Its Only Sex: Part 2

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Pam and Sally get their husbands into their fun
Sally cried out,"Mmmmmm, oh yeah baby thats it, right there, fuck me harder," arching her back off the bed, as her fingers pinched her hard, erect nipples, while her best friend Pam, laid between her spread legs, working the large pink dildo in and out of her soaking wet pussy.

Pam's hand pushed the dildo in harder and faster, as she fastened her mouth around Sally's clit, sucking it hard into her mouth, while her own finger, worked her own clit, rubbing herself into ecstasy. She monad into Sally's cunt as she felt Sally and herself, begin to reach their climax.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna come!" Sally cried!

"Me too, baby!" Pam shouted, her finger rubbing harder on her clit, as she worked the dildo in and out of Sally with vigor. The pair screamed and came at the same time, Pam's hand covered in her pussy cream, as Sally coated her face in her own release.For a moment Pam laid nestled in the shaved pussy of her friend, laying soft kisses to the wet lips, as Sally brushed her hands through Pam's hair.

"Holy shit Pam, I do think you have gotten better at this," Sally laughed.

Pam lifted her head and crawled up Sally's body, kissing her long and hard.
"Well I have a great teacher," she whispered, before taking her mouth again.

When they pair had calmed down from their sexual fun, they laid snuggled on the hotel bed together, not saying anything, just laying their letting their bodies adjust back to normal.Three months ago, Sally had suggested that they try the lesbian thing together, Pam was hesitant to do so. They were both married to great men and each had two kids. But after the frist kiss, Pam could not say no, and the pair had been seeing each other every Saturday for lots of pussy licking and fingering fun. Pam was content to just lay in Sally's arms, her head resting on her comfy tits, until she saw the clock on the wall.

"Oh crap!" She leaped out of bed, running around the hotel room in search of her clothing.

"Pam whats wrong?"

"Tim is gonna be home in an hour, and I still have to get dinner made!"
Not being able to find her panties, she jammed her legs into her jeans, and quickly hooked her bra on, throwing her t-shirt over it. Sally sat in the bed lazily running her fingers up and down her still wet pussy lips. She watched her friend, as she ran around looking for her shoes. The last three months had been amazing, she still couldn't believe she had talked her friend into lesbian sex, who knew the plane, soccer mom was fantastic at licking pussy? She laughed to herself, and inserted a finger into her hole, as Pam bent over to tie her shoes. God the woman had a great ass on her. Sally loved to slap that ass, while Pam rode her face.

Pam spun around ready to grab her purse, when she notice Sally starring at her, a finger working in and out of her cunt. Her pussy was instantly wet again, as she watched Sally moan, and work her finger harder and faster, her teeth nawling at her bottom lip. She cried out as she came hard. Pam let out the breath she had been holding, she wanted to bad to take her pants off and finger herself, but she had to get home, shower and get dinner started before Tim and the kids got home.

 Sally smiled as she removed her finger, bring it to her lips and sucking it clean.

"Mmmm, just as tasty as you."

Pam was glued to the spot, inching to jump back in that bed and fuck the shit out of her friend, she shook her head to clear her mind, "Umm, I'll see you next Saturday." She leaned in and gave Sally a quick kiss before rushing out the door.

Pam arrived home with just enough time to grab a quick shower and throw a simple meal together. After watching Sally finger herself, she was horny as ever, but didn't have enough time to get herself off. Tim would be home within the next 20 minutes, with the girls who had been with Pam's sister and her kids for the day. Dressed in a pair of sweats and t-shirt, Pam quickly whipped up a meal of pasta and garlic bread, and had everything on the table by the time the front opened and her family walked in.

"Mommy, mommy, guess what we did today!?"
Emma her youngest, at seven years old, came rushing into the kitchen, and leaped into her mothers arms, her brown pigtails swinging from side to side.

"Aunt Kimmy to us to the movies and we got to see the new movie about the kitty cat!"
Pam smiled at her little angel, "You did? Was it good?" Emma nodded her head up and down, as Pam's oldest daughter, at 10 years old, Carrie came in.
"It would have been better if her and Jamie didn't talk through the whole movie."

