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Just a Dinner Party

I thought my two co-workers were coming over for a simple dinner, but they had other things in mind.
As I was setting the dinner table, I kept thinking to myself “How did I possibly agree to this?!” I mean I have never been a very outgoing person, a sociable type. I prefer keeping to myself. I mean honestly, I hadn’t even dressed up! True, I have never been a girly-girl either… So I just put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and called it a day…

I work at a gigantic office-building where I stare at a computer screen in my cubicle all day long. I even have lunch at my desk, not willing to do the whole small-talk thing with my colleagues. I have these two co-workers, real BFFs, who noticed me sulking at my desk the other day and came up to me.

“Hey Terry, how are you today?” asked Nora, and before I had time to answer or even shake off the surprise of having them talk to me, Lizzie jumped in – “Wanna have dinner on Friday?” This was the point where my body finally caught up to what was going on and shivered in shock. I guess it looked like I was nodding because Nora said “Great, we’ll come over” and they were off…

So there I was arranging my dining room for a dinner party. Was that even something that could be qualified as a dinner party? How would I know, I’ve never attended one…

I heard the doorbell ring and went to invite my guests in. I opened the door and was immediately aware of the fact that I was underdressed. Or were they overdressed? Nora was wearing an all but see-through red dress that started somewhere in the middle of her breasts and ended just below the point where it would no longer be considered clothing. Lizzie had a very short black skirt on, made of a material that looked like leather and a black top with so much cleavage showing that I wasn’t sure it was meant to be worn outside. “H-hi guys, come in” I stammered, still shocked by their appearance. They, on the other hand, were all smiles and made their way quickly inside after some awkward hugs and kisses on the cheeks (awkward for me that is).

We sat down at the table, I served the meal and we engaged in some casual work-talk. Funnily enough, it wasn’t me that was filling their wine-glasses regularly as a proper hostess should, but it was them that made sure I had something to drink at all times.

At one point, Nora put a bit of steak on her fork and brought it to Lizzie’s mouth. Lizzie took the bite and gave Nora a look… a look that made me blush all over. Before I had had time to analyze what was going on, Nora turned to me and asked: “So, Terry, how long has it been?”. I was genuinely puzzled – “I’m sorry. How long has it been since what?”. “You know… how long has it been since someone has made you all warm and fuzzy inside?” They both looked at each other and giggled again. I, on the other hand, had my jaw dangerously close to hitting the floor as I was trying to comprehend the audacity of the question. Why did they care? Was it that obvious that it had been a long time? And even if it was, what gave them the right to ask?! “Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom”, I said, trying to remain a good hostess and not yell at my guests at the dinner table. I quickly stood up and went to the bathroom, locking myself inside and trying to get my rushing thoughts together. I looked at myself in the mirror, trying to compose myself and gather the nerve to get back out there.

I wasn’t bad-looking really. True, I wasn’t the world’s most amazing beauty either, but I still had some things going for me – the big blue eyes, the high cheekbones, the full red lips… And it wasn’t like I was purposefully staying away from men – I just didn’t like going out hunting for them. I had the romantic notion that my knight in shining armor would come find me himself… And all the good that idea did me – whether I liked it or not, Nora was right, it had been a long time… Oh, never mind, I had a dinner party to get back to. I shook my entire body in an attempt to remind it that it would probably not have to endure this for much longer and it would soon be safely tucked in bed, and I left the bathroom.

Upon returning to the dining room, I found that Nora and Lizzie were no longer there. “Guys, where are you”, I yelled, feeling the slightest bit of panic rising inside me. “Here Terry”, came Lizzie’s voice from what sounded like my bedroom. I made my way there and was immediately stopped cold in my tracks as I stood in the doorway. Nora and Lizzie were standing just in front of my bed, completely naked! My eyes were quickly drawn to Nora’s incredibly large breasts and Lizzie’s neatly trimmed strip of hair, just above her pussy. “W-w-what’s going on?” I breathlessly tried to ask. “You need to relax, Terry”, was Nora’s answer, “enjoy life a bit more”. Then she turned to Lizzie, caressed her cheek and gave her a passionate kiss.

I was standing there watching them, reluctantly feeling that I was getting aroused myself. I couldn’t utter a word or move a muscle, I was completely entranced by the view in front of me – while still kissing, Lizzie had her hand on one of Nora’s breasts, slowly tracing circles around her nipple. They both released a small moan which made my every nerve ending shiver.

