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It's About Damn Time

You will pay for making me wait so long to touch you, my love.
You have kept me waiting too long, my love. For over a year now I have longed to hold you, kiss you, taste you, spank you, and explore your body. Oh, I know you have suffered just as much as I have, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is you are finally going to be here and I am going to have my deliciously naughty way with you.

Your plane has arrived on time and I am waiting at the TSA checkpoint for you, leaning casually against the wall. I have one leg bent, foot resting on the wall, hands folded between my ass and the wall. I am wearing a simple black sundress that comes to mid-thigh with pink lace panties and a matching push up bra. I have on sexy strappy heels that will make me about an inch taller than you if you aren’t wearing heels.

I see you walking towards me and I am biting my lower lip as our eyes meet for the first time. You are dressed in a light layered skirt with a button up blouse and …giggle…cowboy boots. Aw, baby, did you wear those just for me? I grin, looking you up and down…damn, you weren’t kidding about the girls were you?

I push away from the wall and walk towards you. You are a mixture of nervous anticipation, excited energy, and relief. I stop just inches from you; we both seem to be holding our breath. My fingers brush your hair back from your face and my lips move to meet yours, but stop just a breath away as I whisper, “Welcome home, cowgirl,” before lowering my mouth to yours in a sweet gentle kiss.

I feel you relax against me, opening your mouth to my tongue. Mmmm, you taste like chocolate and mint. Your lips are so soft, your tongue so hot. I wrap my hands in your hair and our kiss becomes anything but gentle. You drop your bags and wrap your arms around me. Our tongues rub against each other in a mating dance as our bodies eagerly press together. Even in Portland, where same-sex couples abound and are open, we are drawing attention. People are staring; there are even a few cat calls, and shocked gasps. Fuck ‘em.

When we finally do end the kiss, we stand there breathless, foreheads pressed together, eyes closed, to a chorus of cat calls and applause. We look at each other and both giggle.

“Let’s get out of here, baby,” you laugh.

We collect your bag from the carousel and take the elevator to the level where I parked. In the elevator we kiss and hold hands and laugh about how long it has taken you to get your sexy ass here. We arrive at my car and I stash your bags in the trunk then we drive off holding hands.

After we clear the payment gates, there is a “cell phone waiting area” off the side of the road, so I pull over here. You look at me confused. I just give you a sly grin and get out of the car, walking around to your side and opening your door. You look even more confused, but I don’t say a word, just lean in and kiss you with so much passion we could melt the upholstery. I squat down next to the open door, my hands tracing up between your legs, stopping at your panty line, tracing it with my fingernail.

You moan into my mouth, and my tongue invades your mouth as deep as it can go. Our lips grind against each other, as my finger finally slips beneath your panties. Damn, babygirl, are you that wet for little old me? My finger traces your wet folds before slipping inside of you. You arch against the seat belt as I reach up and roll your hard nipple between my fingers. Oh yeah, you like that don’t you?

While my finger is joined by a second, my other hand abandons your tit and grasps your wrist. I pull it above your head and groan against your mouth to give me your other wrist. You do not hesitate, and when I have them both, I quickly loop a Velcro cuff around them securing them to the headrest. You gasp in surprise. I grin as I remove my fingers, slipping them into my mouth, licking your juices from them.

“Oh, baby, you taste so good, I cannot wait to wrap my lips around you!”

My hands run up and down your legs, which you spread in eager anticipation, finally stopping at your ankles, where I quickly secure them in ankle cuffs. You see, baby, I took one of those under the bed bondage kits and adapted it to the car. Do you like it?

Our eyes meet, and you give me a wicked grin as I shove your skirt up and pull your sexy black panties to the side, exposing your sweet, wet, bald pussy to the air. My hands move to your blouse and pull it open, sending your buttons flying. My hands reach into that sexy black lace bra and pull out your amazing tits. Looking you in the eyes, I take turns licking and sucking your sexy nipples.

You squirm against your restraints and moan, “Oh fuck, woman!” I just giggle. Releasing your tits from my hot mouth, I slip a blindfold over your eyes.

“No peeking, love,” and with a brief but promising kiss I close your door and return behind the wheel. “Ok, we are going to play a little game, baby, ok?”

You nod.

“Good, now, you look hot as fuck totally exposed like this, kind of makes me want to show you off. “ My voice is so business like but with an undercurrent of lust and a hint of teasing. “So there will be times as we are driving that you will feel your window lower. With my tinted windows, no one can really see you unless they stare hard. But when I lower the window, you will never know if there is someone looking at you. Will it be a car full of teenage boys drooling over your sexy tits?” I reach over and squeeze them until you moan. “Or perhaps a soccer mom wishing she could follow us home?” I move up to pull your hair just enough to make you move to avoid pain. “Or maybe it will be a lonely trucker who can peer down into the car at your wet kitty,” I run my hand over your pussy, cupping it. “Then again, there might not be anyone there at all,” and I remove my hands from your body.

