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Kelly's Awakening - Part Four

Kelly finally learns everything and the revelations lead to a true awakening for her...and another..
Kelly’s Awakening – Part Four

Once again, as with the previous parts, I’d recommend reading the first few stories so that this one makes more sense to you! For those of you that just want to read one story, or if you’re returning to this series, here’s a quick recap from the last story. Enjoy!

[After seven months Jennifer, Kelly’s girlfriend, had ended their relationship because she suspected that Kelly desired her sisters, Amy and Bianca, after seeing her with them at a diner.

This wasn’t the case however; they had simply met by chance while Kelly, and her best friend, Ariel had been walking through the town. It was here that they were invited out to celebrate Bianca's 19 th birthday.

When Jennifer ended their relationship (over the phone) she revealed that, after seeing Kelly at the diner with Amy and Bianca, she had gone to Kelly’s brother’s house and seduced him! According to her, and backed up by her brother, she had been swallowing his cum within minutes of her arrival!

Kelly pulled herself together and decided to do the very thing Jennifer had suspected, she would try to seduce Bianca, her sister, at the birthday celebration she and Ariel had been invited to (Ariel decided not to go due to her long running problems with getting out ever since her own long term relationship with her boyfriend had ended.)

Amazingly, Kelly’s whole plan wasn’t needed after she herself was the one seduced by both of the sisters who revealed their own relationship was much more than simple ‘sisterly love.’ After a wild night of sex and drinking, Kelly fell asleep with the two beautiful women.]


Kelly got a taxi home the following day, dressed in the same black top and mini skirt that Amy had worn the previous night. On the way home she thought about the events of last night, she didn’t have any underwear so occasionally she slipped her hand up the skirt and stroked herself, she was pretty certain the driver couldn’t see and, as he would be dropping her off at her doorstep, she didn’t have to worry about being seen in the minimal outfit she wore. Her coat was on the seat beside her and as they turned onto her street she went through the pockets to retrieve her purse, she paid the driver and stepped out of the car. Kelly was pretty sure the driver was staring at her as she walked towards the front door and it wasn’t until she pulled it open that he put the car in gear and drove away.

Ariel was sat on the sofa watching the TV; she was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, hugging her bare knees to her chest, when Kelly came through the door. Ariel's eyes widened at the sight of her best friend as she breezed through the door, the little skirt had ridden so far up that Ariel could almost see Kelly's pussy!

“Hiya honey, I’m home,” Kelly announced as she closed the door behind her.

“Heya,” said Ariel, forcing a fake smile across her lips. What happened to your dress?”

“It got a little torn,” Kelly giggled, briefly remembering how the two sisters had torn it from her. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” Ariel lied. “How was your night? Have fun?”

“Yeah, lots,” said Kelly, smiling wickedly. There was something nagging at her though and the smile was almost as false as Ariel's.

“Oh, right, who was the lucky girl?” Ariel didn’t really want to know but she asked anyway.

“I’ll tell you about it in a bit, I need a shower,” said Kelly, turning away and heading up the stairs before Ariel could say anything, she needed to think about what had happened and try to get to the bottom of the strange feeling she had.

Once upstairs, Kelly took off her coat and threw it onto her bed before going in to the bathroom. When she’d closed the door she took off the black top, as she pulled it over her head the could smell the faint scent of Amy's perfume and again that nagging feeling returned, it seemed to be telling her that she should be upset, but didn’t tell her why.

Kelly took off her shoes, the relief from that was immeasurable, and then pulled the little skirt down and kicked it across the floor. She switched on the water and waited for the temperature to level out; as she did she noticed the mirror. When she looked at the image displayed on the glass, her blonde hair, slim waist and toned legs from all the running she’d done at school a few years ago, it was like looking at another person. Surely this wasn’t Kelly Richmond; the girl that only about seven months ago was scared to show any skin! Kelly looked down at the clothes she’d just discarded, the cropped black t-shirt and tiny skirt, what kind of person wears this stuff? Of course she only needed to look at the woman in the mirror for her answer.

After tearing herself away from the mirror, as well as that train of thought, Kelly stepped into the shower cubicle and gave out a contented sigh as the warm water sprayed her naked body, instantly feeling better. For what seemed hours she stood beneath the shower head with her eyes closed, it was like the water was massaging every part of her body and, at long last, she could relax and try to examine what this feeling was.

Since waking up she had felt on top of the world! The three of them hadn’t been intimate again aside from a few kisses and hugs, in fact, if anyone had visited the house they would never have known about the passion and lust that had surrounded them the previous night. Despite all that passion, Kelly had a strange feeling that something just didn’t feel right. Amy had donated her outfit to Kelly; after all it was she and Bianca who had destroyed the pretty silver dress! Kelly had asked for underwear but, amidst girlish giggles, the sisters declined and suggested that it would be fun for her to go ‘commando’ beneath the tiny skirt. Maybe it was paranoia, but she couldn’t help thinking that they were teasing her! In the taxi she had briefly enjoyed the attention she got while wearing the outfit and had casually touched herself, but the lust that had dominated the night before had fizzled away.

Now, in the shower, that strange feeling was back again. She hesitated to admit it to herself for a while but, eventually, she realized what it was and how obvious it should have been. The way Kelly felt now was exactly the same way she had felt after she came home from the restaurant, when she and Jennifer had ‘made love’ in public. It was also the same way she had felt after Jennifer had burst through her hymen with a strap-on dildo, not too different from the one Amy had used on her the previous night.

In fact, this was the same way she had felt after pretty much all her sexual encounters with Jennifer.


It was such an awful feeling. Kelly had thought that she was in control last night but now it was glaringly obvious that she wasn’t. She wondered if she deserved it, after all she’d gone out with the intention of using Bianca to get to Jennifer. Although she doubted she would have done it in such a demeaning way, and certainly not with an accomplice! Kelly did her best to just choke it down; afraid to let the emotions flow, so she rubbed some of the soothing shower cream into her body. After giving herself a good massaging with the various creams and lotions she started to feel more in control and a little better about herself.