Carrie's hair was pulled back into a simple pony tale much like her mother's, while Emma looked like her father with the green eyes and dimples, Carrie looked more like her. After putting Emma down she shooed them to the bathroom to get cleaned up for diner. Tim entered the kitchen, his neck loosened, rubbing the back of his neck. She felt bad for her husband, he worked to hard to proved for his family, so hard he spent most of his weekends working.

"Hey baby," he stepped up to her and gave her a quick kiss.

"Long day sweety?" She asked turning back to get glasses from the cabinet.

"You have no idea. I mean how many meetings, and seminars to I have to sit through in one day?"

Pam poured her husband a tall glass of beer and sat it on the table for him, "Don't worrie babe, in another month you and I will be off on a long over due vacation." She kissed his forehead and went back to getting drinks for the girls.

Tim and Pam had met after high school, when she was attending junior collage, it was love at first sight, and he had not changed much since them. Still had the killer green eyes, the dark dirty blond hair, and body to die for. He did spend most of his time working, but he never neglected his body, whenever he had a free day, or hell a free hour, he either ran or worked out in their home gym. Just thinking about Tim all sweaty and in nothing but running shorts had her wanting sex again. She might just have to send the girls to bed early tonight.

After dinner the family settled in the family room to let the girls watch their Saturday night shows, after about two hours fun filled family programing Pam ushered the girls to their rooms, and tucked them in, giving each child a kiss goodnight before turning on night lights and leaving them to dream land. She was still horny as hell, the days events with Sally had left her a sexual demon. She wanted to be fucked in the worst way, and he husband, with his 9 inch cock was just sitting on the couch begging to be her ride for the night.

Curled up next to Tim on the couch the pair watched a more adult show. Now Pam was never into watching any porn, but tonight she was willing to give it a try, and see if she could get Tim in the mood. She had control of the remote, so she turned to the paper view channels and scanned the adult section.

"Babe, what are you doing?"
Tim asked with a smirk playing across his pouty, suckable lips. Pam shrugged and said,

"Nothing, I just thought we could try watching some porn for a change, you know, something a little different from our normal Saturday nights." Tim's smile grew bigger, as he leaned back and let her pick a movie.

Pam chose a movie that had a lesbian theam, but later introduced a male into the picture. Within the first 15 minuets of the movie, Pam's panties were soaking wet, as she watched the two women on screen moan and groaning as they licked and fingered each other. Glancing over at Tim, she noticed the bulge in his sweat pants, and his hand kept reaching down, wanting to touch himself, but he kept pulling his hand away. So Pam, decided to help him out.

She reached over and began to stroke him through the thin fabric, an instant moan came from his mouth, as he leaned his head back on the couch. Pam pulled her hand away, but only to pull his sweat pants down to his knees and free his pulsating erecting. She took him in her hand, and slowly stroked him up and down, from base to head.

"Mmmm damn, babe that feels so good." he monad softly.
A drop of pre cum leaked from the head, Pam ran her fingers in it to help lub his cock as she continued to jack him off. Tim's hand griped the couch cushion as her strokes grew faster. Pam licked her lips as she lowered her head, taking him into her mouth. He nearly flew up off the couch. Pam had never given him head before, when they had first hooked up, she explained it was just something she didn't do. And Tim never went down on her either, but tonight was going to be different.

Time groaned as Pam worked her mouth up and down his hard prick, savoring the flavor of his skin and cum. Damn she thought to herself, why have I not done this before? His cocks feels great in my mouth! Pam's thoughts were interrupted when she felt Tim's hands slid into her pants to feel her soaking wet pussy. she groaned around his cock, as his finger played with her hard aching nub.

"Your so wet babe" he whispered, "Is this movie to blame for making so wet? Cause it sure as hell is to blame for me being rock fucking hard."
Pam turned her eyes back to the movie, the two girls on screen were now joined by a man, his large dick, pounding away at one girl, while she ate the other one out. She pulled over Tim's cock to look up at him,

"The movie helped, but its you that makes me so wet."

