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It Started On The Bus

It Started On The Bus

Stranger On The Bus
When my car broke down and I was told it wasn't fixable, I just wanted to scream. I was far too broke to even think of buying a new one, even a used one. I had no choice, other than to start taking the bus to work. I hated the idea, but I wasn't about to ask my parents for help. They would somehow attach strings to it, I didn't need the hassle. I’m twenty one, I can handle this on my own.

It’s been three weeks of taking the bus to work. It’s funny how quickly you start to fall into a routine, seeing certain people each day and not on others. I've always been one to watch other’s habits. Like the one little old lady who only comes on the bus Tuesday and Thursday, she always sits alone, but I always hear her talk to herself. It doesn't sound like she is talking to herself, but carrying on a conversation with someone else. Someone only she can see.

The mother with three little kids, I don’t know how she handles it. I can tell the kids range from one year old to maybe eight years old. The middle one gives her the most trouble, he’s very loud and brings a lot of attention to them. It makes me feel bad for her, she seems to handle it well enough, though. I’d probably pull my hair out.

There is one homeless man who comes on as often as he can. I think he does, just for the warmth of the bus. It being mid November, it has gotten really cold already. I think it’s going to be a very frigid winter. I keep hoping that snow doesn't fall, I really don’t like snow. The upside is, I don’t need to clear off my car.

One more person catches my eye, she comes on just during the week, so I’m guessing she has a good job. She looks to be in her late twenties. We've not really exchanged hellos but have nodded towards each other. She is always on her BlackBerry, giving me another reason to think she has a good job. It sure beats mine, I work at a diner during the week and on the weekends I bartend.

She has a stylish look, which is what caught my eyes at first glance. She has long, light brown hair that she usually wears down, it hangs past her shoulders. To me, it looks like silk. I have thought more than once to touch it. She has pretty blue eyes, they don’t seem to sparkle though. I’m not sure she is very happy, most people’s eyes sparkle when they’re happy. She’s fairly slim but with enough curves that make me bite my lip, wanting to see more.

It’s a Thursday and the bus is full, it’s first thing in the morning and people just keep piling on. All the regulars, plus others are on today. I’m one of the first pickups, also one of the last drop-offs. I’m at the back of the bus, waiting for the few at this stop to come on. We’re one away from where the girl whose name I’ve not learned yet comes on. I do look forward to seeing her come on.

Sitting there, I play with the hem of my skirt, wishing I had a better job. It would be nice not to wear a waitress uniform every day. It’s a light sky blue colour, so at least the colour isn't horrible. I’ve been told by many, I have a nice arse in it. That is usually coming from truckers or drunken old men, so I don’t pay much mind to it. Just enough mind to get a larger tip from them when it comes to the end of their meal. I have to keep my hair up and out of the way when I’m at the diner. Not that it’s a problem, it’s always so hot there, especially in the back, so it’s easier to keep it up.

When the bus comes to a stop, I look out the window and see her standing there. She is, as always, on her BlackBerry. I can’t help but smile, she seems very businesslike. I wonder if she even knows how to have fun any more. When she does come up the few short steps, she notices the bus is full, but there is a seat right in front of me and she makes her way to it. She gives me a nod, smiling at me, as she is about to sit. It makes me feel all jittery.

As the bus pulls from the curb, I let my mind float back to May and when my ex broke up with me. He said that he wasn’t feeling it, that he needed to go and see what else was out there. It was fine by me, because I was growing bored of him. I didn’t want to hurt him, so I stayed, but didn’t get all strung up over the break up. I think he was rather hurt that I didn’t, which made me laugh inwardly. I haven’t been dating anyone since though, being too busy with life.

This summer, I didn’t work as much as I normally do. I had turned twenty one at the start of summer, so I had a lot of fun. In September, I got my second job at the bar, which I almost didn’t get. They didn’t think I could tend a bar, just thought I was a pretty face. I showed them though, showing them I had skills with making drinks. I got the job and I’ve been doing really well since. I love the job, it just doesn’t pay a whole lot, the tips help, just like at the diner.