After Kelly finished with the shower she dried herself off on a soft towel and slid into her favourite comfortable white robe, she always loved to wear this robe after a shower; the soft fabric against her equally soft skin was heavenly. She was just about to head downstairs when she heard the front door open.

“Kelly! I’m going to see my mum for a bit,” Ariel shouted.

“Oh, ok…see you la…” the door swung shut before Kelly finished her sentence. Bemused, Kelly came downstairs and went to the kitchen to find something to eat; wondering what could be the matter with Ariel. Not that she ever really understood her best friend anymore these days.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

After a few hours, Ariel returned to the house. She had been crying but the tear marks were hard to make out after scrubbing her face with warm water and soap while she had been at her mother’s house. Before leaving the house earlier on, Ariel had quickly pulled a pair of jeans over her shorts; her lack of self-confidence didn’t allow her to leave the house with bare legs, but now that she was at home she pulled the jeans off again and tossed them into a clothes basket, her small shorts were wrinkled but she smoothed the material out as best she could and headed into the living room.

Kelly had heard the door open and close from the bathroom, she’d realized that she forgot to wash her hair this morning and used that as an excuse to jump in the shower again. When she heard Ariel return she turned the water off and, again, dried herself before wearing her favourite dressing gown and exiting the bathroom.

Kelly found Ariel in the living room, sat on the sofa in a similar position to where she’d been that morning.

“Hi,” said Kelly, cautiously.

“Hey,” Ariel replied, offering a forced smile.

“Is everything ok? You seemed in a hurry to get going after I came back,” Kelly asked as she sat on the chair opposite to the sofa and crossed her legs. Her robe rode up and showed off her thigh when she sat down but she didn’t worry about being too revealing, it was only the two of them after all.

“Yeah I’m fine,” Ariel lied again. “I just needed to see my mum that’s all.”

“Ok, if you’re sure,” said Kelly, unconvinced.

“So, what happened to your dress?” Ariel asked.

“It got torn off.” Kelly admitted. She wanted to get back to the honesty that she’d promised the night before. “By Amy and Bianca.”

“You mean…you had sex with them?” Ariel asked, amazed. “Both of them? At the same time?”

“Yeah, it was pretty wild,” Kelly confirmed. There was no pride in her voice and she went on to tell Ariel what had happened. How she had wanted to get revenge on Jennifer at first but later decided she didn’t want to come between the two loving sisters, then how she had been surprised at their amazing confession followed by the sex. She didn’t go into detail with the actual sex; partly because she was embarrassed by it and partly because Ariel really didn’t seem interested in the gory details.

“Wow,” was all Ariel managed. She appeared to be thinking about it a while and then, to Kelly's surprise, a single tear ran down her cheek. Quickly, Ariel rubbed at her face with the palm of her hand but she knew it was already too late, Kelly had seen it.

“What is it? What’s wrong? Please tell me Ariel, maybe I can help,” Kelly pleaded, genuinely wanting to be there for her.

“No, no, it’s nothing,” she stammered while wiping another tear from her eye and quickly turning away. “I…I guess I’m just in a…a funny mood that’s all, you know what I’m like, sometimes anything can set me off.” Thinking quickly, she stood up and headed towards the stairs, intending to go to her bedroom.

“No…no Ariel, that won’t work this time. You’ve been funny with me since yesterday, when I was getting ready to go to the club for Bianca's birthday drink,” said Kelly. Her words had come out a little more harshly then she intended. Ariel stood still for a moment with her head slightly bowed, but then she gathered up every ounce of determination she could and turned around to face Kelly.

“You…you just make me so…so upset sometimes!” Ariel’s reply was every bit as harsh as Kelly’s earlier outburst. “Why? Why do you do it? Why are you determined to be with people that treat you badly?! You stayed with Jennifer for so long, even though you knew you were being used for sex, like some sort of blow up doll! Then, as soon as you’re freed from her you immediately rush out to find someone else for sex rather than looking for someone who might actually love you! Why? I don’t understand you anymore.”

Ariel was shaking as she forced her words out, words that she’d kept to herself for a long, long time. The part about going out to find sex was new, but up to that point she had recited those words in her head so many times!

“I…I don’t know, Ariel why are you saying this? You’re hurting me,” Kelly was forcing her words out as well. She was stunned by her friend’s emotional and heartfelt outburst, she had no idea that Ariel was even capable of this kind of tone!

“Because…I…I,” Ariel struggled to force out the last words, the words she’d kept to herself for what seemed like an eternity.

“Why?” Kelly insisted. “Why would you say it’s me who is upsetting you? I've never done anything to upset you like this!”

“Because I,” Ariel took a breath, “because I love you!”

“I love you too Ariel,” said Kelly, taken aback by loud proclamation of love. “That’s why I would never hurt you.”

“No, no you’re not listening to me,” Ariel persisted, staring at the floor, suddenly scared to look at her friend. “I really love you, not just as a friend. I mean I want you, like a lover would want you.”

As soon as those words were finally said, Ariel felt as if she’d spent several hours holding an 80 kilogram weight over her head and, at last, had been able to drop it. The relief was amazing and it boosted her to continue.

Kelly’s heart fluttered and felt like it sank down into her stomach, this couldn’t be happening…could it?

“But, but you’re not a…a,” now it was Kelly's turn to struggle. “You’re not like me! You’re not into girls.” She was clearly shocked by this revelation of her friend’s sexuality, but hearing that Ariel actually had ‘special’ feelings for her was mind blowing.

“I know, I mean I didn’t used to but after you moved in I started feeling…different, and I wasn’t sure but soon I started to see women differently, especially you.” Now that she had revealed her ‘big secret’ Ariel found herself talking much steadier.

“But,” Kelly still struggled to comprehend that she was the object of her best friend’s desires, “but why didn’t you tell me when you first realized? Why wait until now?”

“I wanted to, I mean, I was going to but…but Jennifer spoiled it, she spoiled everything and she did it on purpose!” Ariel blurted out, feeling a little bit like a silly teenager telling tales on another girl. As she stood there in front of Kelly she couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and lowered her head.

