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In Amy's bedroom

In Amy's bedroom

Tonya, gladly accepts the invitation
She proposed that idea, and I was sold. I couldn't believe my ears, and then we both, just got out. We both grabbed our stuff, and went to the locker room.

"So, that's a yes?" Amy asked.

"Yes," I replied.

We kissed each other one more time, before we got dressed. I wasn't sure, what I just got myself into, but that was one of the big selling points though. We both got into her car and went to her house. She had a nice, medium sized house, and it seemed great. I walked in, not knowing what to expect, but it seemed normal.

"If these walls could talk, how many different women would they say, they've seen walk in here?" I asked.

"Quite a few, but not all of them, got to see the bedroom though," Amy replied as she took my hand.

She took me over to her bedroom and shut the door. She pushed me onto her queen sized bed and got right on there with me. I was just wearing a somewhat tight tank top, with short shorts. Getting them off, wasn't a hard task for Amy though, I was just in my bra and panties in about thirty seconds. After that, she leaned down towards my boobs, and moved my bra a bit, so she could suck on my nipples. This was so far off my radars, I never ever saw this coming, and I was loving it. Already, I felt like I just swam in a triathlon, because I was so excited. Amy was sexy and hot. I swear, she never ever actually left my mind, after I saw her masturbating.

"Shit, strange lady, named, Amy," I said.

She giggled a little bit, and then she accidentally bit my right nipple.

"Ow, damn it, Amy," I said.

"I'm sorry, I just love sucking on hot ladle's nipples, it makes me so damn hot," Amy replied.

She climbed up to me and we kissed once.

"Just don't let it happen again," I said.

"I can't promise anything," Amy replied.

She went back down to my rack, and it seemed, that she just could not get enough of it. I really did wonder how many ladies had been on the bed, before me. I had no idea, but I was enjoying my turn. She grabbed onto my boobs and really sucked on my nipples. I felt my pussy getting wetter by the second, and she seemed unsatisfiable. She just kept going for about five minutes straight, and then she put her arms underneath me. She took off my bra, and threw it on the floor. Of course, she had seen my boobs up close before, but seeing them in her bedroom, just made her appreciate them a whole lot more.

"Fuck me, these are amazing breasts," Amy said.

She gave me that compliment, so I wanted to see her breasts, and then I could compliment her right back. I leaned up and took off her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, and I didn't even notice that. She didn't put one on, in the locker room, I guess. I think I got the same feeling about her, as I saw her boobs in her bedroom. I began drooling just a bit, it seemed like they were even bigger there, as opposed to, when I saw them, in the sauna.

"Fuck me, in the pussy. Are they real?" I asked.

"Yes," Amy replied.

After a moment of starring, I put my face right in between her boobs. I licked her chest a few times, it was right in the center between her boobs, and she giggled.

"Oh, that tickles, Tonya," Amy said.

I began kissing her chest, and I slowly made my way over to her right boob. As I kissed it, she put her hands onto my back, and made sure I couldn't go anywhere. A minute later, I made it to her right nipple. Once I did, I licked a female nipple, for the very first time. I just gave it a very gentle lick, sense I was nervous.

"Don't be scared, my nipples love the ladies," Amy said.

I kissed her nipple once again, and then licked it very slowly. I didn't even know, I could lick something so slowly, until that moment. She immediately let out a moan, that might have changed my life forever. If I could make a woman feel good, like that, maybe I'd find out, if there was room for one more on the lesbian team.

"Oh, dear Tonya, dear, very sweet Tonya, I love that tongue," Amy said.

I switched over to her left nipple, and I titillated her a little bit more. I had my tongue on her nipples, but my mind was focused on somewhere down south. She still had her shorts on, and of course, I wasn't sure if she had panties on, or not. I was about to find out though, I put my left hand down into her shorts, and I discovered, she wasn't wearing any panties either.

"No bra or panties, Amy? It's almost like you are just begging to be fucked, by a sexy lady," I said.

"You could say that," Amy replied.

I was new to this, but I felt like, I'd been loving it for years. I felt her very wet pussy, and my pussy became soaked in the process. She leaned her head back a little bit, and belted out a very soft moan, as I rubbed her pussy, with the tips of my fingers. By then, I wanted to see her throbbing pussy, and I wasn't waiting another minute.

"I wanna see your pussy, Amy, I wanna see and have my way with you, right now," I said slowly.

She didn't argue with me there, so I got down onto my knees and slowly took off her shorts, leaving her completely naked. She laid down, on her back, and I just tried to soak in her body. By then, I wondered why I hadn't been with a woman before. I was just loving being with Amy so much, so I had to wonder.

"What? You've never seen a fellow lesbian naked before?" Amy asked.

I knew, I wasn't officially a fellow lesbian yet, but I answered her question, the way I felt it should be answered.

