It's Only Sex

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Two women find a common intrest
"I don't know about this Sally." Pam sat at the table across from her friend in the little café where they had first met back in high school. High school, such a long time ago, where two young girls one an outcast, the other a rich cheerleader, befriended one another over coffee one fall afternoon. Now, both of them in their thirties, with families sat here once again, like they did every Saturday, but the conversation was not of who's child's birthday was coming up, or who's husband was more lazy. No this conversation was more of the....sexual nature.

"Oh come on Pam, it's something we have never tired. And honestly, we are not getting any younger. And I don't think, its something I could do with just anyone." Sally flipped her long blond hair over her shoulder, as she took a small sip of her double latte. Pam had always envied her best friend, the long blond locks, the perfect body, even after have two beautiful children, the perky breast, and the bright smile that matched her bright eyes. Where as Pam was your average, mouse brown hair, green eyes, and so so body. She; unlike Sally still bore her stretch marks, from her two girls.

Pam played with her long braid of hair, as she stared into her black coffee,
"Sally, I just don't think it's something I could do. I have never even thought about it."
"Bullshit!" Sally exclaimed quit loudly, causing a few glances from the other customers, with a lower voice this time she said, "Pam, every women, at point or time has thought or fantasied about it." She paused to take another sip of her latte, "Oh do you remember Tina Malloy's 17th birthday party, its just like that." She said a bright smile over her lush lips.

Pam rolled her eyes, "Sally, that was a stupid game of spin the bottle. It is Nothing like what you are talking about."
Sally reached a perfect manicured hand out and touched Pam's hand gently. "Pam, please, I have always wanted to try it. And I don't trust anyone but you to do it with."

Pam looked down at their hands on the table, and something suddenly changed. A shiver was running down Pam's spine, as Sally's thumb stroked over her skin. She brought her eyes back up to her friend's, and could see the love in them, but could also see the want, the lust. Sally ran her tongue over her pink lips, and Pam couldn't stop herself from following the movement, her own tongue dratting out to wet her suddenly dry lips. Pam did love her friend, but like a sister, nothing more. The party at Tina's was so long ago, and that stupid game of spine the bottle had caused Pam and Sally to share an innocent kiss. Well, Pam had thought it was innocent, but the feel of Sally's tongue playing over her lips had changed her mind.

Pam had wanted to stop, and Sally stopped, but the look in her eyes said she wanted more. Now, as they sat together in the café, Sally's hand stroking her's, Pam's mind was running wild. She had a husband, and two children, as did Sally, they couldn't do this, they would both be cheating on their husbands.

Pam swallowed the lump in her, and took a deep breath. "Neither Tim nore Dave can know about this." Sally's smile grew bigger as she nodded her head, "Agreed,"
"And it's just going to be this one time." Sally was a little slow to answer this time, but finally she nodded her head. Pam finished her coffee, and let out a long sigh before facing her friend again. "OK, lets do it."

Sally had practically dragged Pam from the café, haling a cab at the curb. The ride to Sally's house was quite, but Sally seemed to have wondering hands. Pam watched silently as her friends hand worked it's way across the vinyl seat, to Pam's jean clad thigh. She shivered, when Sally's finger brushed her thigh ever so gently. Slowly her hand slid further up her thigh, getting closer and closer to the V of her legs. Pam was suddenly wet, not much, but enough to cause her to wriggle in her seat. Sally laughed. and leaned in close to her friend's ear.

"You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this" she said with a soft kiss to Pam's neck. At first Pam was not sure how to process that, but another kiss on her neck, made her forget what she was thinking about. Second by second she was getting more turned on, she never thought a women would be able to get her wet, but it was happening.

Finally, after was seemed like forever, the cab pulled up to Sally's home, she paid the driver and women preceded into the large Victorian home. "Wait, Sally wont Dave be home from work soon? And, oh God the twins, they will be getting out of school soon!" Sally spun on her friend and held up her hand, "not to worry. Dave has meetings all day and the kids are getting picked up at school by my mother. She promised to take them to the zoo." Her smile was pure devilish, and if it was possible, Pam was now even more turned on.