My teenage years were rebellious, I liked to explore my wild side, which angered my parents a lot. I always told them it was my job as a teenager, to act as such. It never affected my grades at school, I wasn’t going to screw that up, but in every other way, I acted out. My parents had to get me out of a lot of tough things, which is when they started adding strings attached to such times. That is why I won’t ask them for help now. I know how they are.

At seventeen, I met a girl in detention who was very fond of me. We became very close friends, getting into all kinds of trouble. She introduced me to alcohol and weed. I could handle the alcohol, but the weed never did much for me, most times. When we first smoked, it was right before detention for skipping class. We smoked in the girls’ bathroom, it made me so high I thought I was going to fly. I wasn’t sure I liked the feeling.

Getting to the class where detention was being held, two others were in the room. Two guys, who ended up getting into a fist fight. Gina, being who she was, yelled at them and told them to watch. In a flat second, she pulled me into a long, deep kiss. It did get the guys' attention! The teacher, as well, they just stood there watching, as we kissed. It was my first time kissing a girl, her lips were so soft and gentle. It was beautiful.

After that, we started to explore more. I lost my girl virginity to her. We never dated, we were just best friends who fooled around. That is, until she got into trouble and was sent off to live with her aunt a few states away. We stayed in touch for about a year, but lost touch when she moved to California to become an actress. I’ve not seen her in anything, but do keep an eye out for her name every once in a while.

It is the most beautiful voice I hear that snaps me from my daze.

“Erm, I think this is your stop as well, isn’t it?” The girl in the seat before me, is turned facing me. A smile on her stunning pink lips, her eyebrow lifted, wondering where I let myself go.

I couldn’t help but blush, looking around, I notice we are, in fact, at my stop. “Oh, um, yeah, hey, thanks. I think I must need a second cup of coffee this morning,” I grin, standing up to exit the bus.

“Oh, it’s all right, I have those days as well. I just didn’t want you to miss your stop and have to loop back through.”

“Thank you again, I was so lost in thought.”

“Yes, I could tell. Oh, by the way, my name is Charlotte. You know, in case you wanted to know,” she looks at me with a smile again.

“Mine is Sally, it’s a pleasure to meet you Charlotte. I love your name.” I feel like a school girl, unsure what to say. I blush deeply.

We’re both stepping off the bus now, knowing we part ways, I see her reach out to shake my hand. I take hers, feeling the beautiful smoothness of her skin, it makes me shiver, wanting to feel more of her. When she lets go, I want to grip her tighter, pulling her into a kiss. Almost like Gina did to me all those years ago, but I don’t. The wind blows, making me shiver. My waitress dress clings to my frame, making me ache for warmth.

I turn to head towards the diner, listening to the click of Charlotte’s heels clicking down the pavement. The rustling of the leaves blowing along the pavement swirl, the sound of traffic, the smell of food and the river down the road, all fill my senses, but I focus on her clicking heels. Reaching the door to the diner, I look back, just as she turns the corner of the block. I let out a happy sigh, entering the diner.

The smell of bacon, eggs and coffee fill my senses heavenly. I shrug off my jacket and head out back, putting my things away in my area. Tying my apron on, I go and speak to the cook, listening to the morning events so far. It’s a slow morning, which was fine, but shit for tips. I’ve been working at the diner for almost three years, so I'm one of the longer-standing waitresses here. With things going the way they are, I could be promoted to manager. The pay raise would be nice and so needed to get a new car.

Over the next two weeks, things are the same: Work, work and more work. I spend as little as I can to save for the car, I refuse to tell my parents about the one I no longer have. Even on Thanksgiving, I show up in the morning by taxi. I explain to them, it's simply in the shop.

I offered a week ago to take the night shift today, being Thanksgiving, so I could get overtime. My parents aren’t pleased, but I tell them the money is needed. We have a tense lunch, with little conversation. Neither of my parents is proud of what I do for a living. They tell me I can do so much more with my life. This is what I choose to do with my life right now, but neither understand or grasp that it’s what I want to do.

