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Inside Secret

Just what you think would happen at the office.
It was on a Friday, everyone pretty much gone home. Except my boss, Katie, my friend, Amanda, and me. I was working on a chart when Amanda stopped into my cube. She said she was going home. I understood. She was about out the door when she turned around and came back. She said that Katie was waiting for me in the conference room. I said ok and started to head to the conference room. I was wondering what she wanted. I had all my previous charts in. What could it be? I opened the door to the conference room and Katie was sitting in her chair. I sat down and asked her why she needed to see me. She got up and walked aroung my chair. She said she needed something done for her. I didn't want to do another chart in my life but, she's my boss. I said ok and nodded my head. She said it wasn't work related. I was then confused. She looked at me, straight into my eyes. I then knew exactly what she was talking about. I smiled-- because everyone needs sex when they're stressed--and stood up. She put her hands on the bottom of my face and pressed her lips to mine. I gently sucked on her lip. Our glasses were clanking together so I pulled them off and tossed them in the air. I laid down on the conference table and she started to unbutton my shirt. I couldn't see that well, because I had my glasses off, but I could tell she was grinning maniaclly. Once my shirt was off she wrapped her arms around my body and unhooked my bra. Then her hands went straight to my breasts, massaging them in circles. Her mouth went to my left breast and her hand kept playing with my right. Her tongue, wiggling out of her mouth like an angry snake, just barely touched the tip of my breast. Making it hard and giving me chills all over. Then she stuck practically my whole breast in her mouth, sucking it hard. Then she stuck her head right between both of my breasts and jiggled them against her face. I was enjoying this 100%! I wanted to make her day so I told her I should return the favor. We switched places and ripped off her shirt and bra. I just wanted to see her breasts, not suck them. Breasts aren't my thing. I then unzipped the side of her pencil skirt, smiling. I was surprised to see her wearing a light pink thong. I didn't really care though. I pulled it off and spread her legs wide, exposing her shiny, wet vagina (pussy, whatever). I stuck my head between her legs and started licking wildly. I hadn't eaten anyone in a while, so I was pleased. Katie was moaning loudly and stroking my hair. I was glad everyone was gone.  If Amanda was was here she would be surprised. She's a real church fan. I just stuck my tongue in and out, up and down, side to side. I pushed my head in further and further to get fresh juices. When they were all gone, I pulled off my skirt and panties and crawled on the table. I stuck my wet, and open pussy into her face. She grabbed my butt and pulled it toward her face. I loved the feeling of someone playing around inside me. Her tongue wasn't the only thing doing work down there. She was sticking her fingers in there to get out my fresh juices. I couldn't beleive I didn't think of that. I started bouncing my hips up and down on her face when we heard a knock on the door. Our faces turned red. We got off the table and tried to put on our clothes when Amanda walked in! She sat there and stared at us. We were naked, out faces blushing to where I thought I looked like a tomato. She said, "What the hell is going on in here?!" Then I said, "I thought you went home..." She told us how she left her laser pointer in the conference room and came to get it. I was so embarrassed. I haven't talked to Amanda since. Even though I still work with her, we never talk. I was thinking of pulling that charade on Amanda one time. Mabye...
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