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Janet's First Time

Janet's sexual experimentation continues with a close friend.
The next day, Janet awoke refreshed. She walked into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. While the coffee brewed, she cooked herself breakfast. After eating, she showered, dressed, and headed over to her friend Veronica's house to pick her up for a trip they had planned a week ago. It would be Janet's first outing at her friend's new lakeside cabin. Maybe she'd find a way to make the weekend interesting.

Janet pulled up in front of Veronica's house and honked the horn. Veronica poked her head out from her bedroom window. "Coming!" Veronica shouted.

Two minutes later, Veronica came out in a tank top and a pair of short shorts. Veronica ran to Janet's car, her small suitcase in tow. Janet couldn't help but notice the way Veronica's 32C breasts bounced with each step. Janet noticed a bit of dampness in her panties. Janet looked away and tightened her grip on the steering wheel.
Veronica tossed her suitcase in the back seat of Janet's car.

"Hey, Janet," Veronica said as she plopped into the Mustang's passenger seat. Janet looked into Veronica's piercing green eyes a bit too long before responding. Veronica raised an eyebrow, but quickly dismissed it when Janet started the engine and began the two-hour drive up to her secluded cabin.

For most of the trip, the two were quiet as they enjoyed the scenery. Suddenly, Janet broke the silence. "I squirted for the first time yesterday." Veronica's eyes widened in surprise.

"Um, wow. That was unexpected," Veronica said, giggling. "How did it feel?"

"It felt fucking amazing, is how it felt," Janet replied. "I was alone in the rain, lying nude by the lake. I couldn't keep my legs under me after I came. I did it again on the way home, too."

"You're a dirty girl, y'know," Veronica said with a smirk.

"Trust me. I know," Janet said with a huge grin.

Soon, they arrived at the cabin and walked inside. "So, what do you think?" Janet asked.

"It's beautiful! Janet, you are really lucky."

Veronica tossed her suitcase in the guest room and turned to Janet.

"So, do you want to start, or should I?" Veronica said in a sultry voice.

"Excuse me?!" Janet exclaimed in surprise.

"Let's face it, Janet. We're two gorgeous women alone in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere. We're either going to get killed by Jason Voorhees or we're going to have sex."

"I thought you were straight, Veronica," Janet said quietly. "Besides, I'm straight, too."

Veronica chuckled. "No, I've sworn off men after the first one I dated tried to rape me. Besides, I saw you staring at my tits. I smelled your pussy as soon as I got in the car. Also, I noticed you looking deep into my eyes. Just admit you're sexually attracted to me and we can proceed however you see fit."

"Okay, fine! I love you, Veronica. I want you," Janet said with lust in her voice.

"C'mon. I know a secluded little place where we can be alone," Veronica said as she grabbed Janet's hand and pulled her through the door.
After a short walk, they arrived at a secluded cave. They walked inside. In the one corner of the cave was a hot spring.

"Why have I never found this place? I've been coming to this cabin for six months and I never knew this place existed," Janet said quietly.

"It's my little secret," Veronica said. "I used to come stay with my grandparents on occasion. When I was out exploring one day, I came across this little hideout. I used to come here and play and just swim in the hot spring. I'm the only person who knew about this place, until now."

Janet and Veronica sat on the cave floor and began to kiss. Janet's hand made its way into Veronica's panties. She slid two fingers into Veronica's pussy. Veronica removed her tank top. As soon as it came off, Janet's mouth latched onto Veronica's nipple. Veronica moaned in pleasure as Janet fingered her.

"Jesus, Veronica. Your pussy is so wet," Janet whispered. Janet slid her fingers in and out of Veronica's slick pussy. Without warning, Janet pulled her hand out of Veronica's pants.

"No! Don't stop," Veronica whined.

"If I don't, I can't take my clothes off," Janet said soothingly. Janet removed Veronica's pants and panties before undressing herself. Janet got back into position and continued pleasuring Veronica. "Do you like that, Veronica? I can feel how wet you are."

"Don't stop, Jan. It feels amazing. Go faster. I think I'm gonna cum, Jan! No, I know I'm gonna- Oh FUCK!" Veronica screamed as her orgasm hit. Her pussy contracted around Janet's fingers as her juices flowed from her pussy. Janet kissed Veronica and held her close as her orgasm subsided.

After a few minutes of rest, Janet re-positioned herself beween Veronica's legs.

"Ooh, Janet. Oral? What a nice surprise," Veronica said happily.

Janet started by gently sucking on Veronica's pussy lips. Janet enjoyed the flavor of her friend's pussy, but not as much as her own. Janet slipped her fingers inside Veronica's pussy and clamped her mouth over her clit.

"God DAMN, you're good for a first-timer," Veronica moaned.

Janet stopped sucking Veronica's clit for a moment. "I studied," she said before returning her attention to her friend's needs.

"Janet, I'm gonna squirt! I've never squirted before! Don't stop," Veronica howled.

Janet slowed her fingers and lightly flicked her tongue over Veronica's clit.

"Don't fucking tease me, dammit, especially if you want me to return the favor," Veronica said angrily

Janet fingered Veronica faster and sucked her clit harder.

"Ooooh SHIT! I'm cumming again!" Veronica's back arched as her juices covered Janet's face. Janet swallowed every last drop of her friend's sweet cum.

After Veronica had regained her composure, she looked at Janet.

"Your turn, sexy," Veronica said.

Veronica pushed Janet to the floor. Veronica kissed Janet deeply, tasting herself on Janet's lips. Veronica broke the kiss and began kissing her way down Janet's body, eventually stopping at her pussy. Veronica's eyes widened when she saw just how wet Janet was. Janet's labia were glistening, even in the low light. Small strings of pussy juice stretched between both sides of her pussy, and a steady trickle of clear female cum flowed from Janet's pussy.

"Wow, Jan. You can't wait anymore, can you?" Veronica asked seductively.

Janet shook her head in confirmation.

"Alright. I'll take it slow. I'll make you feel good," Veronica said as her fingers slid into Janet's pussy.

Janet's pussy was so wet, Veronica's fingers went in with no effort. Veronica stimulated Janet's clit with her lips and tongue as she stroked Janet's g-spot. Janet moaned and sighed as Veronica pleasured her. Janet was surprised how long she was holding out, considering how horny she'd been. Ten minutes later, Janet felt the familiar sensation of orgasm building up.

"Veronica, I'm going to cum," Janet said through her moans. With one more loud moan, Janet's back arched as she squirted.

Veronica wasn't going to let any of that sweet juice go to waste. She opened her mouth and swallowed every last drop Janet had to offer. Janet's legs gave out as she collapsed to the floor. 

"Wow, Jan. Your pussy tastes amazing. So, did it feel good?" Veronica asked as she laid down next to Janet.

"It was amazing, Veronica. You're such a good friend," Janet said tiredly.

When Janet had regained her composure, the two of them gathered their clothes and walked back to the cabin in the nude.

The remainder of the week at the cabin was full of more experimentation and plenty of mutual masturbation sessions. The two women went home stronger friends than ever before.

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