Kelly could see how uncomfortable Ariel was and immediately stood up and walked over to her, she didn’t fully understand everything but for now all that could wait, she put her arms around her and the two of them embraced. After a moment Ariel looked at Kelly, she dearly wanted to go further, to kiss her at last. But she couldn’t. She had to get everything out first.

“Kelly, let me tell you everything from the beginning so you can understand what happened,” said Ariel.

“Ok honey,” Kelly wanted to hear everything Ariel had to say but her head was like a tangle of messed up feelings and emotions, should she pursue a relationship with her best friend? Could it even work?

Ariel took Kelly’s hand and led her over to the sofa and they sat down together, still holding hands.

“Well, Jennifer told you that we hadn’t seen or spoke to each other since school, right?” Ariel asked.

Kelly nodded.

“Well, that was a lie, we had been in contact for a while after school, and we talked on the internet and sometimes on the phone. It was Jennifer I first told about my…my umm feelings towards women, and I told her about you, and…and how I felt about you.”

“She never mentioned that to me,” Kelly assured her.

“I know,” Ariel continued. “I eventually decided to tell you, but I was still with my boyfriend, at the time, I still had some feelings for him but I realized that I would have to end that relationship first.”

Kelly was fascinated by this story; she couldn’t believe that all this had been happening even before Jennifer came on the scene! Ariel seemed to feel better with every word she said, the liberation was like unloading a heavy shopping bag one item at a time.

“So, that day, I came up with a plan and later on I told it to Jennifer, I would arrange to meet him the following day and end our relationship. Then, when I got home, I’d take a deep breath and tell you everything. Jennifer got me to tell her what time I’d be going out and how long it’d be before I came home. She said she wanted to know so she’d know what times to ‘think of me’ as she put it.” Ariel looked down and called herself ‘stupid’ under her breath.

“Anyway,” Ariel continued. “You know the rest, while I was splitting up with my boyfriend, Jennifer came to pay you a visit and that was that. You can imagine my surprise when I came home and discovered what had happened.”

“I had no idea,” said Kelly, she squeezed her hand a little as she thought back to that day. “I can’t imagine what that was like or how awful it must have been for you, and…oh of course! That’s how she knew my name! She called me by my name before I’d even told it to her! I thought I’d told her and forgotten but now it all makes sense except, why did she do it to you if you were friends?”

“She did it to punish me for…well,” she looked up at Kelly, “do you remember, Mark Gale?”

“Of course I remember,” said Kelly. “I could never forget something like that, if it wasn’t for that teacher…”

Ariel had only been 16 years old when Mark Gale, who had pretended to be a supply teacher, lured her into an empty classroom and dropped his pants right in front of her! He took his pants off and walked towards her, it was obvious what he wanted and as he approached she let out a huge scream! . Luckily a teacher happened to walk by and heard her screams just in time; he burst into the classroom before Mark could do anything, quite literally he was caught with his trousers down and, with the teacher’s witness statement, Mark was easily convicted.

“I know…well, it turns out that he was Jennifer's boyfriend,” Ariel grimly revealed. “She blamed me for everything, said it must have been me who came on to him! I had no idea it was her boyfriend until she told me, she waited all this time to…break my heart. She told me everything while you were in the bathroom that day, how she’d waited for her opportunity to get back at me for trying to seduce Mark!”

“So that’s why you could never stay in the same room as her,” said Kelly. Everything was making sense now; no doubt this was the cause of Ariel's depression and self-confidence problems! “Still, you should have said something Ariel, I can’t imagine what you were going through, but you really should’ve told me.”

“I was scared,” said Ariel, lowering her eyes to the floor.

“Scared? Scared of Jennifer?”

“No, I was scared that if I told you everything, absolutely everything, you might not believe me or…or you might reject me and stay with her.” That was it, everything. Ariel had held on to these secrets for so long and now she didn’t have to, now it was time to face the music, she would either be rejected or accepted. Truthfully, she had no idea which way it would go.

“I would never have rejected you,” Kelly said it firmly so there were no mistakes. “Never; and I’m not going to reject you now.” Kelly moved up and sat next to Ariel who still couldn’t look away from the floor. She put a finger beneath Ariel's chin and gently raised it until they were face to face.

“Never,” Kelly softly repeated as they looked into each other’s eyes. Ariel's heart pounded inside her chest because, finally, it was going to happen! She had imagined this moment thousands of times and, thankfully, Kelly didn’t make her wait any longer; she leaned towards her best friend and kissed her sweet lips. Kelly's heart was pounding as much as Ariel's, last night she had watched Bianca and Amy kiss and felt envious of them, two sisters falling in love after years of being close to each other and wishing she could experience a love like that.

This, Kelly thought to herself, was the equivalent to their incestuous affair and, with that in mind, she pulled Ariel closer.

Their kissing embrace was full of emotion, and tears flowed from both girls as they held each other. Kelly realized that it was this kind of moment that she had waited for, she had waited for month after month for Jennifer to hold her with this kind of love and affection rather than just raw lust but, obviously, it never happened. Although both of them were excited at the prospect of being with each other, neither girl pushed too hard, they didn’t even open their mouths during this first kiss, they were content to just be so very close to each other.

Of course it hadn’t escaped the attention of either of them that Kelly had nothing on beneath her bathrobe and Ariel was showing off a fair amount of her legs with her little shorts! But for now, the girls just enjoyed the closeness that they were sharing, their gentle embrace and soft kissing was more than enough to keep them occupied.

They parted after a few moments, although their lips no longer touched they remained close, and Kelly gently stroked Ariel's face with the palm of her hand.

“I sure wasn’t expecting this half an hour ago,” said Kelly with a smile.

“Neither was I…but I hoped,” Ariel admitted. She smiled at Kelly as another tear rolled down her cheek, this time Kelly wiped it away for her.

“I love you,” Kelly whispered. These three little words caused Ariel to inhale sharply, even after months of fantasies and daydreams about hearing Kelly say these words to her, she was still unprepared for the wave that hit her when she did.

“I love you too,” Ariel responded after getting her breath back.

They kissed and cried, embraced and stroked, never frantic and never rushed, they made the moment last as long as possible.

