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Katie and Clara become more than just friends

Katie and Clara's lust satisfied on holiday
The new year came, and with it the beginning of a new phase of Tyler and Katie's relationship. Ever since her arrival back home from her travels, the passion between them had been reinvigorated to new heights. They had nights of passion, some of kinkiness, and they tried things they had never even discussed before. The freshness of it all felt as if it would never wear off.

It was approaching Valentine's Day which meant soon Tyler's long standing plans would come to the fore. He knew of Katie's burning desire to visit the southern United States and he put in motion plans for them both to spend the Valentine's weekend in the home of country music, Nashville, Tennessee. Usually, Valentine's Day was passed over with little celebration by either of them but things between them were different now. Everything was new and exciting. This would be the most amazing time of her life.

That was until Tyler was delivered the brutal news that he was being sent on a training weekend for work as part of a recent promotion which was too good to refuse. He was being sent to Helsinki in Finland for an international conference on fluid mechanics. The news was not received well by Katie. Her devastation of realising her dream of visiting the states had shattered her and Tyler felt truly awful. It was then he set about initiating plan B.

If they couldn't be together on Valentine's he could at least ensure that she had a wonderful experience. That is where Katie's best friend Clara entered the equation. Clara and Katie had been best friends since high school. Through their teen years they did everything together, sharing secrets, fantasies, boys and even on more than one drunken occasion a passionate embrace! Tyler knew if he could not spend it with her then he knew she would be well taken care of by Clara.

Clara was in many ways quite different to Katie both in appearance and attitude. Where Katie is reserved and polite, Clara is loud and unapologetic. She worries little about judgement from others and lives life to satisfy her desires. However she is never selfish when it comes to Katie and would move mountains to help her friend.

She is significantly taller than Katie at five foot eight, with shoulder length white blonde hair and beautiful big blue eyes. Her curvaceous body is perfectly proportional with double D sized breasts sitting attentively on her strong chest above her slim stomach before widening once more at her hips. This ensured she drew widespread attention from both guys and girls and on more than one occasion Katie found herself daydreaming of exploring those curves in fine detail with her lips and soft fingers. Although she new she wasn't bisexual and would never act on her dreams, this feeling always drew warmth within Katie. In fact some of the most passionate nights she had with Tyler came after nights out on the town with Clara.

Tyler wanted to keep Plan B a surprise so when Clara turned up to number six Thundermere Court the morning of their departure, Katie was ecstatic. The following few hours' journey to the airport, and indeed the flight itself, were a complete blur to Katie in reflection as she entered a state of unrivaled excitement about her upcoming journey. She had dreamt of this holiday all her life and finally the time was here. She felt bad for Tyler missing, out but loved him even more for ensuring she wasn't to miss out.

They arrived at their hotel in Nashville shortly after six in the evening. The four star country themed hotel was covered with memorabilia from all her favorite country stars from Johnny Cash and June Carter to Garth Brooks and Toby Keith. They continued up the stairs to their room which followed through the country theme. In the centre of the room against the far wall was the massive four poster bed which Tyler had intended as their love nest for the holiday, instead she would have more than enough room to share with Clara, and probably five more girls for that matter. Various electric and acoustic fenders were strewn around the room and more large photo frames of famous concerts covered both walls.

The girls quickly freshened up ahead of the evening's entertainment which consisted of a string of music performances from country artists as well as line dancing and the optional mechanical bull ride. Knowing this, the girls dressed appropriately, Katie settling for short denim stone washed shorts with a plaid red and black cotton shirt. With the top two buttons open you could just see the valley of her pert breasts being lifted by her matching silk red and black bra. The outfit was completed with mid height brown leather boots and the cowboy hat her brother John had bought in Australia.

Clara didn't disappoint either, making full use of her heaving cleavage with a similar cotton shirt to Katie's. Hers, however, was light green and navy tied off in a knot at the end to reveal even more of her toned body. She also matched with a silk green push up bra and knee high boots. While Katie wore her hair long and wavey Clara was restricted to her usual style, short and tidy. Once they had finished their make-up they took a few seconds to admire each other before heading for the hotel bar. They both loved how one another looked and while Clara was envious of Katie's porcelain skin and tiny frame, Katie always loved Clara's chest, bum and legs. One thing was for sure, these sexy girls from across the Atlantic would turn many heads tonight!

As they took their seats at the main bar and enjoyed the beat of the Civil Wars playing on stage they were briskly greeted by two handsome local guys in stereotypical cowboy attire. Luke and Jason were perfect gentlemen with strong southern accents and both girls were immediately attracted to them. They gratuitously accepted their offer of a drink and the four of them grabbed a nearby boothe to get more comfortable. They introduced themselves in further detail, forgetting to mention of course they were both in loving relationships, and soon there was a table full of empty Miller bottles and eight whiskey shot glasses which Katie bought for them to wash down the beers. The girls were now ready to dance!