Dropping her purse on the side table, Sally closed in on Pam, cupping her face gently, and pulling her in for a soft kiss. Now this was an innocent kiss, Pam thought, as Sally's lips lingered on her's. That was until Sally's tongue started to stroke Pam's lips, begging for entrance. Pam was unsure of what to do, she wanted to do this, but couldn't seem to open herself up to the idea.

Sally slowly pulled away but never broke eye contact with her friend, "Pam, don't hold back. Let yourself go, enjoy this one moment and live in it." Pam was shaking, either from being scared, or from being so turned on, she didn't know. But Sally was right, she need to not hold back, she need to let go and enjoy this moment, she needed to do one crazy thing in her life. Besides, it's just sex, what could go wrong?

Pam garbed Sally by her face and pulled her in, slamming her open mouth against hers, thrusting her tongue deep into the Sally's mouth. Sally moaned, and dug her hands into Pam's hips. The kiss last for a good half minute before Sally broke away, pulling gulps of air. She smiled at her friend and pulled her into the living room. Pam was shoved onto the couch, as Sally stood before her beginning to pull her shirt up and over her head, to reveal bouncy 42 C breast. Pam's mouth watered, she had to get her lips on them, soon.

"Take your clothes of Pam" Sally said with a husky voice as she shimmied out of her skirt. Pam did as she was told, ripping her plan white tee off and shucking her blue jeans, along with her tennis shoes and socks. Sally stood before her, white lace bra and panties, Pam wore a plan cotton pink bra and French cut panties with little puppy's on them. Yeah she felt a tad embarrassed but she was so hot right now, she didn't care. Pam sat on the couch, legs parted, she motioned Sally to come to her, with her finger. Her blond friend moved to the couch and sat in Pam's lap straddling her thighs.

"Touch me, please." Sally whispered.

Pam obliged, placing both her hands on Sally's firm tits, giving them each a squeeze and a pinch of the nipples. "Mmmm, baby thats good." Sally began to move her hips, grinding her wet panties over Pam's, this time causing Pam to moan out. They kissed again, while Pam's hands worked on getting Sally out of her bra, and Sally's hands worked on her Pam's bra.

Once both woman were free of their restraints, Pam pulled back, and gazed at Sally's tits, before she new what she was doing, she took one tight pink nipple into her mouth, pulling a scream out of Sally. "Oh God!" she cried arching into Pam's mouth, her fingers digging into Pam's hair as her nipple was sucked licked and bitten. Pam worked on the other nipple then, giving it the same lavish attention. "Mmmmm Pam that feels so fucking good, don't stop baby." Pam didn't stop, she couldn't get enough of Sally's amazing tits. As she sucked on the nipples of these perfect tits, Pam moved her hand down Sally's flat stomach and traced her finger along the edge of the lace panties.

"Don't tease me, touch my pussy baby." Sally begged, she took hold of Pam's wrist and shoved it down inside her underwear, right into her soaking wet cunt. "Mmmmmm God sally you are so wet."
"I'm dripping wet, and it's all for you."

Without hesitation, Pam slipped a finger inside of Sally's pussy, "Oh yeah baby thats it, finger my cunt!" Sally moaned and began to ride the finger of her friend, grinding and bouncing, clutching at Pam's tits, pinching the nipples, until Pam was crying out. Pam slid in another finger and Sally moved harder and faster against them, throwing her head back ans screaming when Pam's thumb pressed against her clit, send a wave of pleasure shooting through Sally's body.

Pam slid her fingers free, and looked into Sally's eyes, "Taste, them." Sally practially moaned, pushing Pam's pussy creamed covered fingers to Pam's mouth. She slid the wet finger into her mouth and sucked, her eyes rolling back in to head at the sweet taste. "Mmmm u taste so good." "You need to tast the real thing to get the full flavor." Sally stood from her friends lap and pulled the lace covering off her shaved pussy, them she climbed back onto the couch, standing above Pam her pussy right in her face.

