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In her arms

a memorable hotel encounter
The soft couch in the hotel lobby was doing a good job of hiding me. Sitting there sipping wine and watching the mosaic floor, I could barely contain my boredom.

My boss was presenting his paper on the newest product and I was left to slowly wither, waiting until the end of the day to clean up. I shouldn't have been drinking this early, it was just after 10:00 a.m., but it was all on the company's tab so why not.

Lost in my daydreams, I was surprised by a soft clearing of throat from the right. I swiveled my head to and saw a dark pinstriped suit clad very tall and pretty ...woman. She had very close-cropped black hair almost glued to her scalp, sharp angular face and a rather prominent nose. She must have either had tiny tits or they were heavily restrained. Her coat covered any other curves she might have had. Though she was trying to be masculine, there was no hiding her feminine beauty. Her slim lips and bushy brows couldn't hide her twinkling eyes.

She asked, "Do you have a light?"

My first thought was, who smokes in this age, but I said, "This place is non-smoking."

She smiled with her perfectly soft eyes, her lips parted. Her tongue tip slid between her pearly white teeth. She gently bit her tongue and drew a sharp breath. Her hand slipped into her inner coat pocket and withdrew something. She bent down towards me; her perfume reminded me of cinnamon and sunshine.

Her hand rested on the couch next to my leg, almost touching, and said, "My room isn't." She then straightened up, her lips curved in a mischievous smile and turned away from me walking towards the elevators.

After she had disappeared, I looked down to see a room key-card sitting next to my legs. Suffice it to say that my heart was racing a million miles a minute. I hadn't been with a woman since my marriage and though I was now divorced there just never seemed to be any time for a relationship. The wine glass was empty and then it was refilled. I felt myself flush as the excitement built, even though my mind kept saying 'no', my body had a mind of its own, and it was winning.

I finished my next glass of wine to build up some courage but just as I got up, my cell rang. My boss needed me to run to the office and pick up some more materials right away; the nerve of the asshole. I felt relieved that my choice was made for me and took the safe route to the office.

The cab ride back was emotional, the excitement was back twofold. My thighs were clamped together. The air conditioning was on high but I felt feverish. I straightened my skirt and grabbed the box of materials and went back in the hotel. I left them backstage where my boss met me.

He said, "Hey, are you OK? You look flushed."

I mumbled, "Just feeling queasy." Which was not entirely untrue.

He said, "Why don't you go home and if you feel better by five come back and help me pack up".

I said, "Okay."

By now the wine's effects had wound down. So I was feeling apprehensive again, I went to the restroom and closed the door to my stall. After I peed, I sat there on the toilet seat with my head in my hands. I took out the room key from my clutch; I don't remember when I had put it in. The metallic gold tone card had just a number three etched to one of its side the other side had just the hotel crest. The card was cool to touch and sharp edged, thumbing its side made me shiver. I decided to forget about going up there. Resolved, I cleaned up looked at myself in the mirror, I wondered what made her come up to me, and how she knew I might be interested at all. My soft yellow sheer chiffon top and yellow chemise underneath and light chocolate skirt though nice were nothing special; neither was the simple hair pulled back in a ponytail for work with almost no makeup other than the light lipstick and concealer. The only thing that stood out was my heels, I am short so I wear four-plus inch heels. Today was no different. They were a lighter yellow, a different shade than my top but close enough that they matched.

I parted my lips and bit my tongue the same way she had done, and decided the look didn't work for me, but then it made me think of her again. I stepped out of the restroom and made towards the doors. I am not sure how I ended up in the elevator instead. My heart was racing and I had to see her again. I was just going to return the card and that's it.

I slid the card into the key reader and the lift shot up. The doors finally opened to a foyer rather than a hotel hallway. The floor was marble, the vase gorgeous, the light from the window reflected brilliantly. Just ahead was a double door with one door slightly ajar. I peered inside, it was dark, I could hear a soft voice singing on the stereo in some language I didn't know. Marble continued a little further and I stepped in and returned the door to its previous location.

My eyes adjusted and I took in the richly furnished room. The soft carpet and the plush rug in front of the dark fireplace, mahogany and leather made up the furniture. A hallway led toward a balcony with big French doors and though I could see outside it didn't let in much light through the tinted glass panels. There were entrances along the hallway but the darkness hid whatever was there. The left led to two stairs leading down to a spacious wooden floor, a grand piano sat to one side. Drapes covered the far wall hinting at windows but again it was too dark.

I stepped forward and tentatively said, "Hello."

I didn't hear a response, so I stepped up to a small table that was sitting just before the living area, the sound of my heels on the marble ungainly loud. I put the key on the table and turned to leave. I am not sure how she managed it but she was standing behind me next to the double doors, her oxfords were off but otherwise she was still dressed the same, down to the black socks.

She smiled, and I said, "Hi. I just came up to return the key."

She didn't answer just walked up to me, making me look up to her; she must have been close to six feet tall. She touched my cheek with the back of her hand and asked, "Wine?"

"Okay," I replied.

