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Jenna's Punishment

This story continues with the characters from On-Line Flirtation (which is wildly mis-named).
Jenna had been bad. Very bad and she knew it. She was slated to meet me at a hotel downtown to deal with her disobedience.
I was seated on the end of the bed, completely undressed when I heard the door open. She came in with her head down, staring at the floor.
I knew what she needed.
"Before you even say a word, you naughty little slut, you need to remove every stitch of your clothing. And quickly. Don't make me tell you twice."
She jumped as though she'd been slapped and she immediately began fumbling with her coat.

I leaned back and growled "Slower. I want to watch you take them off."

She looked up and me. I gazed hotly at her and said "And I want you to keep your eyes on me."

She slowed her piece and removed her clothing slowly. She kept her eyes on me and I stared at her while I began touching my pussy. I was already wet -- her immediate obedience was hot.

When she was naked I said "Come sit on my lap."

I settled her on my lap and stroked the outside of her cunt lips. I wanted her slightly relaxed before I began my interrogation. A slow moan escaped her lips. I caught one of her nipples in my mouth and continue stroking her pussy.

Then I looked deeply in her eyes. "Did you let someone else fuck my pussy?" I demanded.

She looked down and nodded. I grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head up. "You don't nod. You answer me when I ask you a question. Did you let someone else fuck MY pussy?"

"Yes," she said.

"And did you ask permission first?"


"Why not? Is it because you're such a slut that you needed to get fucked so bad? And you were afraid I'd say no."

"Yes," she mumbled.

"You know that was wrong, don't you? I demanded. "You're my slut. And that's my pussy. I say when it gets fucked and I say who fucks it. What's happens to slutty bad girls?"

"They get spanked," she said.

"That's right. Now I need to know more information so I can figure out what your punishment is going to be," I said. "How many times did you get fucked?"

"Since I last saw you?" she said. "Five times. I got fucked by my wife five times."

"Anyone else?" I asked.

She looked up, surprised. "No."

"Okay," I said. "I believe that. Although I suspect you fucked yourself a number of times too, my little whore, but I will let those slide. How many times did your wife make MY pussy come? Did she eat my pussy?"

"She made me come every time. And yes, she tasted your pussy. I'm so sorry. I tried to be a good girl. I really did. But she started kissing me and I was thinking about how hot you fuck me and I was so wet and I'm so sorry," she started to cry.

"Shhh....kitten. It's okay. I know you're sorry. But you know you need to be spanked. Bad little girls need spankings," I said softly, kissing her tears away. I slid the finger between her legs into her pussy. She was dripping. I knew she wanted it.

"I'm thinking you need 10 spankings -- two for each time you got fucked without my permission. Does that sound fair?" I asked gently, sliding my finger in and out of her dripping cunt.

"Yes. I promise I will try harder to be a good girl. Please give me another chance."

"I want you to tell me that you need this, why you need it and that you know you need it."

"I need you to spank me. I'm trying hard to be a good girl but I was so wet and when my wife touched your pussy I let her. I didn't ask permission to let her fuck it. I'm promise I will try harder but I've been a very bad girl and I need you to spank me."

I flipped her onto her stomach so she was over my knee, with her ass up. "You're going to need to count the spankings and say thank you after each one. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am," she said.

I ran my hand over the smooth skin of her ass, tracing my finger up the cleft. Her ass was so gorgeous. I pushed her knees apart so her dripping cunt was exposed. She was moaning as I stroked, so I raised my hand and gave her a sharp slap on the ass. She bucked slightly and made a squeaking noise. Then silence. I cleared my throat.

"Oh my god. 1. Thank you mistress. Please spank me again."

I slid my finger into her cunt, it was soaked. I retreated and spanked her again. Nine more spanks. Each time I spanked her she would call out the number and thank me and I would slide my fingers into her pussy. She was squirming and panting.

Finally, after the last spank I slid my three fingers into her pussy and began fucking her roughly. I used the wetness to slide a fourth finger into her ass.

"Whose whore are you?" I demand, pounding my fingers into her.

"I'm yours. I'm your whore. I will do anything you tell me."

"That's right. Your my filthy slut. I OWN you," I said. I could feel her starting to spasm. "That's right you fucking tramp. Come for me. Come on my fingers, because right after that I am going to tongue fuck you. tell me you're my whore"

She started screaming "Oh my god. Fuck me. Fuck me like the whore that I am. I'm your fucking dirty whore. I need you to fuck me. You're all I think about. Fuck your whore baby, fuck her hard."

She came immediately and fell limp.

I flipped her onto the bed, flat on her back and spread her legs to start eating her deliciously wet pussy.

She stirred and lifted her head "It's so intense. I don't think I can so soon."

I looked up at her and said "My whore doesn't tell me what I do. You take all the fuckings I give you. Do you want another spanking so soon? That's right. Now spread those legs wider for me slut, I want to eat my pussy."

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