She kissed him long and hard, their tongues fighting each other for dominence. Her hand went back to stroking his cock, as they kissed, and he worked 2 fingers into her pussy.She rode his finger for a short time, then she couldn't take it any more, jumping from the couch she ripped her shirt and bra off, then slid her pants and paints down her hips.

"Damn babe, you looked good enough o eat."

With that said, she got back on the couch, standing over him, her dripping pussy inched from his face. "Then get to eatting big guy." He didn't need to be asked twice, he too hold of her hip and drove his face into the cunt. She almost screamed out, but bit her tongue to keep silent, she didn't want to risk waking the girls.

Tim worked his tongue deep into her folds, laping, sucking and biting, making her squirm, and moan, as she grind her pussy into his face, her hand clutching a hand full of his hair.

"Don't stop babe, eat my pussy. Harder babe Harder, make me cum."
And did he ever, he jammed his finger back up her cunt, and took her clit between his lips, sucking hard as he finger fucked her, she came with in seconds, nearly banging her head on the wall, as he knees gave out on her. Tim pulled her down into his lap, and kissed her. Shoving his tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her own sweet juice.

"Holy hell, Pam where did this come from?" He said pulling back to look into her eyes. She knew she was not gonna tell him, she had no idea how he would react to know that she had been fucking Sally, and that she was the one to teach her the new things. She shook her head and giggled,
"Just trying to spice thing up," she said in between pants.

He smiled up at her, and began to run his cock up and down her wet pussy lips. "Well hate to break this to ya, but we are far from done." Pam laughed, as she began to get hot again, "Good."

Tim lifted her up and then slammed his cock into her without warning, his hand flying to cover her mouth, before she could scream. When he was sure she wouldn't cry out, he removed his hand and placed it back on her hips, has he began to work her up and down on his cock. Leaning down her took one of her perky nipples into his mouth, giving it a long lick before gently nibbling on it.

"Oh god Tim, that feels great." Pam monad softly, as she began to bounce herself up and down, her head thrown back. Tim groand as she switched to give attention to the other nipple.

"Thats it baby ,fuck me harder"

"You love riding my cock don't you?" He growled out, Pam suddenly couldn't form words, so she just nodded her head, the intense feeling building up inside her.

"Fuck yeah, ride my cock!" he cried out, but not to loud. She did as she was told. placing her hands on his shoulders, pushing to help pull him out and shove him back in.

"Ohhhhh fuck im gonna come again babe, fuck harder!"

And he did, pounding harder, his balls slapping into her ass, he throws his head back as his balls tighten, ready to release his come. After a couple more thrust, Pam cried out her release, slamming her face into his neck to muffle the cry, seconds later her joined her as he shot his load deep in her pussy, muffling his cry in her neck as well.

"You want to do what?!" Pam nearly shrieked when Sally had called to let her in on her plan for next Saturday.

"Come on Pam it will be fun. Beside, it wold be a great way to let Tim and Dave know what we have been up for the last 3 months."

Pam smacked her head onto the table, as she cradled the cordless phone to her ear. After last night, her and Tim had went to bed, but woke up early in the morning, to fuck again before Tim went for his morning run. The girls were in the family room watching cartoons while Pan beat her head against the table top.

"So, let me get this straight, you want to bring Tim and Dave into out little sex fun?"

"Yeah, besides, you said you felt like you were cheating on Tim. if we bring them in, I swear you will feel much better."

Pam was not sure how she felt, right now she felt a little sick. Guilt was building in the pit of her stomach, but maybe Sally was right, maybe if she showed Tim, the guilt would go away, hell he might even like it. He sure liked watching the movie last night. Pam sighed and sat up on the chair,

"Alright, what did you have in mind?"

