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Janine's first time with a woman
First Time.

Hi my name is Janine; I'm 32, 5 feet 4, divorced, single. I have long brown hair, and still have a very good figure with a flat belly and breasts that haven’t sagged yet. I work in a local shop full time. At weekends I get together with a friend, Sally, and we usually have a few drinks before we hit the local bars and clubs. It took me a while to start enjoying myself after my divorce as I had very low self -esteem.

I was with my ex for eight years, five of them married; we met when I was 15. The first five years were fine and then all he became interested in was watching or reading porn and fishing. When we did have sex it was over in seconds, he just regarded me as an object to be used for sex, making his food and cleaning his clothes. I had finally had enough when he came home and told me he was going on holiday the next day with his mates. When he came home I had moved in with a friend, temporarily, and had started divorce proceedings. That was four years ago, but it took a long time for me to be me again and to start enjoying life.

As it was Saturday evening, I was getting ready to go out when Sally called and said something had come up and she couldn’t make it tonight. I was a bit disappointed at first and thought I’ve spent all this time getting done up, and it was a waste of time, but then thought, sod it, I’m still going out. I did my make up placing the emphasis on my eyes, which are a deep green and my best feature. I selected my clothes; a fairly tight top that made my tits look great,and a pair of jeans that hugged my hips really well. I put on my high heels and some jewellery.

I looked in the mirror and nodded to myself. I looked pretty good and hoped the effort would be worth it. The cab I had ordered arrived ten minutes later and took me to a small wine bar, where I got a large vodka and coke and found a space close to the door where I could stand without getting jostled too much.

Some people I knew came in and we had a chat, when they realised I was alone they invited me to join them, which I agreed to. I didn’t want to appear to be the saddo who went out alone.

We left the wine bar about an hour later and went to the local club. As usual it was packed but we managed to get some seats in a corner. The night flew by. A few blokes came on to me, but, none appealed to me, and before we knew it, it was time to head for home. I’d had a few drinks so, was just slightly tipsy.

One the other girls, Julie, offered to share a cab as she lived close to me. She is a similar age and build to me but with bigger breasts and dark, almost black hair. I couldn’t help wondering if it was her natural colour and if her breasts were real too. When we got to her place she invited me in for coffee, I thought why not, I didn’t have to rush home to anyone.

We went into her flat and into the kitchen, where she made coffee. We took our drinks into the lounge and sat down. Julie asked me if wanted something stronger to go with the coffee and got a bottle of brandy from the shelf and poured two large glasses. We sat talking for a while, just getting to know each other better, She told me she was also divorced, and had a similar story to mine, but, her husband had an affair with her sister, which had been going on for two years before she found out, so she had divorced him and cut herself off from her sister. I asked if she had any men since then, and she told she’d met a few, but, nothing serious.

I was getting tired so got up to leave, when Julie put her hand on my leg and asked me to stay. I nearly said no, but then thought I could make up my sleep later, and I was enjoying the company. She smiled and suddenly leant over and kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t just a peck, this was a full on kiss. When she pulled away I just sat there, shocked and surprised.

Julie said, “I couldn’t resist, I’m very attracted to you, I hope you didn’t mind.”

I replied, ”You’ve got me wrong, I’m not that way inclined.” I didn’t add that I had often wondered what sex would be like with a person of the same gender, which apparently is not uncommon. Or for men for that matter.

“I noticed the way you looked at my tits earlier and, the way you’ve been watching me all evening.”

I answered that I was just curious about them and if they’re natural.

“No, I had a boob job eight years ago,“ she answered, “My ex pushed me into it as he had a thing about big tits, they took some getting used to at first, but when I got used to them, I kind of liked them, they do get me a lot attention.”

She then took me by surprise when she asked me if I would like to feel them. Now, I’ve often wondered what false boobs were like and gave it some thought before I said yes. Julie stood up and pulled the sweater she was wearing over her head, underneath she was wearing a half cup bra with lace edging that enhanced her curves.

“Please, feel free," she said.

I got up and approached her and grasped her boobs, tentatively at first. This was the first time I had felt another women’s boobs.

Julie said “Don’t be shy, I’m used to women feeling them now, a lot of women are the same as you and are curious to know how they feel. I also get turned on by it.” She looked me straight in the eye as she said it. They felt quite firm and not natural at all, but surprisingly I found I liked the feel of them. As she said this she reached behind her back and undid her bra, she let it fall to the floor and invited me to feel them again with nothing in the way. Her nipples were quite large and a dark brown colour. I bent down and looked closely for scarring. Julie lifted them and I could see a hint of a scar under each breast.

“The surgeon is very good and rarely leaves visible marks that’s why I chose him.” She commented.

Being so close to another women’s bare torso was having a strange effect on me, I could feel my pussy twitching. Was I getting turned on by this? I was confused by this and sat back down again.

“Well, what do you think?”

“I’m quite surprised actually, they feel better than I expected, but, I wouldn’t have it done.” I replied

Julie said, “You don’t need it, you tits are fantastic, mine were smaller than yours, that’s why I had them done, I would love to have had your assets. I would also love to suck them.”

