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In the club

You make me so jealous sometimes
You’re over the other side of the club, we're pretending not to know each other, I can tell by the look in your eyes. We do this sometimes, pretend to be strangers and play these little games. I keep on catching you looking at me, just running your eyes up and down my body. I am so thankful for wearing these jeans. I pull my top up a little bit at the front showing a bit of my stomach to everyone. My eyes are trained on you, I see you lick your lips as my fingers graze over my stomach and dip slightly into the waist band of my jeans. I turn my back to you, pushing my arse into your view and I can't tell whether you're watching me anymore. I grab the bar guy's attention and order myself another drink.

So, here I am sitting at a bar alone, having a drink, watching people joke with each other, when I spot you. I just glare at people for a few seconds then turn my eyes onto the dance floor to try and forget you're about. It works for all of a couple of minutes until I recognize your arse swaying in my eye line. I look over to where you were sitting, you've left your drink there, obviously thinking you're not going to be away for long. I finish my drink, gaining the last bit of courage I need to walk over to the dance floor. I push my way through the crowd making my way towards you.

I spot you amongst the people, your back's towards me thankfully. I walk up to you slowly, I reach out and grab your hips, pulling your arse towards my cunt, and you’re grinding into me. I wrap my right arm around you, dragging my fingers up to your collar bone where I scratch hard. I hear you moan lightly over the base of the music, you turn around and see it’s me, there’s shock in your eyes. With my hand that’s still at the base of your neck I move it round to the back and pull your lips to mine. At first you try to pull away but then you start to grab onto my shirt, pulling me towards you. I force my tongue into your mouth, my nails digging into the back of your neck.

Your arms wrap around my back, hands finding my shoulder blades, your fingers digging into my shirt covered skin. I push our way through the crowd, our lips still attached, your hands running all over my back. The back of your thighs hit a table, luckily no one’s sitting at it. I lift your legs up and you sit on the table wrapping your legs around my waist. I attach my lips to your neck, kissing, biting, sucking. They become harder with every surge of need. Your hands have found my arse, your nails digging into my cheeks. You’re panting in my ear, lips brushing my lobe, sending shivers down my back. I lay you back onto the table kissing your collar bone as I do. I pull your t-shirt up slightly, my hands running up and down your sides. Your hands find their way into my hair, you tug at it trying to stop me from my attack on your neck and collar bone.

I flip you over onto your stomach on the table, I pull your hips back so your feet can touch the floor. Your arse is there in all its jean covered glory, I give it a quick hard smack, your back arches, pushing your arse towards me for another hit. I grab your hair, pulling it so your back arches more. I lean into you, brushing my lips over the shell of your ear whilst I whisper into your ear, “You like that baby?” You nod your head slightly. I smack your arse again. This time I hear you moan, the sound makes the wetness in my panties grow slightly bigger. I reach my left arm around your waist and undo your jeans, your panting heavier now as I slide my fingers into your underwear. I look around, no one’s watching that I can see, so I pull my hand out and slowly ease your jeans over your hips and half way down your thighs.

I push your top up, uncovering your back. I run my left hand over the muscles there, they ripple under my touch. I slowly scratch down towards your arse smacking you again once I finished the journey. The red marks I leave look amazing against your skin. Your right hand leaves the table to grab at your own breast, you think I can’t see but I do. I pull on your hair, pulling you to a standing position. I bite your neck hard, leaving my mark for everyone to see. This is a warning. I maneuver us around the table and towards the wall. I push your face into the wall, spreading your legs with my thigh as I do. I pull back slightly looking at the red hand prints on your arse. As I look I catch a glimpse of your pussy, it’s dripping all over the floor; you’re such a dirty girl.

I run my fingers from your back down your crack. When I brush over your arse hole, I apply a little bit more pressure to hear you gasp, your hips moving back looking for more. I carry on going until I reach your cunt. Your juice runs all over my hand as I slide right over your entrance to your clit. I start to circle around your nub lightly, applying hardly any pressure. You start to whimper and buck your hips looking for more. I remove my hand and pull your head back by your hair. I bite your lobe, my tongue running over the shell and into your ear. You groan loudly, pushing your face into mine. I kiss your cheek gently as I smack your arse again. You cry out into the club, I carry on spanking you not easing up despite your pleas.

I run my fingers over the now red cheeks. You shiver at the contact, your face wincing. You start to try and pull away from my touch. I pull you back into me, your arse hitting my crotch. You whimper at the feeling. I push your face back against the wall, kissing your shoulder as I do. My left hand runs up and down your thigh, slowly moving from left to right after a while. I remove all contact from you, leaving you wanting more.

You start to turn around, then I slam three fingers into your dripping wet pussy, making it easy to slide in and out of you. I bend you over more, fingers thrusting into your hard and fast. I put my hips behind my hand to help me thrust into you deeper. I curl my fingers inside you, hitting that one spot that makes your head spin and legs go weak. You’re pushing back into my hand trying to get me into you deeper. I carry on my assault on your cunt, I lean over to your ear, “Touch your clit, now.” You do as you're told and run your finger over your clit, your hips start to buck wildly. I know you're close.

Your walls start to clench around my fingers, your moans getting louder and louder, but I’m still the only one who can hear your cries. After one hard thrust your walls clench and don’t release. I lean in and bite your neck. Hard. All of a sudden you’re trembling against me, your walls easing up on my fingers. I carry on thrusting into you, you’re screaming out into the busy club, my name on your lips as you do.

Once I know you have finished cumming for the second time I pull my fingers out of you. You lose your footing so I spin you around so your back is against the wall, pinning you there with my body. You look at me with that lop-sided grin. I bring my fingers to your lips where you suck your own juices off of them. I pull your head to mine so I can taste you off your lips. I pull your underwear and jeans up your hips and do them up. I press the most gentlest of kisses to your lips and turn around and walk off like nothing ever happened, leaving you with the thought of what I had just done to you etched into your memories forever. Well, until we get home.

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