After lunch, I ask my father to bring me to work. He agrees, but this, of course, leads to a lecture. He goes on about me needing a better car, one that doesn’t always need so much work. I want to yell at him that I’ve been busting my arse to get a new one. I don’t though, I know he’ll just lecture me on that as well. I bite the bullet, taking the lecture, as I always do.

We arrive at the diner, I scramble out of the car with a quick thanks and head inside. It’s fairly quiet, with just a few costumers. Lydia, the other waitress, smiles at me, as she offers me some coffee. I smile, slipping off my jacket and heading out back. When I come back, I fix my coffee to my liking. She tells me it has been slow, but should pick up soon. I’ve never worked on Thanksgiving before, she has and the ones without families usually come in, in the evening.

It takes an hour before the diner begins to fill with mostly just loners. One or two adults bring their kids, a few homeless people also come in. We always make a habit of cutting their check in half, allowing them to have a warm meal on the holidays. The owner grew up with a lot of struggle, knowing how hard it is to get a warm meal each night. He wishes he could do more, but this is something.

The bell jingles, catching my attention, I look over and I see Charlotte walk in. I gasp inwardly, trying to figure out why she, of all people, would be coming into the diner, more so on Thanksgiving. Lydia seats her in my area, I try to act natural and head towards the table.

I smile at her, “good evening, Charlotte, how are you?”

Her eyes flickering up at me, she smiles, “ah, well, let’s see, I was stood up and work was long, I’m tired and starving. Please tell me you guys have something greasy and dripping with fat.”

I could tell she was trying to put on that she was okay, but I knew she wasn’t. We’ve only talked a few times on the bus on the way to work. She is still very much attached to her BlackBerry, but it has been nice the few times. She’s been on my mind a lot, with each day, I fancy her a little more.

“Of course we do, this wouldn’t be a diner otherwise. We make the best eggs Benedict, comes with bacon and sausage, dripping with fat and totally greasy,” I wink at her.

“That sounds perfect, with a chocolate shake, please. I’m going to spoil myself tonight,” she giggles.

“We’re all allowed to do that once in awhile, aren't we? If not, who else is going to?”

“Damn straight, Honey!”

Smiling, I turn to go place her order in with the cook. I tell him to double the bacon, he winks at me, telling me no problem. I notice the time, seeing as I only have two more hours in my shift, I sigh. I’m grateful, it’s been a long day. I want to go home, take a long hot bath and make a stiff drink.

I make Charlotte her shake, wondering if she is even into girls. I have noticed, being bisexual, I don’t have the gaydar, like others seem to have. It makes me a little nervous flirting with ladies. I would never want to offend anyone. I have only ever been with two girls in my life before and they both took the first move, so if Charlotte is, I wish she would.

The cook dings the bell, letting me know food is ready. I grab the plate and the shake, heading towards Charlotte, who is, of course, on her BlackBerry.

I set everything down, smiling at her, “here you go, darling. I even doubled you bacon, can’t go wrong with bacon, eh?”

“Oh hell, spoil me!” She giggles, putting her BlackBerry away, “can you join me, even for a few minutes?”

I look around, noticing the diner is clearing out, no one needing attention. “Ah, sure, I can for a minute.”

“Thanks, I hate eating alone. I’ve never been here, you know? I’ve worked at my job for six years and never been here. I’ve heard good things about it, though. I’ve been more interested when I realised you worked here. To be honest, that’s why I came in. When I got stood up, for some reason I thought about you and decided why not chance it. I’m shocked you’re here on a holiday, though.”

I think my jaw drops to the table, trying to digest all that she is telling me. She thinks about me? I think my face must be ten shades of red. Why would she think of me when she was stood up? Is that a bad thing? Who cares, she thinks of me! My head spins with delight.

“Well, I for one, am glad you came in. I hope you like the food. The service is always good, regardless of whom you get. Why did you think of me when you got stood up?”

“Erm, oh, well, this girl asked me out last week and she, for some reason, picked today. She didn’t realise it was Thanksgiving! Can you imagine that? She was pretty, how could I say no though, right? Well, she called me this morning, telling me she didn’t know it was, but had to do the family thing. Stood me up on the actual day! I thought of you because you are prettier than her, so for some reason it made me think of you. I hope that isn’t too forward of me.”