"I guess not, but I gotta admire, a very sexy and delightful work of art, such as yourself," I replied.

She leaned up and took a moment to admire my beauty, as I was just in my panties. She looked like she was about to throw up, but I hoped in a good way. After a moment, I stood up and got off the bed. She saw me walk about four feet away from the bed, and then I turned around, facing her. I very slowly, took off my panties. It looked like her jaw was about to drop, and then I tossed them to her. They landed right into her lap, and she picked them up. She played with them, as I began to dance a little bit. I wasn't dancing like a stripper, I just tried to dance erotically, for her, to really get her off. I think she more focused on my landing strip, than anything else, I already knew she loved eating pussy.

I didn't even know, that I had this kinky and sexy side. Whether I knew about it, or not, she brought it out of my me. I just felt free and sexy, so I rubbed my butt as I turned around and let her see everything. I don't know how exactly, she controlled herself, and didn't attack me, but she did. She seemed like a lion, just begging to pounce on it's prey. Eventually, I put my right hand onto my pussy, and rubbed it quickly as I moved around. I was sweaty and worked up already, but it seemed to be working. A couple minutes later, I started to get a little worn out. Although, I kept going for about another five minutes, and then she finally got up, to attack me. She ran into me, and we both went to the ground. Luckily, she had carpet in there, so it didn't hurt too much. She immediately put her lips right on mine.

"Fuck me, you are so hot and feisty, I love that in a woman, it makes me do things, sexual things," Amy said.

"I can tell," I replied.

We both wrapped our arms around each other and made out, probably as passionately, as we could. She used her tongue, so I used that as an invitation, to use mine too. I felt our boobs touching, which was something else I wanted to try. I swear, every minute that went by after that, was just, way better than the last. Whether this was just gonna happen once, or many times, I was loving this, like the most addictive candy on the planet.

"Shit, Amy. You are some kind saint. I've never even been with another woman, and I just can't get enough of you," I said.

"Well, I have that effect, on hot and sexy ladies. You could say fucking them, is quite a hobby of mine," Amy replied.

She kissed me one more time, and got up. She put her hand out and I grabbed onto it. She brought me back to the bed. We both laid down on our sides and got close. We got just close enough for our nipples to touch, but then she put her hands right onto my boobs.

"Please tell me, these are real too," Amy said.

"They are as real, as the air you are breathing right now," I replied.

She just grinned, she obviously loved the sound of that. Then she leaned down and leaned back up, letting her tits hit mine, in the process. My pussy was getting as wet as an ocean, I couldn't hold back for another minute. I attacked her, with my lips. We made out, as we rolled around for about five minutes. Our boobs were flopping around quite a bit, which was kinky. I felt her naked body, just like I imagined it before. Only this was real, and this was a hell of a lot sexier. Eventually, we ran out of steam though. We had to stop, and she rested her head right on my boobs.

"So, I gotta ask, you really didn't mind having a total stranger eating you out?" Amy asked.

I laughed for a second.

"Well, personally, I think it was just you. I liked what you had to offer, and then you just ate me out. After about two seconds, I was sold on loving it," I replied.

She couldn't help, but to laugh at that. She began licking my nipples slowly for a minute. She had some special technique with her tongue, she spun her tongue around my nipple, and just made it feel really good. Obviously, she was a lesbian, because I knew she had to practice that on someone. I closed my eyes, and let out several moans, I almost exploded, as soon as her tongue hit my nipple.

"Son of a bitch, that's is so damn good Amy," I said.
She grinned again and continued licking, and sucking on my nipples. I swear, I was gonna have an orgasm. It was gonna come, just from her having her way, with my nipples. Once again, I was breathing very rapidly, she was a sexy woman, and she definitely seemed to have some spell over me.

"Do you like that, Tonya?" Amy asked.

I just nodded slowly, and then she went down south. She got towards my very wet, and glistening pussy. It was begging for her lips, and it was gonna get them. She began licking my pussy quickly and I immediately just felt like I was on the top of the world. I grabbed onto my boobs, and held onto to them for dear life.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I said as I moaned.

She didn't stop for a second, she seemed to be out on a mission. A mission to make me have the biggest orgasm of my life. As she fucked me, I had a flashback. I remembered when she fucked me in the sauna. It was exciting then, and then, as it was happening again, it was more exciting. I looked over at her, and her face was drenched. She had three of her fingers, and her tongue inside my pussy. So it seemed that, she brought a gun, to a knife fight. I wasn't sure what my expectations were, but they were crushed.

"Shit, Amy, I'm gonna cum now," I said quickly.

She very gladly took every single drop of my cum, and then she climbed up on top of me again. We made out for a minute, and then the bedroom door opened. There was another brunette standing there.

"So, whose your new friend, Amy?" The woman asked.
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