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Jenny? Meet Susie! -- Part 1

Two best friends find an interesting topic that they're both curious about.
"Oh, Susie, yes... right there.. Mmmhhh... oh yes, yes, that's it.. harder.. deeper! Oh god, fuck me Susie!"



"Nothing.. just thinking.. we've known each other years and never tried this.. why'd it come up all of a sudden?"

"Oh god, I don't even remember. Just fuck me, no slacking!"

Chapter One : Why?

Jenny was in no mood today. Woken abruptly at 6 this morning, and by her step-dad, Jeffrey, of all people! He'd probably just come in to perv' on her and woken her by mistake, the bastard! Ever since he'd moved in, she'd been angry and irritated on and off, barely able to contain herself around her happy-go-lucky mom, who thought he was Mr. Perfect. Nice car, good job, great at working around the house, she'd be happy to have him around if he wasn't so obviously a horny old fuck.
With a sigh, she continued on with her chores, determined to forget about him. He was gone with her mother on a weekend trip to some place in the country, and she'd been trusted to keep the house in order. Not hard, she was obnoxiously neat, to the point of dusting the television screen every few hours! Not only that, but she wasn't the most popular girl either. No house parties for her. Not that she was ugly, quite the contrary. She was curvy and well-proportioned, beautiful and slender, but in her social life she was timid and shy. Because of that, her only friend was Susie, seventeen like her, who she'd known for several years.

Speak of the devil, she thought, mid-way through fluffing the couch cushions. That was the doorbell. The only person who ever used it was Susie. So she gladly freed herself the monotony of an empty house and went to the door to let her friend in, smiling with genuine delight at the sight of her, until she saw her face.

"Why?" Susie sobbed, tears rolling down her cheeks. "Why would John do this?"

 Jenny was immediately beside her, arm draped over her shoulder, the other closing the door behind them as she led her upset friend into the house. That arm then wrapped around her into a comforting hug.

"What did he do hon'?" Jenny asked. John was Susie's boyfriend of 3 months now. He'd seemed nice, the few times she'd met him.

Then again, he was 21 and handsome, so she couldn't say she was surprised to hear Susie say, "The bastard cheated on me! With that whore, Linda!"

Linda had a reputation for doing things like that. She was an honest-to-goodness whore, sleeping with every attractive guy she could find, single or otherwise. She was bigger breasted than Jenny, but that was her only redeeming quality. She wore tons and tons of make-up, trashy clothes, and practically flaunted her average ass around. Susie, while fairly small-breasted, was much more attractive!

"Oh hon'. He has no taste then! You're lucky he did it early, instead of lying to you for years! He's an asshole. Come on, forget him," she said, trying to comfort. She wasn't very good at it though.

Then, as if she'd been thinking about it for days, Jenny said, "Hell, I'd take you over any handsome guy, he's missing out!" Jenny had no idea why she'd said such a thing, it caught even her off guard. Susie looked shy, all of a sudden, as if mulling the idea over, biting her lower lip. That in turn made Jenny's cheeks glow.

A silence hung for a few moments, Jenny finally attempting to break it with, "Do you... w-want some tea," but she was interrupted by Susie, who suddenly spoke up.

 "Do you mean it?" Jenny was the one to break the silence that followed.

 "Well.. yeah, but... we're not... you know.. lesbians..." Susie took a second to answer.

"But.. you said you'd take me over any handsome guy.. that must mean..." she mumbled softly, lifting her eyes from the floor. Jenny felt her heart pacing painfully quickly when she saw the look her friend was giving her. She didn't seem shy any more. It was like the look a lion gives a gazelle before it pounces.

"Must... must mean what, Susie?" Jenny was getting nervous now, she'd never seen Susie like this.

