Just a Dinner Party Part 2

By Magicxo

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It was time I returned the favor. But could I...?
Several weeks had passed since our little “dinner party” with Nora and Lizzie. Unfortunately, we hadn’t had a chance to talk about it as work at the office was crazy and everyone had a lot on their plates. But I knew it was coming – the moment when I would have to return the favor… The trouble was I had no idea how.

To say that I was inexperienced in this area was putting it mildly. I was inexperienced with men, but with women I was a complete newbie. I watched videos. Oh, did I watch lots and lots of videos, but what the women in them were doing did not seem like something I would be capable of. And yet I was thinking about it, I had been thinking about it every night for the last few weeks, along with remembering what happened that night.

Oh that night, the night I would never ever forget. The night I got to experience the touch of a woman for the first time. And not just one woman but two of them. And not just two of them, but two of the most gorgeous women in the world. And I was craving more…

In fact, my main concern over the past few weeks had been that I couldn’t stop thinking about it – what they did to me, what I would like to be able to do to them. Why was it my main concern? Because I was thinking about it not just at home, but also at work. And as one of the side effects of our little dinner was my boosted confidence and my sudden desire to wear skirts and dresses, I dreaded the moment when my constant wetness would seep through the sheer fabric and make me the laughing stock of the entire office.

One Wednesday, as I was sitting at my desk with erotic images flying through my head, I felt myself dripping again. Damn, this was so infuriating! It was as if I couldn’t think with anything other than my vagina anymore. I stood up and headed towards the bathroom to see how bad the situation was. I entered one of the stalls, lifted my skirt and pushed down my panties. Yes, they were soaked.

I thought about dealing with it for a moment, giving myself the release I needed, but I was just too damn angry. So I just took the panties off, balled them up and stuffed them in my purse. I willed myself to stop thinking about Nora and Lizzie and get back to work, and then I exited the stall.

As I was standing in front of the mirror doing some light touch-ups on my makeup, the ladies room door opened and the two of them entered holding hands and giggling like crazy. Nora and Lizzie… They looked up, saw me and stopped the giggling immediately, replacing it with equally devilish grins.

While Lizzie was checking the other stalls to see if anyone else was there, Nora approached me slowly and tentatively. I hadn’t moved a muscle. I was even still facing the mirrors with my body – it was just my head that was tracking their movement.

Nora stood just behind me, placed her hands on my arms and looked at my face in the mirror. “How’ve you been, Terry? We haven’t had a chance to talk.”

I could feel her breasts lightly pressing on my back as I tried to answer, but all I could manage was a gulp, loud enough for everyone to hear.

Nora smiled again and dropped her right hand to my butt where she caressed for a bit. “I’m thinking it’s time for another dinner, don’t you?”As she was saying that, she slid her hand under my skirt and brushed my already wet opening with her finger. I was breathless, it was so arousing! “Don’t you want that Terry?” she asked as she pushed one finger inside me. “It seemed like you liked it last time?”

“Yes!” was all I managed to utter though it sounded more like a gasp than the word itself.

Nora took her finger out of me and while still holding my gaze in the mirror, she said, “Great, come over to my place on Friday.”

She turned around, caught Lizzie by the hand and started towards the door. Just as some other woman was entering the bathroom, they both looked back at me and gave me a wink. Okay then, Friday it is.

I wanted to be prepared this time so I went to a salon on Thursday and got everything waxed, my hair done and my finger and toenails painted. Then I spent hours trying to come up with the right outfit, only to find that I had absolutely nothing sexy in my wardrobe. Though it was last-minute, I enjoyed the fact that I had to go shopping during my lunch break on Friday. Because every spare minute that my mind wasn’t occupied with something, it went either to the blissful idea of being with Nora and Lizzie again, or to horrific images of me not being able to do anything for them. So keeping busy was good.

As I came home that night to get a quick shower and get ready, I felt happy with the shopping choices I had made. I had bought a matching pair of red lace underwear and a short dress made of a sparkling silvery material. I felt so sexy as I was putting everything on while looking at myself in the mirror – whether I could satisfy Nora and Lizzie or not, I looked damn hot!

An hour later with my heart pounding loudly in my chest and all my confidence dispersed in the summer’s night air, I rang Nora’s doorbell. The door opened and both girls were standing there looking as ravishing as ever, Nora with a black dress with a tight-fitting corset and a looser skirt and Lizzie with a deep-cleavage top with thin straps and a red pleated skirt.

“Hi Terry, come in, come in,” Nora said and moved to the side so I could enter. We exchanged brief hugs and kisses on the cheeks and then I was inside – in the lion’s den.

Dinner was simple but tasty and my wine glass was not left empty even for a second. As more and more of the red liquid spread across my system, more and more of my inhibitions fell down. Just as Lizzie was telling us some story about a cheer camp she had gone to as a teenager, I heard myself blurt out my biggest worry. “I don’t know what to do!”

They both looked at me with puzzled expressions and Nora asked, “What’s wrong, Terry? What’s bothering you?”

“I have no idea how to do this!” My mouth was talking and I wasn’t able to stop it. “I don’t know if I can do for you what you did for me!”

“Aw, Terry, that’s so cute!” was Nora’s answer. “It’s okay, we’ll show you.”

They both stood up. “Come on, come with us.”

