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Irresistable temptation

I saw one of the most beautiful women I have ever met today.
I passed her on the stairs to my building. She stopped to hold the door for me as I was taking a load of boxes to the street. The light came in behind her silhouetting a beautiful figure and a riot of short curly hair.

“Lucky girl” I thought with just a smidge of envy. My 5’8” frame is rather more generously curved than fashion dictates and my long brunette hair takes an army of stylists equipped with an arsenal of product to hold a curl.

I came face to face with her and was able to see her fully and almost gasped. She was just stunning. She looked like someone from a magazine who you just know has been photoshopped because no one actually looks that way in real life.

“Thanks!” I managed to say as I headed past her. Trying to make up for my weird pause by rebalancing my load of boxes. She smiled at me politely and headed up the stairs. No doubt headed for my neighbor the salon since they are the only other business up there and I had no appointments scheduled for the day.

I took the boxes to the trash and headed back up the stairs thinking about my to-do list for the afternoon when I came through the door of my shop and almost collided with her.

“Oh! I saw you on the stairs, is this your shop?”

“Yes” I replied, slightly out of breath from the stairs and the surprise. “I’m sorry I wasn’t in here when you arrived….” I racked my brain desperately trying to remember if there was an appointment I might have forgotten about, a name I should know.

“I saw your sign and just wanted to browse if that’s alright.”

Now normally I’m pretty strictly by appointment as I specialize in customer service and being a personal shopper but suddenly my afternoon to do list was unimportant.

“Not a problem,” I said with a smile. “What are you looking for?”

She began to outline her needs and I let the words flow over me taking them in as I also gathered a more detailed assessment of her body type and personal style. Totally natural beauty without a shred of makeup, she had the most gorgeous large caramel colored eyes fringed with chocolate lashes. Full softly tinted lips and beautiful, even, lightly tanned complexion that spoke of an active lifestyle though her body did that well enough on its own. An inch or two taller than my 5’8” she had the lean athletic figure of a dancer or a cyclist. A full B cup her breasts would be perky enough to go bra less even in her late thirties by my estimate and she had the right amount of curve for hips and ass. In short she would look stunning in a burlap sack. She might as well have been wearing one, her loose fitting khakis and v neck tee weren’t exactly designed to highlight her figure. I pulled out a selection of dresses in her size and led her to the dressing room.

“Let me know if you need a hand with the zipper.” I called as I closed the silk curtains behind her. I smiled a bit to myself…. They always need a hand with the zipper on a few of those styles. Sure enough, a bit of fabric rustling, a pause, then

“Could you give me a hand?” came out of the dressing room. I stepped in, smiled and went into my usual professional patter designed to make women feel comfortable about the fact that a total stranger is helping them get dressed (or undressed). By the second or third dress they have usually given up attempting modesty and simply ask me to stay in the dressing room to assist. This time was no exception and as I helped her out of one dress and into another I subtly admired her beautiful body from the corners of my eyes.

“This dress has an open back, you really shouldn’t wear a bra with it.” I reached over and unclasped the back of her bra allowing her to pull it out from under the front of the stunning sequined sheath. She adjusted the dress and we both stood back to survey the results in the mirror. She slid one leg out, testing the length of the mid thigh slit.

“Wow! In this dress I almost feel beautiful.”

How could this woman not know how fucking gorgeous she is? Our culture is so screwed up sometimes. Sorry, I run into this a lot and one of the joys of my job is getting women to see how beautiful they really are. In this case though…

“In that dress you could launch a thousand ships.” I said with utter sincerity. Our eyes locked in the mirror and held. And held. Finally after what seemed like an eternity I broke eye contact.

“Let me help you with this,” and I pulled down the zipper. One of my fingernails caught a bit on the fabric and I wound up running it down her spine trailing in the zippers wake. She shivered and let out a little moan. The dress opened and fell to the floor leaving her standing in a puddle of nude fabric and bronze sequins, wearing nothing but a simple pair of coral lace panties. She turned toward me and caught my hand and for a moment I thought she was going to do something. Object, storm out, break my wrist, who knew? Instead she brought it to her breast, placing it over her suddenly very hard nipple. Our eyes met again and hers held a challenge, as if she was saying “How far are you willing to take this?”

I leaned in and kissed her, gently at first then with a growing passion as she matched my intensity. One of my hands caressed her breast palming her nipple while the other roamed her back and wandered lower. She confidently ran her hands under my dress and quickly pulled it over my head, barely even breaking the kiss to do so. She pulled back a moment and smiled as she took in my remaining ensemble. I had been feeling sexy that morning so I wore a purple satin bra with matching boyshorts that flatter my curves and old fashioned stockings and garter belt. Teamed up with a great set of vintage style heels and I pretty much had the 50’s pin up look nailed.

“Very nice” she murmured.

I smiled and leaned in to kiss her breasts. Her nipples were a lovely deep pink and very perky, I swirled my tongue around one and ever so gently caught it between my teeth. I pulled back slightly enjoying her gasp of pleasure as I first nibbled, then licked at her hardened little peak. I released it from my mouth and blew lightly across it before switching to the other side. I used my fingertips to lightly caress the underside of both her breasts as I worked her with my mouth. She groaned and arched into me, burying her fingers in my hair and pulling me close but I refused to be rushed. I intended enjoy this luscious creature while I had the chance.