The next saturday showed up fast, both Pam and Sally had planed for their kids to stay with either their friends or grandparents. Pam and Tim showed up at Sally and Dave's around 7pm for a late dinner. Sally's plan was for a normal diner and drinks, then they would move to the family room for more drinks and maybe a movie, from there, Sally planed on fucking Pam in front of the boys and then asking them to join. Sounds simple enough, Pam thought. But what if Tim freaks out? She shook her head, no Tim would not freak out, he liked watching the two girls on the movie, why wouldn't he like the ultimate fantasy of his wife and her best friend fucking?

Dinner had passed rather quickly, while to boys grabbed beers and headed to the family room to find a movie, Sally and Pam stayed in the kitchen to clean up.

"God Pam, I'm wet just thinking about whats gonna happen soon." Sally was practically jumping in her high heels, as she dried a plate and slipped it into the cabinet.

Pam sighed, still not sure about Sally's plan. "I don't know Sally, what if they freak?"

"They are not gonna freak. Besides, Dave loves watching girls go down on each other, and you said you and Tim watched a porn last night with lesbians. Im sure hes gonna love it." Pam nodded her head and washed the last cup, handing it to Sally to dry and put away.

"Sweety your just nervous, here let me help you relax a little."
Sally stepped in front of Pam, and slid a hand under her skirt. Pam leaned back on the counter, as Sally's finger dipped into her panties, rubbing her clit, causing Pam to leak pussy juice down her thighs. Pam tilted her had back, biting her lip to keep from moaning as Sally worked a finger into her now soaking cunt.

Sally leaned in to Pam's ear giving it a long lick and nibble. "Just imagine what the guys are gonna think when they see me fucking you." she whispered. Pam shuddered as that thought ran through her head. Sally worked her, till she had a small orgasm, Pam watched Sally like her cum from her fingers. "Ready to go have some fun?" Sally asked handing her a glass of wine, Pam nodded her head and let Sally lead the way to the family room.

The boys had, of course, picked an action movie, with lost of explosions, and gun fights, and a lot of T and A. Which worked in the girls favor, at one point during the movie, the actress was taking a shower, soaping up her large tits, and working her lofa in between her legs, while the bad guy lerked outside. Pam was wet again, and Sally knew it. The girls sat next to each other on the couch, with their husbands on wither side of them. While the girl on screen was rinsing the soap from her lush body, Sally was slowly working her hand up Pam's skirt again.

The feel of Sally's fingers running up her thigh, made her shiver, and leak more pussy juice into her panties. The boys had their eyes glued to the Tv, so neither one of them noticed, when Pam muffled a moan as Sally slid her fingers into Pam's pussy once again. Slowly Sally began to finger fuck her friend, rocking her wrist back and forth, while Pam began to move her hips in time with Sally's thrust.

The movement on the couch finally caught Tim's attention, he glanced at his wife and noticed her eyes were closed, head laid back on the couch, her fingers gripping the edge of her skirt. Then he noticed where Sally's hand was. Sally was fingering his wife! His eyes widened, and his mouth gaped open, but he said nothing, just watched as Sally continued to fuck his wife and lick her neck. His cock was instantly hard and getting harder as Pam opened her legs farther for Sally. Tim chanced a look at Dave who still had his eyes on the TV. Reaching around the girls, trying not to disturb them, he smacked his friend upside the head.

"Dude, what the..."
Dave stopped in his tracks when he noticed his wife, had her hand up Pam's skirt, and her mouth attached to her neck. Dave looked to Tim, who looked back at him with the "What-the-hell-should-we-do?" look. Dave shrugged at his friend, then looked down into his lap, his cock was getting hard at the site of what his wife and her friend were doing. Dave motioned for Tim to get up, the pair slowly moved off the couch, turning to watch their wives.

"Dude, did you know about this?" Dave whispered, reaching down to adjust his cock.

Tim shook his head, "Not a fucking clue man."
Pam was openly moaning now, her skirt bunched up around her waist, her wet pussy on display for the boys to see. Tim and Dave sunk down on the couch opposit the girls, as things got a lot more interesting.