Her words trailed, it made me blush again, thinking of what I was just thinking of. I wonder if she can read minds, giving I was just thinking she should take the first move. Is she hitting on me? Making a move? Give it a break, Sally! Slow down, damn.

“No, no, that is, erm, no, it’s fine. It just caught me off guard. I can’t deny I haven’t thought of you as well. I do, often, in fact. Not in the stalker, creepy way or anything though,” I couldn’t help but laugh, looking at her.

She looks back at me, her face dead blank, she leans in forward closer to me, “bloody freak,” she whispers. I’m taken aback, thinking I did offend her, before she cracks a smile and starts laughing at me. “I’m just kidding! That’s brilliant, I’m glad I’m not the only one. And oh my God! This food is amazing.”

“I told you!” I giggle, relaxing easily into a conversation with her.

Lydia seems to take notice, not minding handling the two other customers. In no time, they are gone and I’m lost in conversation with Charlotte. After about a half hour, I excuse myself, knowing I have to help clean up. Charlotte finishes her meal, but works on a coffee with pie. I’m not sure where she puts all this food, but she manages it.

When closing time comes, Charlotte is still here, and she waves me over. I go over, thinking she is just ready to pay.

“I don’t normally do this, but do you want to come home with me? Maybe we can have a drink or something…” Her voice is suddenly soft, shy almost.

“Ah, that would be really nice. I’d like that. We just need to close up.”

“Okay, I’ll call us a taxi. I’ll meet you outside?”

“Sure thing, darling, be out in a few minutes.”

I rush over to Lydia and fill her in on the details, at least the ones I want to share. Not many know I’m bisexual, not because I’m ashamed, it’s just not something I find the need to tell the world. I find those who tell the world just do it for attention. That isn’t me, I am rather private about my love affairs.

With the diner closed up, I head outside finding Charlotte on her BlackBerry, again.

“Are you always on that thing?” I ask, causing her to jump a little.

“Oh, well, when you deal with other people’s money, they’re always on your case. Money hungry types, you know? I should have been an actress or something, less stress,” Charlotte giggles, looking at me.

“I’ve met one of those types, small world,” I lean against the building, feeling the night air breeze blowing.

It’s a very cold Thanksgiving evening and it makes me tremble. We’ve yet to get snow, but I can smell it in the air. I let out a soft sigh, “I think it might snow tonight.”

“Oi, that’s all right, if it does, it’ll give me a reason to keep you snowed in tomorrow,” Charlotte tells me, leaning against the wall next to me.

I’m speechless again, unsure what to say. I have no idea what she even has in mind for us tonight, but I think it’s safe to say, I’m just going to go with it. Another ten minutes roll by, finally the taxi shows up. We are both freezing from the cold. Trembling, we climb into the back seat, trying to warm up.

We lean into one another, using body heat, talking quietly, the driver clearly trying to hear our conversation. Though we’re just talking about nothing at all, really, nothing to get all excited about. But, I’m sure he is hoping for some girl on girl action. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I did kiss her. So, without a second thought, I lean in and kiss her gently. Her lips meet mine, finding a nice rhythm in a flat second.

Parting lips, we kiss gently, lost in the kiss. I can feel the warmth of her touch warming me, just through her lips. I softly moan, loving the need for her. The music, which I didn’t even hear playing, begins to dance into my senses, the tires rolling against the road smooth. The crack of the drivers side window is down, welcoming in just enough fresh air. It allows the smell of Charlotte’s perfume to linger in my nose. She smells so good.

Charlotte pulls me closer, kissing me deeper. I want the kiss to last so much longer, but it’s the sound of the driver who clears his throat that takes my attention from her.

“Erm, we’re here, ladies,” he tries to act natural, as if he wasn’t watching the whole time. I don’t even care.

Charlotte reaches into her handbag to get out her purse, but the driver shakes his head, “on the house ladies, ya’ll have a Happy Thanksgiving.”

“Isn’t that kindly of you, good sir,” Charlotte teases him, opening her door. She exits, leaving me to follow behind her. I smile at the driver, following her lead.

