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In the heat of the moment

Our friends always wondered if we were together
It was around Super Bowl weekend. My best friend had invited her ex-boy friend, Mike over to play cards and to hang out. The entire time he was there she was trying to prove to him that he no longer has control over her. Another friend of ours were there as well, Jay, but he was also one of those friends who constantly looked for signs that my best friend and I were together.

Jay and Mike both slept in the living room most of the nights that they stayed with us. And my best friend and I slept in my room. Our friends did not know that we were sexually involved. So we often slept in the room with one another to get a quick feel, or to finger one another, or simply get off.

The day of the Super Bowl everyone was so heated and caught up in the game. I am a very smart mouth person, which my best friend cannot stand, so we got into a few spats that day. Of course our friends stopped to look at us to see what it all was about. My best friend always win our fights, it's her way of controlling me or the situation. And I let her because it's a turn on.

We moved our festivities to the bedroom because we didn't allow people to smoke in our living room because of my best friend's baby. So we all started talking and just having fun in the bedroom. My best friend and I were having a conversation about her not driving my car the next day to do something for her ex, Mike. She became agitated with me.

"I'll just take the keys, Shay." She said softly.

"You wont take anything. I'm not letting you drive my car for him." I stated with an attitude.

"Well, we will just see then." Barked Tiffany.

I just rolled my eyes and walked away. But Tiffany saw me because she sees everything. As I walked passed her, she grabs my arm.

"Shay, are you mad at me?" She asked.

"No, I am not. But you're still not taking the car." I said as I snatched away from her.

Tiffany pinned me against the wall and began tickling me. I laughed and laughed until tears began to roll down my face. She continued to tickle me as she asked me for my keys. I couldn't answer for laughing. I then saw my way clear, so I ran for the door.

"Grab her Jay!" Tiffany yelled.

Before I knew it Jay had both of my arms and I couldn't move. At this point I am yelling in between laughing for them to stop. But then I found myself laying across the bed with Jay holding my arms down, and Tiffany tickling my feet. Mike sat in a chair laughing as he watched.

In the mist of everyone laughing and playing, I just felt a hand go up my shirt. And I sat up a little just to see who it was and what was going on. And to my surprise, it was Tiffany. She began feeling my breasts and running her finger up and down my stomach and in and out of my naval.

Then Tiffany began tugging at my pants, but I got loose from Jay's grip and grabbed my pants holding them so that she was unable to get them off. I was unsure if she had been drinking or what, and we weren't alone. Tiffany was stronger and soon as she got my hands off my pants, Jay grabbed my hands.

Tiffany stood up over me as she was lifting my shirt and began sucking my breasts. She was so gentle. She then licked me from my chest down to my clit. She lifted my legs apart and began licking and sucking me. At first all I could think about was our friends being in the room, but she continued to eat me. As soon as I began to moan and squirm, Tiffany stopped licking me and began to rub my clit in a soft circular motion. It felt so good. She then began licking me again and when I began to cum, she stuck her tongue inside me, in and out. Next came her fingers. She sucked my clit as she fingered me. She rubbed my clit some more and then she continued to lick me until I came again.

When she was done I got up from the bed, kneeled down where she sat on the floor, and kissed her. She then looked at me and said, "Tonight you're all mine." Our friends just stood there in shock. 

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