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Justy's Surprise

Justy's Surprise

Justine's gift to me of sexy lingerie, leads to all-day lesbian fun
Those here on this site who know me, already know the basics of my story. I have been married three times, divorced twice, and for financial reasons I’m now trapped in a loveless, joyless, sexless third marriage. Frank doesn’t hit me or anything, there’s just really no marriage anymore.

But I still really, really enjoy sex…just not with Frank any more. Over the past eight years since our marriage basically became meaningless, I have had five male lovers outside of my marriage.

My friends here on this site also know I have always been straight, until July of 2013, when I met an amazingly beautiful woman named Justine, and we have been lovers ever since. We are each other's first and only female lovers. I still have a male lover named Dave, and I very much enjoy making love with him, too. And every once in a great while, Dave, Justine, and I are a threesome.

Some of you may have seen on my profile page, how I bought a new nine-inch vibrating three-speed wand last Saturday. You may have seen my little animated GIF images of how much pleasure it gave me. And you may have read what I said about how the first thing I thought was how much my Justine was going to enjoy this new toy, and how I couldn’t wait to use it on her. And you may even have seen the image of her moment of intense orgasm when I turn the wand up to the highest speed on her.

My husband, of course, doesn’t know about any of my love affairs, past or present. Male or female.

This past Thursday, Justine told me she has a surprise for me for our date on Saturday (today). I couldn’t imagine what her surprise was, but knowing Justine, I knew it would have to be something wonderful.

I packed the nine-inch wand before driving to her place. I was certain we wouldn’t need it, but I thought it best to have it handy just in case. (We never did use it today).

Very early this morning, I took a long, hot bath. So that every place she might want to kiss on my body would be all nice and clean for her. I slipped into my favorite baby blue lace panties, and slipped a short denim skirt over that. I put on my sheerest, crispest white blouse. I left the top two buttons open, and instead of buttoning the bottom two buttons, I tied the bottom of my blouse under my breasts, leaving my navel bare—something I almost never do. Then I went to the beauty parlor to get my hair all nice and wavy and pretty and sexy for her.

The other day, I had gone to the mall cosmetics counter in search of the perfect hot red lipstick for her to kiss. I also almost never wear lipstick, but I wanted my mouth to look luscious and delicious for her sweet passionate kisses.

In short, I took a lot of time and effort to look totally perfect for her.

When I knocked on Justine’s door, around 11:00 am, she threw her arms around me and hugged me tight and kissed me. My mouth opened slightly, and she slowly slipped her tongue into my mouth. I responded by sliding my whole tongue very quickly into her mouth, which made her moan softly.

“I want to give you your surprise now, Kat,” Justine smiled. We stepped about two steps back from each other. Her eyes lustily drank in my tied-under blouse and my denim mini, as my own eyes drank in her bare long luscious legs that first attracted me to her nine months ago. She had on a strapless yellow sun dress that barely reached the tops of her thighs, and the sight of her dressed that way took my breath away.

“Remember last weekend?” Justine began, “When the first thing your new vibrator made you think of was how you could use it to bring me intense pleasure?”

“Of course. And I remember how hard you came!” I grinned.

“You know that only a woman would think that way,” Justine spoke quietly, “to think of how they can make someone else’s life better like that. Could you imagine my boyfriend recommending a specific vibrator to pleasure me?”

“Or even my boyfriend thinking that way?” I replied. “He might buy me chocolate or flowers sometimes, if he happens to think of it, but he would never be in a store and think, ‘I should give this to Kat so she can have more sexual pleasure.’”

“But for women like us, thinking that way about another person is second nature,” Justine agreed.

“True,” I smiled. “The clerk at the sex toy store told me that the vibrator’s highest setting would make me fall in love with it. No man would help me like that.”

“No straight man, anyway,” Justine agreed.

“No man would have fussed over an outfit like I can see you did for our date,” I looked lustily at Justine.

“And as you did for our date, too,” Justine replied.

“Where are we going with this conversation?” I asked.

“Well,” Justine replied. “I searched high and low for something perfect to give you on our date. And I found it. No man would do that for you. Or for me.”

With that, Justine handed me an all-white box about two feet long and about a foot wide.

“It took me about four hours of hard shopping, but I think this is going to look PERFECT on you!” Justine smiled and gushed.

I opened the box, and inside was the most beautiful, sexiest red and pink lingerie I had ever seen. It was far beyond anything I could even have imagined!

“This is the surprise I told you about Thursday,” Justine beamed and beamed at me.

Then after a short pause, she told me, “Go in the bathroom and try it on. If you like it, come out and let me see you in it.”