While both girls knew they would not do anything inappropriate with these guys they certainly knew how to tease. They quickly came to grips with the current set dance with the help of some close up tuition from Luke and Jason. While Katie was a little shy at first she simply watched as Clara ground her firm ass against Jason's belt buckle while leaning her back against his strong chest. He responded by holding her round her wide hips before reaching round front to caress her toned tummy.

Katie soon followed her lead and found herself lost in the dance with Luke. All she could think about however was her Tyler. She convinced herself that whatever she was doing with Luke in her head she was with Tyler. For this reason, she didn't protest when his hands raised from her hips to cup her firm breasts. She now lost herself in her thoughts of Tyler and with closed eyes pressed her tight ass deeper and more aggressively against Luke's now evidently firm cock. Clara seeing this grew even more entwined in her embrace with Jason and both pairs continued their ass grinding and breast fondling until the end of the song.

As soon as the band ceased playing the girls started to realize how carried away they became in their dance actions and had gathered quite the audience of sexually frustrated men. Knowing their vulnerable position the girls made eye contact and instinctively knew it was time to leave.

They made a bee line for the stairs before either guy had time to take in what was happening. The girls scurried up the stairs and into their room feeling like naughty schoolgirls. As they entered the room they found themselves lost in the excitement of the evening, both their hearts racing both terribly missing their boys.

Suddenly to Katie's surprise, Clara lurched her head to meet Katie's and passionately kissed her on the lips while bracing her hands around Katie's neck. Without thinking, Katie reached around Clara's waist and pulled her bum in until their waists bumped together intensifying the wetness in both their pussies. They had kissed before while on a cheeky holiday in Ibiza but that was just silly girl play. This was a result of two sexually frustrated girls who didn't want to cheat on the guys they loved. This wasn't cheating was it?

They paused the kiss long enough to look at the passion in each other's eyes. They loved each other very much and this meant there was little awkwardness between them, they were merely helping one another out.

"I want Tyler so bad right now I bet you feel the same," exclaimed Katie.

"My pussy is a sticky mess just thinking of my man licking and fucking me. Sorry I got carried away, but you look so beautiful it eased my pain to kiss your beautiful soft lips, " Clara explained.

She wasn't often bashful but the nature of the sexual frustration in the room was like nothing either of them had ever experienced.

"Let's get ourselves into bed, it may calm us down a little," Katie said, now feeling a little embarrassed by their actions.

Stripping down to their silk undies and cosying up in the giant bed did little to ease their sexual desires. Katie was thinking of how Tyler loved to taste her pussy and ass and tease her boobs with his soft hands. Clara imagined sucking her lover's steamy cock and taking all his load in her mouth.

The girls now laying face to face found themselves in silence reaching their hands under their bras and kneading their breasts with their fingers. Immediately both girls moaned and grew wetter at the thought of their guys fondling their juicy boobs. Looking intensely at Katie, Clara tucked her other free hand under her silk green thong to be greeted by a well of sex juice on her pussy.

The look of satisfaction in her eyes quickly enticed Katie to do the same under her black and red panties. Both girls parted their legs further to reach their fingers inside their swollen wet pussies and massaged their inner walls all the while becoming more aggressive with their boob playing. Neither girl had ever done anything so sensual and it felt almost as if they were watching their bodies from afar.

Further lost in the intensity, Katie shocked herself by starting to rub Clara's boobs instead of her own. She always admired them and had touched them once before but this feeling was immensely more intense. Katie took initiative and removed Clara's bra with no protest from her. Clara reciprocated and suddenly both girls lay next to each other fondling each other's boobs whilst imagining their own guys in their minds.

This feeling satisfied both girls to the brink of climax but both fell just shirt of orgasm. Clara then lifted herself over Katie on the bed and quickly pulled off both of their knickers revealing the extent of their soaking wet pussies. She lay on top of Katie so their boobs were colliding and thrashing against each other to enormous pleasure by both girls.

They now found themselves kissing heavily, boobs colliding ferociously and rubbing each other's clits until they both screamed with passion at the point of simultaneous orgasm for both of them. Clara shifted her body inverted so that her ass was in Katie's face so that both girls could have their first taste of another girl's cum. This just topped off the whole experience as they licked each other until their hearts returned to normal function and their every need was fully satisfied. They shared a final hug before collapsing in a satisfied heap next to one another. Two best friends helping each other out.

The rest of the holiday was spent sight seeing and attending gigs; just what Katie had hoped for. Neither girl mentioned their passionate evening but there was no awkwardness between them either. Oddly Katie couldn't wait to tell Tyler about the whole experience.

She did so the following night and he became so turned on by the thought of the two girls that the description of events made him come over the phone while in bed stroking himself. They could not wait to return to each other for their next adventure.

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