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In Her Time Of Need

When her best friend's boyfriend cheats on her, closet lesbian Becky makes her move.
I had been in love with Ivy for years.
I had always known I was lesbian. When I was a little girl, I never dreamed of living in a castle with a handsome prince. Most people thought I was just a tomboy all my life, just a girl who's into things boys are. I guess they're right, because boys are into women.

Ivy was my best friend. She was beautiful, with beautiful flowing blonde hair, must sexier than my horrible bushy brown mane. She was a little more than a head taller than I was, so I had a perfect view of her perky B cups. She was modest, but she was still the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

At this moment, my best friend since I was in fourth grade had her arms around me, and she was sobbing hard. As much as I wanted to by sympathetic, I couldn't because her breasts were pushing against my face. I hoped I wasn't blushing, as she poured her feelings out to me.

"I mean," she wailed between sobs, "I loved him, then he slept with that slut!"

"There, there." I gently wiped her tears away, staring into her green eyes that made me melt inside. "Don't worry. You are amazing, Ivy. I mean, you are just beautiful."

She smiled. "Really?"

"He's an idiot, for giving you up." I put my arms around her again, her breast pushing against my cheek.

"Men are pigs sometimes. I know this sounds weird, but sometimes I wish I didn't need them. Sometimes I wish I could just be with women instead."

My nipples hardened and my pussy grew damp. I couldn't help myself anymore. I pulled her close to me and kissed her.

She kissed me back, pulling me closer to her. Then she pushed me away. "Sorry, Becky. This is wrong! You're my best friend!"

"And you're my dream girl."

"Oh my god!" She was stunned. "You're a friggin' dyke!"

"No, no! Not a dyke. I just, love girls, is all."

"I can't believe this. My best friend is a fucking lesbian!"

By now, tears were filling my eyes. "I've always loved you, but if you're acting like that, fine!"

I wiped my eyes and took a few steps away. To my surprise and delight, she wrapped an arm around my waist, spun me around, and kissed me passionately.

I kissed her back, and we staggered over to the couch, our tongues intertwined. Her lips were smooth and thick, but surprisingly solid against mine. Her lower lip was a little chapped near the middle, but that drove me wild. We fell onto the couch, her underneath me, and she pushed my head away.

"Let's do this, Becky." She unbuttoned my blouse, pushing it down to my wrists where I wiggled it loose.

She undid my bra, and held it up with one hand, still covering my breasts. She teased my nipple through the fabric, and I couldn't take it anymore. I slapped her hand away lightly, and my bra fell onto the couch cushion. She was now working on her top, taking it off over her head, and unhooking her lace bra with one fluid motion. Her breasts shook and her hair lightly caressed them.

I took the left one in my hand, and moved it towards my mouth. Her nipples were large and hard at the moment, and they covered a few inches of skin, but I've always been a sucker for chicks with big nipples. I took the nipple in my mouth, slowly nibbling on the edges as I looked up into her eyes. She was moaning, and moved her hands down to the front of her jeans. She unbuttoned them and pulled them down to her ankles. She looked at me with big, pleading eyes, and I scooted back, stuck my ass in the air, and moved my head towards her crotch.

I playfully nipped at her panties, rubbing her through the fabric. I bit the underwear a bit to the right, and pulled it down, then repeated with the other side. She was fairly floppy, but firm enough for me. I gently ran my tongue up and down her left thigh, making tiny little circles. I planted wet kisses around her waist, and flicked my tongue, slowly getting closer to her lady bits. I burried my face in her warm pussy, and she ran her hands through my hair. With my face shoved between her legs, I couldn't be sure if she liked it or not, but I explored her like there was no tomorrow. I shoved two fingers in and out furiously, yet tenderly. She squirmed a little, and I continued, moving my tongue in precise patterns along her wet pussy walls. She was moaning now, and pulled my head up.

"Come on, Becky. I'm almost there."

I was pretty close to peaking too, so I worked my way up, so we were both sitting up, leaning on the arms of the couch. I put my left leg under her right and my right over her left, and scooted forward, until our pussies touched. In pure ecstacy, I began to bounce forward and back, up and down, putting friction between us. We rubbed up and I felt myself, and her, grow hotter as we sped up, almost shaking the entire apartment.

I threw my head back and gave a deep, long moan, as we both inched towards the final moments. I kept my head back, and looked down my nose, and saw her. Just beautiful. I was in love, I was sure. Her eyes were closed, and her teeth were clenched, her head leaning to the left slightly. As we both reached our climax simultaneously, our bodies fell limp, and she leaned forward, resting on me, and slowly drifted to sleep with a smile on her face.

Even with her makeup and hair completely messed up, her body limp and warm, us together on an old couch covered in sweat, I couldn't be happier.

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