When I step out of the taxi, I look up at a tall building. It’s breathtaking, something I’d never live in. It’s nothing extreme, but way out of my price range. It makes me wonder why she takes the bus to work, if she lives here. We enter the building, holding hands, as if it’s the most natural thing ever.

She leads us to the lifts, pressing the top button, the Penthouse! Of course she does. The ride up is quiet, I watch the lights flick up past each floor. My heart is racing, my lips still tingling with excitement from her kiss. I’ve never been so bold, I’m glad I did though, it was fantastic, but I want more.

The lift doors open, heading into a fair sized hallway, I follow Charlotte towards her door. I feel like a lost puppy suddenly. When she unlocks her door, we head in. It’s as beautiful on the inside, as it is outside. It’s a large space, the kitchen is what we enter first. The living room right off it, which heads towards, what looks like, a balcony. The kitchen is done up in black and whites, followed into the living room which is all reds and blacks. It flows nicely, leaving me wondering if black is her preferred colour.

“Fancy a drink?” Charlotte asks me, heading towards a little bar in the corner, where the kitchen ends and the living room starts.

“I’d love something strong, I need one after today.”

“Mmm, me too, trust me.”

“Why don’t you let me make them? I do, after all, work at a bar. I’ll surprise you, what’s your poison?”

She lifts a brow, deciding, “hmm, whiskey, let’s see how well you know me, girly.”

“You’ve got it!” I smirk, knowing what I’ll make.

“You do that, I’m going to change into something more comfortable. Make yourself at home, Sally-girl.”

A shiver zips down my spine, that name always makes me blush. No one knows it does, except those who have ever used it on me.

“Shall do, thanks…” I say, trailing off, looking for what I need.

I notice she has all I need, grabbing it, I start mixing the items to make the drink. It’s one of my favourites, it also does well with most of the women. When they’re made, I slip my shoes off and go to sit on the sofa, waiting for her to come back out.

When she does, she has cute pyjama bottoms on, with a tank top that fits her so snug, I can see everything perfectly.

“I set out some for you as well, we look to be the same size. If you’re wondering why, well, because it’s started to snow,” she giggles, “guess I get to keep you for at least the night.” She sits down next to me, “so, let’s see what you’ve whipped up, shall we?”

“Please do, let’s see how well I can surprise you,” I take the glasses, handing her one.

She takes it, smiling, she smells it first, making me giggle. Slowly she takes a little sip, her eyes brighten up, letting out a soft mmm of approval. “This is amazing, what is it?”

“Orange Climax,” I say with a grin, “its peach Schnapps, pineapple juice, orange juice and Jack Daniels. Good, isn’t it?”

“Oh my gosh, is it! This is so good.”

I take a sip of mine and head off to change, the snow is falling hard, if she is going to offer me a place to sleep, I might as well. When I come back in, she has music going and we fall into a long conversation. We each have three drinks, getting a little tipsy, giggling and getting to know one another.

On the fourth drink, Charlotte becomes a little touchy, running her hands along me. My breathing quickens, feeling light headed from the drinks, I can only feel her. I lean forward, kissing her again. This time her lips are warm, tasting of fruits, and lightly of whiskey. Our breathing picks up, softly moaning, I can feel my excitement for her growing. I don’t know her that well, but this feels so right.

Kissing for what seems like forever, she finally breaks the kiss, whimpering her need for me. I tell her I need her just as much. She pulls me towards her bedroom. The bed takes up a large deal of the room, she pushes me onto it, climbing up on top of me. She pulls her tank top off, her breasts fall free, her nipples perking so hard into beautiful rose buds. They are dark pink, offsetting her rather pale white skin. Her hair is down, flowing around her like a blanket, she grinds on me.

I can’t help it, I reach up and begin to caress her breasts. Her nipples rock hard between my fingers, I squeeze them tight, teasing her. I roll my hips with her, feeling my need slowly growing. The anticipation is going to be worth it, I know it will be. Charlotte has me sit up, she pulls off my shirt, exposing my breasts. My nipples are just as hard as hers, though. I’ve been drinking and extremely excited, I have a cold chill, making my nipples hard as ice. They are pale pink, almost white, more so compared to hers.