I retreated to her bathroom, and stripped naked. I carefully tucked my pussy and my ass into the beautiful little thong panties. I tucked my 32-C’s into the soft and gorgeous cups of the snug little bra.

Then I put on my beautiful matching garter belt.

I was about to slip my legs into the sexy white stockings from the box Justine had given me. But something blocked my feet from getting into them. In each stocking, I found a string of faux pearls. One for around my neck, and the other for around my wrist.

I got my stockings on and clipped them to my garter belt.

Looking in the mirror, I clipped the larger string of faux pearls around my neck at front, and spun it so the clasp was at the back of my neck. I clasped the smaller string of pearls around my wrist.

I spun around and around, admiring myself in the mirror and loving how beautiful and sexy Justine’s gift made me look and feel.

I emerged from the bathroom, to Justine’s playful wolf whistles.

“Oh, Kat!” Justine was almost in tears. “I just knew you would look amazing in that! I don’t know how I’m going to keep my hands off of you!”

I smiled at Justine seductively.

"Who said I even want you to keep your hands off of me!”

“Patience,” Justine said, picking up a camera. “First, I want to take some pictures of how incredibly sexy you look in this!”

I happily posed for her, front, back, and side. I even lay draped on her kitchen counter all sexy and kittenish.

I stood up for more sexy photos. Then I took the bra off and asked her to take pictures of me like that, too.

I climbed back on her kitchen counter, on my hands and knees (in doggy position), and she snapped another photo of me.

I hopped down off the counter, spun around, and playfully began to pull my panties down.

SNAP! Another photo.

I could tell by her voice that she was very horny now.

“Your hands…..and your tongue, too?” I asked hopefully.

Justine clasped my wrist and tugged me to her bedroom.

“I am going to ravish you!” she cooed, as I lay down and as she knelt over me.

Justine kissed the front of my panties. Then she kissed my forehead. She took my glasses off of me and set them on her nightstand. She kissed my eyes, my nose, the front of my neck, the sides of my neck, my ears. She kissed my cleavage. She kissed slow circles around my breasts, then she spiraled her kisses inward, to my areoles, and then to my nipples, which were already long and hard by the time she started sucking and nibbling on them.

She kissed my ribs, my navel, my tummy. She kissed my thighs, my knees, my calves, my ankles, my feet. She kissed each of my ten toes, one at a time. She kissed my ankles, my calves, my knees, my thighs. She kissed my bush. She kissed slow circles around my pussy lips, until they opened very wide to her. She licked my moist inner walls. She kissed and licked my G-spot. She kissed outward from my G-spot to my clit. She sucked my clit into her mouth. Her very first nibble into my clit, I came hard on her face and tongue.

She sucked my clit even harder, and I began to squirm from head to toe, all over the bed. As my clit was about to come, she slipped her tongue onto my G-spot. And she licked there a good solid ten minutes.

My G-spot trembled into intense orgasm. Just then, she took another nibble into my clit, which had been suspended on the brink of orgasm.

I was pouring girl come from my G-spot. I was pouring girl-come from my clit. And my sweet Justine was greedily licking up every thick, warm drop.

I was about to moan, “Oh Justine, thank you for this wonderful surprise!” But I had just gotten out “Oh, Justy----“ when a powerful third orgasm hit my clit. And then a fourth.

“Justy?” she asked. “Since when do you call me Justy?”

“I’m trying to say--.”

Just then, Justine took another long, slow lick at my G-spot.

“I’m trying to say Justy--”

And just then, both my G-spot and my clit burst forth into glorious orgasm at the exact same moment.

“It’s OK,” Justine kissed my pussy lips, scooping up more of my girl-come onto her tongue. “I like it! I like you calling me Justy!”

I wrapped my legs very tightly around her neck, and may arms tightly around her hips and ass. And I flipped her over onto her back.

I released the grip of my limbs on her sexy body long enough to dive face first into her gorgeous, wet, open, sweet, tasty little pussy.

“My turn, Justy!” I moaned, as I joyously ate her with a lusty hunger that refused to be denied.

After a lot of mutual pussy eating, including a sweet sixty-nine, we eventually ground clit to clit, which always feels amazing to us both. I flowed hotly onto her bush, and she onto mine, several times.

Before we knew it, it was 6:00 PM. After seven wonderful, hotly passionate hours together, I had to leave, so I would be home before my husband got home.

There is no feeling at all between my husband and me. There is lust but no love between my boyfriend and me. But it is a woman’s nature to think of others, and to operate from a place of love and consideration and caring toward their partners, like my Justy and I had talked about earlier today. And that's why I sometimes think that I can foresee a time when Justy and I could fall not just in lust, but genuinely in love with each other.

I think maybe we already have.

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