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Isami x Maiko

Isami sets Maiko an erotic challenge in an exposed and hostile environment

The straps and buckles of the leather outfit coiled tightly around the curves of her body. No matter how Maiko sat, no matter how much she fidgeted she could not feel anything but restricted and confined in the ridiculous outfit Isami had made her wear. As the car sat stationary at the lights and she gazed out the window she was grateful for the long coat she wore, no one could see what she had on underneath. She felt her jaw clench and she ground her teeth. As far as she was concerned what she wore underneath was nothing. No, this outfit was worse than nothing. What exactly did Isami have planned this evening?

Every weekend Isami had come up with some new plan, some new challenge. Maiko thought Isami was determined to break her, to find something so far out of her comfort zone that she would finally snap, say it was all too much. She would never give though – never - she would prove exactly what she was made of. Although she had made up her mind that she would do whatever she was told she could not stop sweating slightly in trepidation.

“Stop grinding your teeth. I can hear you doing it,” Isami said to her from the driver’s seat. Isami had told her off for this so many times that she could not bring much anger to her voice but Maiko stopped straight away regardless. There was no chance Maiko was not going to do what she was told. Maiko had barely offered any resistance when Isami had bound her long hair up into two bunches. She said nothing about how childish and silly it looked, she supposed that was the point. She would endure the hair just like she endured the lipstick and the eyeshadow and insanely high-heels she had been told to put on as well. It was all part of the test, all part of the plan and she would obey. Anything Isami asked of her Maiko would obey.

Maiko looked over at Isami out of the corner of her eye. She hated when she was caught looking. The street lights flashed through the car windows, intermittently lighting Isami’s face in splashes of lurid yellow. Isami’s eyes looking steadily ahead, a look of alertness and anticipation just barely recognizable on her face. Maiko looked at that face full of confidence and was once again filled with conviction. Yes, she would obey her, she would follow her to the very gates of hell if she had to. 

“We’re here,” Isami said as the car pulled into an almost vacant parking lot. “Let’s go, I have some people who want to meet you.” Maiko just looked at her unflinching. Who could Isami have planned to meet? They were at the edge of the industrial district, in the middle of nowhere. They got out of the car and Maiko looked up to see the front of a low building, dim light coming from the boarded windows. A sign over the door had once said, “Jack’s” but the letters were long gone and only dirty imprints remained. 

“Let’s have some fun shall we? I love this place.” Isami’s boots crunched across the gravel and tarmac to the front door and gave it a hard shove. The distorted music came wailing through the open door along with an acrid smoke. Isami stepped through and held the door for Maiko who, staring straight ahead, stepped through the doorway. She found herself in the kind of dingy, smoky bar that she had not thought existed any more. The furniture and the décor must have been decades old. Her nose wrinkled slightly at the smell of cheap, bootleg, cigarettes.

Maiko scanned the room out of deeply ingrained instinct and saw straight away that what few patrons were present were all looking straight at them. She immediately tensed up not knowing what to expect. A large figure took two brisk steps towards them, towering over Maiko as he leered down at her. “Sweet piece of ass you got there Isami,” the man said. His voice sounding like a nails in a cement mixer.

Isami stepped right up to the hulking figure pulling Maiko to her side. “I’m surprised you can remember what a nice girl looks like. How is your crack-whore of girlfriend?”

“She quit that shit a long time ago and you know it Isami!” he hollered, jabbing a grimy finger towards her face. His scowl broke into a clumsy, unshaven smile. “I missed you, you fuckin’ bitch. This place was starting to get boring!”

“Missed you too Ed,” Isami said in a suddenly relaxed tone of voice. Maiko had noticed smiles break out on the faces of the few patrons she could make out through the murky haze. “Niki here?”

“At the bar as usual. Keeps threatening to water down the liquor.”

“Might help stop idiots like you losing their temper! Thanks.” Ed just nodded as Isami led Maiko through the odd assortment of tables to the middle of the bar. With a nod she directed Maiko to take a seat on a cracked and unsteady bar stool. Maiko clutched the coat around her as took her seat. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxed but Maiko kept her vigilance none-the-less. She never let her guard down and that went doubly true for a place like this.

“The service in this place sucks! Who do I have to fuck to get a drink around here?” Isami called to the “staff-only” door behind the bar. The door burst open and voice erupted form the opening, “I’ll show you some service! Where are…” The voice stopped as the lady strode out behind the bar scanning for trouble and saw Isami standing there smirking. “It would be you. And you brought a friend this time. Nice to meet you.” Maiko just nodded. The lady behind the bar realized that was the only response she was getting and turned back to Isami. “Usual?”

“Two of the usual. Doubles”

“Of course.”