“Bloody hell Sally-girl, you’re fucking beautiful,” Charlotte coos down at me, caressing my breasts.

“Please touch me,” I whimper, begging for more, needing more.

I don’t need to ask twice, she comes down, kissing me something fierce, working her hands over my breasts. I moan out, writhing with pleasure and need, rotating my hips with lustful need. Soon, her mouth is moving down, biting and nipping in all the right spots, making me so alert to every little touch. Her mouth engulfs my nipple, sucking on it hard, skimming her teeth along my tender flesh.

Her hands move to down to slip my bottoms off, needing me, clearly as much as I need her. When I’m free of them, she skilfully works out of her own without moving her mouth off my nipple. I moan out again, trembling, wanting more. I feel so greedy, but I don’t care. She knows it too, taking her time to move further south. She drags her tongue down between my breasts, over my slim stomach, watching me watch her.

When she lies between my legs, she helps me part them a wee bit wider for her. She has a cheeky grin on her face, slowly she licks her lips. I let out a gasp, my breathing heavy, the idea of her face between my legs, makes my clit throb strong. Charlotte slips her hands under my arse, pulling me closer, she slides her tongue between my folds and begins to dance her tongue along my clit. I shudder hard, grinding myself towards her, rolling my hips upwards, allowing her to gain more of me.

Her fingers caress slowly over my arse, until they move back between my legs. She slowly enters a single finger inside me, working it gently inside me. She fucks me with her finger, gliding another one in with ease. Her mouth is gentle on my clit, feather-like, her fingers deeply inside me, fucking me with a hungry need.

“Charlotte! Oh fucking hell, please, please, please,” I beg, my words mixing with lost ways of forming a sentence, she pushes on further, making it harder for me to speak.

Giving up trying, I moan out, trembling as I inch closer to my orgasm. The tension behind it is building, aching for more. I yelp out, just as I do, her mouth becomes a little rougher, her fingers a little deeper, ripping my orgasm from me. My legs widen even more, climbing even closer, sucking, fucking, needing me more, as I need her. Grinding my hips into her, she makes me come so wickedly hard.

“Fuck-fuck-fuck!” I gasp in between trying to remember to breathe, I almost want to giggle. I come so hard, but desperately wanting more.

“Don’t get knackered on me yet, Sally-girl, we’re not done,” she coos, coming up to kiss me.

“Trust me, I want more, I need more,” I gasp out.

“Good girl, now roll over.”

I do without a second thought, feeling her slap my arse nice and hard. I heard her rummaging around for a moment, before coming up behind me. The cool sensation of the glass toy was easily recognisable, I let out a light moan of approval. She presses the head against my entrance, I can feel how hot I am, compared to the coolness of the toy.

“Do you want it, Sally-girl?” She teases me, pressing it closer to me, making me want her all the more.

“I do, I really do, please. You have no idea what you’re doing to me.”

“Oh, I think I might have an idea or two,” she giggles, pushing the toy right into my entrance, “ready?”

“Mmm, yes, fucking hell, please!” I whimper, leaning back into her.

She thrusts the toy inside me. Slowly, she begins to fuck me with it. The coldness of it, is overwhelming, to the perfect mix of how hot my insides are. It’s as though I’m being fucked with ice, it’s so amazing. I lean back, grinding myself into her. Just as I do, the sensation of vibration buzzes to life deep inside me.

The toy can vibrate so well, nothing I’ve ever felt before. Gasping, we each move with each other, fucking with a deep need, but not rushing it. I reach down under me, dancing my fingers over my clit, knowing she is doing the same to her own clit.

Slowly, we begin to pick up pace, getting closer to coming once more. Faster we move, the deeper we get, the closer we bring ourselves to our orgasm. The buzzing seems to grow with each thrust, making me so close, I gasp out, telling her I’m near, she tells me she is as well. It sends us into a whirlwind, coming hard together suddenly. I grip the bedding with my free hand, rubbing my clit faster, thrusting still, making the orgasm last as long as I can.