I can see you trembling in anticipation. I know you can hear me reaching into the glove box. I place something cool between your hot lips, pushing it in until it disappears behind your lips then draw my nail across your clit causing you to jerk and groan.

“Oh and, sugar, no matter what, you are not allowed to cum.”

I start the car and pull into traffic. I turn on our favorite Janet Jackson song, Tonight’s the Night, and turn the volume up. The song is about half over when I hit a button activating the remote vibe in your pussy.

You jump and try to clamp your legs shut but cannot because of the straps. Slowly I increase the speed of the vibe, as I softly sing along with the song. You are panting, straining against your restraints, writhing when I hit full power. Then you feel the wind on your bared flesh, hear the rush of the road. Oops, is someone looking? Can he or she or they see you fighting not to cum? I can’t help but giggle.

I reach over and rub your clit until you are grunting with the need to release. Then the song ends and I remove my hand, turn off the vibe, and power the window back up. I look over at you, breathless and helpless, so exposed and wet… and ready… and damn if my panties aren’t soaking.

“Fuck, baby, you look so hot!” I hit the vibe again just to see you jump. A short surge then off again. I think my car seat will need to be cleaned after this.

Another sexy song comes on, Rope Burn… hmmm, how appropriate. Again I sing it to you. When we stop at a light I lean over whispering the words “tie me, tie me up tie me down” into your ear before nipping at your lobe. You turn to try and kiss me, but the light has turned green. As I drive, I press the button whenever there is a strong beat in the song, making you squirm. And again I roll down the window as you arch your back against the pulsating toy.

A series of whistles and vulgar suggestions tumble through the open window. I giggle and smile at the young men in the Honda next to us before raising the window. I can tell the attention has made you even hotter.

“Baby, do you want to cum for me?”

“Yes, please, baby, please let me cum,” you groan hoarsely. This time I blast the music, Go Deep, and slowly increase the vibe until it is at full power. I lower all the windows and drive so fast that papers are flying around in the car.

“Cum for me, angel of mine, cum hard!” I dangerously take one hand off the wheel and reach over to rub your clit, pinching it, pulling it up and letting it snap back. Your legs shake, your hips buck, you scream as your climax builds and builds and you finally find your release. Watching you cum almost makes me crash, so I abruptly pull off the road and hit the brakes.

I run around to your side of the car, throw open the door, quickly release your ankle cuffs, and swing your trembling body around. I drop to my knees and finally cover you with my mouth, greedily sucking up your juices. My tongue probes you and laps at your folds, my lips seal around your throbbing clit sucking at it, nipping it with my teeth. I can feel the vibration of the vibe deep in you. You begin to moan and buck again; I press against you so that my mouth is locked on your pussy. My fingers dig into your hips and I look up to see your mouth is open and gasping, as you cum a second time, sending your sweet nectar straight onto my tongue.

But I don’t stop when you cum. I keep sucking at you so that one orgasm rolls into another. Then another. And another… oh what that another one, baby? Giggle… what’s that? Are you begging for mercy? I giggle and pull away from you, simultaneously turning off the vibe. I am so turned on and need to cum myself.

I remove your blindfold so you can see how ravished you look. You laugh when you look down at yourself, but when you roll your head towards me, you look a tad punch drunk, and I cannot help but lean over and kiss your sweet mouth. I lift my skirt and straddle your sexy thigh, pressing my wet panties to your thigh. I start to grind my clit against you, as my tongue continues to invade your mouth. Oh, baby, I am so close! I ride your leg faster, my hands entangled in your hair. I can feel that hot tingling in my clit, and my gut tightens.

“Do you want me to cum for you, babydoll?”

You kiss me deep, pulling against your straps, dying to help me cum. You whisper against my mouth, “I want to feel your juices dripping down my thigh. Cum for me, my love!” I bite your lower lip as I pull away from your mouth; my back arches, my thighs squeeze together and I cum, collapsing against you.

It is only then that I remember that we are on the side of a busy freeway and laugh at the show we must have given commuters. I climb off of you, lower my dress and refasten your ankle straps, then return to my side of the car and raise the windows.

The ride home is pretty quick after that. Really, I could have waited to claim you until we got to the apartment, we were that close, but I couldn’t wait another minute. I leave you as you are and carry your bags inside before returning for you. I release your wrists then your ankles and help you stand. You reach to cover yourself, but I stop you with a wicked grin. Smiling, you brazenly walk from the car to the apartment with your skirt in disarray and your tits hanging out.

I follow you inside, turning to close the door behind me, telling you about the amenities of your new place and what I have already done as far as decorating.

“There is a surprise in the loft for you,” I giggle.

I turn around, and suddenly you slam me up against the closed door, pressing your body against mine as you devour my mouth. Your hands grope my tits, your knee drives my legs apart. You grind your leg against my pussy. I moan and reach for you, but you pin my arms above my head. You pull away from my mouth and laugh, “Pay backs are a bitch, my love.”

*Author's note...part 2 "Pay Backs are a Bitch" will be written by CrimsonBlaze....don't keep us waiting too long, babydoll....

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