"Must mean you're interested. And I have to admit.. you probably look a lot better naked than John did. Much, much better tied " Susie started, then trailed off. Jenny's heart started to beat even faster. Tied up? What did that mean? Was her friend one of those kinky fetishists that got off on making people do what they were told, or be punished? No. No, Susie was much too nice for that, she hoped. Just then though, Susie seemed to make up her mind. Using both arms, she grabbed Jenny's wrists, stood up, and dragged Jenny to a wall, pushing her up against it face first, arms held behind her back.

"S-susie, what are you doing? S-stop!"

Susie's only response was, "Shh... relax, you'll enjoy this" while one hand freed itself and left both of Jenny's wrists in just one, firm-gripping hand.

Chapter Two : Things I didn't know about Susie!

Jenny squirmed in her pinned position, heart pounding hard. What was happening!? Susie was stroking that free hand up and down her back, over her arms, along her legs. Jenny had chosen the wrong day for shorts and a tank top, she could feel those delicate strokes so vividly.

"S-susie, what are you doing?" Jenny mumbled, still not able to wriggle free. Susie was the sporty one, after all.

"Teasing," she replied, very simply. Jenny understood though, just from that. She was going to try this, 'lesbian' thing with her, but she wanted to get Jenny to ask for it!

"T-teasing!? This isn't funny Susie!" Jenny cried. Even though she was struggling, complaining, trying to get free, she could feel it working. Something in her wanted this, no matter how unbelievably weird it was to her! "Please.. Susie..." she pleaded now, "Let me go already, what if my mom comes back?" A last ditch effort to stop her friend, but it was easily rebutted.

Susie just said, "I saw her leave earlier, with bags packed full. Don't lie to me... and give in" Those last words hit Jenny hard. Susie WAS into making people obey her! And... and... what? She wanted to do it. To give in, and ask her to stop just teasing!

It didn't take much longer for Jenny's morals to break. After a minute or two more of being subjected to those cruel, teasing digits, she blurted out, "Please, please, stop teasing me! D-do anything else!" She could practically feel her friends devilish grin. But more than that, she could hear the sound of clothing being shifted. A moment later, she was turned, had a foot pushed against the back of her knees and collapsed onto them. And she was greeted by the sight of Susie, fully nude, toned, beautiful body on full display.

Perky little breasts topped with her pink, hardened nubs, but most embarrassing for Jenny was what was directly in front of her eyes. Susie's tight, clean, pink slit, clearly wet from teasing Jenny. Susie said, "Make me feel good, and maybe I'll return the favor. If you do it just right, mmm." After seeing Jenny catch sight of her beautiful pussy. Jenny opened her mouth to protest, to try and correct her weakness earlier, but Susie was having none of that. She just put a hand on the back of Jenny's head, pulled her in close, and rested one leg over her shoulder, so Jenny's lips were pressed up against that hot, drooling slit. "Lick it," was all she heard. And she obeyed.

Burying her tongue inside Susie's pussy was the first thing she did. She'd never done this before, she didn't know how, and this was her first time with...well, anyone, so she didn't have any previous experience of guys doing it to her for her to draw from. But Susie's hand guided her, shifting her head to her lips met clit, tongue flicking over the tender nub of nerves, drenching it! After fumbling with kissing, suckling, nibbling and licking, Jenny got the hang of it and started to properly please Susie.

Pushing her tongue slowly into her pink, dripping opening, pulling out and stroking her tongue between her lips, clipping her clit with the tip of her tongue at the end, - and repeating, obediently, until Susie pulled her away, panting heavily. "You did good, for a first-timer.. Next time though, you'll make me cum, or I'll punish you, understood?" Susie was getting into it now.

Jenny was too, as she replied, "Oh, of course, please forgive me!" Who knew she had a thing for submitting?

Then Susie asked, "Still have that vibrator, my sexy pussy licker?"

Jenny thought, 'Oh no.. why.. why does she want that?' but answered, "I do.. it's.. upstairs, second drawer. W-want me to show you?" Susie smiled a strange, sort of playfully cruel smile.

"Show me? It's you who'll be taking it..."

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