirt off, and cupped my breast. Gently stroking my small, pink, erect nipple. I bit my lip, and let out a small moan. God, her hands felt good against my tits. She got on her knees, and teased my nipple with her tongue. Slowly circling, and gently sucking on my tits. She stopped, and ran her hands down my flat stomach, her eyes gleaming at the site of my belly piercing. "That's hot." She said. She pulled down my shorts, and moved her tongue up my thigh too the side of my wet pussy, just on the edge of my panties. She used her teeth too easily rip them off I giggled nervously. She moved her tongue gently, teasing my clitoris. I let out a moan, her tongue was warm, soft, and definitely talented. She swirled around my throbbing clitoris, gently sucking, and licking it thoroughly. She then took three fingers, and stuck them in her mouth until they were gleaming with her saliva. She thrust them into my tight, wet hairless little pussy. I gripped her hair, and let out a moan. I was so wet, it was literally running down my leg, and dripping onto her little fingers. At first, she slowly fingered me, thrusting them in and out at a slow pace, then she went faster, and faster, until the point where I was about too cum all over her precious petite fingers, but then she pulled out. I moaned at the intensity of my hornyness now. My pussy was visibly throbbing, gleaming with my pussy juice. She then reached into her bag, and pulled out a pink and blue spotted, 12 inch dildo. I bit my lip, my hornyness increasing at the site. She shoved it into my tight little pussy, going faster and faster, and sucking on my clit at the same time my pussy got used to the feeling of the 12 inch dildo being slammed in my pussy.

"I want you too cum all over my precious fucking face! I'm gonna eat your pussy until you're numb! You're gonna cum so fucking hard, you're not gonna be able too cum for the next three months, you fucking bitch!" She said through her sucking my clitoris. I tried not too scream as I came hard, all over her mouth and her dildo.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" I yelled. I was sure the whole cafe could hear me, but it only increased my excitement. I was still cumming as she was undressing, just stopped. My pussy juice dripping down my legs. She shoved me on my knees, and forced me too lick her little shaved pussy. She tasted so good!. I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy, sucking on her clitoris. She came quickly, all over my face. Then licked her own cum off my face. We collapsed on the small bathrooms tile. The coolness of it feeling good on our hot, cum and sweat covered faces.

"Oh, by the way." She said as she finished getting dressed.
"I'm Sophie." She winked, and then left the bathroom leaving her number written down on a small piece of paper. She left me naked on the bathroom floor, wondering if that really just happened.

thank you for reading this story if you want me to write more stories please tell me I would love to hear your feedback because I would help me improve thank you again -Claire

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