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Just before she left

It was 4 weeks before she left i had to ask her to do this for me.

 Me I'm just a little curious as to same sex intercourse. I mean its like this thing that makes me wonder about what another girl can make me feel. When i got the job and became friends with her I had no intentions of having sex with her.

Even when she would touch my ass, I would tell her she was out of bond, I still then didn't think she was coming on to me.

It took me a while to figure out that she was bisexual. The two of us talked bout baby problems and how she didn't want to be pregnant. When I finally got the fact that she was openly into girls I wanted to curse her out. I remember letting her go through my phone to look at some pictures they were mostly of my friends. So she went by one of the pictures and said that a girl was ugly. I let that slide because i call girls ugly all the time but then she sees a picture of my friend Angela and said she's cute, she likes girls? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I snatched my phone away and hadn't talked to her for weeks. 

When I went home l that night I couldn't think bout anything but her. I knew it was wrong. I needed to feel her tongue all over me and that started me wanting my boyfriend to eat my pussy. Before that day i was content with him not wanting to and even not liking it. But for days i begged him to eat it and he stayed stern to him self saying no. So I said forget him if he cant do it I have to get Sarah to do it. A couple weeks later she came to me and said she had finally found a girlfriend. I was at a lost for words I mean how was she gonna eat my pussy and be in a relationship. I went home that night and had to think of a way to ask her to help me get rid of my curiosity. Could I jus blurt it out? Could I say it real fast and hope she thinks she hears it then deny it but ask still? Then it came to me, forward her a text and if she says no jus say it was a joking forward. Before I sent the text I had to release some of this anxiety. I went to take a warm bath. Still all I could think about was her warm tongue where my hand now was. Sucking and licking on my clit. Before I knew it I was cumming and cumming hard, never had I masturbated like that before.

After I recuperated I got out of the tub and put my towel on. When I went into my room I noticed I had a missed call and a text message the text was from her ask what was I doing because she needed to talk. I told her nothing just got out of the tub. When I checked to see who called, it was my boyfriend I called him back and told him I was going to bed and he was fine with it.

Sarah and my texting went on till almost 1 in the morning. It seemed that she and her new girlfriend had gotten into an argument and she just wanted to talk to someone. When I finally got the guts to send her the text she told me she was on her way. I didn't know what to do so I just sat and waited for her. When she got there she asked if I was sure I wanted to try it. I was a little reluctant but I said yes. We made our way up stairs and even though I was scared I rushed to my room and stripped, quick as a wink. My fingers automatically obeyed my desire and traced frantic circles around my erect little love button. The feeling was so immense that I immediately got into it and closed my eyes, waiting for Sarah's move. She popped out her right boob, it was gorgeous, perfect little pink nipples that were begging to be sucked on! Her boobs were huge! I'm guessing around 42 D. Sarah your boobs look good. She says well why don't u suck them and i comply.

I sucked on them for a good 30 seconds licking around the nipples back and fourth and they tasted like heaven, just then my vagina started getting really wet and excited. Was i lesbian?!?!?! the next thing she did totally shocked me, she stood up and said you liked sucking on my boobs. You dirty fucking cunt you like it! You wanna lick my tight little pussy don't you!!?!?!?!!?!?" Oh my god Sarah I thought you never would ask. I immediately started kissing and sucking her stomach & all over the place. Then her pussy. I took a huge sniff in IT SMELLED LIKE HEAVEN. I licked that pussy like it was the last ice cream cone left in the world. as I was sucking and slurping her tight little twat she was talking dirty to me saying "your my new little pussy bitch forever." I could have never thought my friend Sarah would ever be like this but I loved it. 

After about thirty minutes of pulling on her hard nipples and eating her out the damn best i could do, she started to scream "FUCK Abbey FUCCCCCCCCCCCK harder!!! Harder!! Lick me you slut!! Oh this feels so good! oh ohhhhhhh!!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!". just then my mouth was FLOODED with her sweet nectar and i drank it all and licked the corners of my mouth and she pulled me up to her and we kissed passionately. Between kisses she said my turn and told my to lay down. She went into her purse and pulled out a doubled ended dildo and 3 clips. She  kissed me again and put one clamp on my left nipple it hurt so much at first then pain turned to pleasure. She put another on my right nipple after sucking it a little. It was only a matter of time that i got to find out where the third clip was going. She put the last clip on my clit and licked all around it then she put the dildo in my dripping wet pussy and removed the clip so she could suck on it a while she bang to move the dildo faster and my breathing began to speed up. Once she noticed i was gonna cum she removed her tongue and inserted the other end of the dildo in to her own pussy we both ground hard on it and about 5 minutes later we both came on the dildo.

exhausted we fell asleep went i awoke no one was there but me and my wet pussy so i called her and she jus said she had fun and would love to do it again.

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