Eventually I moved lower. Falling to my knees before her I kissed my way down until I encountered the top edge of her panties I worked along their edge for a while. How far would this go? I took a deep breath and gambled everything. Running one finger along the bottom edge I slipped it under the fabric and ran it the length of her dripping pussy. She cried out and grabbed my shoulders for balance as her hips jerked at the contact.

I guided her to the dressing room chair and she sat, pulling off her underwear as she did so. She spread her legs to either side of the wide seat, putting her entire body on full view. She had to be one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. Her sex was fully shaved and glistening with anticipation, her nipples were so hard that they pointed up from her perky breasts. Her eyes were pools of desire that I could cum just from gazing into too deeply.

I lightly grazed my fingers up her inner thighs and traced her swollen outer labia. She inhaled sharply and rotated her hips a little, bringing herself a little closer to me. I lightly traced up her pussy till I found the hard nub of her clit and ran my fingers along each side of it, barely touching. She moaned out and pushed herself firmly into my touch.

“Please,” she whispered. I leaned down and began to lick at the sensitive little bud, enjoying the delicate flavor and rich scent of her. I allowed one finger to continue its journey downward until I was teasing the edges of her opening. I slipped it inside her, feeling her walls clench around me. She gasped again and ground into my finger. I withdrew it and thrust again with two fingers this time, seeking out her G spot. I found it and began massaging firmly, continuing to lick her clit in time with the motions of my fingers.

Her breathing became steadily more harsh and erratic, little moans and whimpers emerged from her throat as if she was trying to be quiet and totally failing. I enjoyed her obvious pleasure but continued relentlessly stimulating her even as her hips bucked and ground against me. I had to use my other hand to press down her hips because in her wild grinding against my mouth I was having a hard time keeping the pressure even. Finally I chose my moment and grazed my teeth over her clit trapping it gently between them, then sucked hard as I continued to thrust into her with my fingers. She came hard with a rush of wetness and a sweet low. “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh” that seemed to go on forever. Her hips spasming wildly against me.

I lapped up the sweet juices, my intent to sooth now rather than excite. She lay sprawled limply over the chair for a few moments, just recovering.

She gently pulled me up and began to kiss me again running her hands over my body as I leaned over her recumbent form. She traced my collar bones with her finger tips, then followed my curves down and between my breasts. Tracing the edge of my low satin bra she dipped her fingers in and captured one hard nipple. I gasped as she pinched it a little tighter, rolled it between her fingers. She pulled back and gave me a knowing little smile then went for the other nipple as well.

Tugging and rolling my nipples she stood up pushing me back up with her and never letting up the exquisite torture. She brushed a light kiss over my lips then dropped to her knees before me, letting her hands trail down my body as she did so. When they found the top edge of my panties they just hooked in and pulled them down, I stepped out of them as her hands began a slow and sensual caress back up my legs.

At that moment a movement caught my attention and I suddenly realized I was facing the dressing rooms full length mirror. We made an incredibly erotic picture. Me standing there in satin bra and heels, legs slightly spread, the garter belt framing my pussy. Her, naked and kneeling before me, just beginning to kiss her way up my inner thighs.

I continued to watch, mesmerized, as her kisses reached my pussy. She placed her and over my clitoris and began to rub firmly in a luscious little circular pattern. I moaned out my appreciation and stood there, one hand toying with her curls while the other played with my breasts almost involuntarily. She slid 2 fingers into my slick pussy and my knees almost buckled.


I couldn’t help myself. I was nowhere near quiet and at that moment I didn’t care. She used her thumb to press hard against my clit while stroking my core with faster and harder thrusts. I reached out blindly to grab at the dress rack. Anything to steady myself against the flood of sensation welling within me. Never taking my eyes off the beautiful picture in the mirror. I was about to….

“Amara, You in here?” came in a decidedly masculine voice from the entry to my shop. We both froze. Then I started to scramble for my clothes.

“Just a minute Mike!” I called out, hurriedly throwing my dress back on. I smoothed my hair back and stepped out of the dressing room. Mike my UPS guy was standing just inside the front door with a large parcel.

“Hi Amara, I just need your signature for this. Hey, are you ok? I thought I heard you scream..”

“Oh that, No. I’m fine, really.” I lied with burning cheeks.

“I just caught a heel on something and tripped in the dressing room. Bring that over here.”

 I said motioning him towards my front desk. As I signed for the package I saw my client, fully dressed again slip out through the door behind him. NO! I wanted to call after her but I couldn’t. I smiled briefly at Mike, hoping he would move along quickly and leave me free.

“Ok then, you have a nice day.”

He turned away, then turned back casually.

“You might want to remove that so you don’t trip again.”

 He nodded toward my foot, then winked at me and sauntered out the door. I looked down at the coral lace panties caught on my heel. I flushed to the roots of my hair, grabbed them up and stuffed them in a desk drawer. I dashed down the stairs hoping to find my lovely client on the landing, perhaps pretending to just be coming in.


I ran all the way down the stairs and looked up and down the street. I could see Mike heading back to his truck but there was no sign of her. I sighed and began the long walk back up to my shop. As I began to straighten up the dressing room it occurred to me… I never got her name.

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