I couldn’t believe my stupidity, but I was also happy I had let it out. At least now they knew not to expect much of me. I followed them to the bedroom where a giant king-size bed covered with black satin sheets occupied most of the available space.

“Come here, Terry, don’t be afraid. You want this don’t you?” Lizzie beckoned from one side of the bed. “It’s okay, I can see you’re a natural talent,” she said as she placed her hand on the side of my face and leaned in for a kiss.

And oh was it okay! All those weeks of yearning her touch finally coming to an end! I moved my hands to her waist, drew her closer to me and deepened the kiss.

“Oh wow! See? We’re starting good already,” came Nora’s voice from behind me as she was observing the scene in front of her. It seemed my body was much braver than I was and I was happy to see a glimmer of hope in the dark tunnel of worries that had surrounded me for so long.

I felt Nora move closer and whisper in my ear: “Go on, move lower.”

I was only too happy to oblige so I moved my mouth from Lizzie’s lips to the corner of her mouth, then traced her jaw line and started kissing her neck. I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying it so I moved my lips over her ear and whispered quietly: “Is this okay?”

She let go a small moan in confirmation so I eagerly continued to explore every inch of her gentle neck with my lips and tongue. But kissing I knew I could do, I had kissed men before. It was the other things that worried me…

I couldn’t feel Nora behind me anymore so I stopped for a second and looked around. I saw her sitting on a chair near the dresser looking at us with a sparkle in her eyes. Lizzie also looked at her and licked her lips seductively which confirmed my suspicions that they weren’t new to this. Oh well, I certainly didn’t mind playing a part in their games. In fact, I was enjoying this more and more with every passing second.

Turning my attention back to Lizzie, I pushed the straps of her top to the sides in a moment of bravery. As I slid them down, I could see she was wearing a bright red bra with little black ribbons made of lace on it. The mere sight of it made my already-wet pussy clench and I quickly started tracing the rim of the bra with my tongue. I could hear Lizzie’s breath quickening and that made me hunger for her even more. The idea that I was actually managing to excite her made me forgo some of my worries. But not all of them…

“Take it off, Terry. All of it. And lay her on the bed.” Okay, so apparently Nora was calling the shots. Not that it was surprising considering Lizzie was usually the more silent one. I did as I was told and grabbed the hem of Lizzie’s top pulling it over her head. Then I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, gently removing it to reveal her erect nipples.

Having a hard time keeping myself from licking those little nubs, I reached down and undid the button of Lizzie’s skirt, then stripped it down. She stepped out of it and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties. The neatly trimmed strip of hair I remembered from a few weeks ago was still there, as inviting as ever. Lizzie wasn’t lying on the bed though. She was waiting for me to do it as per Nora’s command. So I placed my hand on the small of her back and gently pushed her down on the mattress. Then I placed my lips where they had last been between her breasts and gently started working my way towards her nipples.

Her skin was so smooth and silky, so easy to roll my lips and tongue on. She was moaning quietly and when I finally reached her left nipple I let out a small moan myself as I was only so eager to circle it with my mouth. I played with it, I kissed it, I licked it, I even bit it gently a couple of times, all the while feeling Lizzie’s body wriggle beneath me. I felt the bed sink a little and looked up. Nora had come and sat on the edge of it next to us. “Come on Terry, don’t be afraid, go down on her.”

Okay, there was the moment I was dreading. The moment of truth. I traced soft kisses down Lizzie’s stomach and when I reached the soft fuzz that made the strip, I moved back a little and just looked at her lady parts. It was beautiful, there was no doubt in my mind about it. The folds were glistening with her juices and the clit was standing erect, beckoning me to come closer and kiss it. So I did. I closed my mouth around Lizzie’s little magic button and she arched her body in response. I moved my mouth to her opening and licked some of her juices off.

It was so sweet, I felt like I could stay there for hours. I stayed there only for minutes, though, licking as much of her taste as I could, and then I moved back to her clit flicking my tongue over it. “Gently, Terry, gently. You know what a woman wants, give it to her.”

I looked at Nora as she was saying that and saw that her hand was on her own pussy, rubbing her clit lightly. I was feeling as empowered as ever. I knew I could do this now, it was oh so evident from Lizzie’s response to my actions and Nora’s apparent joy of what she was seeing. So as I returned my lips to Lizzie’s clit, I moved my hand towards Nora and replaced her finger with mine. There I was licking one woman’s clitoris and fingering another. I felt them both tense beneath my touch and kisses, but I was in heaven too. This was better than anything I had ever tried.

“Yes, Terry, yes!” Lizzie was screaming as she was nearing her orgasm. I had to hold her hips with my free hand to keep her steady because she was writhing and pushing her pussy into my mouth faster and faster. With one final flick of my tongue I sent her over the edge and sensed her entire body stiffen and then relax. I quickly turned to Nora who I was fingering faster now while she had her own hands on her breasts, massaging her nipples. I moved my hungry mouth on her pussy and kept my eyes on her face.

She was watching me, moaning louder and louder and gasping for breath in between. Lizzie had apparently recovered quickly because she leaned over Nora and kissed her deeply. At the same time, I pushed two fingers inside her and felt her tight silky walls wrap around them, while my tongue was working her clit. It only took a few seconds and a couple of thrusts for her to come too. She arched her entire body and screamed one last time before collapsing on the bed with a satisfied look on her face.

Well, as it turns out, I am a natural talent…