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I've Always Longed

I grabbed a dildo from my nightstand. She looked at it and smiled.
Lucy and I met in grade school. We became best friends, quickly. She was so pretty. She had long blonde hair that hung just beneath her bra strap and big green eyes. She was about 5'6 and 120 pounds of giddiness and wildness. She loved to try anything and everything at least once.

I was about the same in height, structure, and looks. Everyone thought we were sisters, and sometimes, we would just say we were. I always had a thing for Lucy, though. Sometimes I would think of all the times I've seen her naked from changing and would get turned on. I never did anything about it, though.

One day, we were in my room trying on some clothes that we scored from a clearance sale at Dillards. She was trying on a pair of jeans that were just a little too tight in the ass. "Damn, Luce. Those jeans make your ass look amazing!" I said in a shocked voice. She lit up and said "Awh! Thanks! That's why I bought them, ya know!" Then she gave a little wink and continued to check herself out in the mirror.

She then took off her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, so her breasts were exposed. I glanced quickly to see her pink nipples harden at the air conditioning in my room. She rolled her jeans off of her hips and stood there in just her Victoria's Secret thong. I instantly felt my pussy start to tingle.

She looked at me and said "Kara...What are you looking at? Is there something in my teeth again?" she said laughing. I smiled and assured her, that was not in fact what I was looking at.

"Lucy, you have such a nice ass! And your tits are, like, so perky. I'm so jealous!" I said. She laughed and quickly pointed out that I had the same assets as she. "Here...Feel this. Is this one bigger than this one?" She grabbed my hand and led it to her right breast. I squeezed that one and then the left. My pussy was soooo wet. I told her no.

Before I knew it, she got this crazy look in her eye. She leaned in and kissed me, full on the mouth. I didn't even resist. I ran my hand up to the back of her head and pushed her into my lips even harder. She tugged at my button and zipper and slipped off my jeans without losing my gaze. I took off my shirt and panties and threw them across the room.

She slid of her thong and pushed me onto the king sized bed. She started to kiss down my belly and around my thighs. I gave a slight moan at the fire that was running from my pussy, all the way to my toes. I needed her.

I guided her head to my pussy and she obediently started lapping at my clit. "Ohhh my God..." I moaned. It felt so damn good. She started off slow and then started to flick my clit with her tongue. She slid her index finger deep inside of me and pulled in and out in a quick rhythm.

I moaned and felt the rush of a beginning orgasm leading straight to my brain. I cried out in pleasure. She kept flicking and pulling until I felt myself come. The juices ran from my hole all the way to my anus. I moaned in relief as she lapped up my cum.

She then kissed my lips and I rolled over on top of her. I grabbed a dildo from my nightstand, and she looked at it and smiled. I sucked on it to get it wet and started to probe it inside her. Lucy moaned as I went faster and faster. "You like that, huh?" I asked as she thrashed about. I licked her clit and kept thrusting the dildo into her tight wet pussy. She loved it and kept moaning and moaning. "Oh my God! Harder! Harder! I'm gonna come! Oh my God!" She squirted all over my face. She breathed heavily and closed her eyes.

She got on top of me and with our legs intertwined, we started to scissor. Rubbing our clits on one another felt so good. She stared into my eyes with that crazed look again and went harder and faster against my clit. I felt a fire build up inside me, it felt so good. "Fuck! That feels amazing," she cried. We grinned even faster, our wet clits creating a friction that built up so big, we both climaxed. She squirted again and I finally came. We laid on our backs...exhausted.

"So...You want to try on that green top I just bought?" Lucy said. I laughed and agreed.

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