Charlotte’s hand comes down onto my arse, fucking herself with the other, thrusting still, as she moans with me. Our orgasms join, thrusting to keep the other going, just as long as we can last. It begins to slow, I can feel myself clutching the toy, throbbing hard around it. Charlotte leans forward, coming around to caress my breasts, kissing on my back.

When we fall into a heap, our legs are tangled into each other, we giggle and kiss one another. The buzz of the alcohol is still there, the tiredness of the day is there, the high of the orgasms are there, I feel so wonderfully high. She leans in, kissing me, purring lightly, clearly happy as I am. We slowly drift into sleep, soaked in our juices.

My head pounds lightly, making me groan as the brightness of the light dares to interrupt my sleep. My eyes creep open just slightly, seeing the bright whiteness of the outside blare in Charlotte’s window. I’m not even sure what time it is, but I see that she’s still asleep. I slip out from under the warmth of the blankets, stepping towards the large window.

“Fucking bloody hell,” I half whisper, half gasp. Outside there is so much snow, it looks like winter wonderland, if you find snow a wonderland. It’s my version of hell. I groan out, knowing all along it was going to snow like a motherfucker, so soon into the year. I rest my forehead against the window, groaning out.

“I tried to warn you,” Charlotte’s voice suddenly startles me, “lots of snow, you’re all mine now,” she giggles.

I know she is right, there is no way that the diner is going to be opened on time, if at all today. I call my boss and find out he is, in fact, not bothering to open at all. He needs to shovel out his driveway, along with his mother’s so he can’t make it in. He doesn’t expect anyone else to, if he can’t. I agree with him, telling him I’d see him on Monday, then.

“Well, you’ve got me until this evening. The bar will be open, I work tonight, so I hope we can find a happy medium,” I smile, walking back towards the bed.

Charlotte pulls me into a kiss, “works for me, I’ll just come with you, bring you back home afterwards. If you want?”

“I suddenly have a choice now? Well, if that is the case, I’d love to come back. I need to go to my place for clothes, though.”

“We can get a taxi over later, if you fancy.”

“Sure, works for me. How come you don’t have a car, if you have a place like this?” I ask, without even thinking.

“I never learned, my older brother was in a car accident when I was a kid, the idea scares me. I know it’s silly, but I’d rather others drive me around. Besides, taking buses and taxis allow me to meet some pretty wicked people,” she states, holding me closer.

“Oh, very much. I’m sorry about your brother.”

“He’s okay, still living, just in a wheelchair, he even got his licences a year ago. I guess if he can do it, I can as well, but I don’t want to.”

“Well, if I ever get enough to save for one, I’ll drive you around, I don’t mind.”

She kisses my neck, holding me tighter. Though we’ve only known each other a short time, I really do fancy her. I have a feeling she feels the same way. The rest of the day goes by with food, talking, showering, comparing past relationships, work stuff and getting ready to go out tonight.

At the bar, she isn’t clingy, does her own thing, even dances, teasing me endlessly. When we get back to her place, we’re hardly inside, before I’m all over her. I ravish her, needing her, as much as she teased me at the bar.

My lips roam over her, desiring her in places she touched me the night before. I kiss, nip, bite and suck all over. She grinds under me, whimpering with the same lustful need I have for her. Our bodies entangled with heated need. Mouth to mouth, bodies to bodies, need for need, we erupt in orgasms many times, before tiring ourselves out.

When we’re lying there, catching our breath, I can’t help but giggle.

“What’s so amusing, darling girl?”

“This is the start of a beautiful relationship,” I sigh out.

“Indeed it is, Sally-girl, you’re all mine.”

“I love when you call me that, each time you do, I fall a little more for you.”

“Which part, Sally-girl, or you’re mine?” She teases me.

“Mm, at this rate, both, please don’t stop.”

“I have no plans to, Sally-girl.”

We seal it with a kiss, making my heart skip a beat. Drifting off to sleep, I think I was pretty lucky that my car died and needed to be replaced. If not, I might not have ever met Charlotte. It was totally worth it.

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