Just then, they ended the kiss and started coming towards me. They grabbed one hand each and led me to the center of the room, where Nora stood on my right side and Lizzie on my left. Nora leaned slowly in and quietly whispered in my ear – “Just relax Terry.” Then she pulled her hand up and tentatively slid it across my cheek. Oh my! Never had I experienced the gentle touch of a woman’s hand. Not that I had experienced many men’s, but this was amazing! It was so caring, so soft, so pleasant against my skin. Just because of that, I could feel my knees begin to buckle, but I had to quickly compose myself as I could feel Lizzie’s hand pulling at the hem of my shirt. She lifted it up only slightly and dragged the tip of her nail across my waist. I shuddered. I was ticklish, but at the same time incredibly aroused. My mind was still trying to comprehend what was going on, but my body had already given in. And I decided to let it.

Nora came up in front of me and grabbed the hem of my shirt with both hands, suggestively pulling upwards a little bit as if asking me if it was okay. I nodded slowly and she pulled my shirt all the way up and over my head. As she was disposing of the unnecessary piece of clothing, Lizzie came up in front of me and gently cupped one of my breasts while leaning in to move my bra away and kiss the other. As her hot lips touched the sensitive skin, I could feel myself completely losing all sense of the world and giving in to the experience. I heard my lips produce a small gasp, but just a second later they couldn’t anymore as Nora had come and was kissing me with passion I had never imagined possible. The kiss started a bit shakily as I guess my brain was still processing, but as Nora increased the intensity, so did I. And as if Lizzie was reading our minds, she increased the intensity as well – her mouth was already enveloping my nipple while her tongue was playing with it faster and faster. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the finish line with every passing second. Yes, I only needed that little to come. Just in that moment, Lizzie moved her hand from my breast to the zipper of my jeans and undid it in one swift motion. Taking only a second to pull them down, her hand was reaching beneath my panties and touching my already-dripping pussy in an instant. A flick over my clit was all it took for me to come apart. With Nora holding my waist and supporting me, and with Lizzie’s hand cupping my pussy, I let out a sharp scream and felt my body explode into tiny pieces of divine pleasure.

While I was steel reeling from my orgasm, Nora and Lizzie laid me down on the bed and removed my remaining bits of clothing. Nora looked at me and said: “We’re not done with you yet, beautiful girl”. I closed my eyes trying to savor the sensation of what I had just experienced. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced with any man before. The soft lips and hands of a woman who knows exactly what to do to another, were more than any man could ever dream of achieving…

With my eyes still closed and my breath trying to steady itself, I felt someone’s lips on my chest. I looked down and saw that this time Nora was exploring my breasts and Lizzie joined by kissing my waist and slowly moving downwards though my belly button and going further down towards my still-throbbing sex. Nora took her time, slowly kissing and licking every inch of my breasts. Every now and again, she would softly bite down, making me gasp with pleasure. At the same time, Lizzie was tracing my slit with her tongue, overflowing my body with sensation. She moved her tongue slightly upwards toward my clit and placed a finger where her tongue used to be. She licked my clit and pushed a finger inside me at the same time, making me arch my body towards her hand and scream at the joy of it. Nora increased the intensity of her kisses on my breast, now flicking her tongue over my nipple fast and hard. Lizzie, on the other hand, started moving her finger in and out of my tight pussy, instantly adding a second finger without ever slowing down. I was overwhelmed. With Nora’s lips on my nipple, Lizzie’s tongue on my clit and her fingers inside me, moving faster and faster, I could feel myself getting close to yet another orgasm. Just as I was on the brink of it, and really making me wonder if they could read my thoughts, Nora moved upwards and kissed me hard on the lips while Lizzie added a third finger and slammed them all deep inside me. My body immediately reacted and stars exploded in front of my eyes. Every sexual experience I had had, every happy moment in my life, they all came together in one all-consuming climax that led me all but to the brink of sanity.

When I opened my eyes, Nora and Lizzie were looking down on me, still lying next to me on my bed. They were both smiling. Without saying a word, they both stood up and started putting their clothes on. As I was unable to speak, I just stood where I was and watched them, wondering if I should do something for them now. Again, as if seeing clearly through my head, Nora turned to me and said “Perhaps you could return the favor next time?” And with that, they were both out the door.

Was I just shamelessly used? Or was I just introduced to a world of opportunities?

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