Maiko found herself facing the largest shot of brown liquor she had ever seen. Whatever the standard legal measure was, this wasn’t it. This wasn’t even double. Isami plonked herself down, snatching up her own glass, and downed the entire drink in one go. “Drink. You’ll need it,” Isami said. No humour in her voice at all. Maiko straightened on the stool and followed suit. The liquor burned and caught in her throat but she downed it all without hesitation. Was this the challenge? It’s not like she could not drink she just preffered not to. It got in the way of her training routine. 

“Nik!” Isami called. The lady behind the bar immediately poured out two more enormous glasses of liquor. “Only place I can get whisky like this anymore.” Isami downed shot number too, eyes closed, head back, clearly enjoying it. Empty glass back on the table she eyeballed Maiko’s. “Drink if you know what’s good for you,” Isami said, seriously this time. Maiko did as she was told. Isami was right, this was quality whisky.

“Is this all we came here for? To drink?” Maiko had kept quiet until now but was starting to get restless. She hated the thought that she had got herself worked up for nothing. A night drinking in a filthy bar was hardly a challenge.

“Ed was right. This place can be a little dull. You’re going to give us some entertainment. Be right back, I’m going to cue up some music.” Isami strode over to the corner of the room where a jukebox stood. A few button presses later Isami came back, a curious smile on her face. “A few personal favorites. Oh by the way. You remember that old routine of yours. You know the one? You got first place for it back in the day. I’m sure you remember”.

Maiko was taken aback. Wherever she had thought this evening was headed this was not it. “Yes I know it.”

“I loved it that time you showed me. I can’t believe you are still so flexible. Why don’t you show me again?”

“Here? Right now?” Maiko was once again on full alert, heart pumping, and perspiration building on her palms.

“Yeah, come on it’ll be fun. I know everyone here…more or less. They’ll love it.” Isami looked suddenly serious. “Give me your coat and get on the bar.”

Maiko understood now. This could be trouble. As her hands went to the belt on her coat she suddenly remembered the worse-than-nothing outfit she had on underneath. This was her worst nightmare. Being the center of attention was bad enough but to reveal herself to a room full of (probably dangerous) strangers was terrifying. As scared as she was she reminded herself that this was the life she had committed too. Deep down she wanted this.

The jukebox clicked over to the next track and the room was filled with the sound of heavy drums and bass guitar. Maiko ripped off her coat and flung it over the bar stool. Through the smoky haze the patrons saw for the first time the outfit Maiko wore. Isami had selected a leather corset black and simple with a web of straps that ran down Maiko’s legs and around her chest. All that preserved her modesty was the black satin bra and thong. She heard a wolf-whistle come from over her shoulder along with a number of jeers.

Distorted guitars growled through the smoke as Maiko, cold determination on face, jumped straight up onto the bar, high heels striking the old wood with loud crack. Isami’s eyes drank in the details of the corset lacing, the tight stitching, and especially the glorious Maiko’s thong-clad bottom as it was forcibly thrust out from her crouched position.

Maiko rotated around on the bar top extending one long, smooth leg. Facing the room she gripped the edge of the bar, one leg folded underneath her the other extended out. “I’d kill for legs like that, but then I’d have to give up training.” Isami thought to herself. Flyaway hairs were falling wildly over Maiko’s face and shoulders as she stared out into the dark. Already every face was turned to watch as she leaned her petit yet curvy frame forward and taking all her weight onto her arms, she thrust her feet behind her. Still totally within her comfort zone and with absolute control she rotated her torso down and her legs up until she was in a perfect handstand. That drew a round of applause and another round of shouts from the patrons. Maiko thought “If they think that’s impressive they’re in for a real show.”

Steady as a statue given flesh she slowly opened her legs, feet falling slowly away from each other. The muscles in her legs tightened as her thighs parted splitting open into a perfect ‘T’. Maiko’s mind was clear and focused as she found finished the pose, ever slightly curving her back and neck. Perfection: she had never accepted less. With a deep breath she raised her left hand off the bar holding it straight out to the side.

From this one handed inverted split she slowly twisted her body, pivoting on the heel of her hand, from every angle showing off the curve of her back, the weight of her breasts barely contained by the cups of her bra, the length of her legs and the firm globes of her bottom. A single drop of sweat fell across her parted, pink lips and off the tip of her nose.

Without even visible strain she lowered her forward foot in front of her face. Using both hands flat on the bar she touched a down with a single toe. With a quick flick she brought her back foot to match the first and with feet now down on the bar she pushed her whole body into an arch, hips thrust to the ceiling breasts thrust out in front. 

She couldn’t even hear the shouts and calls of the men beind her. Isami just sat contented, enthralled as the light glinted off Maiko’s liquid-soft skin, each drop of sweat, each tiny clasp and buckle, off those big, beautiful eyes of hers. She could only feel the deep rise andf fall of her chest with each deep breathe. She couldn’t help but nitice each suttle shift of Maiko’s flesh under the leather straps as she contorted herself back and forth across the bar. That round heart of her ass exposed to the world, her slim waist cinched down tight under the corset. Maiko had spent her whole young life as top-class gymnast and since then she had become so much more: even stronger, even faster and even more disciplined. Isami could never believe what Maiko could accomplish. Did she have limits at all? Was there anything of which she was not capable?