“Ariel, I want to…” Kelly’s voice trailed off, suddenly she felt incredibly embarrassed.

“What?” Ariel asked.

“I…I mean, would you like to….ummm; will you let me make love to you?” Kelly felt foolish but it seemed right to ask rather than just assume Ariel would want to and attempt to take it further. She didn’t dare do anything that might mess this up!

“Oh,” Ariel's heart skipped several beats and she was suddenly excited and extremely nervous, she’d never actually made love to a woman before, just fantasized, a lot. “I want to; it’s just that I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Oh Ariel, you couldn’t disappoint me, even if you tried,” Kelly softly assured her. “Have you ever been with a girl before?”

“No,” said Ariel. “I only ever thought of being with you, I found other girls attractive and had a few fantasies but, I thought that being with another girl would be like giving up on you!” Kelly’s heart fluttered at Ariel's admission, it was thrilling to hear she was desired in such a powerful way by someone so close to her.

“Did you fantasize about me much?” Kelly asked playfully.

“Lots,” Ariel admitted. “I fantasized about this mostly, being close together and kissing.”

“Did you ever…y’know…get yourself off when you thought about me?” Kelly couldn’t resist asking.

“Umm, maybe,” Ariel replied with an embarrassed smile. Her smile changed her whole face; it made her even more beautiful than before and lit up her eyes.

“Well don’t worry; I’ll take good care of you,” Kelly assured her. Again she planted her lips on Ariel's but this time their kiss was different and, for the first time, Kelly slipped her tongue between Ariel's lips and into her mouth. Ariel accepted the probing tongue, curious to taste the woman she had been fantasizing about for so long.

Ariel ran her fingers through Kelly's damp hair and thought about all the things she’d be able to do now, she could touch her, hold her hand and kiss her lips, Ariel's heart raced as she thought of all the possibilities. She would even be able to see Kelly naked! Ariel had seen her naked before a couple of times; like when she spied on her having a shower once, but now Kelly's whole body was her playground! Ariel was getting more and more aroused, her most intimate area moistened and her nipples stood erect, she had longed for Kelly's touch for so long and soon, very soon, her wait would be over. As if she had read Ariel's mind, Kelly put her hand on her bare knee and gently stroked her soft skin.

Kelly leaned back and withdrew her tongue from her mouth and, without saying a word, she moved her head to the side and gently kissed Ariel's neck, making the sweet girl shiver and quietly moan under her breath. Ariel had never experienced this kind of tenderness before, like Kelly she had wanted to be touched and kissed in this way many times but often her needs came second to those of her partner, now she knew it had been worth the wait.

“Sure you want to do this? I won’t be upset if you’d rather just talk or whatever you want,” Kelly asked.

“I don’t want to stop now,” said Ariel.

Smiling, Kelly took hold of Ariel's trembling hands and got to her feet, pulling Ariel up with her. They walked hand in hand up the stairs and into Kelly's bedroom, the reality of what they were about to do really hit Ariel as they approached the bed, this was it! She was really going to do this, to have sex with a woman, her best friend who she’d loved and lusted for, would this ruin their friendship? Or would this cement a new relationship? Were they an ‘item’ now? Or was this just a one off? Or, worst of all, was this going to be the biggest mistake she ever made? Or the most amazing thing she’d ever …

“Ariel, are you ok?” Kelly's voice snapped Ariel out of her trance.

“Oh…yeah I'm ok, sorry, my mind ran away with me for a moment,” Ariel admitted, still a little shaky. Kelly took hold of Ariel's hand again and led her forward towards the bed. Now standing between Ariel and the bed, Kelly lifted her shaky hands to her lips and kissed along her knuckles and fingers.

“I'm going to take care of you, you don’t have to worry about a thing, you can trust me, I love you,” Kelly’s assurances reminded her of last night, when Bianca had said the same kind of thing to her. Before she was blindfolded, handcuffed and screwed with a huge dildo. As she looked into Ariel's worried eyes and held her hands to her lips, Kelly felt somehow responsible for all of her pain.

Of course there was no way she could’ve known what Jennifer had done, and while Jennifer happily fucked her in her bedroom, poor Ariel was on her bed with her hands over her ears and tears in her eyes. How on earth had she coped? To fall in love with someone and then have them taken away from you and to see them flaunted by some awful person, Kelly could see that torture in Ariel's eyes tonight. But this was a new chapter, a fresh start, and when Kelly told Ariel that she would look after her she hadn’t meant just for tonight, she meant for every single minute of every day, starting now.

“Ok,” said Ariel. “I trust you.”

“Good,” said Kelly as she turned around and hopped onto the bed; she rolled over to the side and then looked up at Ariel while patting the space next to her on the bed.

Ariel looked down at the beautiful blonde for a moment, her damp hair was brushed back but a few strands hung over her face, she was lying on her left side and resting her weight on her elbow. She looked over the rest of her body for a moment, the smooth skin of her chest and…her breast! Her breast was out in full sight! Having been friends for so long she resisted the urge to point, laugh and tell her to cover up before she catches a cold. Instead she just examined the curve of her breast, her nipple was erect and having witnessed this, her own nipples were standing to attention!

Kelly was still smiling up at her and patting the bed, enjoying the attention she was getting from her, she looked so seductive that Ariel could’ve happily dropped her shorts and masturbated her way to orgasm in record breaking time. Slowly, tentatively, Ariel put her knee onto the bed and crawled onto the sheets, stretching her body out in much the same way as Kelly she laid on her right side and looked up at her face, suddenly quite ashamed of ogling her best friend.

Kelly shuffled forward, closing the gap between them until they were almost nose to nose. It was obvious to Kelly that Ariel was very nervous, she was breathing deeply, almost panting and her face had slightly lost its colour. Kelly stroked a few stray hairs that were covering Ariel's face back behind her ear, then gently combed her fingers through Ariel's dark hair, trying to calm her beautiful friend (or is she a lover?) down.

“It’s ok,” Kelly whispered. She had stopped stroking Ariel's hair and allowed her hand to make its way down her neck then down her back, searching for the hemline of Ariel's t shirt. She wanted Ariel to get used to being touched, although to be truthful, it was quite a challenge for Kelly to get used to touching her!

