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Jess, Ch 3: Back to the dorm room

She and a girlfriend have a toy party
Jess wandered down the hall to her dorm room, saying hi to her classmates as she passed them. Most of the girls greeted her with hugs, asking her how her break was. A couple of more prudish girls sneered at her, but Jess knew they were jealous. Word of her fun back home had spread like wildfire. The girls all wanted to know what it was like to be fucked silly by her neighbor's virgin yet monstrously thick cock. Talking about it had started to make Jess horny again, so by the time she got to her room, she told her friends she was feeling jet-lagged and was going to take a nap. Of course she had no intention of sleeping.

She opened the door and was disappointed to see that Melanie wasn't there. She missed her roommate. As she put her suitcase next to her bed she noticed that her bed was unmade. That was not how she had left it. As she picked up her pillow she found her vibrator underneath it. That too was not how she had left it. Mel's bed was still made, very odd of her. Had Melanie been sleeping in her bed while Jess' bed while she had been home all break?

Jess was confused, but she could ask Mel about it later. Right now it was time to reconnect with her rabbit vibrator. She turned it on, but nothing happened. Jess' confusion grew. She had replaced the batteries before break. Melanie must have left it on after she had sent Jess that picture of it buried in her pussy. Unless Melanie had used it so much that the batteries had died.

Jess' confusion was quickly overcome by her horniness. She set the vibrator on her dresser and found another oddity. The thong she had been wearing the night before break was on her dresser. She was pretty sure she had put that in the hamper, assuming Mel would wash it. She smelled them, and they were indeed still dirty. What was going on here?

Jess opened her underwear drawer. Actually, it was only one of her underwear drawers. She was proud of her collection of sexy lingerie that filled three large drawers. This was the drawer that she kept her panties, thongs, and g-strings in. It also held her toy collection, which Jess was also proud of.

Jess picked through her toys and pulled out a long, slender g-spot vibrator, checked that the batteries were still good, and tossed it on her bed. Now she needed something for her clit...a bullet massager would do quite nicely. That ended up on the bed too. She probably wouldn't need them, but Jess added some lube, anal beads, and a set if nipple clamps to the pile. Yes, Jess thought, this will be fun!

As Jess was pulling off her shirt, her cell phone buzzed. She picked up the phone to find a text from her classmate Sarah.

Sarah: Heard you were back, whatcha doin?

Jess: About to "unwind" ;)

Sarah: mmmmm can I cum? I got a new toy to share!

Jess: Of course!

Sarah: See you soon!

Jess set the phone down and quickly stripped out of her clothes. She was still wearing her prudish underwear that she had taken home with her. She didn't want anyone to see that, it made her feel so unsexy. So instead she donned a skimpy satin nighty. It was a pretty blue color, and so short that if she pulled it down far enough to cover her ass cheeks, it barely covered her nipples. She pulled it down to do that, hiding her thin patch of pubic hair but revealing the cleavage between her 38D breasts.

She put on a little lip gloss and checked her wavy strawberry blonde hair in the mirror. All in all she thought she looked pretty damn sexy. She was very horny, and her nipples were visibly pushing against the thin satin. Jess pinched one of them and shuddered with a moan at the sensation. Sarah had better hurry, or else Jess would have to start without her.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. Jess let Sarah in, eying her as she walked in. She fair-skinned like Jess, and almost the same weight, but nearly a foot shorter. The resulting healthy curves didn't look fat on Sarah at all. Add to that her braided dirty blond hair, soft brown eyes, full cheeks and button nose and she was very cute. But her smile hinted at her naughty true nature. Sarah's breasts were 38D's, like Jess, but her shorter height made them seem much larger. They were under a top with a low cut neckline, revealing her deep cleavage. Form-fitting jeans completed the ensemble, and she carried a bag with her.

The bag most likely contained Sarah's new toy, and Jess couldn't wait to play with her friend. She hugged Sarah and said, "I missed you!

"I missed you too," Sarah said as she hugged back. Her hand slid down to Jess' butt and she gave it a little squeeze. "And I love your outfit!"

"You're looking good yourself," was Jess' response, brushing her hand against Sarah's breast as the separated.

"I heard that you popped your neighbor's cherry, you dirty slut!" The girls sat on Jess's bed while she described her encounter with Jim. Sarah gasped when she saw the picture Jess had taken of Jim's thick cock. As Jess talked, Sarah caressed Jess's thigh, slowly working her way up.

"I ended up at a funeral," Sarah said. "My mom's cousin died." Jess started to say she was sorry, but Sarah cut her off. "We didn't like each other at all. I was able to console her husband though."

"Now who's the dirty slut?"

Sarah blushed. "I am, especially since-" She bit her lower lip seductively. "I also consoled her step-son the same night!"

"Oh my God!" Jess was shocked. "Your own cousin?" Jess had no desire to have sex with her relatives, but the taboo had her heart beating faster.

"Step-second-cousin! They really did need comforting," Sarah continued. "And I look like a younger version of my mom's cousin, so I think it helped. Her husband cried a lot and held me passionately, but her step-son had a lot of anger towards her. I let him take it out on my ass. He fucked me so hard, it was amazing. They both cried out her name when they came, so it was almost like role playing. Daddy was bigger, in case you were wondering."