Maiko performed a perfect front aerial, legs split, body straight, a front flip in a thong and heels. Isami could not imagine wanting anyone more. She leapt to her feet and grabbed Maiko’s wrist pulling her to her knees. Maiko just managed to catch herself as she fell, gasping as Isami pressed her lips against her own. Isami grasped the back of Maiko’s head drawing her into a deep kiss. The last few patrons who had managed to remain composed until now jumped and and applauded.

Isami broke away to push Maiko back onto her ass. Forcing her thighs apart with one hand she whipped a knife from her pocket and in two quick strokes slashed the waistband of the thong and ripped it off. Heart pounding and chest heaving Maiko leaned back and spread her legs. Isami leant in and buried her face in Maiko’s smooth crotch. Maiko’s fresh sweat coated her cheeks as she pressed her lips to Maiko’s fleshy petals. Maiko gasped and her head fell back as Isami’s tongue lapped at her most intimate areas. All she could feel was the hot lights above her and Isami’s hot tongue inside her.

Maiko could not think as Isami showed her levels of pleasure no one ever had before. Maiko pushed her hips forward, adrenaline still pumping from her routine and now heart beating harder than ever from the obscenity of their display. Isami’s tongue worked like a burning rattle snake flicking viciously across her swollen clitoris. Unable to stop herself Maiko grabbed Isami’s hair and pulled, wrapping her thighs around her head. In response Isami reached up slid her hand under the cups of Maiko’s bra roughly squeezing her breasts. Maiko’s body began to tense, stomach taught as welded steel, her ass leaving the surface of the bar. Her head fell back and she felt liquid fly from between her legs as she unleashed an explosive orgasm.

Covered in Maiko’s fluids Isami raised her head and wiped her mouth on her sleeve. “Okay hun, you’re coming with me.” She pulled Maiko off the bar, offering a nod and a grin to a stunned Niki who had frozen half way through cleaning a glass. Maiko grabbed up her jacket as she was hauled bodily across the room and back out the door.

Cool rain met their burning skin, a welcome relief. Isami pulled Maiko in front of her and spun her around, taking another deep kiss as she shoved Maiko back towards the car. Snatching up Maiko’s coat she threw it down on the ground in front of the car. With a hand on each shoulder Isami pushed Maiko to her knees. “Close your eyes, wait.” Isami was giving orders now, she wasn’t going to drive all the way home in this state. She needed satisfying here and now. She wrenched off her boots, dragged off her jeans and stripped off her panties, everything got tossed to the ground, all of it an inconvenient barrier to getting what she needed. Isami stepped in front of Maiko putting a foot on the bonnet of the car. Placing a hand on the top of Maiko’s head Isami guider her to her slick, aching pussy.

Maiko had heard the clothes fall to the pavement and felt her head pulled forwards in earnest. She was being giving explicit instructions she well understood and stuck out her tongue in obedience. Soft fuzz socked in feminine wetness greeted her, she welcomed it eagerly. She would never hold back, giving as good as she got. She would never let Isami go away unhappy. Never in her life had Maiko been second best to anyone ever. She would prove her capability in every way and any way she was asked to.

Isami got just what she was looking for as she put Maiko’s mouth to work, one hand on Maiko’s head and the other grasping a coil of her bunched hair. Maiko’s impressive gymnastic display had got her so worked up and now she needed release. She pushed Maiko away, put her foot down and pulled Maiko to her feet. Stepping towards her Isami pushed her bodily onto the hood of the car. Together they clambered up the hood, alternately supporting themselves and grabbing at each other as they climbed. Isami forced Maiko to lie her head down on the rain-splashed metal and, placing one knee either side of Maiko’s head she sat straight down, smothering her in her crotch.

Unable to even catch a breath Maiko did the only thing she could and run her everything in reach. She lapped voraciously at Isami’s asshole then burying her tongue in her pussy, reaching in then circling around the swollen opening before snaking up to dance around her clit.

The two of them were soaked from the falling rain but hardly felt it so engrossed were they in their pleasure. So engrossed they were that they didn’t notice the many pairs of eyes peeking out from the windows of the bar. Isami had wanted an audience after all and as she rode Maiko’s face right there in the parking lot she cared not if the whole world saw them.

Rocking back and forth she sat down on Maiko’s face and in moments screamed out in her own explosive passion. She savored the intense feeling every second she could before letting herself collapse next to Maiko. “You are just too good,” she said under labored breath.

“I’m glad I could entertain you,” said Maiko as Isami pulled her into a tight embrace, holding on tightly as the rain fell upon them.

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