As she said this she came over to me and kissed me again and placed her hands on my breasts. I started to push her away, but she persisted and started to squeeze them. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I felt my resistance faltering. As she continued all the fight drained from and I just let her carry on. She undid my top and let it slide off my shoulders. I thought to myself, I’m glad I put on matching underwear. She continued to massage my breasts, and undid the catch and pushed the bra from me exposing them completely.

“You have such wonderful tits,” she said, and lowered her head and began to lick around my nipples. Her tongue and hot breath against my skin felt great, somehow different from a man's and I felt myself enjoying the sensation. I relaxed and let the sensation wash over me, Julie took her time with each breast, fondling kissing, sucking and pinching them. I could feel my pussy getting wet; my whole body was beginning to tingle with excitement. A voice in my head said it was wrong, this was a woman making me feel this way, but, I couldn’t ignore what was happening and, I gave in to the pleasure.

Julie stood; she took my hands and pulled me to my feet. She undid my jeans, I put a hand on hers to stop her, but, she shrugged it off and pulled my jeans down, she knelt down and removed them from one leg at a time. I was now just in my tiny thong in front of another women, this felt wrong, but, right at the same time. Julie reached out and pulled my thong down, exposing me.

“I’m glad you’re shaved, I hate hair down here.” she said, I heard her breathe in the smell of my sex, I was so wet. Without warning her tongue flicked out and licked my clitoris, I flinched at the shock, but she did it again and I fell backwards onto the sofa, Julie pushed my legs wide open and buried her face in my pussy and began to lick me.

I could feel her tongue slowly lick the length of me, up first and then down, down towards my bum, I could feel her hot breath around me and started to writhe about, my breathing became harder as I became more aroused, I was panting and began to moan. Julie pushed a finger into my now throbbing pussy and slowly started to fuck me with it. This tipped me over the edge and an orgasm started to rack my body. I ground myself into her face, my hands pushed on the back of her head forcing her to lick me harder, at the same time I heard a voice crying out,

“Fuck me, lick me, make me come.” And I realised it was me! I felt two fingers in my cunt now as Julie worked me into a frenzy. And then suddenly she stopped.

“Don’t stop, please carry on.” I cried. Julie said nothing just smiled, stood, pulled me to my feet and led me to her bedroom.

She laid me on the bed, laid beside me and began to rub my clit, the orgasm which was subsiding immediately started to build again and I shivered in anticipation. I reached out to grab her tits but, she stopped me, she shook her head and told me that she would wait, this was about me and she would have her pleasure later. She went down on me again, her tongue fucking me, pushing deep into my cunt, licking around, in and out.

She pushed her fingers into me and fucked me with them at the same time. This time the orgasm washed over me and I gave a cry as I came again and again. My whole body was quivering and tensing, shaking with ecstasy. Julie knelt up and watched as I came, smiling. When the orgasm finished I felt exhausted, I had never come like that in my life, it was so intense, and I told Julie so.

“The first experience I had with a women was the same, I still haven’t had one like it since, a woman’s touch is just so different from a man’s, I still like to be fucked by a cock, by men, but now and then I like sex with a woman.”

We lay on her bed for a while, I thought over what had just occurred, my feelings were very confused. Julie then kissed me again and she began to squeeze my breasts, arousing me again. I responded by running my hands across her belly and down her legs.

Julie said, "I want you to lick me."

She stood up and removed her jeans and underwear. She sat back down and I moved down to her sex and she parted her legs, opening herself up to me, this was new to me and I wondered what she would taste like. I flicked my tongue over her clit and she gave a shudder.

“This is your first time, isn’t it?” she asked. I looked up and nodded.

“Just do it the way you like it done.” she said. I started by licking around her lips first, they were puffy and soft, I then licked along the entire length of her slit, flicking my tongue from side to side, as I did, I then started to gently nibble at them, drawing them into my mouth and sucking them. Julie was moaning and urging me on.

I inserted two fingers into her and began to slowly fuck her as I continued to lick her. She was moaning much louder now and started to wriggle around. She placed her hands on the back of my head and forced my tongue deeper into her dripping wet cunt; she smelt very musty and tasted good. I continued this for a while until Julie my head away and pulled me to her and kissed me again.

“Mmm, I can taste myself on you, and I love the taste of my cunt.” She climbed on top of me and squeezed my tits hard and began to rub her pussy against mine, grinding herself around in small circles. The sensation was fantastic, I felt myself doing the same. Julie bent down and took my left breast in her mouth and sucked on it, this started an orgasm off in me, I ground myself into harder as it built until I screamed out.

“Oh fuck, fuck,fuck.” over and over. I could feel Julie tensing her body as she came at the same time. My orgasm lasted what seemed like ages before I could relax, never had I come like that before. It was even better than the one just a short while before.

We lay in each other’s arms recovering from the sex. Julie leaned up on one arm, smiling as she looked at me.

“So you’re not that way inclined then?” she asked.

I admitted then that I had often wondered what sex with a woman would be like.

“So now you’ve done it what are your feelings about it? You’re first time with a woman?” she asked. I replied that I wished I tried it years ago, and now I had I think that I would like to do it more often, although I still want to have sex and be fucked by a man. She answered that she is exactly the same way. We now get together occasionally, sometimes we even take men we sometimes meet home with us and put on a little show for them, it seems to make them want to fuck us more. Especially if we tell them we like to watch each other getting fucked.

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