She took my hand in hers and led me to the couch. My heels dug deep in the carpet and I stumbled. The next moment she had caught me and held me. My breath caught, I wanted to kiss her. She pointed to my heels, and held me up as I slipped out of my heels, suddenly feeling even shorter. She led me to a couch and turned towards the bar next to the fire place. She threw her coat on the bar stool, and untied her tie and left it there as well. She undid a few top buttons to her shirt. The bottle was already open along with two glasses, she poured for us and sat next to me, handing me the glass. She took a sip.

"Elizabeth," she said.

"I am Sonia, I am just here for..."

Before I could finish she leaned in and kissed my lips softly. Her lips were slightly wet from the sweet wine, mixing with her taste and smell. I felt light headed and closed my eyes to enjoy it better. There was no resistance in me, or reluctance, I was just going to tell her that I was there at the hotel for work. She pulled back and took a sip of her wine. I drank deep and held it savoring the moment.

We sat there just staring at each other for a few moments, she took my hand in hers, I smiled my consent. She drew closer, I was surprised to see her lips tremble just a little, as if unsure or overwhelmed. She kissed my palm and then my wrist. I finished my drink quickly, feeling the cool wine slide down my fevered body.
I moved towards her and she asked, "Dance?"

I nodded, we stood up and danced right there to the soft voice; a formal pose, her leading. A few minutes of enjoying her presence and I moved in next to her, pressing against her body. I felt hardness, and stepped back in surprise. She just looked at me, almost pleadingly, and took my hand in hers. She guided my hand to her hardness. I could feel the strap-on through her pants; I turned me on to watch her eyes almost glaze over at my acceptance. I moved in close again and she held me next to her caressing my neck and back.

As the song faded, she leaned down and kissed me, her tongue searching for mine. The kiss continued as she caressed my breasts. I was grinding against her and rubbing her ass. She kissed my neck and pushed me back onto the floor. I laid down, sunk in the carpet and she continued to kiss me. We were still fully dressed, I tried to undo her shirt but she held my hands to the side and slid downwards.

Her kisses started at my knees and she let go of my hands. Slowly she kissed upwards and as she moved up, my skirt came up as well. She kissed my thighs, licked my panty covered pussy and slid her hands underneath to hold my ass up. My hands were on the top of her head pulling her into me. She slid my panties off and pushed my legs up together forcing my knees to bend. Then she started to lick my pussy.

She knew what she was doing, teasing my lips sucking them in and licking down to my asshole. I had been wet since I saw her in the lobby and now I really loosened up. She opened my legs apart and looked up smiling, her eyes shining and she started to lick my clit. I was getting closer, my hips were moving with her touch, I felt her finger enter my pussy and then quickly the second one. Her lips locked around my clit and her tongue strokes bathed me in delight as my orgasm approached. I held her head on my clit as she fucked my pussy with her fingers, and then I was coming. My back arched and my stomach muscles contracted as I lifted off to bliss on her tongue.

I pushed her head away but she kept fucking me, slowly now as I caught my breath. I lay there as she got up and undid her pants, her strap on was held to her left thigh by a little leather band that she undid. I was glad it was nothing outrageously big. She slid back down and looked me in the eye. I pulled her into me sliding slowly in. Our thighs met as she slid in all the way.

I reached up and undid her shirt completely, she was wearing an undershirt that really pressed her tits in, and she stopped me when I tried to remove it. I pulled on it again and this time she let me. I kissed her tits sucking in her nipples; she moaned and continued her slow movement into me. I started to nibble gently on her nipples and reached towards her pussy.

She was dripping wet, her lips hanging down, engorged and slimy; but I couldn't really reach her completely so I just kept touching as much as I could. She picked up her speed, grinding into me and moaning with each thrust. I bit her nipple and twisted the other one with my fingers, making her moan louder. Her hips jerked and she let out a low groan as she came, nearly collapsing on me.

We kissed as she recovered, still inside me but lying on the side, my leg over her ass. I pulled back slowly sliding out her cock, then I pushed her on her back and kissed my way down, sucking on it, licking up my juices and then sliding it to get to her lips. She was still sensitive so I avoided her clit but sucked in her lips that lay drenched and open. After a few moments she pulled me back up and we kissed. Then I rested my head on her chest as she caressed my hair.

I must have fallen asleep because next thing I noticed was my cell phone ringing. It was my boss, and he really could use me if I felt up to it. I didn't really want to go but I wanted time to think about what had just happened. I was feeling a bit awkward standing there naked, so I agreed to come.

I dressed quickly, and Elizabeth stayed on the floor just watching me. She had pulled out a cigarette from somewhere and now lit it. I grabbed my heels and looked back at her. Her long sexy body, her strap-on and the lit cigarette in her left hand made me almost whimper. She parted her lips and let out thick opaque smoke that swirled around her before being sucked away by the conditioning system.

"Take the key, it's yours. I hope you use it soon." she whispered.

Hesitant as I was I didn't really want to discuss anything either, so I just grabbed it and went out. This was not the last time we were together.

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