All this naughty talk had made Jess' pussy soaking wet, so she made her move. "You look overdressed, let's fix that!" She pulled up Sarah's top, revealing acute but low cut pink bra. As soon as Sarah's face was free of the shirt Jess placed her lips against her friend's, and the kiss was returned. It was warm and passionate, but still filled with lust. Jess unzipped Sarah's jeans and slid her hand down the front of her pink panties to rub her crotch. The panties were already damp with Sarah's juices.

Sarah gasped at the touch, then began rubbing Jess's nipples through her nightie. Jess moaned loudly. She arched her back, and her nightie slid down just far enough for her hard nipples to pop out. Sarah began licking them, and pinching them with her fingers. She had been so horny all day, Jess knew her relief would come soon. When Sarah started to nibble gently, Jess let out a cry as her first orgasm hit her. It was small, but it caused her to tremble slightly.

Sarah pulled back and started taking off her jeans. Jess eyed the pink thong underneath lustfully. It had a cute little bow on the front; even her underwear was cute yet sexy! Jess stuck her hand down the front of Sarah's thong, brushing against her thin landing strip of hair until she found her clit. Jess nestled the bullet vibrator between Sarah's pussy lips and against her clit. Sarah giggled, but it changed to a soft moan as Jess turned the toy on. Jess grabbed the other vibrator and began pressing it against her own wet crotch.

"No," Sarah interrupted. "Use my new toy." Jess found Sarah's bag and reached inside. She pulled out a floppy 12 inch double ended dildo.

"Wow," was all that Jess could say.

"I convinced someone to buy it for me at a glory hole. A little lube and it can DP you," Sarah replied. "It's amazing."

"Here, use this," Jess said. She picked up the anal beads and put some lube on them. Sarah took the toy with delight in her eyes. She didn't remove the thong ,since it was holding the vibrator. Instead she just pulled it aside and inserted the first bead into her tight asshole. Her moan probably could have been heard outside the room.

Jess pulled her top down until her breasts popped out of the top. Then she helped her moaning friend out of her bra. For such large breasts, her light areolas were small. Her nipples beckoned to Jess, who licked them until they were long and hard. Then she put the nipple clamps on them and turned them on. Sarah gasped at the sensation, and pushed another bead in. It made her let out a long, low moan as she trembled with her first orgasm.

While Jess watched her friend she lubed the double ended toy. Her wet pussy accepted one end of it easily, and Jess almost lost herself to the sensation. She grabbed the tip of the other end and eased it in to her asshole.

Sarah was playing with the beads, moaning a they went in and out. She watched as Jess started moving the dong deeper into her ass. Jess was caught up in the sensation of it all, and started sweating as she began to move the double-ended dildo back and forth, pushing into her pussy then her ass. She wasn't even aware that Sarah was moving until she felt a pair of lips around her hard nipples. Sarah was licking and sucking, all while playing with her own toys. It was too much.

Jess' moans turned to screams of ecstasy as another orgasm racked her body. She let the dildo fall out of her as the waves of pleasure subsided. She became aware that Sarah was cumming too, and her lover fell on the bed next to her, legs twitching.

They kissed, and as their tongues wrestled with each other Jess could tell that Sarah wasn't done yet. That was good, because Jess wasn't done yet, either. One of Sarah's nipple clamps had fallen off, so Jess began to caress the exposed breast. Sarah responded by wrapping her arms around Jess and squeezing her ass cheeks. Then Sarah broke the kiss. "I want to use the dildo with you," she confessed.

"I like the sound of that," Jess replied. She helped Sarah out of her thong, and brushed the exposed landing strip with her hand. Sarah picked up the dildo, now slick with lube and pussy juice, and put it back into Jess's sweet pussy. Sarah then lowered herself onto the other end, easing her way towards her friend. Jess noticed that the anal beads were still sticking out of Sarah's butt. She moaned with delight as Sarah's warm crotch rested against her own.

Jess had tried scissoring once, but found it to be more silly than hot. This was different. Connected by the toy they began grinding against each other, panting and moaning with the motion. They were holding each other by the waist, and rocking their pussies together. Jess was getting hotter and hotter with each moment, as she felt her orgasm build. Sarah's rapid breathing told her that her lover was getting close to cumming too.

Jess was first to climax. With a loud cry, her body exploded with pleasure. She shook for what seemed like forever. As her pussy's contractions lessened, she noticed Sarah's legs twitching as she too was struck by a powerful orgasm. Jess also noticed that the dorm room door was open. Melanie stood there, wide eyed and slack jawed. Jess was about to ask Mel to join them when she saw it - a look of pain in her roommate's eyes.

"What's wrong?" Jess asked, but it was too late. Melanie spun around and left, slamming the door behind her. It made her think about how her favorite toy had been mysteriously used until the batteries died, and how her bed looked like Mel had been sleeping in it all break, and then the thought occurred to her. Could Melanie be in love with me?

"What was that about?" Sarah asked, as she moved away from Jess. The dildo fell out and onto the bed.

"I don't know," Jess said. She gave Sarah a warm kiss. "But you should probably go. I'll talk to her after I clean up." What she would say, she wasn't sure.

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