Ariel's mind was racing as fast as her heart was beating! Kelly's lips were mere centimetres away from hers. She desperately wanted to feel, to taste, Kelly's sweet kiss again but the anticipation itself was as pleasurable as it was unbearable. Then, at last, she felt Kelly's hand come all the way back to the nape of her neck and delicately pull her closer still and finally, Ariel felt Kelly's lips on hers.

After a moment of smooching, much earlier than before, Kelly felt Ariel's tongue move between her lips and into her hot mouth. She could have cried out at the tenderness they were sharing, she’d never experienced this kind of love and affections before. Once again Kelly thought back to how jealous she’d been when she watched Amy and Bianca kissing and making love. Now, she thought with a new conviction, she would not only savour this moment, but she would attempt to make this the best and most erotically sexual experience as possible for herself and Ariel. There was nothing to hold the girls back, no threat of splitting up because they simply loved each other too much.

After a brief session of tongue wrestling they parted, Ariel had the most beautiful smile across her lips and when Kelly looked at her she immediately felt a tingle between her legs, oh how she longed to feel those lips on her body! For now though, Kelly decided, it should all be about Ariel, after waiting for this for so long she felt almost obliged to make her the centre of attention….for now.

Kelly moved back and softly urged Ariel to get in the middle of the bed with her head resting comfortably on a fluffy pink pillow. From her position, Ariel could no longer look down at Kelly's body; she would have to wait for a while until her next opportunity to ogle her presented itself which, no doubt, it would.

With Ariel on her back Kelly considered lying above her, but she wanted to take things nice and slow, for once in her life Kelly was actually an active participant and not just a fuck puppet in the background. She ran her right palm over Ariel's thin stomach; she was still wearing that rather unflattering t-shirt that was a few sizes too big, but she found the hemline and slowly lifted the t-shirt up, she raised it up as far as her breasts but didn’t uncover them just yet, instead she leant down and kissed her shapely torso.

Ariel wanted to giggle when she felt Kelly's soft lips on her stomach, even more so when she felt her warm tongue in her navel, this all felt so new and exciting. If someone had told her that being kissed on your stomach could make you feel horny she would’ve laughed so hard! All she could see was the top of Kelly's head while she kissed her down there; she felt her lips move to her lower stomach, just above the waistband of her shorts! Breathing heavily again, Ariel was expecting her shorts to be pulled down, revealing her barely used pussy!

No one had ever ‘gone down’ on Ariel before; when she’d had sex with her boyfriend he never got his face that close and the thought of being closely observed down there was equally as terrifying as it was thrilling. However, Kelly had other ideas for the moment; instead she kissed and licked her way from the waistband of her shorts up towards her breasts. When she got to where the t-shirt had been bunched up around Ariel's breasts, Kelly slipped her hand inside and smiled when she realized that Ariel wasn’t wearing a bra!

Ariel had been enjoying Kelly's kisses, it was so gloriously erotic to have someone treat her so delicately, and every kiss and caress was sent a tingle through her body. When she felt Kelly's hand slip beneath her t-shirt she thought she was prepared for what was going to happen.

“Mmmmmm,” Ariel groaned. She couldn’t stop herself reacting so vocally, her breast was being fondled by an incredibly beautiful girl, a girl she loved, and the feeling of her hand on her breast was so amazing that she just had to vocalize her pleasure. Instantly embarrassed, Ariel looked down at Kelly, hoping she hadn’t heard the soft moan that escaped her.

Looking up at Ariel, Kelly could see she was embarrassed, colour had rushed back to her cheeks and she even looked a little worried.

“It’s ok,” said Kelly in a soft tone. “Don’t worry; you should hear me when I get going!”

Ariel smiled and instantly felt comforted, she could moan as much as she liked, it was all ok…Kelly put her right leg over Ariel's body and lowered her rear onto her pelvis; most of her weight was on her knees so Ariel wasn’t squashed beneath her. As she looked down at her sweet lover, Kelly decided to have a little fun. Ariel couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful girl who straddled her, and she stared even more intently when Kelly began untying the cord that held her bathrobe together.

Kelly made a show of removing her robe; she ran her finger down the exposed skin in between her breasts, down further to her stomach and finally to the cord itself. She slid the cord apart and opened the robe a little further, Ariel watched as more and more flesh became visible, she was still on her back with her head on the pillow so she couldn’t see anything below Kelly's stomach. Finally, with a shake of her shoulders, the robe fell away; she gathered it up and tossed it across the room. Ariel took a deep breath as Kelly revealed herself, her flat stomach and gorgeous breasts, Kelly didn’t give her too much time to stare, instead she fell forward and planted a wet kiss on Ariel's quivering lips. As she descended onto her lover’s body, Kelly slipped her hands beneath the t-shirt again, this time she held and massaged both of the little mounds of flesh. Ariel wanted to scream with pleasure but only managed a few muffled sighs beneath Kelly's firm lips and invading tongue.

Kelly's slim, sexy and extremely naked body pressed down on Ariel, she wasn’t a heavy person but she had enough weight to make Ariel feel pinned down. In a way; the closeness of their bodies made her feel secure. When she’d had sex with her ex-boyfriend, Ariel had found herself in this position, his body pushing down on her petite frame while fondling her tits, she had felt trapped and, at times, worried. There was no way she’d be able to gather the strength need to push him away, some women may like that kind of domination but Ariel hated to be trapped my another person. This was different though; she completely trusted Kelly and knew that she would never hurt her, underneath her naked body she felt comfortable, safe and even loved.

Kelly lifted herself away from Ariel's sweet lips, which were no longer quivering, and returned to her sitting position. Reaching down, Kelly pulled Ariel up by her shoulders until her back was no longer touching the soft bed. She took hold of the baggy t-shirt by the hem and slowly raised it up. Ariel’s heart throbbed again as Kelly lifted her t-shirt up, she was about to be topless in front of another woman! Somehow, the thought of actually being naked with Kelly hadn’t occurred to her and now that realization swept through her. Despite her obvious nerves she raised her arms above her head and allowed her t-shirt to be pulled up, over her breasts and then ‘oh god’, she thought to herself, ‘my shirt’s gone! She can see my breasts!’ Instinctively, Ariel lowered her arms and crossed them across her chest, her cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“Hey,” Kelly said softly. “What’s wrong?”