Sally pulled her fingers from Pam's pussy and licked them, looking over her shoulder as she did, and smiling at the boys. Pam had opened her eyes, and looked to her husband, who was at the moment, rubbing himself through his jeans, much like Dave was doing. She smiled and winked at her husband, sliding her shirt up and over her head, and removing her bra, she pulled Sally up for a hot wet kiss. She monad as she tasted her cum juice on Sally's lips, grinding her pussy on Sally's thigh.

"Holy, shit. Our wives are fucking each other." Dave mummbled, Tim said nothing, just nodded his head as she watched his wife, shove Sally down into her pussy.

"Eat me bitch." Pam said spreading her legs farther apart. Sally doing as she was told sunk to her knees and berried her face in Pam's wet pussy. Pam cried out at the feel on Sally's tongue probing her folds and clit, when she looked at Tim, he had his jeans undone stroking his cock inside his boxers. Raising a finger she beckoned him over.

"Come her baby, I wanna suck your cock, while Sally eats my pussy."

Tim was on his feet, and in front of her, hi pants and boxers around his knees before Pam could blink. She grabbed his cock in hand and shoved into her mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Tim screamed, his hands gripping the back of her head, helping her to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth.

Sally happy licked and sucked on Pam's lick, when she felt her panties being pulled down, she pulled away and looked behind her, to see her husband, his cock free, and working her ass cheeks apart, and smiled, thrusting her ass at him. Dave leaned down and sunk his tongue into her cunt, licking from the front of her pussy all the way up to the top of her crack, she moaned into Pam's pussy, which caused Pam to shudder. Dave licked his wife until her cream was running down her legs, he straightened up and bring his cock to her entrance, rubbing it along her hole.

"Do it baby fuck me good." She said turning away from Pam's pussy from a second.
Dave never hesitated, taking his cock in hand he thrust hard and quick into Sally's tight pussy. She cried out, squeezing Pam's thigh, and driving her tongue deep into the Pam's hole.

Tim, was on the verge of coming, when he saw his friend Dave banging away on his wife from behind, this made him harder, if that was possible, and he needed to fuck his wife. Pulling his cock free from her mouth he moved to his knees, nicely pushing Sally out of her pussy, she just smiled at him, as she braced her hands on the couch, while Dave fucked her tight pussy with his 8 inch cock, his balls slamming into her ass with each thrust.

Pam looked down at her husband, as he glided his cock into her snatch, she arched off the couch, her hands rubbing and pinching her nipples. Her breathing was ragged, as she met his thrust with one of her own. Her head was thrown back as she screamed out in pleasure, Tim began to slam into her harder, and he rotated his hip, making her body shake with lust, he body preparing her self to come.

Pam looked over at Sally, who had moved to sit on the couch next to her, while Dave drilled his cock into her pussy, the sound of balls slapping against skin, echoing in the room, the girls then shared a look, smiled at each other, and began to wildly make out, rubbing each other's clits as they were fucked by their husbands.

"Oh fuck im gonna come baby, you ready?" Dave shouted a few minutes later.
Sally pulled her mouth from Pam's "Fuck yeah baby, give all that hot cum!"
Dave pounded harder and harder till a sheen of sweat broke out over his face, Sally had her body arched, head back as she screamed, reaching her climax, and Dave erupted inside of her. His loud cry filing the room!

"Almost there Pam, im gonna come so hard baby." Tim said leaning into lick her breast.

"Harder Tim harder, make me come hard...AHHHHH fuck yeah!"
Pam came with a rush of hot cum filling her, as Tim filled her, and her come coated his cock. The two couples were silent, the men collapsed on top of their wives, after a few moments of heavy breathing, Dave sat up on his kneed, looked from Sally to Pam to Tim and back to Sally.

"What the hell just happened?"

Pam and Sally laughed, as they adjusted their clothes, and sat up. The boys put their cocks away, and sat back on the other couch.

"Babe," Sally began, "I do believe we just started a new Saturday night tridiation"