"Eat me Pam, lick my pussy clean, and fuck me with you tongue." Garbing hold of Sally's lush ass, Pam shoved her face into the sopping wet cunt of her friend, driving her tongue deep between the pussy lips. Lapping at her sweet nectar, and biting the little nub that would send her friend screaming.

"Shit, yeah oh fuck my cunt baby!" Sally had ahold of the back of Pam's head as she ground her pussy hard in to her friends face.
"Ohhhhhhhh yeah eat me hard baby! make me come all over your face." Sally's words of encouragement, forced Pam to lick and suck harder. Driving her tongue into ever stop in her tasty cunt. She lick from bottom up, making Sally cry out and grip Pam's head hard. She sucked on her clit, she slid a finger inside her depths, fucking and sucking hard as she could.
"Ohhh God I'm coming baby IM coming!!!" Sally explode all over Pam's face, and Pam never stopped licking the quivering mass that stood on unsteady leg above her.

Finally Sally slid her body down, and kissed Pam hard, tasting her own juices in Pam's sweet mouth. "That was so good Pam. You sure you never did this before?" sally asked a satisfied smile spread out over her lips. Pam shook her head, "No, never. I just did what you said, I let go." Sally leaned down and sucked one of Pam's nipples into her mouth, "well, now its my turn." She bit on the nipple, and gave it a lick, before moving to the next one. Pam was already quivering under her, "Yes, God I want you to eat me!" "You want me to eat what, Pam?" Sally asked teasingly, as she moved down to lick her belly. "mmmm, I want you to eat my...cunt, yes I want you to fuck my wet pussy!"

Pam was amazed at herself, she had never said anything like that before, but the way it sounded coming out of her mouth, got her even hotter, she started to push Sally down in between her legs. Sally didn't mind, she slid off Pam's lap and knelt on the floor, she slid the puppy panties off her friend's soaking cunt, and pushed her knees far apart. Leaning in close, Sally took in a long breath, "Baby you smell so yummy! I can't wait to eat you." Without another word, Sally dived into Pam's pussy, giving her one long lick up from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit.

"Holy shit!" Pam's hips shot off the couch, as Sally's tongue probed her slit, before she could come down, Sally had her face burried in her cunt, tongue fucking her hole hard and fast, and she pinched and rubbed her clit.
"Oh yeah, oh yeah...fuck thats it suck my cunt!" Sally pushed Pam's knees as far apart as they would go, her mouth never leaving the warm home it had found and loved. "You taste so good baby." she mumbled into Pam's pussy, Pam didn't reply, but her hips began to thrust up and down in time with the thrust of Sally's tongue.

" gonna come oh god im going to come!" Pam suddenly screamed out, Sally took the moment to insert a finger inside of Pam, while her mouth sucked on her clit her finger worked hard on fucking her senseless. Faster and faster her tongue and finger went, harder and harder Pam bounced off the couch, clutching the back of Sally's head, holding her in place.

"Im coming!" she screamed, and boy did she! She came all over Sally, much like sally had on Pam. As she arched her back and screamed out, Sally never stopped licking the puffy, and dripping pussy lips, not until Pam's hips settled back on the couch and she had released the death grip she had on Sally's hair.

Licking her lips and sucking her finger, Sally moved to sit on the couch next to Pam cuddling close to her friend, draping an arm over her body.

After Pam had got her breathing under control, she turned to lock eyes with her friend, and the pair laughed. They hugged and kissed for a while longer, but when they pulled apart, Pam looked up smiled and said;

"We are so doing this again."

OK so this was my first story, I was not sure how to go about it, cause I really don't have much experience. But thanks to late night porns, I was able to get a little advise, thanks Skinamax! anyway, let me know what ya think and I may just get started on writing a second part to this.
-Thanks Lots KittCat26-