“N…Nothing, it’s just…y’know, I'm not used to getting my tits out in front of girls, I mean…in front of women, feels a bit weird,” Ariel babbled, talking so fast that Kelly had to replay the sentence in her head to make sense of it.

“Shhhhh, honey it’s ok to be nervous,” Kelly spoke in her soft and reassuring voice again. She put her hands on Ariel's cheeks and looked into her eyes. “Listen, we love each other, don’t we?” Ariel nodded, “and we both want to make love, to show how much we mean to each other,” another nod, “I want you for more than tonight, I want to be with you from this moment on…is that what you want as well?”

“Yes! Of course, that’s exactly what I want!” Ariel beamed her amazing smile and, briefly forgetting her topless-ness she uncrossed her arms and threw them around Kelly. “I’ve wanted to hear that for so long! I won’t be embarrassed anymore; I'm going to be the perfect…your perfect girlfriend!” For the first time that evening it was Ariel who instigated their kiss. Now it was settled, they were partners and lovers and now they could properly ‘seal the deal.’

Kelly put her hands on Ariel's shoulders and guided her back down to the pillow; she was smiling in that special way that made Kelly want to melt in her arms. With her fingertip she traced a line down Ariel's body; from her throat to the soft skin between her breast and down to the waist band of those little sexy shorts. Before venturing further south, Kelly wanted to concentrate on her new girlfriend’s beautiful chest; she had to shuffle down Ariel's body to be able to bend down to taste those sweet nipples. She positioned herself over Ariel's thigh and lowered herself until she felt the soft and firm skin between her legs, her moist pussy touched down on Ariel's thigh, instantly sending a thrill right through Kelly's body, she contemplated rubbing herself along Ariel's leg to get herself off but, she decided, that would be selfish (the kind of thing Jennifer would do.) Instead, she simply rested herself on Ariel's thigh and bowed her head towards the topless girl beneath her.

“Ohhh, wow. Mmmmm…” That was Ariel's reaction when Kelly closed her lips over her erect and extremely sensitive nipple. Never in her life had she had her tits sucked and now she knew what she’d been missing!

“Mmmmmm, that’s so good, I love it!” Ariel was managing whole sentences now and her encouragement made Kelly smile as she worked on her cute breasts. She opened her mouth and covered as much of the breast as she could and gently flicked her tongue over the erect nipple. She knew from experience that having someone go over the top with the sucking and licking at 90 miles an hour was neither erotic nor sexy! It’s a delicate place and should be treated properly, each time her hot tongue circled around the erect bud; she felt Ariel's body quiver and shake, usually with some muffle moans and sighs. While she expertly stimulated Ariel's breast, Kelly's left hand found its way to the other sexy mound of flesh, taking the nipple between her thumb and forefinger she delicately stroked it, and then she swapped sides and gave Ariel's other breast the same treatment as she had given its twin.

Ariel's lips were open and her mouth was dry, she’d closed her eyes when she felt Kelly's lips on her breast, she tried to stifle her natural reactions but didn’t have much success, every lick, every kiss, every touch and every sweet caress brought the young woman to a level of arousal that, until now, she didn’t know existed! Her body twitched by itself, her sighs of contentment were also involuntary; she was just a passenger now, her body knew what to do, as did Kelly, all she needed to do was lay back and enjoy herself!

Ariel's breathing became more ragged when Kelly slid further down the bed, her pussy grazed against her skinny leg until it reached her knee. Kelly released her grip on Ariel's breasts and kissed her way down her body, her soft, wet lips travelled down the girl’s body, over her stomach and down further until the rough material of Ariel's little shorts halted her progress. This time, that barrier would not stop Kelly's exploration, she hopped off of Ariel's knee and hooked her fingers into the waistband and gently began to pull them down. Ariel was wearing panties under the shorts but Kelly pulled at them too.

Ariel's heart pounded as she felt the last pieces of her clothing being removed, Kelly pulled at them so slowly and gently, as if she were opening a special gift which contained something fragile inside and removing the packaging too quickly might damage the contents.

Kelly had her lips close to the waistband, she’d pull at it to reveal a new piece of flesh and dutifully kiss and taste Ariel's sweet skin. Until, at last, the top of Ariel's slit was revealed. Kelly's heart leapt as more and more of her sweet vagina was uncovered, she’d made Ariel wait long enough so she firmly pulled the shorts, and panties, down over her cute rear and past her thighs and knees until, at last, Ariel was laid bare before her. Kelly's arousal and adrenaline did not allow her to waste time admiring the young woman before her; instead she ducked between her former best friend/new girlfriend’s legs and brought her lips down to that sweet, hairless and inviting pussy.

As her shorts were being removed, Ariel was in a state of panic and excitement, embarrassment and exhilaration, lust and love, a whole host of emotions flooded into her until her mind became numb, the only thing she could focus on was the feeling of soft lips moving further and further down her body, then a brief pause before Kelly tugged them off entirely and tossed them aside. She suddenly opened her eyes and looked down at herself, naked! She was about to open her mouth and say something, anything, but the feeling of slightly damp hair on her thighs and the sight of the top of Kelly's head moving towards her private area and finally the feeling of warm breath on her sensitive lips robbed her of words. A moment later she found her voice as a warm tongue entered the folds of her pussy.

“Kelly! Oh god……what are you?….Mmmmmm,” Ariel got no answer or explanation. The tongue was on the move, it glided up the length of her sweet lips, not dipping inside just yet.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm! OOOhhhhhhh, that’s so……god it’s…, Kelly I…” Ariel's voice trailed off, she stopped looking at Kelly's bobbing head and threw herself back, her head hitting the pillow with a moderate amount of force. Her body was taking over again; her back arched up and her hands rubbed her torso before grasping hold of her breasts, adding her own stimulation to the experience.


