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Jill's Lesbian Discovery

Jill does not know what she is but Kelly and friends help her out
My friend Jill claims she does not know what sex to like, males or females. I tried to tell her it is okay to like the best of both worlds but she wants to just like one or the other. I decided to take her with me to visit our other friend Tamara. Tamara is already on her porch waiting for us. Tamara is a 5’8 tan skin black hair and massive 40 E breasts. I pull up and Jill and I get out and hug Tamara before going inside.

“So nice for you two to come today,” Tamara says with a smile.

“Thanks Tamara,” I say sitting on the couch with Jill sitting next to me.

“Is that Kelly?” I hear a familiar voice yell.

Down the stairs in a purple tank top and blue shorts comes, Becca. She runs over and hugs both Jill and me. She giggles the whole time too.

“Hey how is our favorite ginger?” I ask kissing her cheek softly.

“I’m good,” Becca says. “The others are upstairs also,” She whispers in my ear.

“How is work going Jill?” Tamara asks walking into the living room with drinks.

“It is going good,” Jill says shrugging before getting up and heading to the bathroom.

“So Tamara been having some fun lately?” I ask running my finger along her bare skin.

“Oh yes I have,” She grins looking at me leaning over kissing me on the lips softly.

Becca leans over starts kissing Tamara’s neck softly. I break my kiss with Tamara and start making out with Becca. We break shortly to take off our tank tops, Tamara also takes hers off. Becca and I then scoot down along Tamara’s legs and start sucking on her big tits with half-inch long nipples that are harder than stone. Tamara reaches into our shorts and starts fingering our soaking wet pussies. She then slides our shorts off as we do the same to her. We kiss our way down Tamara’s body and spread her legs apart more and start licking her pussy.

“Ohhhh yees,” Tamara moans holding us down to her pussy.

Behind us, Jill had just came back from the bathroom and is watching us. She leans against the wall and she sees, Tamara, naked on the couch, Becca and I in-between her legs our asses in the air. As Jill watches Kelsey comes up from behind, naked and presses herself against Jill.

“This getting you all hot isn’t it Jill?” Kelsey moans softly running her hand along Jill’s hips.

“It is getting me hot Kelsey,” Vikki moans as she is also naked and wraps her arms around Jill.

They help Jill out of her clothes and guide her back to the couch where they sit down and start making out. Tamara pulls Vikki back a bit and kisses her deeply as Jill sucks on Kelsey’s and Vikki’s tits at the same time. While this is going on, Jessica, Cassandra, and Melissa all come downstairs, naked. Kelsey is now licking Jill’s pussy while Jill is licking Vikki’s. Cassandra pulls me away from Tamara’s pussy and starts making out with me as Jessica does the same with Becca. Melissa starts to suck on Jill’s nipples biting them softly. After Vikki and Kelsey pull away Melissa we all laugh.

“Oh god, so many tits and pussy I feel overwhelmed,” Jill says.

“Don’t worry if you want you can have sex with us one at a time,” Cassandra says kissing her softly.

‘Um, sure, I guess,” Jill says smiling ear to ear.

“I call first fuck!” Jessica yells.

We groan but then all stand up and stand at the other end of the room to watch as Jessica goes up to Jill and they start making out. We lightly rub each other’s tits and pussies and sometimes kiss as we watch. Jessica moves so her pussy is above Jill’s face and they start eating each other out. I lick my lips watching as I feel Vikki and Cassandra’s fingers probe my asshole.

“Horny much girls,” I tease nudging them.

Jessica and Jill keep it up for another 10 minutes before they both cum on each other’s faces. Jessica gets off of Jill and Cassandra quickly goes over to Jill and starts making out with her. Jill flips Cassandra over and starts sucking on her big breasts squeezing them hard.

“Ohhh, your so rough girl. I love it,” Cassandra moans.

Jill then moves down and starts licking Cassandra’s aching wet pussy. Cassandra holds her head down bucking her hips.

“Ohh fuck, fuck, yes oh she is good,” Cassandra moans.

“Yes she is good with that tongue,” Jessica says kissing and rubbing Becca and Tamara’s legs.

“Ohhhh shit YES!” Cassandra moans 20 minutes later squirting cum everywhere, “Fuck my turn to make you cum Jill.”

Cassandra sits up, and makes Jill sit up. There Cassandra slides three fingers into Jill’s pussy. Jill instantly moans as her and Cassandra start making out. It takes about 10 minutes before Jill cums on Cassandra’s fingers.

“Mmm tasty,” Cassandra moans sucking her fingers clean, “Who’s next?”

Becca took Cassandra’s place as the rest of us went into the kitchen for some lunch. While in the kitchen fixing lunch we hear the combined moans of Becca and Jill. I look in and those two are grinding their pussies together hard.

“Tamara your house is going to stink like sex by the end of today,” Kelsey says.

“That’s alright. I am fine with that,” Tamara giggles kissing Kelsey softly.

20 minutes later Becca comes in smiling at us. Vikki kisses her softly before walking into the living room.

“I don’t think she is going to make it the rest of the time,” Becca jokes.

“I’m sure she will,” Melissa says eating her sandwich.

We go back into the living room and we see Vikki and Jill in the 69 position and they are going fast and hard on each other’s pussies. Tamara and I couldn’t resist and we go over and start licking Vikki’s pretty asshole. 15 minutes later both girls cum.

“I’m so, so exhausted please let me rest a bit,” Jill says panting.

“Should we girls?” I ask looking back at them.

“Give her 20 minutes,” Kelsey says. “I want her rested a bit.”

We go back into the kitchen and start talking about other stuff as Jill falls asleep on the couch. 20 minutes later we come back and Kelsey goes over lightly slapping Jill’s ass.

“Nap time is over Jill,” Kelsey says kissing Jill softly.

“Alright,” Jill groans.

Kelsey gets down between Jill’s legs and starts licking her pussy. Melissa goes over and sits on Jill’s face making her lick her pussy and Melissa starts to pull and roughly grab Jill’s breasts. Melissa then reaches down and starts rubbing Jill’s clit roughly. 10 minutes later Jill cums this time squirting a ton of cum all over Kelsey and the couch. Melissa then squirts all over Jill’s face coating it in her juices. Kelsey trades places with Melissa and the process begins again with the same result 15 minutes later.

“Oh shit just two more I think,” Jill says covered in cum.

“Lick my cunt Jill!” Tamara growls sitting down on the wet couch.

Jill moves over and slides between her thick legs and starts licking Tamara’s pussy. I go over and start licking Jill’s sore pussy and fingering her asshole. We keep doing this and I feel the other girls fucking each other and squirting all over us. Finally Tamara cums in Jill’s mouth.

“YEEEESSSSS!” Tamara moans.

I don’t let Jill cum and I pull my tongue and fingers out of her. I smirk at Tamara kissing her before I lay on my back.

“Get up here and lick my pussy and let me lick yours Jill,” I say.

Jill moves up on the couch and starts licking my pussy. I start licking hers also. The girls all cheer when Tamara leaves and comes back wearing a 10-inch long 5-inch thick strap-on. She gets behind Jill and slides the massive toy into her pussy as I lick her clit. This goes on for another 20 minutes as we are being soaked by the rest of the girls squirting on us all the time. That is when Jill and I finally cum and I cover her face good in my cum.

“Fuck that was amazing,” Jill says an hour later. “I think I am lesbian for sure, no guy can ever please me like that.”

We all cheer as we all cuddle up on the soaking wet couch for some sleep.
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