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Joyce and Marianna

Marianna gets her lover Joyce to come out of her shell.

I pushed my nervous lover onto the bed. She didn't like initiating, so I always took the lead, which of course I didn't mind. Joyce had her arms close to her chest, defensively, staring up at me with her innocent doe eyes. Her face was flushed from our make-out session a moment ago when I suggested we take it to my room. My red lipstick dotted her face.

God, I wanted her.

I reached a hand up her shirt, forcing her arms away, stroking her over her bra. She looked away, shyly, closing her eyes.

"Don't look so embarrassed," I whispered, "You know very well that you want it as much as I do."

She didn't reply, but I earned an adorable squeak from her when I squeezed. I had her sit up so I could take off her shirt, and then encouraged her to undo mine. Her hands slowly undid the buttons on my blouse until I shrugged out of it, and tossed it to the floor with hers.

This was when Joyce seemed to come out of her shell. She threw her arms around me, her fingers tracing up and down my back. She buried her face into my shoulder, kissing and licking across my collarbone. She seemed to have a fascination with it. I took the opportunity, while she was distracted, to reach behind her and unhook her bra with expertise.

When it snapped open, she momentarily returned to her demure self. She leaned away from me as if she didn't mean to touch me. But it only lasted a moment. Soon, her bra joined our shirts on the floor, and she pressed herself against me. I could smell a mix of sweet perfume and her natural scent, the light musk that I loved.

She kept moving her hands across my back and shoulders, sending pleasant chills through me. When we first met, we were both so touch-starved that even the most innocent touch was exhilarating. Now, we still spend a lot of time just touching each other, holding each other, feeling comfort and connection through it.

Instead of letting Joyce unhook my bra, I did it myself, not wanting it to separate us any longer. The warmth of our bare chests pressing together made us feel that much closer. I had her lie down, again, this time directing my attention to her nipples. She wasn't very sensitive but still loved being caressed and teased.

"I still think you should get your nipples pierced. It makes them more sensitive," I said, gently rubbing them with my fingertips.

"No way."

"So be it, but it didn't hurt that much," I said, looking down at my own two silver rings. "Plus, you'd look that much hotter."

Again, she avoided looking at me, because she knew the talk of piercings really did it for me. For as much as she was excited by my collarbone, I was excited about body modification. Joyce was more conservative in her look but did have a delicate nose piercing that matched her stud earrings. I, however, was more adventurous. In addition to my nipples, I had my eyebrow, septum, lip, and tongue pierced. Joyce particularly liked the silver tongue stud.

Joyce started to relax underneath me. It took a little effort to make her comfortable, but I was more than willing to acquiesce. While I had the benefit of never associating sex with shame or embarrassment, I knew others weren't so lucky. While she didn't ever consider what we did shameful, sex, in general, was more awkward for her. I was happy to do whatever it took to please her, and if that meant a little extra foreplay on my end, so be it.

My hands and mouth moved from her breasts down her stomach, leaving a trail of faint lipstick prints. I lifted her skirt as I went, turning my attention to her inner thighs. With just a gentle touch, she recoiled and contorted on the bed. Instead of backing off, I kept at it, making her wriggle underneath me as I stroked her up and down.

While she was once again distracted, I pulled down her underwear. She sat up to let me pull them off completely, leaving her skirt on. There was a moment that we had eye contact, and her familiar apprehensive expression returned. I didn't give her the chance to respond before moving to my original position.

She was already wet, to my excitement. I started with a long, upwards lick that sent a tremor through Joyce. I alternated between fast and slow, circling my tongue. She arched her back, pushing up against my face. I used my hands to hold her legs apart. I couldn't help but fantasize about her strapped to a spreader bar, leaving my hands free and her unable to fight back.

I imagined her pulling against leather restraints as I pleasured her. I thought about the various objects stored under my bed, and how much I wanted to use them at that moment. But I resisted. It was too early in our relationship to break out the crazy. I knew it was bad to keep secrets, but I didn't want to scare her off, either.

I lost my train of thought when Joyce started pulling at my hair, pushing me closer.

"Oh god," she moaned.

I smirked; I could feel her lose her composure. I broke away from her for a moment, took my hand from her knee, and wet my fingers in my mouth. She looked down at me, wondering why I had stopped. I didn't hesitate.

I slipped two fingers inside of her and curled them up slightly. Again, she shivered and arched her back, quietly moaning. I didn't give her the chance to settle before my mouth returned, still moving my fingers. This time, I could feel her trying to close her legs reflexively.

I alternated speeds in both my hand and mouth, feeling her push even harder against me. I looked up and saw her biting down on her knuckle, eyes squinted shut, her breathing heavy. I knew she was close, so I started to slow down, loving the fact that I caused her so much pleasure.

"Quit teasing me," she muttered in frustration, her fingers entwined in my hair.

"Do you want to come?" I chided.

"What do you think?" she replied, almost angrily. "Finish what you started, Marianna."

Amused, I decided to do just that. My fingers and tongue sped up, staying consistent. It took seconds before I felt my lover reach the edge. Her moans became louder and more insistent, ending in a gasp, as she moved her hips against me. I felt her muscles clench and relax around my fingers, which I kept moving as she climaxed.

I slowed my movement as she came down from the high, making it last as long as possible, until I felt her whole body relax beneath me. Crawling up the bed beside her, I kissed her deeply as she started to recover. Her hands started to wander, lingering on my lower back, until she pulled away with a lustful look in her eyes.

"Your turn."

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