Kelly loved listening to her lover’s wild shouts of pleasure; every sound she made drove her forward. While running her fingers down Ariel's slit, Kelly slightly spread the moist lips to reveal the beautiful pink flesh inside…

“OOOhhhhh MMMmmmm!”

Opening her up a little wider revealed the entrance to Ariel's sweet little body, it looked tight and Kelly didn’t want to force her fingers inside straight away, this was lovemaking after all and the thought of actually hurting her was as painful to Kelly as it would be to Ariel. Kelly lined her fingertip up and gently pushed into the little hole…


Kelly’s middle finger was inside Ariel's little hole up to her knuckle. Kelly withdrew it and lubricated her finger by putting it in her mouth, her first taste of Ariel's pussy, and not her last! This time her middle finger slid in more and, after a little pushing and pulling, Kelly got her whole finger in and was able to slowly finger fuck the little hole, as a bonus for her new lover, Kelly brushed her lips over Ariel's clitoris that was standing up straight and proud….

“OH GOD…Kelly, KEL…”

Kelly had pushed a second finger inside Ariel's body which cut off her voice for a moment, but, as Kelly gently inserted and withdrew, pushed and pulled…

“OH my GOD, I love…Kelly, MMMmmmm.”

From the amount of fluid that now coated Kelly's hand she realized that Ariel was close to her orgasm, her back arched more and she matched Kelly's thrusts by lifting her hips towards the invading digits. It was time to tip her over the edge, and Kelly knew exactly how to do it. She thrust her fingers as deep as they could go inside of Ariel's pussy, then, while still inside her, Kelly took Ariel's clitoris into her mouth, sucking and licking in much the same way as she treated her nipples. Her tongue danced over the little bud while thrusting her fingers as far inside her body as she could. Very quickly the attention she was paying to Ariel's pussy did exactly what Kelly intended it to do. Ariel shuddered and writhed around on the bed as the white hot spasms shot through her body, Kelly didn’t let up and as fluid gushed out of Ariel’s beautiful pussy she still kept her lips on that most sensitive of areas…

“OOOhhhhh Kelly!!!! MMMmmmm,” Ariel cried out as the fiercest orgasm of her life tore its way through her body. Her pussy and especially her clitoris felt like it was burning hot! She shuddered and cried out more and more but her voice was fading, her mouth was open but no more sound could force its way past her lips.

Kelly's free hand had found its way between her own, rubbing her own weeping pussy faster and faster, her arousal grew with every sound and every movement Ariel made. Her tongue and right hand serviced her wonderful new lover while her left hand toyed with her own wetness, only women can multi task like this. Her fingers dipped inside herself; copying the rhythmic thrusting she used on Ariel. As her right hand tickled, teased and penetrated her young lover, so did her left hand on her own sensitive opening.

Kelly opened her mouth to cry out but, like Ariel, the arousal and outright pleasure of the experience took her voice away. She felt her orgasm coming but this was different to the others; it was intense in a way she hadn’t felt before, even in the restaurant with Jennifer. Even her climax after her exploits last night with the two sisters hadn’t been this powerful! Maybe because this time she truly loved her partner, or more likely; she knew her partner truly loved her! She had given this wonderful experience to Ariel, she alone had made the girl she loved climax and, with the help of her own fingers inside herself, it had been enough to send her pleasure further than ever.

Kelly's head lolled to the side and rested on Ariel's thigh, the fluid on her left hand and the fatigue in her body confirmed that she was spent, her whole body throbbed with energy and excitement, and at last she no longer felt like an inexperienced little girl, now she truly felt part of someone’s life, she felt like she mattered to someone.

Ariel's muscles tensed and finally, with a huge sigh and massive sexual release, they relaxed which allowed yet more of her juices to spill out of her body. Kelly's own climax had subsided and now she kneeled on the bed and watched the last of the orgasmic energy filter out of her lover’s body. Ariel opened her eyes and saw Kelly watching her; with that special smile she opened her arms towards her girlfriend. Kelly didn’t need a second invitation; she fell into Ariel's outstretched arms and embraced her. There was no need for words now; their love for each other was beyond anything either of them had felt before. They hugged and kissed, neither of them wanted to let go, this moment in their lives needed to be cherished for as long as possible.

“I love you,” Kelly whispered.

“I love you too,” Ariel replied.

Kelly rolled off of Ariel's naked body and laid herself down next to her, both of them were on their sides and facing each other. The love making had left them both spent but Ariel felt the need to return the favour, Kelly had given her such a wonderful climax and Ariel wanted to find out if she could reciprocate. She was fully aware of her vast amount of inexperience, this was her first ever contact with another woman and, to be honest, the sexual experience she did have was, to say the least, unpleasant.

Sex with her boyfriend was basically a two to three minute affair that included a lot of huffing and puffing, sweat and thrusting and always left Ariel feeling like she needed a shower, where she’d try to ‘finish herself off’ or, in most cases, attempt to ‘start herself off.’ Before Ariel started touching Kelly, however, she felt that she needed to make sure she wanted to be touched.

“Kelly,” she whispered, suddenly nervous again. “Can I…touch you?” After those words left her lips, Ariel felt like the tiniest woman on earth and her cheeks felt like they were glowing.

“Oh Ariel,” said Kelly, placing a reassuring hand on Ariel's cheek and smiling warmly. “Of course you can touch me, I’m yours sweetheart, I am all yours. We belong to each other now.”

Ariel could’ve burst out in tears when she heard Kelly's beautiful words; instead she threw her arms around her and hugged her as tightly as she could without squashing each other’s tits too much. After she was released, Kelly moved away from Ariel so she could see her entire body, she couldn’t help provocatively licking her lips and running her hands over her breasts.

Ariel enjoyed watching Kelly's little show and already she could feel the moistness returning to her pussy. She was on her knees now, looking down at Kelly as she laid there gently teasing her with a seductive smile. Ariel suddenly panicked because she didn’t know where to start, this beautiful blonde woman was lying in front of her, totally naked, and poor Ariel wasn’t certain what to do for the best!

“It’s ok,” said Kelly, detecting Ariel's unease. She shuffled a little closer to where Ariel was kneeling and laid flat on her back. “Here, let me help you, give me your hand.” She took Ariel's right hand and guided it down to her body.

Soon, Ariel felt Kelly's soft skin on her finger tips, her hand was being led down her body, starting from her neck and down towards the centre of her chest. Abruptly, Kelly placed Ariel's hand down on her breast.

“Do you like that? Do you like how my breast feels?” She asked sensually. Ariel's mouth had gone dry so rather than speaking she managed only to nod.

“Good,” Kelly smiled, enjoying the role of the tutor. “Now, kiss me, kiss me there,” Kelly pointed to the flesh in between her breasts. Ariel was happy to be the student for now and lowered her head down to the spot Kelly had indicated.

“Mmmmm,” Kelly groaned as Ariel's lips touched her skin. She was faking it a little bit because she wanted to encourage her. While Ariel kissed and licked Kelly's soft skin she felt her hand being guided away from the breast she’d been cradling and ended up on her lovers firm rear where Kelly let her hand go.

It was a beautiful sight, Kelly thought, as she looked down at Ariel who was still enjoying her first real contact, it still felt so strange, being kissed by someone she’d known and loved for such a long time, but that kind of love was very different to this! It felt kind of wrong, or naughty, that made this experience all the more exciting. Ariel's black hair kept tickling her breasts which made her want to giggle but she didn’t dare laugh out loud in case she thought she was doing something wrong.

However, as Kelly continued to look down at her raven haired lover, Ariel seemed to be getting more and more confident by the second!

Ariel was indeed getting more confident and eager to explore, largely because her own arousal was growing and each moment seemed to lower her nervousness and inhibitions. The part of skin Kelly had pointed to earlier had been given a lot of attention but now Ariel was making her own decisions. She thought back to a few minutes ago when it was her who was being explored, she remembered how good it felt to have her breasts played with. With that in mind she moved her head to her right, Kelly sensed what Ariel was planning and as her lips moved across her body she tried to prepare herself.

“Mmmmmmm,” this time Kelly wasn’t faking.

Ariel used the very tip of her tongue to trace a thin line around Kelly's nipple, with each circulation the little pink bud would stretch out a little further until it was as erect as it could be. When it had fully grown, Ariel sweetly closed her soft lips around it, a pleasing jolt and groan from Kelly assured Ariel that she was doing well. She opened her lips a little further and this time took the nipple and areola into her hot mouth, once inside she used her tongue again to tease and flick the sweet pink bud. One more time, Ariel opened and closed her lips over as much of Kelly's breast as she could, drawing and licking. She held Kelly's other breast in her left hand for now while it waited its turn.

“Wow, Ariel how did you learn to do this?” Kelly gasped. Ariel moved off of her breast and smiled up at Kelly, delighted that she could indeed excite her so much.

“I…uh, I watched one or two movies,” Ariel admitted. “Well, one or two dozen more like, a girl’s gotta be prepared right?” Both girls laughed and Kelly continued to be amazed at Ariel's transformation from the person who has need guidance to simple touch her body, now she was devouring it!

After that pause, Ariel made her way towards Kelly's other breast, she’d been fondling it while tasting it’s twin, but now she swapped over, closing her lips over the nipple like before, only this time her tongue was more urgent. She was still slightly tentative, but now she knew that what she was doing actually worked she was eager to keep going.

As Ariel continued to swap from breast to breast, sucking one into her mouth while twiddling the other’s nipple through her fingers, Kelly felt her pussy begin to burn, it needed attention. She tried rubbing her thighs together but it didn’t give enough friction to satisfy her needs and she couldn’t reach her pussy with her hands because Ariel was in the way! So there was only one option left!

“Mmmmm Ariel, please,” Kelly said almost breathlessly. “Please touch me, touch my pussy, I really need to cum baby.”

Hearing Kelly talk that way, about cumming and her pussy, made Ariel tingle all over, she immediately released Kelly's breasts and slid right down the bed and positioned herself right in between Kelly's knees, the same position Kelly herself had taken up when it was Ariel's turn earlier. Ariel made her wait just a little bit longer because she was transfixed on the amazing scene before her, the gorgeous blonde writhing in her erotic frenzy and the glistening area between her perfect legs was quite mesmerizing.

Ariel kissed and licked her way along Kelly's toned thigh, ever-so slowly moving towards her sweet centre, Ariel had wanted to be in this position for such a long time and now that it was upon her she was quite unnerved. Kelly was in no position or frame of mind to help guide her this time so, when she’d kissed her way there, she decided to just go for it. Ariel stuck out her tongue and licked Kelly from the bottom of her pussy right up to the top of her pubic mound, parting her silky wet lips as she went.

“OOOhhhhh God! MMMmmmmm Ariel….” Kelly cried out. Ariel took this as a good sign and repeated the long lick a few times, Kelly's moans rose in volume each time, her moans turned into a long drone when Ariel thrust her tongue as far inside Kelly's wet hole as she could. Her wetness ran over Ariel's cheeks as she buried her face down there, Kelly didn’t just drift into this climax like before when she came in her own hand, this time she was thrown into an ecstasy like she’d never known before. Her thighs closed around Ariel's head and her hips left the bed and ground against her lover’s mouth.

After what might have been minutes, seconds or even hours, Kelly’s hips collapsed again, for the second time that day her body glowed and she thanked nature for allowing women to have multiple orgasms. She only required one last thing. Ariel had just wiped her face on a discarded t-shirt when she looked up and saw Kelly reaching for her. With a smile she embraced her beautiful lover again. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity as the fatigue began to take them over.

“I love you, I love you so much,” said Kelly. Her emotions bubbled to the surface again when she thought about what had just happened and, even better, who it had happened with!

“I love you too, and I want to be here with you forever,” Ariel whispered.

They were exhausted both mentally and physically and these were the final words they heard from each other before both of them closed their eyes and slept. Naked and in each other’s arms, the most perfect of moments that, they hoped, would be repeated many times again.

The End

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